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I can’t serve under PF – Kunda

General News I can’t serve under PF – Kunda

Former Republican Vice President George Kunda
Former Republican Vice President George Kunda

FORMER vice-president George Kunda says he cannot accept any appointment to President Sata’s government but he is ready to offer advice on various development programmes.

But Minister of Information, Braodcasting and Labour Fackson Shamenda says Mr Kunda’s advice is not welcome in the Patriotic Front (PF) government because he was part of the MMD government that mismanaged the country.

Mr Kunda said he has no interest to work in the PF government as he wants to assume a ‘statesman’s role’.

He said he has done his part to serve the Zambian people, adding that it is now time for the PF government to deliver development.

Mr Kunda said this in Lusaka yesterday when he featured on a Good Governance programme on Yatsani Radio.

“I cannot accept a job if I was offered because I have already done my part. I would rather give advice to leaders in the PF.

“But the only problem is that the PF government is pre-occupied with the MMD, as opposed to serving the people,” Mr Kunda said.

He, however, alleged that it is difficult for the PF government to embrace advice, describing most ministers as arrogant.

Mr Kunda claimed that it is difficult to approach most ministers, alleging that ‘they are full of themselves.’

“Most ministers in the PF government are arrogant. They are the ‘I know it all’ type, so it’s difficult to advise them. There are a few of them (ministers) who can take advice.

“So let them (PF government) work, we won’t disturb them. Let them also give us some breathing space,” Mr Kunda said.

But Mr Shamenda said Government cannot embrace Mr Kunda’s advice as he was part of a government which mismanaged the affairs of Zambia.

“We appreciate his offer but we have better people to advise us. If we (government) get advice from a person who was part of the administration that mismanaged the country, then where are we (PF) going?” he asked.

Mr Shamenda dismissed Mr Kunda’s assertion that PF ministers are arrogant. He alleged that it is actually Mr Kunda who is bitter and arrogant.

“It is himself (Mr Kunda) who is arrogant and bitter. There is no minister in the PF government who is arrogant as Mr Kunda claims,” he said. Mr Shamenda said Mr Kunda should show remorse and avoid issuing statements he cannot substantiate.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. “….But Minister of Information, Braodcasting and Labour Fackson Shamenda says Mr Kunda’s advice is not welcome in the Patriotic Front (PF) government because he was part of the MMD government that mismanaged the country”

    Which makes his advice more important as he can tell you where they went wrong. Whats wrong with Shamenda? 

    • Putting it differently, Shamende is saying Kunda can give PF govt cataclysmic advice

    • Ha ha ha. That makes Sata not fit to rule as well coz he was part of the Chiluba government. Seriously, there is need for substance in and from this PF government. They are too fixated on MMD and not the people of Zambia. Why are they running scared? Any MMD shadow just makes them jump. Let them demonstrate their worth. 90 days, gone and people are beginning to get impatient. We know it takes time for development to be seen but these PF lot are not even showing us any direction at all and things are sliding downwards economically with Kwacha losing value consistently. God help us.

    • Ba Kolwestan you got it right. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says the secrets of success is in the hands of those that failed … Kunda may be whatever you may call him and I personally don’t know the guy but if the MMD is a failed government and he was part of that failure, he would be the best person to advise President Sata and his crew on what went wrong with their ship. On another note, Kunda is saying he does not know when the MMD will get back to power if ever and if they don’t he would rather give advise to the current stakeholders because Zambia should be greater than any single one of us. Take it or leave it, it is what it is … thanks a trillion.

  2. Yes ministers like fakeson are full of themselves and arogant.by saying that rhe reason y he can’t work with kunda jst bkos he’s from mmd while other mmd ministers are currently serving in pf,he contradicts the pf principal of embracing all regardless of their political affiliation for the good of the zamboian people.GK yes don’t accept any position bkos all they will do that is to finish yo good name by hiring and firing u in two days.

  3. Shouldn’t this guy be thinking of retiring our cabinet and parliament full of old folks who should just be relaxing at the farms and let the youth do these things..Come 2016 retirement age 40yrs

  4. Prophesy, prophesy, prophesy! Your prophesy George Kunda is very true, its the best so far, better than TB Joshua’s. Its true you cant serve under PF because PF CANT and will NEVER appoint you to render your services.

    • The country never felt this unsure of government. Even if people were fed up of MMD, we all had some reassurance in terms of day-to-day running of GRZ they knew something. Not this PF lot. I dont understand where you get this prophes(c)y from. We all know they cant appoint Kunda so they will stay with empty heads groping in the dark.

  5. Kunda is sick in his head.actually govt does not his advice coz he messed up big time when he was given the mandate to people.

