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If my action to de-register MMD is found to be improper, I will resign my position-Andeleki

Headlines If my action to de-register MMD is found to be improper, I...

Chief Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki
Chief Registrar of Societies, Clement Andeleki

CHIEF Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki says his de-registration of the MMD has nothing to do with politics.

Mr Andeleki shot to fame or infamy in the eyes of the MMD when he announced that he had de-registered the former ruling party for failing to meet annual returns amounting to K380 million, an action the opposition party is hotly contesting after obtaining a stay from the High Court.

And MMD acting president Michael Mabenga says the MMD will continue as an opposition party, offering checks and balances to the Patriotic Front government in the hope of bouncing back to power in 2016.

Featuring on Cross Fire Blog Radio monitored on Zambezi Radio in Livingstone yesterday, Mr Andeleki said despite suffering persecution at the hands of the MMD government, his action to de-register the party was purely in the public interest and that he will resign if that is proved to the contrary.

“This action of the MMD in court will give us a better opportunity, especially my office. I have already offered that if my action was improper, like I did at police, I would even quit my position because this is an issue which has gone over and over to the extent that no reasonable person who is paid by the people can accept to continue to serve like that,” he said.

Mr Andeleki said he suffered persecution from the MMD government after giving a permit to an opposition political party while working as officer-in-charge at Matero police station in 2006 to hold a rally at which it was alleged a political leader made defamatory remarks against then President Levy Mwanawasa.
He said despite the persecution, he has no business settling scores with the previous regime as he is a professional civil servant.

Mr Andeleki said he is not a political appointee.

He said though his office has been co-operating with political parties and other organisations, it will not allow its authority to be undermined by impunity.

Mr Andeleki said he is satisfied with other political parties’ compliance with the law governing organisations and that the public is free to visit his office and check their records.

He said he was taken aback by Law Association of Zambia (LAZ) president James Banda’s comment in the press recently that his move to de-register the MMD was excessive and improper.

Mr Andeleki said Mr Banda did not have enough details for him to comment the way he did.

“It quite struck me that the LAZ president could comment like that. The issue is that he did not have sufficient details. Whether you’re a journalist, a lawyer or whatever you’re, it’s very important that you gather your facts correctly so that you do not mislead yourself and the people in the country. He missed a lot of things you know,” Mr Andeleki said.

He said his was a well thought-out action as his office had done what it could to engage the former ruling party over the money it owes the government in returns.

Speaking earlier on the programme, Mr Mabenga said the MMD is looking forward to returning into power in 2016.

Mr Mabenga said the opposition party is now putting its house in order.

“We’re discussing matters, thinking hard on how to see to it that the party continues to raise money for the convention and re-organisation of the party,” he said.

Mr Mabenga said the MMD is still trying to establish what could have led to its defeat in the tripartite elections last year and that people outside the party are free to help it in that regard.

He said the purpose of the undertaking is for the party to draw lessons to help it do well in future elections.

Mr Mabenga urged MMD members to be patient and believe in the party’s ideals.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. If it walks like a chimp, talks like a chimp, looks like a chimp, it must be a chimp! We look forward to Andeleki’s resignation, it’ll be good riddance to bad rubbish. Abash autocratic rule & Psycho Mata, viva democracy.

    • True… Just like,…if it walks like a thief, talks like a thief and looks like a thief, then it must be MMD! We look forward to hearing the deceitful information from MMD.
      Let them provide evidence that they have been complying with the law.

    • Big Pipe uli mbushi…Andeleke show the MMD that they are not above the law. If PF is in arrears let us know & de-register them. If the Bantustan party is also in arrears de-register. We can’t have a law that applies differently to MMD

    • Demented fool, so you’re happy to let MMD get away with not paying; another i.diot abroad …go back to Kachepa 360website where you belong!!

    • Big Pipe you are the man! PFooters/chimps are running scared.  They have no vision for Zambia and just want to politick for the sake of politicking. They are the same thieves who cannot stop corruption and thieving because they introduced them to Zambia.

