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Chief Registrar of societies de-registers MMD despite droping the idea last week

Headlines Chief Registrar of societies de-registers MMD despite droping the idea last week

The Movement for Multi Party Democracy-MMD has been de-registered by the Registrar of Societies for non compliance with the Societies Act.

Chief Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki says this means the former ruling party ceases to operate as a political party in Zambia and it has lost all the fifty three seats in parliament.

Mr. Andeleki says the action arises from the non payment of statutorily fees amounting over three hundred and ninety million Kwacha.

He made the announcement at a press briefing at the Ministry of Home Affairs Headquarters this morning.

Mr. Andeleki says the decision has been taken after several reminders from the time the MMD was in government.

And Mr Andeleki says he will be writing to the Speaker of the National Assembly Patrick Matibini to inform him about the de-registration of the MMD.

He has warned erring registered organisations, Churches, NGOs and political parties to be legally compliant with the Societies Act if they are to continue operating in Zambia.

Last week the Registrar of Societies rescinded the decision to de-register the MMD in the interest of good governance and democracy.

The MMD had engaged Hobday Kabwe & Company to help resolve the issue of close to K400 million in outstanding arrears from annual returns.

Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki, said that Mr Kabwe had requested his office to see how best they could resolve the arrears which have accumulated since 1993.

“I have been approached by several stakeholders involved in good governance and democracy not to deregister the party as this would be an injury to the young democracy and the economy of the country more especially that we recently held elections,” he said.

He said in the interest of good governance and in order to prevent the declaration of 55 parliamentary seats vacant, his office would discuss other ways through which the K390 million could be settled.

“I have been approached by several stakeholders involved in good governance and democracy not to deregister the party as this would be an injury to the young democracy and the economy of the country more especially that we recently held elections,” he said.

He said the move was not politically motivated but was a requirement for the party to remit annual returns.



  1. This is ridiculous. Are you telling me you failed to work out a payment plan. This de-registration has called Politics written all over it.Mr Sata you and your government should be ashamed of yourselves.It is embarassing to be a Zambian right now!!!

    • I agree with you it is embarassing fo the MMD not to remit fees for almost 20years and not about deregistration. The society needs money ..loi

    • What payment plan, MMD was good at de-registering NGOs, threw one of the most expensive election campaigns in Zambia’s history and you talk of a payment plan, this just shows how greedy its members are!!

    • What is ridiculous about this. How many times have you been disconnected over water, d.s.t.v or Power. they just have to own up and pay the money.

    • All those degrees which the MMD president and the ministers have, they did not know that you have to renew every year. this how you can see the impunity MMD has.

    • It is embarrassing that after spending so much money on a re-election campaign the MMD failed to take care of simple house keeping rules. They always thought they were above the law, they acted like they were above the law. Real democracy is about rules that apply to everyone, so shall it be spoken so shall it be written. 

    • Dont be stupid…u try not paying your bills for 19 years and see if u will even have this internet u are expressing your foolishness on…

    • You moron. ho told them not to pay? After all these reminders? All this arrogance?? Mwanya. It is your arogance and being blind to facts that will lead you to an early grave. After everything they have stolen from my country which they don’t want to pay back, and now they cant pay just 300 million?? Then how did they sponsor such a lavish campaign if they dont have money to pay for their legal existence as a party? Arrogance. Mwazinyela Mweka Daddy!!!

    • atase equilizer sto being stupid. Cant you see dictatorship and illitracy coming from sata. Dont just support irrationally, atase!

    • not at all my friend, this shows what kind of leaders there were in MMD, IT WAS ALL ABOUT THEMSELVES, they really thought they would never lose elections , let them donate to their party to serve it, but knowing how greedy they are I cant see anybody giving a dime! its a dead party anyway!

    • I think in Mashimba we have a pure ***** in our country….maybe niwebo walile ulupiya for paying subs…for them

  2. this amount is cumulative, dates back to the time MMD was in power, obviously they ignored making the payments because they were in power and they thought (wrongly so) that they would be ruling indefinitely and they would therefore get away with it.

  3. When Chanda Chimba III told us thot he was a fool. I has now come, a one party state. PF just wants more seats in parliament so that no one will shoot them down. And where does a registrar of companies nullify seats instead of the speaker of national assembly?

    • You are a fool. Dont you think that MMD could just have paid this money and kept going? Who told them not to pay? You are indeed a fool or a moron or a jacka.ss.

  4. I think Sata wants Zambia to have only 1 political party (PF), this is why he wants to sprit Southern province so that UPND can lose support and die naturally. This is very embarrassing for Zambia especially after the MMD peacefully and democratically handed over power to PF. Shame on you Sata!!!!!!!!!

    • When you dont pay your bills after several warnings from Zesco, and they switch off your power supply, you dont blame Zesco. You blame yourself.

    • Why cant Liato pay… and every thing continues… infact the 390,000,000 is not equal to Liatos money.

  5. Ati shani???? the hour is here, the hour is gone! Let’s be serious gentlemen, we cannot allow this to happen!! 53 bye elections will cost us an arm and a leg. There has to be a way of resolving this issue. Let’s arise against this government, baya sana nomba. Even us who supported them have to get our senses back.

    • rise weka we; where we there when Siliya was boastful about MMD? You mean they could not hvae paid the dues? Who cares about them? If it was UPND i would have asked the educated to assess why they didnt pay.

    • You should have just paid your bills hen you ere warned. We all are not happy about Zambia’s democracy in terms of losing such a large portion of opposition, but, who’s fault is it, really?

    • This is simple issue. tell your MMD to pay by contributing 8 million for all those almost losing a seat were they shout yah yahyah. What we need is responsibility. it hurts me when pipo only look at the negative ways of it

    • True that z my man,lets all rise against this stupidit, sata himself was one of the big fish in mmd when they were not payng the returns. So what is he tryin to tel us now?

  6. This is Sata at work.How long can you sink.Zambia is not a one party state.Why did registrar of societies wait for so long to remind MMD to pay why didn’t you deregistered them after 2 yrs.Do you know the cost of 55 by elections? thats tax payers money that could have gone to hospitals or schools.I’m sure Sata and MMembe are behind this.

    • How??? Give us some smart ideas, since you’re obviously very intelligent on matters of government.

    • God help you do what? God should have advised MMD to simply pay their bills. It was that easy. But no. They had to be arrogant. If it is indeed politically motivated, why was MMD foolish enough to allow a situation like that? If they had paid their bills, what political motivation would have orked against them? THINK!!!

    • You should have asked them to point you to a bank account just when the warnings were sounded. You were even given a grace period after the deadline.

    • its mind boggling to think MMD would fail to pay that amount. i have reasons to believe everyone of those aspiring for the party presidence would pay that bill.

  7. Procrastination is a thief of time.The MMD got so used to using anything for free.Time has caught up with them.Let them know that laws are supposed to be followed.I think this will teach people to be responsible.If it were a commonman there would have been no negotiation to find a way to pay the outstanding fees.Does this mean MMD has been operating illegaly since 1993?

  8. Mashimba we don’t have a dictator. I put the blame on the MMD leadership and they can’t say no one knew they were suppose to be paying statutorily fees.

  9. K390 million is not a lot of money. The best the registrar could do was to engage MMD and come up with a payment plan. Is it that all registered organizations are in good standing except MMD? Kaya mwandi.

  10. Why are you people complaining? What are laws for? MMD made fun of laws they were supposed to have safeguarded.

    When I was a pastor in a small rural Zambia, my congregation prepared and remitted annual returns to the Registrar’s Office. Why should a huge body of people, let alone a ruling political party not be exemplary by adhering to the laws of the country?

    They had it coming. The rule of law must be promoted by all Zambians whose interest is national development, which the rule of law guarantees. If this is unacceptable to some, why do we even bother to talk about a new Constitution? So that after it is written we can ignore it?

    Come people, let us get serious! 