  6. kunda we don,t need your useless advice.you misled the zambian people on the london court saga you adviced mwananwasa on chiluba corruption cases but after his death you changed and started advising RB foolishly on the constitution .ba ukubwatabwata tatulefwaya it is there is something wrong with you brain.you and hh think you are the most educated chaps this country has ever had and yet we in pf have more educated people that than the two useless chaps.we have more professors and Doctors in pf and not doctors from bantustan or aisha doctorate.

  7. ka debate ka bakote kali baseless.exchanging words like kids. in my opinion Kunda is bitter while Shamenda is arrogant

  8. I think Kunda is crazy, when he was in government he had all the opportunity to serve this country and so the best that he could. what came out is his best where people like Chansa Kabwela were taken to court for telling him and his friends that people were delivering outside the hospital. were people stole and hide billions on their farms and in their stomachs, where the former head of state’s son is on the run, where the first lady can’t explain where she got the billions in mpundu trust and so on and so forth…… Who needs his advise????????:(

  9. The difference so far between MMD and PF is that mmd were busy commissioning developmental projects while PF is busy wasting time in commission of inquiries. George is right at least he was part of the team which was busy trying too bring development while shamenda is lost in lies regarding corruption. the kwacha now is trading at k5300 per u s dollar.Can someone point at any developmental project innitaited by PF so far. NOTHING mind you from Janaury this year Zambai is under PF budget…….the nation is stagnant…this could be a senerio where in 1991 people were very happy to bring in chiluba and then stagnation followed.

  10. Kunda is bitter for loosing his job as veep, be quiet for a minute and allow other people to serve.

  11. We may not like Kunda, but i have respect for him on two counts..

    He never went into politics for money
    He his one of Zambia’s top lawyers (thats you can never take away from him)

    Only empty tins like Shamenda a secondary school drop out can respond in that manner. 

    • Top lawyer, my arse. This man has his signature authorising the shooting of unarmed Zambians in Mongu. Even God can not take that crime away from him, so please continue your useless hero worshipping as your are both unrepentant career murderers.

    • He has definitely proved himself in the Law fraternity unlike one called Kabimba who runs scared of the word “+Court”.

  12. ‘statesman role’??? Chicken George u must be taking us for granted. u think we have forgoten over your lies and slander that u put Levy, a true statesman, under over the Kashiwa Bulaya case. You are responsoble over the demise of MMD because of your lack proper advise to your Rupiah. You constatntly lied, created propagander and malice during campains against MC. Nothing good can come out of you now, you are finished, a spent force. U have been tried, tested and found wanting. u cant offer the nation anything any more. here’s free advice, go the farm, grow some crops and take care of your family and workers at the farm. Stateman my ass!

  13. Yes please! stay with your party because this political prostitution of jumping ships all the time is destroying our young democracy. Give others a chance to succeed or fail. Any advice that is in the national interest should always be embraced by any sensible government however if the PF ministers “know it all” from being on the sidelines for over a decade then let them choke in their own vomit. 

  14. Kunda is lost in translation. he was grossly abused by his two bosses that he was never his own man. He at no time served the interest of zambians but of his bosses, RB and Mwanawasa. This is evident in him pursuing Chilu during LPM and kissing Chilu during RB. Now he is in the wilderness.

  15. What do you mean that Kunda was part of MMD that mismanaged the country therefore can’t work for PF. Don’t forget that you are serving in a government whose leader was in MMD longer than George Kunda and presided over the destrcution of the economy with Chiluba. If thats the qualification, then remove all the former MMD members from PF and you will be suprised that very few will remain. He is principled, unlike yourself who is more interested in your stomach and keeping your unshaven beard.

    • Well said my dear its just fact that most of the PF people came from MMD, PF was formed because MC could not be given the presidency by FTJ who gave it to LPM and then PF was formed. Maybe people dont know their history

    • A lot of PF followers are not old enough to know all this.

      Eg Sata and Guy Scott were in Chiluba govt when they changed teh consitution to bar KK from standing at 1996 elections. Now the same has constitution has barred G Scott from acting as President.

  16. Kunda may never give good advice to PF because he BITTER and one does not think propperly in such a state of mind.HE FAILED TO ADVISE CORRUPT MMD UNDER R.B.wHAT ADVICE CAN HE GIVE NOW?He is just looking for a forum to be heard.

    • And what about Sata who even corruptly advised and campaigned for Chiluba to go for third term.

  17. Iwe Mr Kunda just shut up, you educated dander head, what advice can PF get from you. MMD and PF sat for the same examinations (elections) and iwe Ka Kunda na MMD yobe failed lamentably and PF passed with flying colours, and today you tell us that you can advise PF, you failure. Go to hell with your red lips.