    • Bi Pipe, You trully the man. the PF sponsored goons above are shameless fools who lack substance. How can you protect Andeleki, a crook? maybe he is their partner in the rubbish pit!

  2. If the MMD can not abide by the laws of the land, do they expect any one to do like wise, that is why big companies dodge paying their taxes and you only hear of it in foreign countries that these guys are playing with their books to get away with it, Just pay the tax now, please.

  3. mr. Andaleki, to start with, your personality is tarnished by the numerous crafty schemes you have done in your life. Any right thinking Individual should have the nation at heart before making such decisions. What was expected of you was to judge before you were paraded. Nway I am not surprised as what to expect from a carder and thats the more reason why we are against appointing carders to senior Gvt positions bcause they use the stormach to think. Can any right thinking human say that it is o.k to spend K160billion to recover K390 million? I rest my case

    • Of course no right person can think the way you think. MMD should not have put us in this predicament to start with. If Zesco cuts power because the tenant owes K1 and the the food in the fridge worth K1000 is destroyed, do you blame Zesco or the tenant? In your logic you argue whether it is logical to spend K1000 to recover K1. In essence you have missed the whole point. In principle, I argue that it is costly to disobey the law. If MMD causes the nation to lose billions of kwacha, the Zambian people should hold them accountable. Ndeleki is doing his job. Let those worried about the aftermath of de-regestration of MMD do theirs. No one is above the law.

    • In addition to what Educator has already mentioned, may I also add one more hint. How much does the state spend using taxpayers money to look after prisoners countrywide? I suppose its billions and would you then argue that it logical to release them since we are again spending even more on them? What Andeleki the law enforce is doing is in my best interest and am sure for many others.

  4. The danger of institutionalizing baloney in the public service by filling them with demented cadres is a clear and present danger to the future of our nascent democracy, its enduring peace and security. Unless corrected now, it’s an implosive development Sata may not handle but adversely consumed.  

  5. #1 Big Pie your comments lack substance.You sound very bitter.The MMD ignored the law of the land and thought they will forever be in power hence there was no need to pay these fees.This is against the law of the land.Even in developed countries I dont think any organisation that fails to pay these fees can be allowed to operate.Be sensible man.If the part in power breaks laws what do you expect of the common man?In my view the Mr Adeleki is right to deregister the MMD.Let the courts prove him wrong not you an individual who possibly does not understand the regualtions governing registration of societies.

  6. Everywhere patriotic Zambians are jestingly disapproving the PF myopia dragging our country to doom and dangerous crisis levels.

    “About 13 local singers have confirmed that they will feature in a 10 minute long track in which they intend to voice out their concerns  against the now  five month rule of President Michael Sata.
    And Saboi Imboela of the former Shatel singing sensation says she is tired of the PF’s politicking and wonders when President Sata will “stop ruling and start governing the country”.

  7. Please can you resign now. You have the potential to land our country in turmoil. Dont wait for the judgement, go now. Why is Sata quiet about you anyway did he send you? You are not even news worthy just trying to put yourself in the limelight.

  8. How can you expect someone calling himself ANDELEKI to be normal. He should just resign regardless. We don’t want him there.

  9. Check his past then understand the cadre ranting lawlessly. In the US this chap would not qualify or be closer to any constitutional office for the many felony cases to his name. The Department of Justice and secret service would not see him adulterate its institutions of statehood with his perjuries.

    • The only cadre ranting lawlessly here is you; what of the MMD Party not paying how do you think they would react to that in the US?

  10. Clement, you have just announced to the world your motive for de-registering the MMD. Your office had 20 years to sort this issue out or bring it to the attention of the Zambian people. If you mean what you say about your Job, then you should have shown the same commitment and pledge to sort this issue out whilst MMD was still in power. You could have saved the tax payers money by de-registering the MMD prior to the general election so the Zambian people could have had an alternative.

