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Amos Malupenga officially introduces Chibamba Kanyama as new ZNBC boss

Headlines Amos Malupenga officially introduces Chibamba Kanyama as new ZNBC boss

ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama
ZNBC Director General Chibamba Kanyama

Information and Broadcasting Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga this afternoon officially introduced prominent Economist Chibamba Kanyama as new Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation(ZNBC) Director General.

Mr Malupenga said that with the vast experience Mr Kanyama has, he was confident that he will carry on from where out going ZNBC director General Joe Chilaizya has left.

Mr Malupenga said that Mr Chilaizya managed to change the perception of ZNBC for the last five months he has been in office. He further said that a lot of changes have taken place at the national broadcaster especially the News content.

And speaking at the same occasion, Mr Kanyama said that Mr Chilaizya brought pride to staff at ZNBC and the viewers in terms of News contents and that Mr Chilaizya is focused, professional, objective and inspiring to his team to produce the best.

Mr Chilaizya welcomed Mr Kanyama and wished him the best as he takes on the challenges which the Corporation is faced with.

Mr Kanyama’s appointment is with immediate effect. He was until his latest position, Zambian Breweries Corporate Affairs Director.

Information Minister Fackson Shamenda unveiled the appointment of Mr Kanyama as ZNBC Director General at a press briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday afternoon.

Mr Shamenda also announced that Mr Kanyama’s predecessor Joe Chilaizya has been deployed to Foreign Service, by President Michael Sata.

He thanked Mr Chilaizya for his valuable service at the helm of ZNBC for the past five months.

Mr Shamenda also said that government is confident that Mr Kanyama will satisfy public expectation in his new capacity as he has vast experience in the media fraternity.

Mr Kanyama worked at ZNBC for a number of years before he joined the corporate world.



  1. I admire Chibamba Kanyama’s longevity and intelligence but is he the right person the ZNBC? Broadcast and Breweries are rather different

  2. This is what I call tribal balancing….Fire a tonga and hire another one…we must kill a bull to celebrate this tongo victory brought about by my chief… of couse who else chief Chilufya>>>lol…Sory guys I had a glass of wine…ke ke ke …this is comedy…holywod must hire his excelent for the script…

  3. Isn’t this the same person who was called a fake economist by HE MCS?
    Just watch your back Chibamba.

    • Yes Chibamba should indeed watch his back. I wonder why guys fall into open buchingas (traps).!!!
      Chibamba has been preaching empowerment, but he does not seem to believe in it. He should have been proud enough to refuse this appointment, it will set him back many years. I wish him luck – he sounds a good guy, but again he is just coming from publicizing beer. Choose your career with reflection my man.

  4. Nubian Princess,for your own information,Chibamba does not have a degree in brewery but has a degree in Mass communication from UNZA and he worked ZNBC before joining Zambia Breweries.So I don’t see a problem if he moves from Breweries to ZNBC.To Chibamba I wish you all the best

  5. Despite this good appointment, shallow minded Tonga folks will still insult the president and call tribalistic, just watch and read some comments here. No doubt this is a good appointment for ZNBC, Mr chibamba has been at ZNBC before so knows the entity very well. Good luck Mr chibamba all de best.

  6. Will Mr Chibamba Kanyama drop the pro-government subjectivity,required by all ZNBC people, that characterised his earlier stint at ZNBC and take the public broadcaster into more professional and balanced arenas or will it be same old story? I predict same old story, let us wait and see. It is very difficult to break old habits…..different faces, similar stories. Good luck to you Mr professional journalist. The Director-General of a public broadcaster should not be appointed by political appointees, that is why the position holder is at the mercy of those same appointers and must sing their tune. Public Service Broadcaster in Zambia mainly means ‘Political Service’ Broadcaster. Please tell me if I’m wrong.

  7.  # 6 Dont mind them they are always in opposition even for good things, the reason is  they are too greedy type of people.

  8. @Home grown Zambian you are funny. Ati he does not have a Degree in Brewery…lol

    Mr CK I wish you the best.