    • @ #20 i agree with you mostly but i think you are too blind to see that PF has put zambia back into dictatorship….. no more democracy.
      am not saying rules and laws of the land should be ignored but there has to be another way. you say you used to be a “pastor” I GUESS YOUR NOT ANYMORE SINCE YOU CANT COME UP WITH GODLY-LIKE RESOLUTION

    • Iwe Mushota wot do u mean dictatorship???!! There are so many political parties out there…Dnt tell me that MMD was the only party around apart from PF!!! They registrar has done the rite thing…these guy were reminded on several occasions to remit BUT NO!!!! “since we are in power there is no need….who will question us? we run the show”.!!!
      Well time has caught up with theses fools….and that should serve as a lesson to the rest.!!!!

    • Thank you for calling a spade a spade,why shud mmd be spared if they re nt paying dues,do u knw hw mny pipo re losing dre thngs bcz of nt paying sch dues?Shud da registrar dance to the mmd’s tune?shame on you people who are failing to think outside the box of politics

  11. THIS REFLECTS AN OFFICIAL RETURN TO A ONE-PARTY-STATE. If this development is badly handled or mismanaged, the ensuing political events may lead to the dissolution of Parliamen,t in which case Sata will have to seek a fresh mandate to retain his Republican Presidency in Zambia. The best Legal Constitutional brains are needed to resolve this self-inflicted suicide by the PF govt. The workers murmurs will precipitate loud protests. Hence the doctrine of “DONCHI KUBEBA” may also be applied by other parties to inflict negative results for the PF. GOD HEAR OUR PRAYERS.

    • Mphangwe, there is no return to a one party state. let us not rush to blame innocent people here. PF was not there in 1993 when MMD was not payng the registrar’s fees. what has happened is a reminder to all orgs. to respect the laws of our land. Lets not undermine them. MMD deserves the punishment. Why protest? thats being senseless. Why didn’t protest wen MMD failed to pay?


  13. Honestly this nation is losing it,what the hell,de-registration of MMD and re-aligning of southern province to distabillise UNDP is highway to one party state God help this nation please.

    • Wot one party state naimwe? there is NAREP, UNIP etc you guys are just quick to conclude….without lookin at the issue here…Thats why u failed ku university.

  14. HEHEHEHE ati donti kutina!!! mukose. Good move. you where reminded. all those billions you burried no one could pay k390m.
    and you chi number 1 and 2 behave its got nothing to do with sata. sha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Makes me glad I am watching this circus from outside. The current government is just a bunch of jokers. Acts of vengence have never developed a nation.

    • Guys appeal, then agree to pay. simple…. all those degrees you do not know that you have to pay the annual fee. You studied a grasshopper and got a degree … Chiwamila pusi kuluma Galu

    • When zesco switches of your power supply for not paying bills, its not vengence, not even when you have been arrogant after constant reminders. It is simply catching you with your pants down, and you pulled them don yourself.

    • If MMD must be forgiven this debt, we must ensure that all people in prisons are released, or else we are promoting a selective application of justice.

  16. This is the joke of the year. I wish I didnt hear it? Registrar of societies nullifying seats?? He was just supposed to end with de registration. The other job(nullification) is for the speaker of N.A. what was the rush for?? somebody whispered to him??

    • You are very right, he was not supposed to mention a sentence that attaches his move to Parliament descision.


  18. But why did the MMD ignore reminders for so long? Was it because of boma ni boma mentality? The decision to de-register may be politically influenced but it is right. Let them just pay!

  19. mmd give the zambian people you bank account and i can assure you people will bail you out with a day to hame stupid andeleki who cannot see that this will be devilish expensive to the nation.

    • You have a good idea, but a bit too late, dont you think? Why did you not think so wisely when you got the warnings, and even a grace period after the deadline?

  20. Why has MMD and all their learned comrades and sympathisers been so mute on the need to pay up? Just because they are the major opposition did not mean they were untouchable! Do rush to condemn MC Sata and his PF govt over issues MMD could have settled even a week ago. So many brains in MMD do not seem to amount to anything on this one!

  21. PF remember your day will also come. you wont be in power for ever. You shall pay for your mistakes even in you graves. When Chipimo becames president mwanya imwe.

  22. Great news for my country. All crooked organizations deserve a boot. Think of the savings we will make from dishing out money to thieving monkeys called the MMD.


  24. Sata was MMD National Secretary at one time and so he contributed to this debt. So Andeleki should start deducting from his salary as well

    • Whatever drugs you’re on, stop for a while and eat healthy, drink lots of water and non-alcoholic fluids. Stay away from cough mixture.

  25. Why cant the registrar of societies use the bailiffs instead of declaring the seats null? I can smell a rat 

    • Send the bailiffs to collect property which was stolen from the people in the first place, and is currently confiscated for investigations? No. Its easier to de-register. Come on. Dora Siliya’s son alone can foot this bill a few times over.

  26. All you guys supporting such a retrogressive move should have your heads examined. One by-election costs not less than K2bn. 53 seats nullified results in not less than K106bn from our meagre resources. Now does it make any economic sense to deregister a party for owing us K390m and end up losing a collosal K106bn?? Can someone answer me now.

    • So wots wrong with those figures? You talk of K2bn for elections forgettin that one person had K2bn plus hidden underground, another had K2bn plus in their sons account….and u want to come out smart here as though there are any figures to talk about.
      These same fools took us for granted….instead of settlin a small amount to the relevant authorities they were busy enjoyin….You tell me how u are goin to benefit from “our meagre resources” even though they were told not to pay?
      Its your head that needs to be RE-EXAMINED….we do not care how much it will cost us has long as we do the rite things, such can be avoided. This is a good lesson to us all who just sit and do nothin even wen we know that peeps are doin the wrong thin.

    • So are you saying the law should be ignored just because it will cost us a lot of money? dull chap, why is the law there in the first place. What you are saying is obstraction of justice. What ever the cost the law must be obeyed and thats why its there in the first place. So let MMD face the consequences of there actions. for 20 years they’ve been in power and they were supposed to be the custodians of our laws, but they ended up abusing the same laws they were supposed to protect.

  27. Let us think twice before we open “utunwa”,MMD use to say Boma ni Boma.Let this slogan foot the bill and let Zambia be governed by the Rule of Law period..K390mil is just a ka change from a shoping spree yakwa Siliti.Shame on you all MMD…..pwishishisha

  28. What wrong with de registering a party that went to bed with lawlessness? how many cars did MMD buy during campaigns…Zambian please wake up!!! ONE PARTY STATE???? We have more than 8 political parties in ZAMBIA we can do without MMD…This is a lesson to those who think they are above the law….time will ALWAYS catch up…..AND TO THE REST OF YOU WHO ARE SAYING ITS SATAs MOVE!!!PLEASE…DEAL WITH IT!!!


  29. # 1 you are not thinking rightly , it is rule of law if u dont pay returns you are deregistered. Proffesional bodies to deregister members who fail to pay subs for 1 or 2 years, ask LAZ,ZIM or ZICA but MMD has not being paying for almost 20years.So what is ridicoulous about being deregistration? Infact it is ridicoulus not to pay returns for 20yrs. Each MMD MP shud have raised around 7Milion to rpay the amount required in order to save the party. Otherwise they would spend more in by elections.
    This is no about PF or SAT its about complying. If MMD is fogvn it may creat room for others not to pay for years.

  30. Sata and PF think they are clever, MMD dnt pay the money and see how we shall teach PF a good lesson they will never forget. PF should concentrate on developmental issues,this is ridiculus

  31. A Sad day in Zambia’s Democracy. surely something can be done to prevent the de-registration of a major party whether we like them or not. this is beyond MMD but in the interest of the Zambia’s image lest find a better way that de-registering them. our international image will be heavily dented especially after Fincth downgrading. we can not afford this in Zambia right now.:((:o

  32. Utterly ridiculous. this is against the democracy we fought for.Will the Zambian youth just sit back and watch these people destroy our country.You may hate MMD but having a one party state is detrimental to our country.Since coming into power Sata has tried all means to silence the MMD thru victimization,chasing people over bicycles and having them arrested,all those petitions over Mp election resultsetcHe has an agenda which can not be brought about with an opposition in parliament.Lets not let a few selfish individuals destroy Zambia.