  11. Whatever this criminal says he and his grade 7 bosses are adversaries of our hard earned democracy. His decision to deregister the MMD is tantamount to dissolving parliament. Is this clown aware that KK survived 4 military coups because of the dictatorial tendencies that he and his grade 7 boss are trying to bring to Zambia?

    • So, the MMD’s part of not complying with the law is fine? Please suggest better ways of sorting out this issues rather than just sounding bitter here! Lesa wa bonse. You may say what you wish about our current leaders, whether grade 7, 5, or nursery school, they are our leaders nevertheless!

  12. @1 Big Pipe, you are really a bitter people?? Accept it that your MMD is no longer in power. We know that your parents enjoyed the corrupt days of MMD. Let MMD settle the arrears else will be gone. We still have other opposition Parties that can take up the role. VIVA Andeleki?? WabaChita

    • @Sheikh, you al Qaeda operative belong to some Pathetic Fascist country that does not believe in dialogue.  You just go to your Arabic motherland where you believe in chopping each other’s head off for fun.

  13. Is it just me? I sense this clement thinks the courts will be scared of losing him so they should rule in his favor or he quits. Any sensible person should have not accepted interviews now that the matter is before courts. You are not in a position to threaten the courts let alone the country with a resignation. Walk away now and you’ll not be missed. It will be good riddance.

  14. The bigger picture I see here (and after observing Katele’s remarks) is that most political administrations have been breaking the law with impunity with the belief that people will ‘understand’ that it would be disastrous for the security of the country for them to ACTUALLY ABIDE by the law. I have noted how simple the clause governing societies’ registrations and returns is, and I fail to see how we can use ‘DISCRETION’ to excuse anything as simple as ignoring settling statutory financial obligations. If you owe, pay up as agreed…

  15. whether u like it or nt,MMD is nt going to be de-registered.Andeleki,where in ur statutes does it give u power to de-register a political party & why has it taken u 20+ years to come up with such?dnt bring ur frastrations into ur work.dnt bring anarchy into our peace loving Zambia.bottom line is that u errored in ur actions.read the LAZ artical again & follow the advice of elders instead of being 2 overzealous 4 nothing.

  16. good riddance to bad rubbish why did you inform them all these years u decide to make a decision now :-?

  17. when you pay it will show! At the time they were in power they were unable to see this, now its time to clean up MMD and don’t forget that they are in oposition for the first time they never new how it feels to be in oposition so its like a new part.sory guys you new about the law and you accepeted it by making those first payment and stop crying like babies that now it has hardly hit you.

  18. Personally I find the non payment the most alarming part of this matter. Everything else is resolvable with negotiation. Courts will have their say about the registrar but it boggles the mind how much of a non issue this would be if someone had simply written a cheque :) The rest is just politics at worst – responsible members should be questioning their leaders and government of the day can effect a positive outcome to an MMD mess by taking higher moral ground, affording an olive branch. Not that MMD will show any gratitude! I care about the democratic landscape not the politicians on all sides and their egos. Pay up MMD.

  19. Well done! MMD and all Zambians should be taught the truth and justice. As the saying goes, He who does work shall not eat, yes MMD has been shown how law should be and respected. RB has K5 Billion in Mpundu trust, he can rescue the party MMD by paying back the debt. Its the right thing to do.
    Lets face the truth here Zambians, MMD must own up and start respecting laws not their stupid corruption tendercies they thrived upon. Yes let justice prevail, truth teaches knowledge.

    • Iwe ka Kay-hate . . . Thus his money which will take care of his young twin boys. Not like you fool your parents could not kick start your life and its suffering till u hit the bucket! haters . . . .

  20. @ Ponyax law in not there for profit but also for deterent, dont mind the costs. then those singers they are forgetting that PF has more that four years before they can be judged. So hold your peace, dont be just be allowed to be bought by people who have failed to get into leadrship through elections. GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.



