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President Michael Sata has no plan for youths – Magande

Headlines President Michael Sata has no plan for youths - Magande

File:Former Minister of Finance & National Planning N'gandu Magande

National Movement for Progress president Ng’andu Magande has charged that President Michael Sata has no plan for the youth in the country.

Mr. Magande says this is clear from the President’s directive to the minister of youth and sport Chishimba Kambwili during yesterday’s youth day commemoration in Lusaka to come up with a detailed programme and action plan for youth empowerment.

President Sata said the plan should be reflective of national circumstances and should take into account consultations with major stakeholders such as the youth, United Nations agencies and the commonwealth youth programme.

Mr. Magande has however stated that such a direction shows that the president has had no plans for the youths.The former finance minister says his party however has no problem if the president is delivering according to the expectations of the youths.

President Michael Sata acknowledged yesterday the role the youth played in the last elections to bring about regime change.

And Zambia Direct Movement for Democracy (ZDDM) vice president Charles Kafumbo has charged that president Michael Sata failed to utilize the youth day commemoration to outline a clear future for the youths under the PF Government.

Mr. Kafumbo has observed that the republican president has now two different important occasions failed to give the nation a clear economic path, the other one being during the International women’s day commemorations.He says instead of using such important national days to outline his government’s policies, President Sata used the platform to attack opponents.

He said that the nation is at the moment is faced with a number of challenges which need quick presidential directives.

Mr. Kafumbo has named the continued depreciation of the kwacha as one such major challenge requiring urgent attention.He has since appealed to the president to settle down and begin initiating policies that will bring sanity to the country’s economy.



    • May be outine how the man is DULL! coz that is what it implies. Sometimes we need to digest what others are contributing so we move foward. Honestly speaking, that was supposed to be in the plan of PF managment ( manifesto). May be those that are sying this Govt was not prepared to run the country could be right! Look at their priorities!

  1. I agree with Mr. Magande. On the first Youth Day of the PF Government, one would have expected the President to reveal concrete plans that the Government has for youth empowerment and for job creation.

  2. he has no plan for anything.his was just entering state house.u could tell from the way he was reading that speech.totally uninterested in what he was reading

  3. Honestly, what is CEEC there for? It benefits friends of commissioners and not ordinary citizens especially not youths. We are tired. I hope the CEEC may have a youth branch!

  4. Forgive me am working up to my level of education….am just a standard six graduate and economics is alien to me..

  5. MMD and UPND sympathizers when are you going to accept defeat, you lost the elections, just shut up and organize yourselves, then you can be a force to reckon with in Zambian politics. We are not interested in your cries, shame on you..

    • Man MMD and UPND have already accepted defeat hence their expectations from the winners. If they had not accepted they wouldnt  expect anything from PF

    • Not all of us criticizing are MMD or UPND. Time for politics was 6 months ago! Policy pronouncements is all we ask for, where is the boat taking us? 

  6. When will we ever have a president who mentions figures, funding to youth and the like? Twanaka! Let us try out new people.

  7. Sata has ran out of any plan for Zambia, let alone the youth and the women.The small and manageable cabinet has been expanded,more money in the pocket for our youth is a pipe dream.For God’s sake what plan can Kambwili draw for the youth.The fellow is scrape metal dealer not a thinktank as Sata wants us to believe.Sory Cobra Kambwili has no brains that’s why you drained major responsibility from him.He is as good as you.

  8. @Czar, #4:
    What has Fred M’membe got to do with what we are discussing here? If you have issues to sort out with Fred, why not go and sort them out with him?

  9. Mr.Sata after bragging about his experience of running government and how he didnt need JOB ON TRAINING is quickly finding that running a ministry is very different from running the entire government. The events of the last few months clearly show he is on JOB ON TRAINING himself.

  10. @ No. 5, Chris, you say that MMD and UPND sympathizers should accept defeat, shut up, and organize themselves. 

    Maybe. But it seems to me your statement can just as easily be turned on its head to say that PF should ACCEPT VICTORY and start to come out with real policies instead of more empty insults and rhetoric.

    Wouldn’t that be nice? I’m sure everyone here loves Zambia.

  11. Magande, should just shut up, he served in the MMD and what did they do about the youth in 20 years? Nothing apart from introducing utujilijili and unemployment.