  33. Talk as much as you want but the truth is time is now catching up with MMD,they thot they were so untouchable……..hahahahahaha. RIP

  34. I agree with @ cybersmart……………We need MMD, Sata should remember he does not own Zambia and will not be in state house for ever.History will repeat it self

  35. Where was our current President (MCS) especially during the first 10 years of MMD in power? He is very much part of this issue. Man of action, why didn’t you act then when you were in the MMD garden of Eden, eating milk and honey. This is very much political. Try the 53 by-elections and you will get a shock of your life boss. Moods are not the same out here! Mukalilalila oweee!!!


    Donchi Kubeba…shiiiii

  36. It is back to the 70’s and 80’s. The party and its government! When I told the people to read the PF party’s constitution I was insulted rather than paying attention to the detail. What PF is doing is exactly what is written in their constitution. I said I will say I told you so… Ok. I TOLD YOU SO! YOU LET YOURSELVES GOVERNED BY EMOTION NOT LOGIC!!!!

  37. Iwe Mwaiche Alexander Chikwakwa give civil servants 4% Salary increment the rest of the money is for bye elections.Tell all those civil servants who will go on strike that they will be fired!!!!!!

  38. Firstly, we should all be treated the same. MMD is not special, it is a requirment for all registered organisations to comply with the rules of registration, so if MMD did not do that coz they thought they will rule forever, am sorry time is the best enemy for MMD, let them pay for thier sins, it does not mean PF will win all the seats but it is a lesson to PF as well to keep upto date with registeration rules otherwise, it will also face the same calamity . For now goodbye MMD. Take a rest and register a new party or die a natural death.

  39. Hahahah what a nice move.

    MMD will not pay the fee, then all UNPD  MP’s will resign and parliament will have to call a new general election..

    I said before Zambia will have a general election before 2016

    • Is that your contribution, when are you MMD sympathisers going to be objective when it comes to criticizing your party. One party has defaulted for 20 years and you wish doom for the whole country. It just says a lot about you greedy vile chaps.

    • Ba Engineer….i will not resign no matter wot….thats there own barbie to grill…..I will not forfeit my K500m after all the work put in…Let them suffer alone..they enjoyed alone.
      We are not goin to resign!!! that is a non starter mwaiche!! Just enjoy ur uni! Ta!

  40. i think MMD MP’s can forfeit their allowances for a week to bail out the party. After all, they are the biggest beneficiaries. 400 Million/50 MPs = 8 Million per Mp. They are not serious. RB and other bigwigs can easily throw in K10 Million each.
    The registrar is definitely being pushed by the powers up there. We are at the threshold of having a very weak opposition and a PF that will be too powerful to handle.


  42. yes mwanya from mmd to dmm (dull members mourns) the clock has turned anticlockwise. these fools thought they will be there forever.stop paying taxes to zra and rentals to napsa .they only paid napsa after the bailifs went in .so ba feecolour dont put the president mufyabuba ,these fools were busy burring money no kutomba utwaice.

  43. Sorry to say this, but this is BULLSHIT!!Why wasn’t this decision made before Elections were conducted?Its like these people don’t care about Money being wasted to hold Bye-Elections since it’s not their Money. That’s Why Zambia is far from Being a Developed Country because we have a lot wrong people in Leadership positions!!Clement Andeleki Should be removed from his post after this Nonsense, so that we can have people putting the Welfare of Zambia first. The 90 Days given before elections is adequate to take any Government to Court if you are afraid of impartial Judiciary!!

    • Before elections? Are you serious? MMD was in power then. Who could have forced them to pay except themselves? Yaba.

  44. This also extends to the councilors, this is wild. The only solution is they find the loot and renegotiate with RoS. Latest is UPND is also boycotting parliament. Meaning PF will not have a majority, ladies and gentlemen if this is not resolved amicably we will have to go back to the polls. 

  45. Is that the reason you voted PF, to allow lawlessness? Ladies and gentlemen, Laws are laws and they are to be respected regardless of who you are or what position you hold in society. Those of you who are in the western world have seen how individuals and corporations have gone under due to tax evasions. What is wrong with MMD fulfilling their obligation to pay to Ceaser what belongs to ceaser. More over, This is a lesson to PF that they would never be sacred cows should they fall in a similar trap.

  46. Registrar you are not bored enough to tell us how much PF is owing now,instead of pushing a defensless party,anyhow after five years if works out the same will be done to PF.

  47. If this is going to be seen through this country will never be the same again. PF is slowly but surely killing democrancy. What a shame that Do Chikube means a lot of things among them to destroy this country’s democrancy and economy. I blame chiluba so much for not having educated the masses during his rule, hence we have a lot of voters who are easily cheated, lies are normal to them. Cry Zambia, it is time for us to more to other countries, what about my sister with less education?

  48. But why they were not paying despite being reminded several times? MMD thought it will rule zambia til the second coming of Jesus. K390m is too minimal for MMD to fail to pay. They stole billions. Let them contribute and pay. This should serve as a lesson to PF. Epo mpelele!

  49. i like this.with all those millions mmd had they faid to meet the statutory obligation,nowonder they are thieves.im told rupiah has even resigned

  50. 59 I am with you and I agree in totallity. This will make MMD a dearling again. MMD should try us and we shall raise to the occation.

  51. Arrears accumulating since 1993, and the Registrar remained mute over the past 19 yrs just to safeguard his job. What’s wrong with this country? Surely, how could the leaders in MMD have neglected to address this issue. Sata cannot be spared from this because he was part of that rotten system.
    In order to save our democracy & avoid costly by-elections, the Registrar should reverse his decision & find an amicable way of how this debt can be dismantled.

  52. Whether it is democracy or not MMD made a wrong of not paying its dues! These they have even taught Zambians to deliberaetly ignore paying their debts. If one borrows money he or she just want to eat it and forget. The implications to the lender is agony! Failure to manage finances is criminal. We must account for our income and expenditure which should balance over time. If you expend what you did not earn you should face trouble. It calls for financial discipline. MMD is wrong to fail to pay what it owes. Thats why its leaders were stealing! They stole deliberately. Time has caught up with them. 

  53. I am not able to check the constitutional provisions on dissolution of parliament bcos can not access a copy immediately. However, if memory serves me correctlly, Parliament stands automatically disolved if more than 50% of seats become vacant simulteneously. When Parliament disolves under whatever circumstances a general election (i.e Parliamentary & Presidential) ensues. If I am correct then UPND could consider causing a premature general election by mass resignation of their MPs immediately the Speaker declares MMD seats vacant. God save the Nation!

  54. So MMD want to take this GVT for a ride? Are they telling us that even after that warning, MMD has failed to raise that amount? They where reminded on the requirement of the law and they ignored the warning? Why should they push the registrar to go this far? bye elections will be costly to us but the registrar has to do as the law demands otherwise he will be found wanted by the same law.

  55. On Behalf of the MMD,I Henry Banda will send money through the IGs A/c to have this debt settled.I am in Saudi Arabia living among the Sheiks,you can imagine how much money we have as a family that Saudi Arabia decided to Adopt Me and my Wife….

  56. Let the *****s go on with their de-registration of mmd, they will get the shock of their life.we have since regretted having voted for this political imbecile.

  57. Oh dear hahaha. This is not good at all. The MMD must have some rich donors who could raise this money and pay it back surely. Its not 3 billion kwacha we are talking about just 300 million haha. But then again it seems to late. Is this end of the MMD.?? What happens to the 53 seats nomba?

  58. Why didn’t they de register this party when they were still in power? We are told this debt goes back as far as 1993. Why taking this action today. Are we now becoming a one party state? 