  9. Why do people always have to talk about tribes? They are the ones with a problem.Let’s have substance on this forum. Otherwise you are just MCS always thinking about tribes.


  11. The Prof, well said. People should look at the broader picture and also the capability of a person not tribe

  12. congrates chibamba. hopefully this appointment won’t ruin yo career following the frequent disappointments and appointments. better yu stick to yo usual business.

  13. Mr Kanyama. Find out why your predecessor was “replaced” and why unceremoniously. He was independent, professional and hardworking. What then will be your performance expectations?

  14. ZNBC is filled with a brain dead workforce not even this Knight CK can save it…only when its independent from ministry of information, restructured and recapitalised will viewers enjoy quality TV. Chibamba is just a mere tool.

  15. Just hopelessnes.Its a question of a one eyed man leading the blind!!What is he going to do?He was better off at breweries.Does Sata have any good intentions for this appointment and Znbc?Lets wait and see a few weeks down the line.Time might prove me wrong!GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  16. Chibamba, you did well to sign a contract of 1-year and also secure your job at breweries. Should you be fired in 3 months, you still get your salary for 1-year and still go back to breweries. So, be principled, cover everyone, including the opposition, thats the only way to be fired.

  17. The senior Chibamba work well and improve the services at ZNBC we need football to be televised especially European football please.

  18. Chibamba is the right man for the job. He is a journalist and economist the right recipe for the post. Those prophets of doom saying this is his end will eat their words. Chibamba will succeed!Govt let the guy implement his strategy without your interference and allow him room to manouver.

  19. Being a Christian, I know he shall protect the nation from showing shows filled ne fya bu pulumushi. I know here in the west we are exposed to nudity on a regular; but my people and nation need to be protected for ease of becoming future christians and entering heaven.

    • There is a button on your remote that reads on or off its normally in red, press it if you don’t like what you are watching on your television. 

  20. Congrats ba Chibamba ba kamba. KI know you’ll read this post here. I just hope you will revamp ZNBC into being a corporation that all of us Zambians can be proud of. Whether you were interviewed or consulted before you were appointed is now irrelevant. You’ve accpeted the job, so strap your tuma boots boss, it will be a bumpy ride for you. But you will be alright ba yama. Continue to write the inspiring books too. As for Joe Chilaizya, too bad you let your ego run you off this job. You were too much of an exsay, if you know what I mean. When you wen to QFM to talk about the job you were given by Sata, you were talking as though, you are the best thing to happen at ZNBC. That born n bred nonsense was your downfall. Goodluck boyi!

  21. If anyone, followed Joe Chilaizya’s performance after being appointed head of ZNBC, you’ll see that, the standards of ZNBC did not improve at all. If anything, things went from very bad to worse. The born n bred awards show which aired live on ZNBC was just pathetic to watch. And there you were Joe, in the audience, front row, looking very happy to have Marky 2’s vima nasty dancers shake their smelly asses in ur face. You looked very excited and horny in front of ur wife. Shame. Obviously, State House was not too happy to get the reports about that show. Kids were drunk and having sex everywhere and anywhere. Ofcourse not to blame Joe but as head of ZNBC at the time, that should not have been a live broadcast in the first place. Anyway, it’s done. Goodluck on your next job Joe.

  22. PF lies that ZNBC news content has improved. It is very biased towards them. The coverage of the CCZ statement was pathetic and they did not even show the clergy hammering PF. I pity Chibamba becoz that position should have been filled after interviews. If PF can not repect rule of law, what will stop them firing him when he wants to act professionaly? I do not see him lasting for long; he might get more insults on top of the one he already got recently.

  23. Hey Chibamba, what are you doing in the company of this dema.gogue and his *****ic followers? You are playing in the devils trap man. Your background and belief will make you uncomfortable to work with these unprincipled characters. We believe in hardwork and fair play big man but they believe in kulya mwibala. Anyhow bro you have dribbled them by sticking to your terms. Show them fo.ols what it means to work.