  22. i think the mmd should jst organise the k390m besides their court order.as to whether the decision should ve bn made 20yrs ago is irrelevant.andeleki has done it now wrong or rite we can always find a way out of this nonsense.meanwhile wait 4the courts. andeleki is jst figure head,the buck stops at da cobra we need to preserve democracy!

  23. # 7 & 12….Senior citizen you are just a paranoid schizophrenic afraid of your own shadow. Your MMD condoned lawlessness with impunity.
    In your delusional world you confuse democracy with anarchy. Democracy comes with responsibilities, failure to which there are consequences.
    Our young thriving democracy can survive, thrive and flourish without the impunity of the inconsequential MMD.
    Stop your peevish attitude of defending and condoning lawlessness in the name of democracy

  24. Go go forward Mr Andeleki, don’t worry these bakwaba are just desperate. If your action was justified no need to spend sleepless nights thinking of who is persecuting you.
    There’re persecuting themselves.
    Don’t resign yet there is one more party to be de-registered before 2016.

  25. To start with, I am shocked how Zambians can forget the sufferings that the MMD has brought on poor Zambians. MMD I not worth exisiting has a party in anyway if the leadership can’t follow the laws of the land. I don’t see any reason a normal human being would be attacking Mr. Andeleki for doing the right thing. Zambia will never develop for as long as you keep seeing ABNORMAL things NORMAL. All Zambians should have stood by this decision if we really mean well. WHY should MMD be bigger than ZAMBIA? No way!! Let’s think before making comments that will encourage corrupt and selfish people from getting away with everything. If you are a well meaning Zambian, then you should support the move as it is a lesson to everyone who defaults.

  26. In Zambia we see ABNORMAL things NORMAL. And that is the problem. Wrong is wrong regardless who it affects. Do refer to The US or any other country because the follow the law and will never defaults, the reason being that the respect the laws of there country. For the country like Zambia to move forward, the step taken by my Andeleki should be recommended.

  27. I will talk to the dead Osama to come up with a solution.Never be scared zambians,drama always starts with such simple and silly issues like this.What are the causes of WARS? Ask Rwanda,Angola,Congo,Uganda and Nigeria is on the list of top 10.People like this Andeleki are very dangerous threats to human societies.This Andeleki he was once a police officer?? This guy is a criminal!! Open your eyes people,arrest him!!!!…I feel sorry for zambians

  28. Thumbs up Mr Civil Servant! This what we have always been crying for.

    All the hidden schemes against the nation, including double standards and the rot in public offices must come out in the open.

    MMD must pay up to justify its existence. One hopes that one Munshya Elias is also listening.

  29. i truly fell 2 understand why u pipo fell 2 use your heads and support what is right. there u r going on about MMD this Democracy that , well its all in pure black and white MMD did not follow our nations law. N o one is above the law what ever terms u use trying 2 show your education levels on this matter as long u in mmds favour my friend u have a big blank space in your reasoning part of your brain.Big up Mr Clement Andeleki we need pipo like u who are not scared of doing whats right………..

  30. I can see sunshine now. Ameleki stays, PF goes. Fresh General elections. We will feel the pinch now and smile later. Which one is better 5years of PF in hell or 1 year cost of general election in hell. Hahahahahahahahaha. Ice cream.

  31. @big moves bwamba bobe can u let zambians lose 150bn over 300mn?There are alot more avenues left.muleya kusukulu bafikala mwaikalilafye ukwambula ama hiv kumaule yamuli chibuku.

  32. In the first place, you’re not even supposed to be in that position. You have compromised yourself. The most egregious thing is that you don’t even understand the law. You think Sata is the law.

  33. Andeleki big up. You have a job description, your institution has a goal and a mission and a framework to operate in legally and otherwise. Fi ma politics fyabo inside MMD and between them parties. PACRA is not a political party but a public institution! This applies to all registered organisations!