  59. When PF was refused to hold a rally at Woodlands Stadium for non payment of bills MMD had a field day about it last year. This is the nature of these people just very greedy and very selfish to the very core. They threw one of the most expensive and lavish election campaigns in Zambia’s history yet they couldn’t  bother to pay miniature bills. If they are really serious about their party they can all contribute money to pay-off the debt, not these chaps. Round up all those brand new bikes and trucks, it will pays off this debt twice over.

    So where is our dear friend SENIOR CITIZEN and The Engineer (Australia), who are the clowns now? Let that party rot this should be set as the prescient to all.

  60. # 58 I totally agree with you! All the MPswho were voted on the MMD ticket should put their monies together and bail out their sponsor.It could have been difficult to carry out such an action when MMD was in power because of fear of being fired. The arrears were corruptly ignored and since PF is here to promote transparency, I think it is very much in order to take such an action. And so we call upon all MMD MPs to bail out their sponsor Party being Andeleki writes to the Speaker.

  61. Have all the ortehr parties been paying since they were formed? Did they maintain membership registers? Did they have functioning committees?
    A commission of enquiry made up of all the major political parties can resolve all this by making binding recommedations.

  62. I’ve been reliably informed that The MMD Secretariat has receipts for payments made to the Registrar of Society over the years.So hold your horses,this saga is far from over.Watch this space

  63. Are you telling us that Austin Liato is the only who could have paid off this debt without leaving his house! kekeke

  64. If no one MMD so called rich members cannot raise a cheque for K400 million then they deserve everything they get. Surely Liato was not the only one with buried billions of Kwacha and in any case no returns since 1993 is unacceptable. The Chief Registrar of societies is also out of bounds by declaring the MMD seats as vacant since this is far and beyond his jurisdiction – excitement in announcing such indicates that the decision is politically motivated. You will see some Government official announcing that following a meeting with several donors and in the interest of protecting our democracy, the decision to deregister MMD has been rescinded. “Meanwhile the British Government had pledged to £100,000 in technical assistance support to the offices of Registrar of Societies” blah, blah

  65. Some of you so called Zambians,why each time you contribute your the president is always in your stories.Let him alone nangu kalijo nifyo,MMD as a party banalakwa cabe let the law take it’s course and can be an eye opener to others more especially to our great party PF always watch the step.Honestly speaking,imwe ba MMD how can you keep on existing all these years without paying registration fee?Anyway you thought you are forever…mwaonekela bane…nikulimba cabe,,stop blaming others..Sata is innocent sort yourselves out.How can you embrace RB,William Banda,1991 they are on record of saying they where to be back,this is the result,,SUNAMI..ni TITANIC.

    • But seriously speaking leave the president out of this please. mmmh what ever that happens due to your poor mismanagement of funds bushe ninsgi ni sata walenga.  be realistic and bail your poor souls out of this problem. ichibemba chitila uuwa tabula kabepesho. 

  66. Zambia belongs to all the millions of Zambians, not only belong to politicians.
    Zambia belongs to all, and it is wrong for politicians to be selfish and be willing to spend billions of kwacha against just a meagre K400 Million arrears.
    A wise person will weigh the benefits of any action against disadvantages. And any unselfish person will not trumple on the plight of all Zambians to advance his agenda and selfish interest.
    PF is not persueing the agenda and plight of the citizens, but that of their own.
    If you know that to run another election for MPs and cansellors will cost tens of billions you can not only allocate K11 Billion to youths in the nation for the whole year, and yet be willing to facilitate stuations leading to bye elections to spend billions!!

  67. Sata is dreaming on this one in the interest of democracy we will bellout mmd even if I don’t support them. Give us an account # and we will fundraise. Sata you have let the Zambian people down its time for u to go mate. I supported you please old man be wise why do you have to be desperate when you had our full support a preso we were going to give you time but now you have gone too far.

  68. It is the branches that supposedly owes the money. The main body’s fees are up to date. Why not just de -register the branches. The chap who did this would regret being used to settle political scores. This kind of incompetence can not be allowed to continue?

    • Listen to yourself man, get your head fixed, stop clutching straws  this is a political party we talking about not a Private Company Group okay, how in gods name are you going to de-register branches. 

    • MMD Chief Bootlicker you are a joke at the Zambian embassy. No wonder we keep on being bullied by South Africa. When the KZN Govt enacted the stupid law of carrying Japanese imported cars, you did nothing for Zambians & yet the same cars when they have a number plate they are allowed back in SA. They tried to bully Nigerians see how their govt responded. How about banning SA cars on Zambian roads lets see who is going to lose more Zed or SA? MMD never thought Sata would be the one to unseat it from power hence the bitterness goes deeper to the heart. Swallow your pride & acknowledge that RB was a wrong choice to take over from Levy. Had you allowed the principles of democracy to take hold in your party instead of hand picking people you would still be in power. I hope you end up like UNIP

  69. So the MMD Secretariat was fast asleep during all those years as far as this issue is concerned? What happened to the statement “government of laws”?

  70. People should understand Andaleki could not do anything about this issue since he was under pressure from MMD which was the ruling party. MMD knew what their responsibility was and they knew the consequences. Dont blame PF blame the MMD for their inefficiency. Laws have to be followed. What is so special with MMD? George Kunda, Mutati, Nevers Mumba?????? Grow up guys analyse issues Objectively.

  71. Just pay the bill and negotiate your seats back. Maybe a presidential pardon of sorts :) As much as political parties the world over do not sway me I reckon MMD heads knew and have allowed it to happen for some unnecessary Mexican stand off. Where is the membership in this? I am no MMD fan but will donate a tenner if needed. Shame on MMD. Grow up. Pay your bills or ask membership and sponsors for help rather than let things slide at the expense of the people. Current government can help but only as far as not suspending MPs but giving these people 90 days to cough up and stop embarrassing the nation. Shameful behaviour. Give to Caesar and all…

    • Presidential pardon of sorts…hahaha. Sata is a politician he will want a piece of the 53 seats. Politics is a dirty wonderful game

  72. I feel sorry for what has transpired to the party that brought democracy in this country. However, MMD should have realized that at one stage something of this nature was going to happen. A look at the current 53 MPs that MMD has, MMD should have requested the 53 MPs to contribute K 8 million each. This would have arrived to the K400 million outstanding annual returns. I do not think among the MMD MPs anyone of them would have failed to fork out K 8 million. This should have shown that they love their party and are in unity. We need a strong opposition for Christ sake.

  73. where are we going? could this be autocracy, in ma opinion govt will lose more money especially that bye election seemz to be smelling just at your first turn of your head. there are a lot of expenses that will be lost bearing in mind that elections use huge sums of money. That means UPND might only compete at a smaller rating. this pains and brings Qs of concern.

  74. Why is the entire Movement for Mad Dogs complaining about this issue! They should know better that they needed to pay for their existence period. There is totally nothing sinister about this development. The thieves should own up and pay up the money and they will continue to exist simple as that. GK can sale the hammer mills at his farm, Liato and Peter Daka can lend them the money. Besides these chaps live a lavish life and they would definitely pay the money if they are serious to exist! They are just reaping what they had sown! 

  75. MMD Chief Bootlicker

    Listen to yourself man, get your head fixed, stop clutching straws, this is a political party we talking about not a Private Company Group okay, how in gods name are you going to de-register branches. 

  76. imwe ubututu ninshi one party ya chani how many political parties are in zambia, shut up and let the law take its course bakabolala imwe sha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  77. If I do not pay my LAZ or ACCA annual subscription these Professional bodies enacted by the laws of the land act swiftly and de-register me. If a company, any corporate body fails to submit annual returns it either faces stiff fines or risks de-registration or both. I do not think this is a SATA or PF issue, its about impunity of the MMD when it was the party running the affairs of the country. Imagine it was PF not paying the returns and MMD was in power…with RB at the helm. With all those billions these chaps stole they failed to pay society membership fees. De-register it sha!!! it will serve as lesson to the rest including PF!

