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Zambian population and economy too small for a Federal System of Government-Kabimba

Headlines Zambian population and economy too small for a Federal System of...

Vice president Guy Scott, Patrotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Finanace Minister Alexander Chikwanda
Vice president Guy Scott, Patrotic Front Secretary General Wynter Kabimba and Finanace Minister Alexander Chikwanda

Patriotic Front Secretary General, Wynter Kabimba has said that the Zambian population cannot allow for a federal system because it is too small. Mr Kabimba said that the country and its economy are also small and can not be compared to countries like Nigeria and the United states of America which have huge populations.

He said that Zambia has not yet reached the level to move from central government to federal system of governance because of limited resources.

Mr Kabimba was reacting to a suggestion made by Zambia Direct Democracy president Edwin Sakala who called on government consider introducing Federal system of governance.

Mr Sakala said during a press briefing today that each province should have its own parliament and government so that provinces maximise their full potential.

Mr Sakala said that the federal constitution will give the nation flexibility to accommodate economic and cultural differences.

Mr Sakala said that the country is slowly becoming fragmented under the central system but under the federal system each province can use the abundant natural resources for development.



  1. But you can still decentralize the government. The president has too much power, he almost runs the country like a personal estate. 

  2. first step has to be decentralisation,but i agree with winter that the federal system is not ok for zed.

  3. That’s true.our economy cannot sustain a federal system of governance.and our population isn’t evenly spread.maybe in the next 30years.

  4. Definitely not a Federal system for now. We are too few for our land size – we are even slightly fewer than Malawians whose land size is just about a tenth of ours!! So folks you must stop having it for reaction but reproduction!! I’ve sometimes thought that for its size, Lusaka needs 3 more shopping malls of the Levy type, but then I realise that we do not have the numbers to justify a reasonable return on that kind of investment. I however, agree with @ 1 that some considerable level of decentralisation is necessary for quicker service delivery, monitoring and control of government operations.

  5. The federal system of governance is the best way to go. Those from minority tribes will never rule and there is no equal distribution of wealth in the country. If it is not possible then the rotation of presidency among major tribes is not a bad idea.

    • Who are the major tribes? Nyanja is not a tribe, Bemba is not a tribe, Lozi is not a tribe eitrher! The only winner in your solution is probably the Tongas—-reality check bro!

      Just become a politician who looks at Zambia as a unitary country, not as Kwahaye (sp), or kulu Bemba, or ku Mawa, or ku Bwengwa, as the begining and end of Zambia and you will be a very successful politician and leader in Zambia—to hell with your tribal solutions!!!!

  6. Good evening

    #4 I’m not sure about the population part either. How about Switzerland? It only has abou 7 million citizens but is a very orgamised federal government. Their state is built from the bottom up, with many member states (cantons) each with their own flags and constitutions. These cantons mean more to the individual Swiss citizen than the central power because they are the political community of his local home.

    These are the positive western models we should be trying to imitate. Not gayism and lesbism… atase! Panse!!

    • I totally agree with you. I have studied their model and it works superbly, all institutions and their roles well defined! Their representatives are accountable to the people. Way to go!

    • I was almost shocked I miss read your comments, thought it was “Swaziland” then I read again and found it was Switzerland. But hey; even on comparative terms, Nine Chale, you try and compare like for like; surely organised society compared to a proposed federal system in a nation where educated people are the most foolish and vindictive you can ever find? Oranges and Bananas are fruits, but tough to compare them.

  7. Not dependent on number of people.Economy?Well,what economy are you talking about when we are now in free fall because of mostly poor governance?Provinces have to govern or mis-govern themselves.Someone answer me this question:Which province doesnt want to govern itself?Why?

  8. What are the statistical parameters for a Fed system of gov.? Can leaders give measurable figures when giving policy statements. Kabimba sounds like he’s giving his opinion as he provides no evidence for his assertions. He also doesn’t provide an alternative suggested resolution to the aggrement in question.

  9. Who is Wynter Kabimba? Just a party cadre, not even a minister. Can his opinion influence the law makers honestly? If Kabimba wants to talk on behalf of PF government, let him ask his uncle Mr. Sata to appoint him as a minister. As far as we are concerned, he is just a PF party cadre who should not even talk on behalf of the PF government.