  24. who is going 2 end this tribo fight btn tongas & bemba, come on let us build mother zambia,chibamba is qualified if fired he can a job any where n pipo wil judge

  25. So disappointed with Chibamba Kanyama. i didn`t know the guy has plastic principles. Kanyama has taken part in flouting the Zambian laws by acceppting a position which requires that the CEO be subjected to a selection process by the board and not hand-picked by Sata. Was Kanyama so desperate? What change will he bring to ZNBC? This thing is controlled by Government, and Kanyama`s tenure will be cut the moment Sata will notice that UPND and MMD are receiving coverage beyond Sata`s acceptable limits.

    • @29 Yambezi, the dude had no choice but to accept the appointment. Apparently, saying ‘no’ to a presidential appointment spells your end, unless your source of food is beyond our borders or you’re in the diaspora.

  26. recycling..once again…same candidates all the time…no offense to chibamba..but other citizens need a break too

  27. In an ideal world, Chibamba is supposed to be the permanent secretary and Malupenga is supposed to be cleaning his office. 

  28. The censored Moshota is a different one who wanted to use the name of the contra ve girl we all know but got censored in the process thank God.

  29. The guy is himself not above unethical behaviour. CK is not and NEVER was an economist. He has never held any economics degree nor has done any economics work of any recognised sort nor published any paper or thesis that is of the standard to be expected from an economist.
    The guy hold papers in Mass Comm and in Development Studies. That is like a Nurse or physiotherapist or pharmacist calling themselves medical doctors.
    The guy has the nerve and is proud to be called an ECONOMIST when he is quite clearly not. What kind of behaviour is this ?

  30. Rubbish appointment. What will this proud ***** bring to ZNBC. We need someone who is a visionery. one who can transform ZNBC into a professional organisation like SABC. One ZNBC channel, not good enough. We need atleast three. Full channel covering sport, another for news and yet another for movies or entertainment. We need European soccer, Zambian premier league live coverage and analysis, and many other sports coverage aswell. To me that’s progress. Chibamba is not able to do that. All he will do is yap yap on economics that he doest even fully understand..

  31. Remember God has given you the job, work for zambian and not for yourself. Recall that you cannot impress every body in this world my brother.

  32. @jojo42, find time to go through CK’s CV and you will find your answers. Don’t hate. Give credit were its due. The guy is learned (Economist). The only problem is that the ZNBC director job was not advertised.CK all the best

  33. He has tossed aside sound advice never to consider any offers by PF! We wash our hands and will watch on the sidelines as the Paul Hogans show begins. I also wish him good luck as he dances with the cobra. 

  34. Chilaizya was appointed with Pomp and Splender. So what happened? Why has he been chucked OUT?

  35. why did CHIBAMBA Leave ZNBC in the first place? was it for greener pastures or he was fired for doing a private job on company time and resurces, pocketing the proceeds of the crime… any wayz IT IS THE SAME BULLSHIT AND HOG SHIT.

  36. Is he not a PF cadre or is he a relative to Cobra orShambles Shamenda? An economist to a broadcaster what a misplacement of manpower. Propagate the PF scripiture otherwise you’ll be sent packing to so called diplomatic posting where all the dead woods and PF cadres are sent

  37. I like Chibamba Kanyama and i can say he is my mentor. BUT what a mistake to accept a political appointment. He can be fired anytime and worse still we wont now get his usual non-partisan econimist analysis of our Zambian economy.By now CK must be preparing to run his own company and be self employed. Also i understand that as a born again christian he must have found it difficult to fit in the beer business which may have contradicted his principal. But please CK start preparing to run own business an an exit startegy when you are fired by SATA any time. these appointements are decieving. No adverts and am sure no work stability and security.

    • i am not sure he found it difficult to work in the brewery if he found it easy to get in in the first place unless he got born again while inside. it’s not like he was there for a day!


  39. pf has only bn in power for 5months or so & they ve made mistakes but give them a break CK is been seeing all these things hapen so for him to accept he is happy .its a challenge & am sure he wil do his best.to the doubting bantustans keep dreaming CK is znbc top bull.