  78. If I do not pay my LAZ or ACCA annual subscription these Professional bodies enacted by the laws of the land act swiftly and de-register me. If a company, any corporate body fails to submit annual returns it either faces stiff fines or risks de-registration or both. I do not think this is a SATA or PF issue, its about impunity of the MMD when it was the party running the affairs of the country.

    • Be reminded that owing is not a crime. You come to the table to work out the best means of having the debt recovered. Refusing to pay is another issue and as the registrar admitted MMD had approached his office to resolve the issue. Bear in mind that for some time in the period under under consideration it was Sata who was the chief executive of the party. Does this leave him clean? Hardly. It stinks with politicking especially that the seats that PF expected to be overturned by courts are not going according to plan. This is no good news for democracy or good governance as this man had said last week.

  79. were are we headind we dnt want a one party state we have moved from that period ,politics in zambia are full of jokes its time to work not to look at other parties and how to destroy them ………

  80. Please MMD sympathisers where are you today we need your objective input: SENIOR CITIZEN have you misplaced your dictionary today? Oh dear me…kekeke

  81. Well, this is very interesting indeed. Since 1993, this shows incompetence of the Registrar of Societies. The solution is simple and I suggest the two parties involved to agree a fee that may be payable on monthly basis. We need the opposition for checks and balances.  

  82. You have a thug in power who is putting the country on a very dangerous path. I wonder where this country will end up in the next ten years. This is not about the MMD, it is about the principles of democracy. Sata(n) himself was the MMD’s chief executive officer for a long time, why should he hide under the PF shelter.

  83. By rescinding the decision he called off last week, he has declared there is no good governance and democracy in Zambia. Here comes One-Party state – oh how I cry for my mother land. God help us!!!!!!

  84. .
    Sata was MMD Secretary General and he failed to adhere the payments going 20 years ago.

    And of course MMD should have paid the sums in the last few years; knowingly they spent and offloaded all those campaign materials in 2011. It appears MMD started failing to respect the laws when Sata was running MMD and felt comfy all long

    Behind this, is the manifestation of Dictatorship in its purest form, showing how hungry Sata wants to hold the grip?

    The lectures on Socialist Framework that Fred False Prophet Mmembe has been attending at the Cuban Embassy in Lusaka have now started to yield results for him. Sata listen to your cabinet and not Mmembe.


  85. .
    This is exactly what led to the down fall of Zimbabwe. Mugabe became the Cabinet and the Cabinet was Mugabe. The end result was the Western nations squeezing his nuts.

    To those that are celebrating this move, take a back seat and see how the rest of the world will squeeze Zambia to its knees. We are not in the Socialist & Communist decade where the order of the day comes from one person.

    It just appears like Sata is not enjoying his time at the helm. His mind appears so pre-occupied with trivial issues. He is spending too much time analysing “careless whispers


  86. .
    I have spent the last 3 hours reading news-feeds from Dow Jones, Comstock & Bloomberg.
    The consensus from external analyst in USA UK, France and German is very uniform.

    They all have one common denominator about Zambia’s investor confidence, particularly the issuing of Bonds. The theme is that Zambia will fall down faster than Zimbabwe if its leaders are hasty. This simply scares other nations about Zambia

    Some will say, what’s this do with the issuing of Bonds?. Unfortunately, it does matter! Because market forces are driven by Speculation & Confidence. No nation is an island and we must all realise that. And no investor wants to associate him/herself to an unpredictable nation.

    • @ Independent Observer, Whoz to blame and what must be done? Answer this objectively, and not in a narrow manner.


    Yes, blame everyone; Sata, PF, the Registrar, the Street Vendors etc except the MMD another objective contribution!
    Please spare us the red herrings about the economy/ investor confidence and talk about the matter at hand for crying out loud!

  88. I’m not politically aligned but I believe MMD should have just given Ceazer what belonged to Ceazer even if they were the Ceazer of that time. This should be a lesson to all including the PF. You all must pay your debts. Don’t use your ‘advantage’ not to pay. Debts don’t go away on their own.

  89. Typical MMD sympathisers even in opposition they seem not to see any wrongs here; its a cause of see no evil hear no evil, sad state of affairs!!

  90. And the question is!

    Why did this chap Clement Andeleki, go back and forth or rescind the decision last week, if he really respects the Law?

    Was it not because he was being directed by the blowing of the trumpet from Nkwazi Residential House at State House. This carries so much wait for him to execute this decision.

  91. I have heard people question why did MMD leave it so late. But I remember SATA was the chief of the party for a long time. Is he going to take responsibility for the period he led the party? The registrar is definitely out of order. He let the situation get out of hand and decides to take such a step when they are in discussion already. He even goes ahead to declare the 53 seats lost, mmmm!!!! It’s an issue that’s above politics and should concern every Zambian for the well being of Zambia. No one will be safe in one-party system. Besides MMD brought this democracy PF enjoyed last year as well as huge economic strides that the world even the West can only dream of.

  92. LMFAO…..yaba. How do you go that long without paying dues??? Honestly. I guess they figured they would be in power forever? And this is how MMD died! Good for PF now. And as if it can’t guess any worse, chi RB decideds to step down. Bunch of losers, all of them in MMD. This is great news next to Zambian being AFCON champs. Yes.

  93. Umupondo

     Its typical of these greedy chaps they are always in self denial, blame everyone but themselves; so what if Sata was cashier 15 years ago; that’s not an excuse for you not to pay. When my grandma defaults on her Zesco bill they disconnect her no questions.

    Look them, look at their posts, disgraceful contributions from their sympathisers, you chaps should be ashamed of yourselves. You are the same chaps who posts all those intelligent contributions about the economy criticising the ruling party but you are unable to criticise your own  party that’s defaulting.That’s the difference between PF supporters and you chaps in MMD we criticise when our governemnt is doing wrong.  

  94. Yes I expect this to be a Red Herring to the ears of others.

    Zambia is about to issue Bonds on the global markets and the marketplaces are very jittery about the political mood in Zambia.

    This afternoon interested Global World Markets are reflecting on the declaring of 53 Seats offset and what will happen moving forward, thus if the other opposition party being UPND will walk out and lead to an election.


  95. .
    How the hell is Zambia going to convince the global markets to invest in its Sovereign Bond when the political climate is erupting slowly every single week

    Lets all start thinking outside the box. No one is praising MMD for “NOT” paying the fees. MMD was “WRONG” to do so, going back to when Sata was in power.

    Present MMD has to take responsibilities for its actions going by the amounts they spent on campaign material. This happens all the time when people think hyper-emotions. Especially, if one refuses to hear the truth

  96. The “Global World Market” will be more interested in knowing how a Ruling Party defaulted for so long with impunity,those foreigners are more informed then you think, if those 53 MPs are serious about their careers let them contribute K9,245,283 each to save their rotten vile disgusting party. 

  97. Political lunacy! irresponsible public servants leading us on a jig to a bloodbath. A responsible public servant cannot de – register a party with more than 6 million supporters and 53 MPs. A hand behind this risks losing popularity, and the same would be done to it. At inauguration, we were told there would no longer be injustice. But isn’t this injustice – turning 6 million citizens into party – less political beings. Shame!

  98. give them time to pay eg 90 days,beyond this it wil become political.strengthen govt depts not these bootlickers who were so scared to make a decision.new constitution needed to adres issues of separation of powers

  99. @122 Maxwell. So true! It’s sad that these MMD sympathizers always point that chi ‘the hour” finger on Sata and PF for every bad thing that’s happening to MMD now. Look, this was bound to happen. Everything that the MMD did is coming to pass, be it corruption, abuse of office, faking government sales and the list goes on. If it were’nt for Sata and PF winning, I guarantee you, none of this would have happened. They are (MMD) used to sweeping thing under the rug. Yes indeed, the hour has come. The hour to own up to all your misdeeds has come. Freaking pricks! It’s such a shame to read some of these posts here. How the hell do you blame PF on the registrer of societies as an independent body for doing their job? But wait bane…there’s more to come watch this space!

