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Fuel, petroleum products shortage looms

Economy Fuel, petroleum products shortage looms

Indeni Oil Refinery in Ndola

ZAMBIA faces a crippling shortage of fuel and other petroleum products as Indeni Petroleum Refinery has run out of crude oil feed stock and was yesterday expected to shut down operations.

Red tape seems to be at the centre of this potentially destructive disruption in the supply of the economy’s lifeblood as the ship carrying the cargo is just ‘idling’ at Dar es Salaam port awaiting clearance to offload its precious cargo.

The shutdown of the country’s only oil refinery has been attributed to inadequate stock feed from Tazama pipeline, which supplies the crude from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to the plant in Ndola.

Inside sources said in Ndola yesterday that the feed stock has run out and the refinery plant has since Friday failed to produce fuel.

“We have run out of the crude oil feed stock and we are today (yesterday) expected to shut down the plant until we start receiving the crude oil feed stock from Tanzania,” one source said.

Indeni managing director Maybin Noole said Indeni does not want to alarm the nation over the running out of crude oil feed stock and the main shutdown of operations.

“Yes, we are shutting down the plant but can I also know the source of the information before I give you other information. Let us follow procedure, by you first sending me a press query,” Mr Noole said.

He said the refinery is a sensitive plant and any shortage of crude oil feed stock should be handled carefully.

It is feared that the country may experience a shortage of fuel during the time that Indeni is unable to receive the crude oil feed stock.

The source said the ship laden with the crude oil for Zambia docked in Dar es Salaam last week, but a letter of credit to allow the off-loading and pumping of the feed stock into Tazama pipeline is not yet ready.

Start-up of the machinery at Indeni takes a full week before resuming production

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. Theoretically speaking one would assume there is a contingency plan :) Seems the oil industry the world over always finds a way to hit consumers. If it is an administrative problem then a solution is available. Someone pull a finger out.

  2. The first thing Cobby did when he took office was to abolish the fuel levy (meant for strategic reserves). I recall some minister even saying the levy was irrelevant? Sit back and enjoy the ride, fellow voters.

  3. And they insulted previous GRZ during shortages. I remember seeing pics of ba Sata on a line for petrol parading as a suffering and concerned leader who would never allow such a crisis to happen under his watch. Now then what shall we say? Barely Six months in, what shall we expect after two years – liquidation of government? Keep on with reshuffles and attempted de-registration of parties to divert public attention from noticing the mismanagement and supersonic speed of economic decline of beloved Zambia, let alone the “90-day” salvation promises. SHAME!!!!!

  4. Fuel will be available to all PF cadres as like we are giving them jobs in govt. So join PF our great party if you want things to be fine for you and your family

  5. We expect better from the Government of HEMCS. Has he failed to use his friend at FB? For all I know, our crude had been financed by PTA bank and I sincerely hope that the departure of BOZ Governor from the bank has not affected our ability to obtain funding for our crude. Leading a country is not easy and am sure HEMCS has realized. I must say, on the economic front, he has failed lamentably. He needs help to manage this economy and sadly, his ministers aren’t demonstrating capabilities but have continued to behave as though they are in opposition. Shame!

  6. PF leaders thought motorists can easily drive on their urine full of alcohl especially from drunkards like ka dokota Katema and chi EDGAR lUNGU. bAKOLWE NAFILWA UKUTEKA APA PENE, AMAFI YABO BOONSE.

  7. Maybe we are getting back to UNIP days of shortages and queques. Where is Mr. Kabimba’s report? My country is in real trouble. Ba opposition what are you doing about getting ready for 2016? The ground gets fertile day in day out with the PF Government blunders for you to gear for campaigns. 2016 is not far. Come 2016 again you will split the votes because each party want to have a president in state house. I am getting more convinced we will not have 50 plus1 in our constitution because this will definetly knock our Mr. Sata. Watch this space as the new constitution unfolds. He has failed to deliver and cannot make it in the 50 plus 1 clause. UPND please assume a national character

  8. So what was the IMF telling us last week? Looks like in their analysis they forgot that RB was replaced last year. I would rather listen to the Fitch rating, there is definitely something wrong with the IMF report.

  9. When they won elections the first thing that donchi kubeba did was to instill fear in those that make decisions for these matters, including fuel. Ask Evans Chibiliti and others whether they are able to continue making the bold but necessary decisions that they made in the previous government. Or are we already paying the price of appointing party cadres to sensitive positions? What say ye bwana vice president Gy Scott?

  10. Am assuring all of you that there will be no fuel shortages. The author did not make a proper research. Thankyou.

  11. Most contributions here seem to be focused on the president. How do draw such conclusions. Its all political in our country . What a shame. Micheal chilufya sata was elected by the people of zaambia. Its when you agree with the principals of democracy then you will argue with less bitterness.their was a commission of inquiry into fuel. What were the findings or contributions of the so called know it all, the writers included. Why is the price of fuel expensive in zambia.was that not a genuine question for the suffering zambians.be objective and get over the fact that the presido is sata and will be for the next 5 years.sata is not the solution to zambia . We are. Obama said yes we can. He did not say, yes I can . Let’s not sit in china or uk and feel we are wiser

    • Just a reminder in case your memory has not helped. Ba Sata was in the fore front condemning RB for things RB was not responsible for. He did exactly what you are saying people are doing here. Worse, there were insults and lies from PF. I’m not partisan but it’s said if play by the sword you will die by the sword. Enjoy the taste of your medicine.

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