  40. He should have just been appointed as th economical adviser to the president as things stand right now, there’s no economic direction. In as such knowing how principled he is he will be shootin gov thru ZNBC hence the chop. Anyhow all de best man nd dont 4get GALAMUKANI

  41. Well badala, congratulations though i am highly sceptical about this appointment. What did Chief wenda do at State House? I know that Chief Mwenda of Chikankata is your relative and was at State House a few few ago. Or is that some one is feeling the HEAT and have decided to pick on a few prominent TONGAs so that they can begin to feel to be part of the PF government???. TIME WILL TELL. And please, advise that CHIEF MWENDA to stop being fun and selling us off. Us from Mukwela are not interested in politics of poverty. Chief Mwenda, you must hold your stomach. Chibamba, be professional and make sure the TV programming and the News Content is improved, otherwise, we researve the right to withdraw the payment of TV levy.

  42. Chibamba is a true success story and he deserves this appointment.I just would like to know why the president is moving people so fast.I think he is shuffling people at a very alarming rate.let him please shade a bit of light o why he is doing this.

  43. In the first 1-2 yearz of MMD rule, there were “no mistakes” made whatsoever and everbody waz dancing and ululating at everything they did, but look at what happened much later. Maybe we should just leave the PF with the many strange/sudden/short time decizionz, az this may just rezult into a finer and better tomorrow.

  44. I dont know. Chibamba i hope you prayed before accepting this offer. In any case good lick and God’s speed

  45. Chibamba is the best for the Job because; 1. He is a qualified Journalist 2. Business Executive with experience and whatever we do in life business/Finance/Economics apply.

  46. congrats chibamba! but watch your back because this system especially with dont kubeba you will finsh and never inspire anyone

  47. ba ck you seemed to be more intellegent on radio programmes now that H.E has given you the job show us that you will perform ,remove stupidness at znbc

  48. Get on with life you losers! Chibamba Kanyama is DG ZNBC, how does that affect our lives? It doesn’t! People get fired after being hired, it is not the end of the world.

  49. Congrats Chibamba, you deserve it. Do not listen to the jealous prophets of doom, just stay focused and be principled. God bless you

  50. Congrats Chibamba, you deserve it. Do not listen to the jealous prophets of doom, just stay focused and be principled. God bless you

  51. Congrats Chibamba, you deserve it. Do not listen to the jealous prophets of doom, just stay focused and be principled. God bless you

  52. Joe is not Tonga, comrades consult before writing things. To the best of my knowledge Joe is Nsenga from Petauke. I think this fake Pan Africanist will know the truth now. Congrats Chibamba and good luck Joe

  53. Chibamba, you can not work with monkeys who are just spying in treetops to steel people’s maize once the owner retires to bed. What good can come out of these pathetic people. Mudala you know very that putting fresh milk in a calabash where sour milk is often stored results in fermenting the fresh milk. Thats you Chibamba, they will contaminate. However, we shall be praying for you bro.

  54. What I do not understanding is why everyone that is relieved of their duties ends up in the diplomatic services, is this a promotion of some sort or is it a demotion? I am made to believe that in diplomatic services people tend to be well renumerated. Chiluba dribbled one person, a multitude is being dribbled this time around….I hate to guess its the nation. 2016 tulubule!!!


  56. IMBWA shalandile ati he will refuse the offer. Was it their wish then that he refuses the offer. Its true ni mbwa.

  57. Just had a thought, whoever is DG at ZNBC does not really matter. The place has a serious infrastructure and public service broadcast policy problem. It is a ‘Corporation’ in name only. I have not been there for a long time and I remember the equipment was sub standard and out dated. Resource use and allocation was not efficient. What has changed/improved on that front? I look forward to when ZNBC is truly independent and is a ‘National’ broadcaster, not just in physical coverage, but in content and diversity of coverage.

  58. All the best to Chibamba, for me the man deserves this appointmnet and if Zambia wants to develop, the country should appoint men and women who are developmental in life.

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