  100. All you MMD sympathisers will always be eunuch$, only when you come out; criticise objectively and give credit where its due will you be truly respected.

    Where is that Senior Citizen and bitter side kick The Engineer (Australia)  which circus jamboree are they on tonite

  101. …oh and yes, this will cost the Zambian people (tax payers) billions if infact, we have to hold by-elections for all 53 parliamentary seats. But who do you blame now…you morons? Huh. Who do you blame? Ofcourse, MMD. They held on to power for 20 years. And for those of you say that, PF was also MMD at one point. Yes, you’re right. But the fact is, the smart ones jumped ship and formed PF nad all other political parties. The ones clinging to MMD should just shut the hell up and figure out how to fix their mess. In retrospective, they shoud start by paying ZNBC, for CHANDA CHIMBA and his dumb tv documentaries discrediting SATA and PF. Ya bija makani…..

  102. .
    The Global Markets are not interested in the party which in NOT in power or what this Registration Society says. That is an internal issue.

    Global Markets “” Information Analyst” from Hedge Funds, Asset Management, Venture Capitalist, Investment Houses are focused on the present government and how its conducts it business and exercise its power.


  103. .
    Thus, if it can be trusted to (shield) “Futures Market Contracts” if the Zambia’s Sovereign Bond is issued. ‘Cause any slight silly rhetoric coming from the leaders in Zambia can send the markets down the wire and result in investors loosing their capital.

    Its as simple as all that……Its attitude of offset thinking that will kill the nation.

  104. What type of opposition party are you, how are your contributions about the economy worth their salt if you can’t even pay your own dues!!!

  105. MMD should’ve have taken heed to the “notices” from Chief Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki instead of ignoring them. Atleast, LIATO would have bailed them out…hahahahaha.
    We await the infamous MMD spokes person’s comment on this matter, the one and only Whorenarable DORA DISEASELIYA.

  106. you remember MMD DURING YOUR TIME, who would speak against you, You made our presidents life miserable by stealing his votes and pretending like all was well, mwaona manje. They say chickens will always come back to roost , so how does it feel to be opposition? mukose bane sana, ni limba nayo baba.


    I have said this before. Chi-Carla we know you and your where abouts. We will send pf cadres in London and burn down all your fleet of fast expensive cars parked outside your ka £3m mansion. Just continue paying the queen of england millions of taxes from your Venture Capitalist Assets and your job at JP Morgan Chase Investment Bank. Iwe Ma-Car-Car

  108. If you ask many people in MMD, they are happy. Many were planning a mutiny on Banda, ask Mutati and Kunda!

  109. It follows therefore that parly cannot conduct any business in the house because they are unable to form a quoram (2/3 majority) i.e if UPND MPs can also resign in support of their collegues. It will be interesting coz we will have a constitutional crisis and the result will be dissolution of parly and then fresh elections, then you guess is as good as mine……….. Good luck zambia!!!

  110. @ 138 CHARACTER ASSSSIN 00

    Well I guess their dreams have come true. Actually even Musokotwane was in on it too. So, RB resigns and MMD falls. Wow…politics at its best. ****This just in- ati MMD is filing an injuction to stop the de-registration. What kind of nonsense is this really? YOU CHAPS FAILED TO PAY YOUR DUES. YOU ARE NOW BEING DEREGISTERED, there’s no complicated math behind that. Pay yor dues b.a. f.i.k.a.l.a. imwe.

  111. The other political parties,PF included, should take a leaf from this and make sure they are well established entities with respect to assets. A blogger suggested bailiffs should have been engaged but what assets does MMD have? What would have been seized? Bicycles that are the subject of investigation, the campaign coach RB used? Anyways, dora was on the news and says they were up to date with their payments. So we’ll follow this keenly. Only the flip side, if PF or UPND had defaulted during MMD’s reign, would the MMD sympathizers have felt the same way? Just a thought.

    UNIP- 20 years in opposition.

    UPND- approx 11 years in opposition
    PF- 10 years in opposition
    MMD- a lil over 6 months!

  112. This is why I love my country — no one can see the bigger picture. Our insatiable appetite for revenge and personal vendettas prevents us from progressing.

    FACT: MMD should have paid their dues, and they supposedly didn’t
    FACT: Bye-elections are expensive, and at this point in time, unnecessary
    FACT: Every government always hunts the previous government

    But who am I fooling, all this clowning around is too entertaining. Even though a good number of us will go home with a sense of pride that some “justice” has been done, it in no way shape or form improves anyone’s lives.

    Play on, my country, dream on. One day we will wake up to reality.

  113. 137# SATA’s SON

    Sorry I don’t do insults.

    It’s the lowest position one can sink to when having a debate. For those that have followed my comments and know me, know that I am not MMD but will support any good programs that any sitting government adheres.

    I am as Independent as its sounds. I have been critical in the past to MMD, UPND & PF. Though too often have sided with MMD & UPND Fiscal Programs as a Zambian who pays taxes in my mother land.


  114. I did come to reach where I am today by luck. I came from humble beginning and just worked hard in life and received my blessing from hard work and innovations

    Frankly, I would rather spend the next 5 minutes creating investment ideas, contributing to the orphanage centres which is something that I am passionate about, than insult you back

    So SATA’s SON, spare yourself some energy and make a difference to Zambia. Don’t misuse you Creativity Power that comes from your mind if you believe that you achieve anything in life.

    So long and Good luck!

  115. we bulanda ulakula we!!!!!! How can a big part like MMD fail to pay a small a mount like this one? musebanya.

  116. @ 138 CHARACTER ASSSSIN 00

    Here is another one with a contribution, so you mean Mutati and Kunda would flash a 20 year old party down the tubes just to rid off one individual in the name on mutinity. c’mon man!!

  117. @Maxwell and the rest, I am supporting MMD here and it is a pity that they did not pay their dues. I hope they can re-organise and pay. What I know is that PF did not win by a landslide and there is still hope for the party. There is alot of confusion happening in Zambia now. And like a few people I do not believe the theory of perceived crimes attributed to the members of MMD. If people have any evidence against the MMD members please take it to the right authorities because you cannot allow so called thieves to mingle with us. I agree that you must be worse than the thief because you are endangering our lives.Go report to law agencies so that we put an end to this thieving story. We are tiredof false accusations. So for now let MMD re-group and sort out this mess. Democracy needs YOU

  118. This reminds me of one proverbs as I’m enjoying a good premium continental lager (more to come) about those MMD thugs;

    “The thief is sorry he is to be hanged, not that he is a thief”

  119. Zed needs a good clean up. Say UPND was in power PF could’ve been dissolved faster than it came, MMD too.
    In UNIP everything was boma silipila, MMD followed suit hence too many unsettled government bills under MMD. Why sympathize with multi mongrel dogs bakabwa! Ever heard of the Labour Party or Democrats in USA failing to honour statutory fees?
    Give PF a break bakabwa!!!!!

  120. Simple, payup your dues. MMD could have payed last week for the sake of the Zambian people. Why why why do bemba bloggers have to constantly curse.

  121. The key statements here are: “The MMD had engaged Hobday Kabwe & Company to help resolve the issue of close to K400 million in outstanding arrears from annual returns.

    Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki, said that Mr Kabwe had requested his office to see how best they could resolve the arrears which have accumulated since 1993”. So tell us Andeleki, if MMD was addressing the matter with you, what has changed for you one Andeleki to risk the peace of this country and its twelve million citizens? Have “they” put the noose around your neck?

  122. RE-thinker

    Stop contradicting yourself by supportting them you are supporting their selfish actions of defaulting.If MMD shared the same sentiments as yours they would have cleared this sum this months ago; do you really think they care about Democracy? MMD leaders only care about their greedy backsides, if they really cared about re-grouping they would have retired Ala Bee first thing and started again but instead wasting valuable time by letting him warm the seat as a docile acting president.