    • @MK just shut up; MMD is history gone so what is PF upto. They should give us something not just giving 100% to blame game. Talema we!! I dare them not to mention what wrongs MMD did but to mention the good that they are doing. I gues you would who would win this dare.

  12. Mr Sata is very confused about what he should be doing as president. FTJ and Kaunda’s sentiments about him are very true, even his staunch supporters now realise that the man needed to have someone directing him to tick. The country has never been in such a mess and this is just the beginning. Hats off to RB, he took over after LPM and there was sanity and investor confidence at least. Not this chaos we’re experiencing! LPM and KK were the best presidents so far!!

    • You made a lot of sense until you mentioned RB…..its true what they say about light moving faster than sound kanshi!!

  13. Am glad that most of you have now realized that no politician and/or party [MMD, NAREP AND PF] will ever have an agenda for the youths except during elections time…when young people are used as tools of violence OR as a ladder to get to the Top….Besides its the poor uneducated youths that vote the most as compared to the so called graduates who vote…and what do they gate in return??….Nothing!!!…

  14. Sata might not have any plans for the youth but this coming from Magande who had a chance to do something for the youth is bull. What did the MMD government do for the young people during there rule except using the youth for violence purposes. During the MMD rule there was zero investment at UNZA, CBU, NRDC mention them. These institution were built long time ago and the MMD just sat there stealing from anything they had hands on. If MMD won 2011 they would be talking about MMD selling all schools in colleges privatizing. I would rather have Sata who says I have not plan at the moment but I am committing myself to come up with a plan in a short time. Sata has only been around a few months with so many plans to put in place. He has a constitution to make for christ sake.

    • Sata was in MMD for 10 years as number 3 man in the Chiluba government. He served MMD longer than Magande and participated in the bad governance of Chiluba, expelling MMD members with opposing views. Magande served under the Levy Mwanawasa New Deal government which was the best MMD run government. Your hero Sata is a joke of a president and a toatal failure.Magande managed the economy very well and records and statistics are their to show this.

  15. Youths serves you right, you could have voted for the young, intelligent, hardworking HH, who understands you! Instead, you go vote for your granfather to rule. He calls all the retired, tired old men to be in govt. See the result of your choice…more pockets in your money!!

  16. KCI, Magande was Finance minister and did his part to improve the economy. Zambia gained recognition around the world because of his works. Your presido has just brought confusion and divisions to this country, very true he has no agenda.

  17. PF has only been in power for a few months. Give us time you *****s . You MMD bafoons you are supposed to be mute you wankers. You are responsible for all the mess in our country. We will accept constructive criticism from UPND and not from you bafoons. Give PF and ba Sata a chance. Most of the comments posted here are out of frustration form the losers MMD and UPND. Barack Obama is going thru the same shit that was left by Bush.

    • Only Issues my brother not insults, will help us. Lets move away from insults to real issues. Vctory should not be the ultimate goal. Its service to the people especially youths who voted overwelmly for Sata that we are talking about. I dont know when the plan will be formulated when it was suppoesd to in place by now. Empty promises and lack of direction. Accept the victory and start working. Magande is right.



  18. What do you expect from the president who doesnt know the meaning of following procedures. as HH he will tell you that sata has no managerial qualities. We dont need a Politician in plot 1 now but leaders will all qualities

  19. a correction for magande, PF has no plan for the country expect re-alignment, reshuffles, re-naming and so on

  20. Ba Magande, naimwe mwikale quite, otherwise akalyati kalamikata. Before Mwanawasa employed you mwaleochafye amalasha ku Monze nokuchema imbushi.

    • We have already told you to bring out issues not insults. What you are saying about Magande is crap. The man is one of the best Finance Ministers Zambia has ever had. Statistics are their to prove this. Ask the Donor community and Finance Ministry officials.

  21. What do you expect from the president who doesnt know the meaning of following procedures. ask HH he will tell you that sata has no managerial qualities. We dont need a Politician in plot 1 now but leaders with all the qualities

  22. #21 the unemployment, ill education and poverty the youth are suffering from is from what period to what period? is it 5 months old? Who benefited from Magade’s on paper economic development and recognition from back yard institution?

  23. N# 15 I second to what you just said about Mr magande, They run the show for almost 20 years and did absolutely nothing for the youth, Now they want the  president who is only 6 months old in government to change the lives of the youth within a snap shot, Lets be realistic here and I would personally ask Mr peter magande to point out what he exactly did for the youth when he was minister of finance , They have nothing to show thats why they want to start putting pressure on  king cobra, lekeni ateke please.