  34. Oh oh, straight from the horse’s mouth: “Mr Andeleki said he suffered persecution from the MMD government after giving a permit to an opposition political party while working as officer-in-charge at Matero police station in 2006 to hold a rally at which it was alleged a political leader made defamatory remarks against then President Levy Mwanawasa”. And the opposition party was PF because it is the only one founded on foul language and we know who defamed Levy daily after 2001. Iwe Andeleki just say you will resign if you fail to achieve what your master instructed you.

    • This fool all he wants is revenge,Am really disappointed with PF Govt they are very much focused on non-developmental issues!!!!!! 

  35. If Mr. Andeleki is able to produce evidence that he made an effort by way of communication to MMD regarding this issue then he will probably be given a benefit of doubt about his action, however if he does not then the questions are: why did he wait untill now? Why did he not deregister the party while it was in power?.What happened to the monies that Sata and Kabimba owed the Lusaka city council? have they paid or it was just a political accusation?

  36. Weldone Mr adeleki, you’re a man of integrity, If there were two of you in Zed this country couldn’t be where it is now. 20yrs of none payement is too long why didn’t you act all this time?

  37. MMD was reminded several times. Why are they arrogantly feigning to be ignorant of the law? Let not politics cloud your view of this matter. MMD is not the only political party in Zambia. I remember seing an article where the Registrar of Societies was reminding MMD and asking them to pay up. Ubupuba pa Zed

  38. The thing Clement looks damn annoying Lozi. I thought it was a more important looking person troubling democracy. This is another reason why people in diaspora don’t want to take jobs in Zambian government. I magine you take over Andelekeni ‘s office, what will one expect to find in his office – 2 black cats.

  39. Andeleki iwe, the previous week you said that MMD had approached you through their lawyers to clarify and resolve the issue and you were game. Nothing could have changed within a few days apart from licking some big boots over the weekend. In your own words you are compromised and a disgrace already, so we accept your resignation immediately.

  40. MMD thieves should have learned a lesson from UNIP, that faced similar cash flow problems after the lost the elections.Transition from Ruling to Opposition party should be flawless if you are not sponging off taxpayers.
     Zambians are just too forgiving, too gullible, too short-sighted, next week you’ll protesting about low civil service pay and high cost of living yet some parties are not paying their dues.  
    How on earth can a party fail to pay K390m when Dora’s son had $200,000 in his personal account and the boy is unemployed, this just shows how greedy and arrogant these bloodsuckers were and you are blindly defending them in the name of democracy.  

  41. So let me get this straight, Zambians here are mad because a civil servant actually did his job? hahahahahahahaha yaba.

  42. Hey people where is this case now? In the courts of law or the courts of media? I want to know the final conclusion. Btw I support the bending of the law if the cost of making things right will be more expensive than turning a blind; that is if no one sustained an injury.

    • Yes and your whole village agrees with you, turn a blind eye headman.
      Well, but we are supposed to be living in civilization.

  43. Hello we knew MMD would appeal. At least mr. Andeleki did what most people don’t do in Zambia WORK! and work well he did lol.

  44. Up you must pay.
    MMD! Or go away.
    Pass the hat, check under the sofas,
    Sell off SUVs and fire some loafers,
    Time to raid the party’s coffers
    And just pay up.

    Why not slaughter and sell the fatted cow?
    Call in your chits for you need cash now
    Why didn’t you pay earlier anyhow??
    But just pay up.

    Stop all the cursing, fighting and suits
    Go back to your money tree and dig up its roots
    A debt is a debt until it’s discharged
    Maybe Rupiah’d be good for 50 large?
    Whatever you do and however you get it
    Come up with the money no matter how you sweat it
    And just pay up!

  45. So he suddenly has some integrity now, when he pretended to be a legal practitioner where was this newly found clean mana image?

    He is a political appointee and he is trying to please his master , Ukwa…..