  10. Mokeys are scared of losing their newly acquire power. Federal system has nothing to do with population. Northern, Luapula and Muchinga cant feed themselves, that is the reason useless Kabimba is giving lame excuses. Federal system is the only way Lozis will be silenced!

  11. Kabimba is too quick to respond on anything about Barotse.Guess just the word Barotse makes you tremble.On talk about gaysm todate he has not said a word.We are going federal want it or not.Or else we seccede

  12. constitution should devolve power to the grass roots,we ve a chance i don thnk ths is o abt lozis coz even my home town is extremely poor.we need local decisions & solutions,police councils,schools roads o these need local solutions.but we need to start now.

  13. Sometimes I honestly wonder what law Kabimba studied at UNZA. I mean, what gutless thinking is that which links the size of population to whether a country should federalise or not? A federal system is born out of a realisation and respect of a nation’s diversity. It’s only a federal system that can harness the strengths of a diverse society like Zambia. A centralised system has failed this country miserably since 1964 and positions like the one Kabimba is punting will only tear us apart.

  14. Be careful of what we wish for,a federal system in our Zambian political and social setup is a non-starter,it cannot work,some people have just failed to lead this nation,they can t even convince their girlfriends to vote for them and want to withdraw into their tribal laagers and stir regional and ethnic prejudices to shortcut their way to some semblence of power and authority.Let anybody who feels they have the balls,the courage and political wit to stand for presidency do so,its a free society,convince us that you have what it takes to win,that simple.

  15. #13 Majimbos you need to desist calling humans monkeys.How would you feel if somone called your group amafi yangulube

    • Others are called Bantustans but no one ever condems Mmembe for that.It hurts even non-politicians.Its dangerous.We are headed for collaps,most likely!!!

    • You know, Zambian Ned, I once used to think the same way you do. Until it dawned on me that because an offender is not censured is no reason to for me to offend. Try to use such defense in court, bakumanga even when they were thinking of exercising leniency on you.

  16. Stalemate for Zambia.Standstil.All because of who?Liar Sata (…& not forgeting Mmembe).These 2 are responsible for this mess

  17. Mr Kabimba its neither about economy or pop size.Belgium & UAE are federal yet much smaller than zed.Wynter,just say you’re frozen stiff by the idea of losing some powers.Zambia can still vote into constitution to set up a system where the GRZ is mandated to send 10-15% of its budget to the 9 regions.The system now only rewards political patronage for funds to be sent to certain areas.The result is opposition areas are never popular with the sitting president.Also due to the different levels of development there should be an equalisation fund to compensate for areas hitherto neglected.

  18. Federal system of governance is the ANSWER to our zambian plight! That instrument will help us develop the whole nation not just Lusaka. It will give us government in context to the people’s needs at grassroot level. As the way things are, it takes the central government way to long before responding, if they ever do, to the people’s needs outside of Lusaka Province. Federal government is the way to go for Zambia.

  19. The Zambian population is equivalent to SIX Botswanas. If Botswana can have the highest per capita income in Africa with a population of around 2 million, Mr Kabimba is telling porkies again!

  20. What determine federalism? Am sure that will be the best way forward if we are to better the lives of many of the citizens. I do not agree with White Kabimba my dull lawyer and wonder how he made it at university.

  21. He is on record to win the “Pact battle” towards 920 Elections. Do not underrate him. When HH thought he could hijack the pact and lead the nation and while everybody were afraid to face it off squarely, He faced it head on, don’t you remember when you used to lose breath when he told UPND the facts?

    He is got good judgement and he says it when all of them are mute.

  22. Wynter, you should be looking for a system that improves the economy and helps the population regardless of its size. Why are you looking for a population and an economy that fits a system? You are there to improve the economy bwana Kabimba or Kadancer.

  23. Ah, no, economy too small and population too small…Iwe ka Wynter, just tell the truth–your brain is too small and too dull to conceptualize the fed system of governance. Why do you keep beating about the bush?

  24. Maui…@14
    White people call us monkeys are u white . If not then you have a really bad case of house nigger syndrome. Wake up we are too poor to have a fedaral system CB subsidizes all provinces in zed 

  25. Guys if we have to go federal we then have to bring corruption under control first can you imagine every minister at federal and provicial gov level having a new toyota prado a house servants bills paid for. Thats just what they are intitled to legaly how much do you think will be left over after they steal. 