  24. Please Mr Magande, up grade your software….you are some leaders who did nothing when you had your opportunity.

  25. Youths, Please wake up and start working hard be innovative and help yourselves please stop dreaming about more money in your pockets from heaven thats NEVER going to happen! Don’t blame the PF or HE MCS lets do everything we can to better our lives, we will have a better Zambia in 20 years time… Anything lawfully right please not ukwiba!

  26. Mr Magande is right. Actually he is giving constructive criticism to the PF. And i don’t think the MMD or UPND are still crying over the electoral defeat. They are past it and are just offering checks and balances. I wonder what others condemning MMD and UPND can say if all the MMD and UPND did was to support and praise the PF, would they still say the opposition are still bitter about losing? The problem with the PF victory is that it came when the people were and are fed up of fake promises by successive governments, and therefore are impatient to have that which was promised to them by PF during campaigns. People have no time to give PF to solve things at their own pace, people want things to be sorted now. It’s actually a wrong time to be voted into government, for all I know.

  27. @Mungoma, #11 Tell me if The Post agrees with what Magande is saying. Will even this story make it into their paper? If Magande said its Rupiah Banda’s fault this would be their lead story. 

  28. Magande and levy did a lot of work and the country had direction during there tenure. no one can take this from magande whether we like it or not. Magande deserves respect from all well meaning Zambians only in his tenure did we see the dollar go to k2900 among some of his achievements. do not forget about the foreign credit he dismantled. God bless Magande to live longer. He is a real son of the soil.

  29. Ba  mudala  was busy fattening his pocket then today he wants to look like a person who put trillions our pockets before he   left their corrupt  party, mulelapila bane mukose pantu just go practice economics at your farm , you had your time

  30. You are right. Right now i can only foretell many Kaponya businesses to increase and the streets will be congested by thieving kaponyas.

  31. Whether you are left or right ,as a former Finance minister what rle did you play to stabile kwacha,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Its really cold out there………………

  32. The Fake Engineer of thieves and chris of daga smokers are only supporting the big nosed and ugly face who spends time antagonising citens at the expense of development. The PF govt and its leader talks as if they are realising farts from their loose anuses. It shame , they have npo plan for this country.

    • Kwipaya

      wateva yo name is, if you think Government means, giving you free money just like you are being kept on your mother’s pussy you will die poor my brother, its not the duty of the government to feed your ass, its duty is to make practical policies so that your stinking us fluters smoothly

  33. You know, Mr. Sata was there in MMD like Mr. Magande and so to say Mangade never did anything about he youths would be unfair. They,may be both, did not do anything about the youths. However magande’s observation is correct, no doubt about that. I am pretty sure he never had it until that day and I am happy that Kambwili has been tasked to draw a detailed progamme for the empowerment of the youths. Let us not blame sata for such coz surely we the man. He only managed to handle a ministry and to manage a country ,for him ,is actually a nightmare! compounded with humble education, ni kwanakalya! Ni Big League soccer. We just need to look up to the next leader and for now, we are stack with incompetence.we asked for this, let not argue! Yobe sata, for now

  34. magande should tel us wat policies &programmes they put in place 4da youth,look @ unza cbu nrdc nothing?he should be ashamed to think pf wl have all the answers to zambias problems.give them time to setle and consult the stakeholders as it were.lets all work hard

  35. Only the strong will survive, lazy and useless *****s like Kwipaya will continue complaining…we suffered under mmd, mmd doesnt want to go down alone, they are going down with upnd, unfortunately hh has no political direction save his fellow upnd minions…shame

  36. It seems many of you do not remember that under Magande as Finance Minister. He negotiated for funding from developing countries for tools. Each youth that graduated from technical schools was given tools specific to what they studied on their graduation day. When RB became president this was stopped money was taken for other things. We need to give credit where it is due, instead of just criticizing. Sata’s speech did not motivate or lay out concrete plans for youth. 

  37. If the Opposition parties are Thieves….why not arresting them so that they are caged!
    MCS you are no longer opposition, so therefore spare us that rhetoric and show us the policy direction on REAL issues!
    My PF pals….your popularity is fast disappearing….come 2016! Can’t wait to look at the faces of the Civil servants that where dancing at Supreme court on 22 September last year!