  46. Finally it’s there in black and white
    For those who profess to read and write
    Our American your rhyming has made my day
    MMD the hour has come to pay :)

    Couldn’t resist it. Love it when a measure of humour works its way in to the blogs…

  47. ” If my action to de-register MMD is found to be improper, I will resign my position-Andeleki ”

    You didn’t hear that under the MMD.

    • Because it will not happen.  Which kaponya has resigned since Sept 2011?  Andeleki is merely politicking.  I will believe it when I see it.

  48. Watch Muvi TV the Assignment Program where Coster Mwansa is interviewing former President and career Diplomat H.E Rupiah Bwezani Banda live.

  49. If we had a 1000 of these guys in Civil Service; things would be getting down in Zambia!! Please keep it UP! 

  50. If we had a 1000 of guys like him in the Civil Service; things would be getting done in Zambia!!
    Please keep it UP sir! 

  51. There is some audacity in Andeleki’s understanding of his position. While non payment of statutory fees may be an offence, channels to collect this revenue do exist. Andeleki never exhosted those channels and dont end up at reminders made reapitedly. Companies and even government itself has lagged behind in paying up Napsa contributions, corporate bodies and other companies have either not remmited tax and other statutory fees for various reasons. These companies have been taken to court and sought agreed payment modes. Imagine GRZ fails to honour retirement benefits to retirees or Napsa for years has led to dissolution of govermnet or company or shutting a learning institution. What powers does andeleki have to create a constition crisis in Zambia by his doings?

  52. Leave Andeleke alone. He is doing his work so perfectly well. Zambia’ resources are not for MMD. We have so many political parties and among them one will emerge second largest party to provide checks and balances to PF. MMD should not come back again because they are crooks

  53. gentlemen and ladies, lets respect the law , annania and saphira in the bible in regardless of what they did, they did not obey the law they died immediately after cheating. Should we condone lawlessness in the name of democracy no, let us have a clean democracy, if MMD can’t afford to pay for their existance let them stop existing. If a maketear pays for selling her menchandise at the market should MMD continue operating without paying. VIVA big man law is law, weather MMD or not let pipo respect the law. its a rule of law not not by which party is the biggest or smallest. Imfact if PF if they haven’t paid too deregister them, any one, let the books defend you. No ileagal business in Zambia. imfact i equate them to smugglers, they were invading tax, coz they thot that they were special.

  54. Ba MMD niba kabolala bali twibila sana!!! Foget about 2016 even if you change your skin or your party name to DMM you re a dead party.

  55. One party state is what we want.it was good to read that call-boys on copperbelt are making women in short minis book taxis. 

  56. Andeleke has no moral reason to even think of resigning. THIS ***** MUST BE FIRED IN DISGRACE. A future Govt will probe as to what extent he interacted with MR. UKWA AND MR. BIN (Guy Scott) to sow seeds of anarchy in this country. The future probs will cover all Cadres that have been recuited by PF in total desregard on the roles of the relevant Boards and Civil Service Directory.

  57. @Chi Senior citizone U ve finally found yo dictionary! MMD are supposed to pay up the K390 miliion divided by 53 MPs will give u abt K7.9 million no MMD MP worth his salt can fail to produce this amount. 2 Senior citizone stop showing us yo ignorance by trying to cite US system; coz there system does not tolerate waffling. They have Ethics committee thats why we have cases of Senators trying to aspire for Presidency being denied coz they cheated on the wife. Now what of MMd’s case of failling to make returns for 20 yrs. U dimwit get a life ciwa!

  58. What the MMD should have said when this lunatic asked for money is to deduct from $8.5 million of Kafupi’s money the govt. is still holding. No need for daylight porno from the crazy MMD women. As a growing democracy, I hope the PF are making their contributions because this issue will revisit them when they’re out of office. It is simple physics, what goes up must come down. You can’t defy the laws of gravity.What is mind-boggling is how the former ruling party cannot pay such a small sum after being in power for over 20 years. A simple business transaction has turned into a national travesty or drama for luck of a better word.

