Government will not kill a cow that produces milk, Guy Scott assures MOPANI over the shut down plant

Vice President Guy Scott
Vice President Guy Scott

Vice president Guy Scott has assured Mopani Copper Mines(MCM) that Government will not disappoint the mining firm following the shut down of its leach plant by the Zambia Environmental Management Agency(ZEMA) two weeks ago.

Dr. Scott said that there are no mad people in Government that would kill a cow that produces milk. He said this after a fact finding mission at Mufulira West Mining Project in BUTONDO Township, where MOPANI has been accused of acid pollution.

Decisions by ZEMA have in the past have suffered political interference on pretext of trying to keep investors. So far, the mining firm has ignored ZEMA recommendations and has waged war in the media through statements claiming that 350 workers will be affected with the shut down.

At the beginning of this month, ZEMA ordered Mopani copper Mine to suspend part of its operations at a Leach plant. ZEMA said it had inspected the site and that heap leaching—a process that involves metals being leached from a heap of crushed ore by applying acid to it—couldn’t be resumed until the company had completed eight recommended measures to reduce its effect on the surrounding area.

So far, the mining firm has ignored ZEMA recommendations and has waged war in the media through statements claiming that 350 workers will be affected with the shut down.

ZEMA said local residents in Butondo had complained that acid mist from the leaching process causes health problems and they were seeking compensation from Mopani. The Butondo community complained of noise from the crusher, cracking of houses, vibrations, and dust, the statement said.

“According to health records obtained from Clinics in Butondo, statistics show an increase in the number of cases for pulmonary, throat, nose and ear ailments which were captured between October and December 2011 as compared with the 2008 data for the same months,” the statement said.



  1. What is wrong with complying with the 8 ZEMA recommendations? Find alternative accommodation for the residents if need be.

  2. if this guy are tired of running a they should leav it. I am happy that it has heen closed but my heart felt for the people who depend on this mine i think closing it is not enough goverment should find a lasting solution,

  3. the area is polluted and I ve observed that whenever i work around the area even for less than 10 minutes, I develop stomach upsets and sore throats. the best solution is to move the project site to another area far from the community.

  4. Job well done ZEMA..Mining companies such as Mopani and KCM deliberately flout environmental laws because the fines / penalties as prescribed by Zambian laws are just too low.
    It is cheaper for these mining firms to deliberately pollute our environment and pay the fines than upgrade their plant technologies. Government should take a leaf from the amount of damages that BP has paid  to pay the US government and other organisations for the oil spillage in gulf of mexico.

  5. The Vice president ought to know that it is folly to keep the cow if the milk it produces is toxic!! down with the senseless appeasement of investors who have no respect and consideration for the well being of the local people and the environment. The law should applied fairly and those found errant should pay the price. Scotty should not be seen to be bending to sacrifice the welfare of our people.

  6. The “softly softly” approach to handling this serious matter the Vice President wants to assume is unacceptable. The culprits must be taken to task and pay the highest price for health hazard caused and environmental degradation caused by the Mopani’s failure to take necessary precautions in their operations. Our people’s lives ain’t that cheap! This matter should not be handled with kid gloves. Mopani must face the full wrath of the law. Well done ZEMA. You should not be compromised in any way at all.

  7. Let ZEMA implement its constitutional mandate without political interference.The same cow is polluting water sources.Let the same cow operate according to regulations.I will not be supprised by end of day if I read that Sakala has been re-deployed to the diplomatic mission and Willie Nsanda taken over the ZEMA Directorship!!!

  8. Twachula pafula! Uyu umusungu, what has gone to his brits brain! Baficala they are making massive profits, falsifying books of accounts, babike po killing our innocent people in broad daylight! Awee! iyi yena twakana! PF is a useless Govt just like MMD. Come 2016, you should Go! Come Chipomo 2016!

  9. Those looters dont be a cow, they dont produce milk but tax evasion, embezzlement, transfer pricing,…

    you PF leaders open your eyes and be serious otherwise you will be the gang of fake promises !!

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