  18. This dirty looking Shamenda clearly exhibits the same arrogance that GK has indicated. Does  he think we have short memories like his dirty beard? He is part of the nonsense that exist in this country. How long was he the chief of ZCTU and he couldn’t uplift the lives of the Zambian workers? Such stupidity should not be condoned in the modern politics. GK has the right to assume the role of a statesman mind you whether Shamenda likes it or yes GK will be accorded a state funeral when he finally packs-up. It is this intolerant that makes the PF feel they are the world themselves. Just swallow your pride and confess things are not well and you have no directions foolish Shamenda

  19. Fools Always Never Take Advice (FANTA), Shamenda and all those that are refusing George’s offer are fools. In the UK there’s the Privy Council where all ex- cabinet ministers aremembers and their main duty is to advise the government on issues of how things were done.
    There are a lot things that this PF government have not done right and if we carry on with them without advice from ex-cabinet ministers the consquences are too gustly to contemplate. Especially that there are not enough learned people in the government and the president is not even a grade 4. Elo lwanya.

  20. Who needs Kunda’s advice and services? Let him go and give that advice to his company, and maybe his family that still see value in him. As far as I’m concerned this man is a terrible liability to Zambia, even radio stations giving him airtime are polluting our consciences. We need to rest from hearing that stinking name and the pollution coming from his mouth. What did he do when he was in government? And he thinks he qualifies to be called a statesman? Maybe in Serenje! Let Kunda shut up his poisonous mouth and let other people work peacefully. Nonsense!

  21. Any intelligent human being knows that it is impossible to serve diligently and professionally in the PF government. We have very learned lawyers like the attorney general and solicitor general who just keep quite in meetings discussing very strategic issues. Ask people who attend cabinet meeting and you will be shocked how it has become difficilt for professional to render advise. GK, you are better off in the opposition. Dont even waste time on these misguided chaps. If they are that intelligent, why is the KWACHA going to the bin, why is youth unemployment 87%, Why do we still have floods in town, why do still have street vendors ????????????????????????????????

  22. Welcome to the Rumble in the Jungle for the undisputed Heavy Weight Boxing Championship of the WORLD. In the Blue Corner GK. In the Red corner is Mr. Shamenda. let the Boxing contest begin……

  23. George Kunda you have cracked my ribs. You must have truly lost your mind… Nobody wants your advice, pezani chabe nchito atase

  24. Statemanship is not demamnded for but earned. Unaitaya mudala. You will never be a statesman in your life. you reap what you sow.

  25. Faxon Shamenda and his team are barely 5 months in office, how can he be sure that they will manage the country better than MMD did? Their deeds so far are a pitiful story, even compared to MMD. The only stable things are those left by RB’s team, e.g. bumper maize harvest for our daioly nshima!

  26. So just take the advice ba Shamenda, it’s certainly cheaper than trying to learn through expensive and untruthful COIs, when you can just get it straight from GK’s mouth for free.

  27. Hehehe GK at it again,now he has to enemies, Shamenda and Guy, we firstly dont need ur louse brains or advice,secondly refer to the first point…..kekekekeke just playing with u GK it hurts being out of employment I feel u man

  28. Iwe kamafupa yoko yoko,you are just an ***** we hurt you bcoz you are a fool forever and you will never change you have bad habits.you have stolen enough and now you want to sound as if you an angel.

  29. It seems some people are not seeing where this country is heading too. We are in very serious trouble under PF. They have failed to stabilize the economy such that our Kwacha is loosing value at a very fast rate. They don’t know how RB manages and so they started blaming him that he printed illegal money. PF has no agenda for the country

  30. Why waste time on this GK, ba PF please jail these chaps. GK is too arrogant and thinks he’s bigger than the country, and to those who are saying GK is a top lawyer, educated etc..bunch of crap….I live in the 21st century and know what being educated means. GK is educated for himself and not the Zambian people. GK had his chance but continues to play games because he truly knows he messed up big time and now may be found wanting and possibly go to jail. So all GK is doing is to try and deflate the criminal charges he’s about to face. I wonder what Nchito and company are doing….honestly. In other countries, a former VP or cabinet ministers will not have an opportunity to even say his name let alone castigate the ruling party or you will be thrown in jail and forgotten. I rest my case.


  32. kanyakula you are showing your shallow mindedness, who told you profs and doctotor make good leaders. it is wisdom that matters not mare qualifications, it shows you get scared by titles since you dont have education yourself, sorry you are still mentaly colonised.

  33. There’s an old Chinese proverb that says the secrets of success is in the hands of those that failed … Kunda may be whatever you may call him and I personally don’t know the guy but if the MMD is a failed government and he was part of that failure, he would be the best person to advise President Sata and his crew on what went wrong with their ship. On another note, Kunda is saying he does not know when the MMD will get back to power if ever and if they don’t he would rather give advise to the current stakeholders because Zambia should be greater than any single one of us. Take it or leave it, it is what it is … thanks a trillion.

  34. i agree with B R Mumba, you can not say that you do not need advice from especially someone you served as VEEP before. Shamenda’s response is in itself arrogant. noone knows everything! If PF was consultating they should not have been changing ministries as they have been. oh i cry for my country :((

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