  59. Eishh,wazambia kweli ni nchi ya wenye ujinga mwingi,uchafu mwingi,ulevi na uvivu na pia siasa duni sana za kuchimbana kasumba.Kwanini wanatumia ujanja wa kuandikisha vyama kama lengo la kisiasa?Kweli afadhali vile familia yangu waliondoka kutoka kwa hii nchi ya chini,chini zaidi isiyo na mwelekeo ama utu.Mungu asante sana kwa kunileta hapa paradiso.

  60. Leave Andeleki alone,he is just being a civil servant,if MMD is allowed to get away with non payment of statutory obligations what will stop PF or any other party from doing the same,lets learn to correct mistakes when we see them regardless.MMD is just a club like any other  club and must not be seen to encourage lawlessness.

  61. GBM can easily bail you out. You remember FRA saga when he over K2.5 bn in cash FRA, lawyer and bailiff. He clearly stated that, that was his petty cash handled by his junior accountant.

  62. The chief reg. of societies in Zed is a former policeman…interesting…what is his educational background? Any ideas people??

    • A man of integrity would know the consequences of his actions, you de-register a strong and power political party like MMD, trust me he’ll be remembered for one thing only. “the man that ignited the flame of the one party nation inferno” not a man of integrity.

  63. Some people don’t know how to think, is this Registrar Andeleki is a new director in new government or he has had that job even under MMD?
    If MMD was in power could he have De-registered the ruling party? That why the LAZ are saying that the man over-acted to impress the PF.
    He should not resign, but hang himself.

  64. Mr Andeleki, if you mentioned anything to do with parliament or if you had a press conference to deregister MMD for whatever reasons, YOU MUST RESIGN on Tuesday. Your office deals with Societies and not members. You have no reason for anouncing that you have deregistered an association otherwise it is political regardless of what you say. STEP DOWN bwana!!!! You were trying to do your job and rightly so, but your hidden agenda of settling scores intefered.

  65. MMD, just pay you don’t waist time and accuse Andeleki,pay.Go and borrow money from Liayato if you don’t have

  66. I would like to meet Mr Andeleki someday and find out about his heritage. He seems to know what he is doing. If the due process of the Act that supports him was followed to the letter; then we await to see a brave judge to support him.!! The likes of judge Mwanamwambwa.

  67. If there is anyone in Zambia now who still believes Sata has a clue about governance that will emancipate Zambia from the political and economic woes that bedevil us, they deverse to have their head tested for wanton stupidity. Ours is a classic case of a drank being behind the steering wheel, with all the crazy provincial/district realignments, endess tribally bigoted appointments, careless deregistration of parties etc, doom is the only definition of our destination.

  68. If you commit a crime, you must face the law. Why should people defend lawlessness in the name of democracy? There is no persecution here. It is high time Zambians started seeing wrong things as wrong things! In the same vein, all leaders regardless of what position they may have held, if they are found wanting, let them face the law. We need to show all that crime does not pay.

  69. JOJO Do, Andeleki despite being a policeman he studied law. He is a qualified lawyer whether you like him or not. He is doing his job.Just advise MMD to pay pure!

    • Thanks Kwacheranji…i dont know the man hence i neither like or hate him…he is a lawyer who should have enlarged the pie to get to a better solution…am sure MMD has property worthy way over 500million…etc!

  70. Bravo Andeleki for through your actions we can smell freedom on the Horizon. I am sure UKWA and his henchmen can’t decode this.

  71. you would do us a big favour by resigning now you fool.typical  of a cheap crook trying to please the boss. how do you just wake and de register a big organisation like MMD without exhausting all channels. its not like they refused to pay you *****..   

    • you talking truth bro……resign cause at the end of the day its either you resign or zambia falls into a downward spiral. We’d rather have you and your bwana leave!

