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Tonga Tradition Association castigates UPND

General News Tonga Tradition Association castigates UPND

The Tonga Tradition Association (TTA) has described the opposition UPND as an amateur in it’s handling of the ongoing debate and attempts by the PF government to realign two districts from the Southern Province.

TTA president Dickson Namanza says the UPND has exposed its amateurish way of handling national issues by using youths to champion its cause on important occasions such as the youth day celebrations which the party youths boycotted yesterday in protest.

Mr. Namanza who however says he is against the realignment of the districts as nature is immovable, says the opposition party should not seek to gain political mileage during important national events but show maturity in its approach by realizing that national days are meant at interacting with those in authority on important matters affecting the country.

He says it is difficult to understand the level of thinking that the UPND is exposing itself to and added that the Tonga Tradition Association will never be part to decisions that would end up disadvantaging the youths in the province and completely alienate them from the process of national development.

He adds that he was in support of the statement by Chieftainess Mwenda of Mazabuka who called on the UPND to realize its position in the governance of the country and desist from using youths to champion a cause that has no direct bearing on it as a political party.

But Southern Province UPND Youth Chairman,Francis Hakayobe has advised both chieftainess Mwenda and Mr Namanza to silently seek President Michael Sata’s financial help and leave the UPND alone as it was championing a cause that concerned the people in the region.

Mr. Hakayobe says the party is aware of machinations by the chieftainess to gain state favors as evidenced by her visit to state house last month which reportedly ended into her being transported back to her palace in a state helicopter after promising to incite other chiefs to accept the realignment move.

The youth leader said the people of the Southern Province will not be swayed by hypocritical and selfish leaders with greedy agendas that do not benefit the region and was quick to commend the chiefs led by chief Mukuni and other delegates that attended the stakeholders meeting in Choma,describing them as patriots.



  1. Transported in a helicopter, its like buying sweets for these chiefs. Sata has gone so low to do the same things MMD were doing. I really thought this man will be different from his former party but NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO A leapord does not change its colour. I am sure it is Sata who told the registrar to de-register MMD because he has records as far back as 1991. Why didnt he pay when he was Secretary General of MMD. So Sata is a trickster eh. 10 Commandments my foot! Scared little men, so says KK

  2. This Tonga shi.t is no longer interesting. We have had enough. The latest is de-registration of MMD kicks more asss

  3. are consistuencies being realigned or wat if at all UNPD fears that they they will loose some votes.can someone answer the question.have the tongas made the southern province their territory and not part of zambia.this does not make sense.these guys need a good beating.they are too irritating.

  4. “Nature is unmovable” that level of reasoning should convince every one that with such thinking we are in trouble as a nation.

  5. what ever is happening btwin u two the realigning of the districts is wrong, zambia and its provinces is well ingraved in ppl’s minds and hearts, its a heritage and it must be respected, leave is as u found it.

  6. god gracious the chieftainess transported in a helicopter..amazing what am doing….i thought it was not going to be known.

  7. Dickson Namanza father to Kadija and former Supermarket Manager Mwaiseni Stores. This man talks big and has some sense of wisdom. I think this time he is seeking attention from PF Leadership. he used to be hardliner.

  8. People do not even realise that creating new districts will create jobs because these new districts will not run by cows.

  9. Namanza or namazai, you and that chief mwenda, your poverty is driving you to hell. BE WARNED, when CHANGE comes and it is coming pretty soon, you are in trouble.


  11. Only a chicken cannot learn, but human beings made in the image of God, its amazing that our friends the Tongas can fail to understand things. No wonder you guy, it will take many years to come out of darkness. You told you that Southern and other provinces were demacated by God? It was human beings like sata who did that.Southern province is not ruled by one chief and for you guys to remain in opposition in everything the government does shows how backward you are. Realignment or no realighnment, Southern Province is for all Zambians and the less its developed the better because development to a Tonga is an insult.

  12. Zambia is a republic and every inch of this land belongs to Zambians,provinces are just for administrative purposes and must and should never be possessed by any single tribe but every Zambian regardless.As the population grows the management and administrating of the nation requires periodical streamlining and aligning..district or provincial boundaries are not cast in iron or concrete,even life itself is dynamic,nothing ever remains the same.

  13. UPND is a region party as it Youth chairman has said I qoute “UPND alone as it was championing a cause that concerned the people in the region.” Then you are from ruling this country if you are thinking in the lines of region forget about ruling Zambia. Advise to Tongas if UPND is failing you why can’t you join Magande? He is a vibrant Tonga man. UPND will take Tongas no where near presidency especially with Hech-Hech.

  14. is it realignment of Chiefdoms or the provinces? distribution of funds is not about vilages but provinces. the bigger the province the smaller the amount. please don’t turn chiefs into presidents, respect them and feed them with correct information. if they are chiefs in there respective kingdoms there certainly not chiefs for provinces. all those that went to school understands. bounderis for a province have no bearing whatsoever to a kingdom or chiefdom. correct me if wrong. hence, this is politically motivated.

  15. this tonga atitude is irritating..!!!..these guys r tooo selfish and this disease they carry shud not be allowed to spread to the rest of the country because we wil see war..even if you are a civil servant and you are not tonga then u wil not be accepted in southern province..while we have tonga bulls in high office in eastern,northern,central,luapula e.t.c ..just imagin if all tribes start to bhave like that its 16th centuary thinking!

  16. Maz’akwe Namanza. Let him continue leaking other peoples’ assess for personal gain while his own people are being marginalised and robbed of what belongs to them. What a Tonga of rare dullness and lack of personal pride. These are Tongas who grew up on the copperbelt and say they only speak Bemba and can’t speak Tonga. F%$lish. Mubwa wa muntu.

  17. Jomie just accept that UPND is a regional party inja wena. Ruling Zambia with such mentality NEVER. hh should try and study how MAZOKA managed to have national influence. Ama Ts guys continue with your blind loyalty based on tribe. Plot 1 ,iliko tripatite you need everyone to support u

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