  26. The fed sytem of governance would help us indentify capeable leaders for national duty. And at the same time the fed system would allow our leaders a place and time to prove themselves worthy of national duty. Unfortunately, under our current centr. syst., we have witnessed far too many experementation of governance in Zambia. We desperately need a place for our leaders and political parties to learn, horn, and practise their governance skills from before they get to state house. And, boy, all these errors by Sata would have been minimized had he been a governor of some state or province where his policies would have been tried and proven– a chance to judge him on that autonomous track record. But right now we are puting people in state house who are CLUELESS about governance.

  27. federal system remember chiefs will be nobody in those system do think the BA64 will be solved in the way

  28. What a country! A country with two dilapidated  universities, zero manufacturing industries and foreign copper mining companies, and some ***** is calling for federal government. Kabimba is right, 13 million is a city size population for countries with this type of governance, and in Zambia it can’t work because some tribes talk like they own the province and the other tribes are squatters. The only way is decentralisation, Chiefs should be told that Zambia is republic and in a republic they are obsolete.  

  29. Though PF is a boat of dry bones, some of us for the love of Zambia we stand to render free tutoring services ignoramuses like Kabimba on the Government 101, constitutionalism and Perils of Leadership. Who confused Kabimba that Devolution of Government is only realizable in highly populated nations? Chikwanda the only rational actor in this legion of failures but arrange with UNZA to take Kabimba in for some tution in political-economy of Zambia. The way this chap is going with his the Party and Government confusion, PF is set a crash with Zambians taken for granted. Too much flip flopping may not do for this train wreck.

  30. Though PF is a boat of dry bones, some of us for the love of Zambia we stand to render free tuitoring services ignoramuses like Kabimba on the Government 101, constitutionalism and Perils of Leadership. Who confused Kabimba that Devolution of Government is only realizable in highly populated nations? Chikwanda the only rational actor in this legion of failures must arrange with UNZA to take Kabimba in for some tuition in political-economy of Zambia.

  31.  The way this chap is going with his Party and Government confusion, PF is set a crash with Zambians taken for granted. Too much flip flopping may not do for this train wreck.

  32. Yes Kabwamba,fedral system will definetly disadvantage the kolwestan from Norhern and Muchinga province who have no resources but have the lions share of national wealth at the moment.Otherwise it is the best for Zambia we are fed up with plunderers from the North.

  33. When Levy Mwanawasa became president, most people were dissatisfied others saying mad president while others calling him garbage and all sorts of names.

    After the demise of Levy that is when we realized who he was and how good he was, if only God had allowed him to live a little bit longer we would enjoy the fruits of his rule. Compare him with RB and you would realize good people will be appreciated after they are gone.

    Give the PF time to fix Zambia.

  34. The Lozis have been asking for Federal state for years, now they give up and they are forming their own country.

  35. Kabimba is correct but poor central government governance coupled with tribalism and un equal distribution of wealth is pushing for federal state. The problem is that most politicians have the type of its time for us to eat type of mentality.Once the president from a tribe comes to power, makes sure that empowers his people and his region. If this type of politics continues, small tribes who have little chance of producing a president will start pushing for a federal system. In a federal system these will be heard.

  36. Federalism has nothing to do with population size. Go to the United Arab Emirates or Switzerland. You will be amazed what the people can do for themselves, released from the stifling power of a unitary government. Even a mixed system like that of RSA is a better model with provinces given exclusive and concurrent competences.

  37. I think we should go for fed because that way we have proper accoutability and development . I propose we come up we the three dept that include the Office of Management and Budget, which oversees the administration of the Federal budget; the National Security Council, which advises the President on matters of national defense; and the Council of Economic Advisers, which makes economic policy recommendations.
    Lets not listens to cadres like Kabimbe thats suffers from diahorrea of the mouth and an enemy of progress.Dont worry about money, We have the money already , the same way PF funds all these commision of inquiry we can do the same, i have even lost truck of how many we have .

  38. Federal system is the only way to govern Zambia. Why is PF afraid of it.? We need it to bring tru development to Zambia. We don’t need creation of provinces at the expense of other provinces. it is time Zambians called for a Federal system in the constitution. We start with decentralisation which will lead to Federal system in the next five years.