  72. Its a well known fact Andeleki that your move was politically inclined, this only shows the level at which democracy is being threatened in this country. What a sad development. Andeleki, tell the nation about your being bundled in cells with SATA and GuyScott at the hands of late HE Mwanawasa, your political background and the unprofessional manner you got a job at NIPA.

    They surely is a better way of handling issues, Andeleki – Relax

  73. Who appointed this man is the big question. This man is on record of not be honest at all, records are there and they speak for themselves. One wonders what is happening in this country. He once posed as a lawyer before his time to practice. The powers be find such a person suitable for such a high civil service position. No wonder this PF govt is on record saying those in diaspora remain there since uneducated cadres will run the country.

  74. When I read this story I thought This ANELEKI was some old politician or something then looking at the picture I recognise this guy from UNZA.he was a dodgy character This whole circus is not worth losing sleep over especially one created by this guy.No wonder MS siliya described himas some undisciplined chap

  75. adele wateva his name, my question to you, is pf (poor finishing) upto date with the payments?
    If not, we shall deal wth u….watch the news!

  76. Zambia is full of Dull people and intelligent people. But most patrons of the internet are from the Dull clique. FACT: MMD must simply face the reality. If they paid then they will go scot free. But if they evaded paying then they should face the music.

    Anyone arguing is dull.

  77. What is in Andeleki’s mouth?  Is it a bitter pill that he cannot swallow? LOL!  Just asking!!!  This weirdo looks, well, weird.

  78. MMD leadership , should just organise themselves and pay this money in installments . MMD has 50 MP , you mean these guys can fail to raise money and pay . This is showing us how leaders in MMD are selfish.

  79. With a tiny bit of respect, I must say that this Andeleki hustler has had a spectacular career – from a Matero station cop to a Registrar of Societies.  Is it that the Registrar job requires so little that somebody so lowly can rise to this station or is it that he is very talented?  Knowing that Matero is a kaponya stronghold, I am not surprised that he is a Pathetic Fascist.

  80. At the end of the day, MMD JUST NEED TO PAY UP. PERIOD! WHETHER BLUE OR RED, THEY MUST PAY!!!! They are just daring the nation to see what people will say if they are de-registered due to their non-conformity. ZAMBIA is BIGGER than mmd!!! 

  81. The power to nullify Parliamentary seats is vested in the High Court and on appeal in the Supreme court. Andeleki de-registered MMD and then purported to nullify the MMD Parliamentary seats. This was a serious illegality and no one on this blog should be supporting this kind of illegality and its implications regardless of whatever political Party you support. Zambia’s problem is that we lack neutral observers. A nation which lacks neutrality can not make objective decisions.

  82. People on ART’S cant lead or make sane decisions.Its like asking a person in coma whether he needs a drip or not!laughable!Andeleki is clearly a case in example.He speaks imbroigrio’s and how did he land that post?Did nt the chief justice know this information when the party was fielding a presidential candidate and mp’s?We seem to be in sitation where danderheads are running most offices in Lusaka.De-register the mmd and then the people should demand a general election.Enough is enough!The people of Zambia are being taken for a ride.What did the C.J verify as being in order before the elections in september?If it was in Nigeria the army would be preparing for one of their take overs,reason: the civilians have failed.God forbid.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  83. i wonder y Austin dint dig out a few backs from underground to save the party before it went this far…


  85. If you are law abiding, then you must be all the time. If the job description directs you to perform in a particular manner, just do it to stay employed otherwise quit. If the MMD has not fully met the obligation of being paid up to continue operating as a party, they must not cry over spilt milk. Someone in the MMD is to blame for not making the party be compliant to the expectations of being registered. Just move on with life guys, get over it, raise funds, and pay up to be registered. Who doesn’t get it?

  86. Viva Andeleki.pliz de register all political parties that are operating outside the law.zambia needs revenue.ki ki ki ki ki

  87. Hi to every one, the contents present at this web page are actually awesome for people knowledge, well, keep up the nice work fellows.

Comments are closed.

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