  38. It is interesting how in the US there are no celebrations for Youth day. You do not see the president giving useless dream-on speeches. At the end of the day anyone who visits the US can see that the youths are taken care of. 

    The very fact that that speech did not mention anything about technology shows there is no vision. When are we poor countries who elect dull presidents ever going to learn. 

  39. Much as we know that MMD and UPND are mourning the loss of elections,PF and M’membe should should just work and deliver to the expectations of the people and not flogiing a dead horse.Its how we shall have more money in the pocket than how MMD failed in their governance.

  40. i can see that the pf are the most foolish politicians and cadres iv ever seen. They r messing up things for the whole zed, and their cadres still support this foolishness!!! You say just six months in office and give him enough time, we r falling at an alarming rate. By 2014, we l fail to return back to normal… Advise your leaders to do the right things, not just standing there, cheering the foolishness and insulting the critics… I hate all these political parties, upnd, mmd and pf and i m proud of that, but the pf have really lost it

  41. Bane lets give credit where its due. Mwanawasa and his team did their level best. Of which mangande was part of that team. And why should we give PF time when we can’t even see a road map? No vision, no policy no target whatsoever? Ni chi pante pante! God save us please!

  42. awe people please dont lie like we were never there , ba magande just knows injuka epela, dochi ukutubepa please

  43. We await to hear when president Sata would have employed most of the youths in Zambia as a PF achievement. On the contraly, we hear Kabimba acknowledging a huge problem for PF govt to employ youths. Guy Scott believes the entire civil service is full of MMD people who need to be replaced by PF cadres. This approach over this national issue will dislodge PF all empty rhetorics said before. Zambians are expecting delivery of services promised and not scape goat hoo-ha allegations whose web entangles all PF including Sata. Sata didn’t fall on earth from mars planet. He was part of MMD and thefts happened while he was MMD minister. Let him just bring development to Zambia as promised.

  44. whether we say magande didnt do much when mmd was in power or not has got little importance nw but what is important is that that pf leave by their campain promises

  45. Not only on employment but change Goals,most campaigns promises seem not to workout so far.More Money is now No Money ,Civil Servants will get 7% salary increament.This is Sad.

  46. SATA has never had any plans to develop Zambia. Six months down the line, we are still waiting for economic development road map. We are tired of the rhetorics, fighting corruption blah blah. By creating constitutional institutions to fight corruption, the government has shown its political will to fight the vice and must now concentrate on developing the country. People, especially the Kaponyas are saying give PF time, what time? Every political party has a shadow cabinet and PF should have had one, which could have smoothly moved in and implement their economic development policies. Right from way back, it was clear that PF was and will never be ready to develop Zambia. Under RB there were economic activities everywhere you looked. Roads, schools, agriculture, mines you name it.DRIED UP

  47. Ok Mr big frog criticism taken, but what is your offer on youth plans? I want to know your alternatives to the K50bn youth empowerment fund.

  48. Like it or not RB followed thru Mwanawasa’s projects and introduced several more, unlike your SATA. By the way what happened to mobile clinics? The fact that this Kaponya government has kept quite means they are working just fine. Now you are throwing your ministers in swimming pools for failing to deliver on campaign promises. What a joke!!!

  49. Im yet to see what the PF Govt has planned in terms of job creation for the youths.Action is wat im talking about.the mouth is deceitful Psalms 36:3

  50. Observation:
    GRZ has no vision for the Youth.

    Youths will grow up to be thugs, thieves, prostitutes, etc. They are generally complacent and think that the world [Zambia, GRZ, parents, the wealthy, etc] owes them something.

    Youth need to be kept busy, say in the National Service. They need to be taught trade skills, etc. They need to be encouraged to make life better for themselves and not wait for miracles to drop on their laps.

    • Dear Mr. President Sata. I have a plan that would create jobs in Zambia starting today. It worked in New Zealand in the 1930’s making the country a world exporter of wood fibre today.
      And you can watch your investment grow!

  51. Its sad to see that the cobra which fought tooth to nail to the highest office has flunked out once more,my praya is for a smoth transition and violent free 2016 election wen we the uths wil alow our grandfathers 2 rest.we nid a paradigm shift the world is embrancing.Zambia is not in gud hands

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