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Alert immigration personnel bust child trafficking ring

General News Alert immigration personnel bust child trafficking ring

Kipushi border post in Solwezi
File:Kipushi border post in Solwezi

Alert immigration personnel in Livingstone have rescued 7 children about to be trafficked to South Africa from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

All the seven children, five of them boys, did not have documentation.

The Immigration Department in Livingstone has since arrested five Congolese who were with the children.

Immigration Department spokesperson Justine Siame said the Congolese nationals comprising two females and three males were picked from Hams Guest House in Livingstone. They have been charged with human trafficking.

According to Department of State statistics, approximately 800,000 to 900,000 victims are annually trafficked across international borders worldwide.

The people affected are forced to work for the profit of others, for example by begging, prostitution, involuntary servitude, working in sweatshops, even becoming child soldiers.

Mr Siame said in a statement that the five suspects entered the country with the children on February 18, 2012 through Kipushi Border Post in Solwezi en route to South Africa.

“The perpetrators are currently in detention pending prosecution while the children are under the custody of the Department of Social Welfare,” he said

And Mr Siame said seven Somali nationals have been arrested in Nakonde aboard a truck in another suspected human trafficking case.
He said the Somali nationals entered the country through concealment and without any clearance from the immigration officials and are currently in detention awaiting prosecution.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Mwila bikapo such disgracing pictures ,thats a shack,yeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr .Ifya bupupa fye

    • But that’s the real thing.What you can do is call on them to stop disgracing the country by building a better bordet post.

  2. We don’t have standards generally – you see how we go for minimalist interventions in politics, civil works, and even …er… social behavior!

  3. “Every child has right to be safe, thousands of young boys and girls are trafficked every year, making human trafficking is a global issue. I would like to suggest a documentary “”Daughters and Sons: Preventing Child Trafficking in the Golden Triangle”” by Sarah Feinbloom shows how each one of us can help to prevent modern-day slavery.

  4. In Zambia, everything looks soo un heathy! Just look at our woman…or even men! Never hit the gym or taking care of ourselves!!

    We talk too much…complain and begg but don’t do a damn thing!!

  5. Disgraceful! Poor children. Well done police for functioning despite the conditions you work under after over 4 decades of varying political party governments. The posters above zoomed past the issue and found a way to diss our own rather than focus on the fact that it is possible there are more traffickers and lost kids out there. Let none of you complain that too much is being spent when the Borders are improved. The issue of poor Borders was highlighted a few months ago by an LT article when a minister visited one and expressed shock at what he found. Of course the dissers dissed that he was shocked :) Keep alert for these evil traffickers and again well done.

    • A Phiri muna bwe.. zoona..
      I concur wit U.. Pipo 4get 2give praise where it is due bt rather find something 2diss about zed. They 4get dat there is still quite alot of work 2b done 2 improve things in Zed. The same dissers r the ones who wont n dont roll up their sleeves n do their bit. Rome was not built in a day n surely restoring Zed wont happen over nite.

  6. need to be commended – in spite of the harsh working conditions they are subjected to they managed to secure the safe release of our children who were destined for slavery. Congrats immigration – but please can govt do something about your working conditions, which are hazardous if that pic is anything to go by!!!!

    This story also shows that slavery is still very much alive and kicking – and the worst thing is that it being committed by fellow Africans this time around. So instead of wasting our time blaming colonial masters, etc we should focus on the present-day slavery.

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  7. And someone thinks i can come back to Zambia…

    Is that a police station..  OMG

    This country has really gone to the DOGs

  8. That is Mbombo and Mulando in the picture. What are they doing? Anyway that is a file photo. Kipushi bush path indeed.

  9. More than 2 cement factories and lots of quaries and better building materials and we have buildings that look like a toilet in a war torn country. Busy practicing mud flinging and finger pointing politics and a lot of empty talk. And a lot our journalists show their lack of professionalism by posting such disgrace on sites. Who is that guy who sang the song, “Ubunonshi bwabafye pa mapepala?” CRY OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.  

  10. Haha,it all evens out and everything lines up symetrically to fit “zambia”.Is that police post shocking?? Not really when you consider that almost everything in zambia roughly reflects that aweful post.Low standards at Universities,no work ethic,dirty cities and markets,irresponsible drinking,feeble corruption fight,dirty homes and even low personal hygiene standards.That police post largely reflects us and we ought to accept that painful fact.

  11. @ The engineer (Australia) – ask not what your country can do for you, but rather what YOU can do for your country

    • I agree wit u re The engineer’s comments. Wen Zed won the Nations cup, I am sure he made sure pipo knew he was Zambian n this is de same zambia he’s bad mouthing.. Always remember that Zed still needs infrastructure development esp in the rural areas..

  12. Look at the police station, so sad. And this is when Zondwe is busy creating more provinces, districts, changing provincial capitals and more police stations when he is busy failing to maintain the exisiting one like this Kipushi Police Station. I also thought the creation of more districts, re-allignment as Zodwe would like us to believe, is about decentralisation but when the real devolution of power in the name of Barotseland Agreement 1964 is brought before him, the stinking Tanganyikan Nwacusa develops cold feet. Sata is a lost and lying thug!

  13. @Diaspora forever my foot,you got your education that enabled you to go out and you decide you are going to develop other peoples countries,come back and help develop your own country

  14. Really, people, there’s a story about human trafficking and the majority of comments center around the state of the BORDER (not boarder) post and police stations. I understand commenting on the tendency of LT (and other news sites like ZWD) to post file pictures that are a bit misleading, but can there please be more (decent) dialogue on what can be done to prevent trafficking. Just because you are overseas doesn’t mean you are free from responsibility to help change things, in fact there is a greater duty for you to help those suffering. And @overseas, if you and your white wife are really that shallow, then why even bother reading about what’s new in Zambia? Besides, many white people think Zambia is a fine place to live.

  15. @18, The Engineer (Australia):

    Really, who cares whether you go back to Zambia or not?!
    This is the same country that gave you a good start in life by giving you free basic education that you can now boast about in a foreign country. It is the deficit spending of KK that made sure you got a free education, hence some of the poor infrastructure still with us today. So, what do you hope to give back to Zambia as a THANK YOU!? Is INSULTS the best you can do?
    Enjoy your stay in Ausie Mr. Muselela kwakaba! Those that appreciate hard-work, patriotism, and love their country (mother Zambia) will fix things for you leaches—-as usual!

  16. Leeches indeed. You got an education here but muleponta. There is no place like home bangwele. Infact there are nice joints coming up in Lusaka, Livingstone, CB etc. Come and visit the new Levy Junction, Sandy’s creations, new Manda Hill, Arcades, Crossroads. You can stay at Courtyard hotel, Protea, Inters, Pamodzi, Southern Sun and several other posh lodges and guest houses in the place.

  17. And we won the Africa Cup geeeeeeeee but pa Zambia pasuma! People are building nice big houses here. Not those two roomed “houses” you cramp in out there. If you can’t invest home ninshi muli fipuba. Anso we are building football stadia. Mmm pa Ndola na Kitwe pali ama gelo…plus Kabwe is now a University town. There is Mulungushi and Nkhruma universities.

  18. hey that’s the beauty of hvanig ur own opinion. and lemme guess ur a steelers fan? and we welcome u to creating an account and posting if u please; thank’s for visiting the website and hope you stay. we are open to any suggestions or ideas.Thanks, and we shall see

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