  39. The question to all this is, do we hav the resourses 2 go go the federal way? If sata forms a province u ar the same people writing that we hav no money to stat developing the province at the same time you say its a share waste of tax payers money. wat do you really want kanshi? Its like sam of u pipo just enjoy chritisisng even were u dont make sense,this is why sata has refused the barotse thing,he told u that many wil cam ati naifwe wats the deference with this?

    • Equity. My brother, Equity. You cant take two Universities in one area at the same time when there is so much poverty elsewhere.

  40. Give an example from Africa,SWITZERLAND is not in Africa.With majority living on 1 dollar per day.Federal states NEVER.Divivding the Zambia will not make K1 = $1 ,Lets us use our skill and develop the undeveloped areas,

  41. I leave on the Copperbelt were a large chunk of wealth is generated but I see it not developing the way Lusaka is developing…we dont have have serious shopping malls like Arcaded and Manda hill.

    • Thank you for your interest Patrizio, we will orwfard your request to a relevant person at BUK and follow it up to make sure they get in touch. Wishing you the best!

  42. I can see most of those who are in support of this are our Lozis and Tongas brothers, For our Brothers in Western P that province is the only province in Zambia where the chief has so much power that he can deny Shoprite to invest in the city centre. The chief in Western P has all the powers to make decisions and engage Gvt but what has he done which you think can be done when you go your ways. one of the reasons why the province is not developed is your chief is too involved in decision making. For example in Mongu the gvt cant make major development decisions without evolving the chief and it has been like this for years.so what more do you want?

  43. As for our brothers in Southern Province the only reason you are exited about dividing our beloved country is that a Bemba is in power and not HH. Take time to look beyond Sata and HH, other leaders will take up the mantle and it is up to you to sale your candidate instead of jumping to each and every issue that comes up and esp if it involves dividing our country like the BA. One wonders why so much Hate for a certain tribe even people who are called Christians have decided to keep thier God aside in favour of this animal called tribalism. I encourage u to take time and reflect on your words before posting. Are you sure Bembas deserve to be hated, if they do then keep it up and try also to question yourselves, if leadership comes from God why has God not given u a leader? 

  44. Its clear the system that we have always had hasn’t been working for the country. why are we always giving excuses on changes to things that are good for the country.

  45. I personally  would like to vote for a good leader from Southern or Western P so that we see what development he can bring to Southern Province and Western P. Give us a sound minded leader with a proven record of hard work,matured like Mazoka and we shall vote for him. Not time wasters please.

  46. #44 My Zambia, Please refresh our memories by telling us the person who was in the forefront of calling Levy Patrick Mwanawasa (MHSRIP) names? Definitely Mwanawasa was a good president because he looked beyond his tribe. His cabinet, civil service, and diplomatic service appointments were made up of people from every part of Zambia. Compare this to what is happening now! No wonder some people want a federal system.

  47. @the saint, ur a very dull person, income per capital is national income divided by population iwe mbuli, thats y botswana’s income per capita is higher than that of china coz china’s population is in billions, u must be one of thoz dull alshabaab tonga tribalists

  48. I would prefer to let the departed rather rest in peace. Our beloved Levy did a lot of good things for this country, but one of the things he did not particularly concentrate his attention on was tribalism. Just to refresh our memories; remember how/why the phrase “bana bamishyetu” became popular during the reign of Levy? He did try to show some good will to particular tribes such as appointing vp from the north or the east, which we all knew was cosmetic, otherwise he made errors in this area, but thank God the people  from the east and north of Zambia are a step ahead of their southern brothers and sisters in the sense that they do not cry tribalism so loudly at every mistake from the powers that be.

  49. If I was an adivisor to Mr. Sata, I would advise that if people want cabinets and parliaments in their provinces, let them have them ,on the proviso that they provide their own revenue streams which do not impede on the national treasury. What part of Western province, is yearning for would actually be good for every province and Kingship in Zambia, as long as it does not make false claims of having conqured, or ruling other tribes. As for the federal system, let’s be serious it is unworkable. We have had this independence talk from the west in the past when stories of the discovery of oil and other minerals have surfaced, this is nothing new. When all things have been said and done, we will remain Zambians, all of us, regardless of how much peo[ple hate Mr. Sata.