    If at all we have costly by-elections so be it; blame the MMD, what’s happening to my country are we always going to sweep everything under the carpet. What type of generation are will bringing up if we tolerate this and let it slide?

  123. @152, the Andeleki was merely doing his job. It’s too late too little to justify the reason behind the non compliance with the Societies Act on the part of MMD. I quote: Mr. Andeleki says the decision has been taken after several reminders from the time the MMD was in government. The key word here is REMINDER. I don’t know where you are getting your quoted statements from but do you honestly think that dues that haven’t been paid since 1993 will just varnish? And for the record, yes…this could and can happen to any political party or orgaizantion and that includes PF. MMD did not follow through with the societies’ requirements…simple as that. Now, the MMD should have considered the consiquences of their actions all these years. Kapish! Pay up or push out!

  124. Why not just pay? This shows just how greedy MMD elite are, they can’t sacrifice anything for the party. First, it was non payment of office rentals and now this. It is true that the MMD were using public funds, how come they are failing to settle bills if they have funds as a party.

  125. And that is the simplest and most intelligent question. Why not just pay to avoid this embarassment and the obvious implicated cost of byelections? GREED, my brother GREED!

  126. being this late on the blog i would probably say somthing already said…anyhow..legally the registrar is within the law to de-register MMD for non payment of fees…on the other hand in the interest of fair play and level political playing field, GRZ should have worked a payment scheme for MMD…In any case this could be an opportunity for MMD to ignore the debit..rebrand and pay registration and come back stronger…

    • Why? well for starters the registrar would out of the job if he dared asked for his charges, you know very well our vindictive Ala Bee was, have you just crawled out of a fossil rock Miss Daisy??

    • Of course I know.. he couldn’t do anything, but why isn’t he in trouble himself then…I hope PF is paying its dues.. and about the fossil, there is a high possibility there :)

  127. Now you can see how selfish the MMD leaders are! With all that loot in your accounts you can’t mobilise and bail out the cow that has been giving you milk for so long! They are all sitting back waiting for someone else to pay, just like they were all driving past the homeless children everyday and did nothing! It is a shame some bloggers are still sympathetic with such heartless bums.

  128. 2 things to consider;

    we could allow this to go on so that PF blind followers can see where its leading to bty getting there. The country could sink quickly before starting to rise again after people have realised injustice does not pay.

    The alternative is to keep fighting Sata through courts and demonstartions and the country will still sink but slowly. By the time the economy crumbles completely Mr Sata will have completed his 5 years in office.

    the first alternative may
    look stupid, but it is bold andallows the pain to sink quickly…………

  129. By the power vested in me, I give MMD 90 seconds to clear this bill and money they owe to the people of Zambia. They had 20 years to clear the bill, so 90 more seconds is a reasonable amount of extra time.

    Oh, sorry, 90 seconds is over already? De-register the imbeciles and add interest at the current bank lending rates. Laws are there to be adhered to and there are no sacred cows to whom the law does not apply. Zambia is not an animal farm where some animals don’t pay society fees and others do. If MMD never thought they would be out of power and need to pay bills like the rest of us, this episode should be a lesson in the rewards of arrogance

  130. MAXWELL @ 113.5

    Reading Market Data and interpreting News Feeds is part of my job.

    Investment Banks& Brokerage House pay in excess of £15,000 per week just to train you and qualify you to understand Market Data & Market News Feeds.

    Its not an UTTER DISGRACE as you commented on your reply under my thread at @ 113. Its part of the job for Traders and the whole ”algorithm of analysing” Global Markets

    Have you ever wondered why Equity & Derivatives Traders in Investment Banks and Brokerage House have an average of 4 Computer Screens on their desk?

    Partly is to have high-frequency Market Data and Markets News Feeds to help in making right Investment Decisions.

    Again if we debate using emotions – we simply get lost with euphoria.

  131. bane ifya one party state lyashi lyenu ilyo! MMD was bigger than all of us mwalaba shani…dora quote! it was so big is cared less about trivial issues like registrar of societies! today they are deregistered and you are not proud to be zambian! atase, stay whereever the heck you are! viva proceedure, viva!!!

  132. MMD having no money is an understatement. MMD could/can afford to pay, they just chose not to. Again, they figured they’d be in power until Jesus came. Between, RB, LIATO, DORA, LUNGU, just to name a few. You’d think they’d sit down and say…ok guys let us put our selfish ideas aside, come up with a plan to clean our party. You’d think so right? Because they all claim to “love” MMD right? Wrong!!! It’s now clear why they lost in last years’ general elections. They are so divided among themselves and, lest we forget, they are ALL idotic, barbaric, self centered, egostical, money loving, political thieving muthafukaz who will stop at nothing to get rich quick or die trying. MMD- your selfish ways have caught up with you. This is the harvest from the seeds you planted in ’91.

  133. the breez that affects a chicken always come from the bak……the MMD knew that they wer digging there own graves wen they wer buring and planting money..its high time the hour went….infact,this is a very small debt they cud hav simply settled….BUT greed cudn’t permit….shame MMD & u deserv wat u r getting n the worse to come.i pray it does coz i hate u with passions!

  134. This is the most useless debate I have ever read on this site. I can not imagine any sensible Zambian especially those who live in the western world engaging in this debate and supporting MMD. Stop paying for your rent and see if you will last a day in the house in which you are living. If all Zambians irrespective of party affliation could condemn MMD for not paying up, I can assure you MMD will find money tomorrow and pay to save their asses.

  135. i wonder what is next for MMD. is this what nevers mumba wants to get in. i wish him good luck and God’s speed

  136. For God’s sake what are the rules for, even in heaven there are rules to be followed, the reason Lucifer was kicked out. Zambia will never develop if we continue to have laws only to suit certain people and not others. MMD became so big headed to a point of brushing the reminders aside. Let the guy (Clement Andeleki) do his job for the sake of development and don’t threaten him please. The laws of the land should be respected and adhered to no matter what. This issue of blaming the president also isn’t making a lot of sense to me, let the law take its course. This should be a lesson that everybody got to play by the rules.

  137. @ Independent Observer. Why do you hate PF so much, you just don’t give them a chance?
    Don’t you think MMD should have paid the money.

  138. Say what you wish. It’s in black and white…the MMD party has failed to abide by the registrar societies’ rules and regulations. Whether you choose to look at it from a layman’s or an intellectuals’ point of view. Some say the PF government’s behind this. Well, who’s in power? If MMD, UPND or whomever was in power and PF or UNIP or ZRP was found not to have paid their dues, don’t you think the registrar would have taken the same stance on this issue? Come on bloggers, be realistic in your rebuttals. Ofcourse, this MMD blow is a huge advantage to the current government (PF)…can you blame them? NO! So, as much as you want to voice your opinion, this is a lawful and right move by the registrar’s office and is setting a standard moving forward. Case closed!!

  139. Now, whichever way MMD decides to deal with this issue is their own business. Shows you people how little MMD cared for the electorate, because if byelections is the way forward, this will be the biggest tax payer’s waste of money in the history Zambian politics…all thanks to freaking MMD and their selfish ways. Shame, shame, shame. Anyway, RB has a press conference tomorrow regarding his long overdue resignation. Am sure he’ll talk about his parteeeey ‘s current position. Until tomorrow. I rest my case!!!!!!!!!!!!

  140. Leave Sata alone, he has nothing to do with compliance as stated by the registrar of societies. Good suggestions have come out of this exchange of views. Rightly put by someone, the MMD must set up and account for a fund raiser and inform all party members to contribute money so that the party can pay the dues being asked for by the registrar of societies. I am certain many people will respond to the nobble call. We should all forget about this subject and move on to other important matters.


    Still on the subject of greed, I must commend you for having courage to state your professional as most of you chaps in the city seldom introduce your true profession and opt to being called Financial Consultants due to the global mess we are in.
     Frankly I wouldn’t careless whether you were a council bin man or Cleaner provided you and your family were happy and you paid your bills unlike MMD over here.