  50. Okey, so someone please explain to me why PF have been very busy shifting boundaries if devolution of power to provincial level (a.k.a. federal system of government) is not what they want to do and is actually contained in their manifesto.

    Lawyers, regardless of party affiliation are a bunch of greedy bunderheads who can shift statements and position just to extract an extra 10 pin out of a bad deal. I am not a Barotseland proponent, but it will take more than this weak argument to slither out of that issue

  51. Just make the Provincial Ministers, Districts Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries earn their money. My suggestion is that these portifolios should be independendent of the Party and its Govt, make them competitive and strengthen governance and supportive institutions. The current system is ok, the problem is political appointments (appeasements) at the expense of delivery according to local interests. Also give equal budgets to all provinces, let the provincial administrators decide what to spend the money on, of course they should be answerable to a local arrangement on tracking and accountability of the budget, just thinking….

    • Manone, the problem is much bigger than that. No PS can be accountable in Zambia because the government system of performance appraisals is a very ineffective system. Besides, 50 years since the British and we are just going round circles should tell you that busines as usual will not get us anywhere. Thats why us Lozis are saying, perhaps we are not ready to wait another 50 years just to realise we have a wrong structure because I can assure you, if you do not change, and introduce federalism, give yourself a millenium and things will still be bungling. 50 years is adequate to make a transition for the best.

  52. i think there is too much fear of tribalism. but we can as a people use it for the benefit of all. this can happen when we have a decent decentralised government not a centralised like it is now.

  53. kwekwe, you have spoken sense. You are an improved Bemba. The only thing i should blame you is not to see anything wrong with Sata govt, because it suits you. Try to see things from a different position or tribe apart from Bembe and thaen you will definetely be a very useful citizen. You are right tribalism is a serous vice, bu not only Southerners are cpmplaining, they just happen to be the majoriy. Are sure you voted for Andy Mazoka.

  54. @66, Yes I can proudly say and have said it even before that I voted for Mazoka. He was a selfless and hard working leader. Mazoka campaigned through out the country sleeping on a marst in rural areas with his wife. I saw it and I greatly miss him.

  55. Mr Kabimba, please stop misguiding that poor country. Australia has 23 millionn people with a vast geog size, and yet they have been federal from creation. Thats irresponsible of you.

  56. LT post me the full copy of Dr.Rodger Chongwe report so that I get informed.Why is it that Postnewspaper is releasing bits and pieces of the same and claiming its confidential.I feel mis-informed by this state of affairs.Please find and post that report.I can not trust the para-phrased Postnewspaper versions

  57. If there is a tribe that will bring seriuos divisions in this country, it is the Tongas. This is because of their rgidity to accept real change.The Linyungandambo may not be Lozis per se .There might be a fussion of Tongas and one Political Part.Watch out Zambians.

  58. @KWEKWE

    “marst” or “mart”, you are still wrong.  It is “mat”.  Are you using hearsay English?




    • Chisenga. Do you time to wait another 50 years before you realise that this modela is not working? I dont. Its been 50 years and we are just yapping this yapping that. C’mon guys, lets make tough decisions and move onto greatness. There is no time. Lte Barotseland gain their agreement, and if the rest of the counrty wants to stay in Lusaka centric system whcih focusses only on Lusaka’s arcadesa dn Manda Hill as development, good for you. For me, I want to see a developed Zambia, and the best way is to allow each region to makes its own destiny, so that the crap emanating from the centre and shoved away once and for all. Wea are truning 50 in a year and therefore, we cant hope to develop our country without restructuring the resource allocation system. Is there Arcades in Mansa? No. Why?

  60. #71 besides nigeria which other federal system has failed. and mind you nigeria would have a civil war without the current system. don’t be myopic. a centrilized system is only good for politician because they are the only beneficiaries 

  61. I am not a farmer but I would like to use your ideas and eodarbn the horizon and create a project for teaching agriculture in more African countries. Is that possible that I could have a phone chat with you?I am in the process of forming a non profit organization and the mission is to relief hunger. I am sure we can all do it. Just a positive attitude and good team work.Thank you for your good work, you are so blessed, may God make every single second of your life a precious gift to others.Massi

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