  142. Mr former Minister, (you know yourself) take your daughter back to Zcas so she can act another porn then use the money to bail your party. Or may be you can exhume what you burried in your kitchen.

  143. ma rabbish! where was this andeleki when mmd was in power? why did this andeleki de-register mmd prior to sept 20? why now? you de-register the party and say we are trying to workout a plan to avoid elections. cibwana cokha-cokha.
    cry my beloved country!



  146. MMD MP’s should throw Kachinga to the dogs for not informing them he hadn’t registered the party!!! WELCOME TO REALITY MMD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  147. In more sensible Countries, A cheaper option could have been taken as the people who will pay for bye elections or General Elewctions will be the Tax payers i.e. you, me and the other fellow.
    For 2012 budget, there is no allocation for 55 bye elections or General Elections which means taking this cash from other areas of the budget. Now since we very well know that the main GRZ budget is emoluments, then it follows that Civil Servants may have a rough year with their pay etc. if this becomes reality. I did not know Zambia was so rich as to “play around” with huge sums of Tax payers money to go to the polls after six months. I though majority of Zambians have issues with access to Toilets; clean water and food. Do you have priorities as a Country??

  148. MMD HAVE BEEN CRYING WOLF, claiming politically motivated prosecutions, IT WAS & REMAINS THE DUTY OF EVERY ELECTORAL CANDIDATE TO ENSURE HE BELONGS TO A LEGALLY RECOGNIZED PARTY!!! IGNORANCE IS NO DEFENCE!!! Lets empty Chimbokaela in readiness to receive the 55 or so MMD MP’s!!!

  149. We told the people that sata was a criminal dictator and that he can’t be trusted with power. 6 months into power this criminal is pressuring judicial officers to nullify duly elected MPs. Now this nonsense of trying to destroy the opposition should be stopped. KK survived 4 military coups because he was destroying the opposition so people resorted to “any means necessary” to challenge his hold on power. Sata is heading in the same direction.


  151. If the king Sata won’t fire that lozi clement Ndaleki tomorrow, then Sata has is the one who directed him to delete MMD.

  152. Shi Mpundu

    So whose to blame then? Tell that to MMD blame them; Dora said they have paid so we wait and see. Only the speaker can nullify those seats!
    In west issues like this wouldn’t even be tolerated, how does one expect to lead the nation, if their house is not in order. 


  154. I heard a little bird in the grapevine singing this morning: ” MMD to Immediately merge with UPND after HH offers to bail them out!!!!!” Mwa ona manje!!

  155. All those supporting this retrogressive move by the Registrar of mental Sickness should have their brains examined.I really wonder which century some of these bloggers live in.What a shame. Instead of encouraging checks and balanced by having a strong opposition, they are encouraging tthis good for nothing government to re-introduce a one party system. I really wonder if some of you are really Zambians.Wake up!

  156. This has the smell of political vendetta! But MMD has some explaining to do too, all those bicycles and buried money on their farms and yet they failed to pay that fee. They have given PF the ammunition. Sata is incapable of acting democratically. He has a demeanor of a dictator and thats a fact that will not change. I weep for mother Zambia. while its easy for most zambians , like myself that live abroad, it is a nightmare for most people on the ground. May God Bless Zambia and may God , in his infinite wisdom bring his wrath on those that cause suffering to the widow and the orphan and to the weak , the poor and the defenseless. These people will have their day of reckoning, i promise you. Hold steadfast, my brothers and sisters. Justice will prevail!

  157. This is a political move. After wining the elections with a minority vote, Pf expected mass resignations of mmd members to pf, which didnt happen. Out of frustration, he has started amputating the political parties. Pf is satas party& will not last.

  158. MMD what a shame.

    You spent millions of Kwacha dressing trees with RB chitenges. But you could not pay up your obligations.

    Come on guys. MMD should not seek public sympathy by playing stupid games.

    We all ought to pay and live up to our desired expectations.

    By elections are expensive, we all know that.

    MMD you ought to be ashamed by not paying your obligation knowing people will lament about the cost of having new elections.

  159. Registra of socities you are 100% corrupt and not honestly.All these yez where have you been, have you been conducting some audits to see who has been remiting the annual returns or not.I for one would not thank you for the move you have taken, there is nothing good in you, you want to please the your masters.On the other hand, all the institutions, clubs, NGOs, political parties etc who register to any legal offices have the duty of obliging to the conditions and one of such is the annual returns. This shud b a big lesson to all the above said offices.Registra of society DONT reverse the move, it be a lesson to the MMD, let MMD go and rest in hell peaceful.

  160. I posted part of the PF constitution before elections. I tried to highlight one or two things of concern but I received a barrage of insults. Personally, I am not surprised at what is happening. Just as a reminder is is part of PF’s Party Constitution…

    The Party shall ensure that all the public institutions, State-owned enterprises and popular mass and similar organizations are led by persons who are members of the Party and who are uncompromisingly committed to achievements of the Party.

    (1) The election of twenty (20) Members of the Central Committee shall be held at the General Conference of the Party.
    (2) Candidates shall indicate to the President of the Party not less than one day before the day of the Conference their intention to stand for the office of the Member of
    the Central Committee.
    (3) (a) The President of the Party shall submit his list of candidates together with the names of other candidates for the office of the Member of Central Committee to the
    National Council for consideration and approval.

  163. AT# 40: should a serial killer who has been caught tried and convicted of everything that he is charged with be let to go scott free just because all the prisons are full and cant not accommodate anymore inmates and that it will cost too much to have him locked up? let them pay for their incompetence. if they had been given ample time to settle the bill even the more reason to have them de-registered. as i recollect this issue has been ongoing for some time now and mmd has sat back thinking that they are untouchable. the position that has been taken is in accordance with the law, so even if you claim it is politically motivated it is still legally backed. remember the mpombo sager, his excellencies motor vehicle sager, mahtani sager, dont be too quick to judge. 

  164. I don’t understand so many people celebrating this move – to me that is immature and basically ignorant of how dangerous this move could be for Zambia.

    No matter what you think of MMD (…and believe me, there are many  things I also do not like about them), or the obvious importance of the rule of law and paying registration fees, the simple truth is that summary de-registration of the country’s leading opposition party is a serious affront to Zambia’s democracy and everyone (PF, MMD, UPND, etc) who stood in line to vote. 

    Above all, we must defend this nation’s democracy first before any party…. and that includes PF supporters who have chosen to jump up and down, basically wetting themselves about this. Better to grow up, accept victory, and govern in a constructive way. 

  165. Something is very seriously wrong with the way some Zambians reason. I mean, because of the stupidity of this man, clearly done at the behest of no other than Zondwe Sata, alf of the August house has to be subjected to bye elections just four months after a general election. No wonder some of us want to secede from this masalamusi!

  166. I havent commented for a while but this looks real bad. Landscape of politics in Zambia has changed. I dont support MMD and its their fault for not paying up but PF should have tread more carefully on this matter. Eish bane Revenge is like a dish Best Served when its cold. 55 MPs wiped out lol

  167. I think Zambian needs an Egyptian model where the military have taken over government to stop lunatics like Sata taking the country down.

  168. Ladies and gents; this action is long overdue. If MMD cannot pay  even after they have received reminders and warnings, the law must take its course. Democracy entails abiding by the laws. MMD is clearly a law breaker and does not deserve any sympathy. Viva Clement Andeleki. These are the people we need running GRZ departments- people who implement the law. 

  169. Sata shares 10 years of failure to make those returns. He now takes out the his 10 years and the other of Katele Kalumba to punish the party that dejected him into political prominence. Well, asks Sikota Wina, he will tell you that revolutions have tendency of swallowing up those who started them. Sata will be swallowed in a bad way and his political career will have a bitter end. Those things that we love to do unto others shall surely be done unto us!

  170. Cobra Strikes…

    New elections, no MMD. The MMD members will have to throw in their lot with the UPND.

    Where will the thieves go?

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