Staq (Daliso Emmanuel Chinkoyo)  is one of the founding members of ‘Z-qlip’ which consists of (Staq, Flippse and Macadosis). Born on 12th May of 1992 in Chingola and moving to Kitwe at age 6 then to Ndola at 9 before finally moving and settling in New Zealand at 13 years of age.

Z-qlip was formed after long time family friends Staq & Flippse (Chansa Mulenga) were trying to get into the studio with Macadosis (Tabani Ng’andu) who was at the time teaming up with Recommended Dosage. After many months of hold backs, Staq presented the idea and chorus of a ‘Press it up Remix’ to Flippse who loved the idea immediately and had a verse down within a few minutes. Escalating this further to Macadosis who also seemed to enjoy it made available some studio time with One Mic records and Press it up was born. He seems to be the most silent of the group, hobbing some brilliant ideas in his head. Rapping the quickest in the group, it provides a very nice blend of finished product with the rest of the group.

Kapa187:What was the thing that made you become serious about making music.

Staq: Music makes me happy, and to be able to make my own that others can relate to enjoy is something I want. Simply for the love of it.

Kapa187: Living in New Zealand do you keep up with zambian music . Who are your favorite zambian artists.

Staq: Oh definitely, YouTube has become my best friend so I’m constantly updating myself with what’s going on. Um, Flex Ville is one I listen to most of the time, some T-Sean, Slap Dee, Nox

Kapa187: Describe your style in three words?

Staq: Fast/untouchable/thrilling

Kapa187: What makes you stand out from other upcoming artists.

Staq: First and foremost I put the Lord first in all things I do, secondly, I  easily adapt to any style or genre, thirdly, I have learnt to make music that fans appreciate. In addition, working together with the members of Z-Qlip has proven that among us one persons weakness is the others strength, that is one of the reasons Z-Qlip has been successful. We strongly believe team work leads to success.

Kapa187: Which zambian and international artists would you love to collaborate with.

Staq: I would like to work anyone willing to get into contact with me and make some good music that also relates to our everyday people, also with Flex Ville, and possibly Nox

Kapa187: Are you working on an album .

Staq: An album is plausible, although with the likes of University and other things, I have not focused myself entirely into crafting a full album. There’s a few projects on the sideline though

Kapa187: Tell us about your song “Press it up”

Staq: Flippse ,aka Chansa Mulenga , and I were just chilling skipping through instrumentals with no intentions of making a track, shortly, the press it up instrumental played and Flippse’s attention was hooked to it in an instant, slowly started rocking to it, to a point he could no longer sit and suggested we make a track. Strangely, both Flippse and I had the same rhythm of how we wanted the hook to sound. I presented my idea and chorus of a ‘Press it up Remix’ to Flippse who loved the idea immediately and had a verse down within a few minutes. Escalating this further to Macdosis who also seemed to enjoy it and made available a studio session with One Mic records and Press it up was born. The idea behind ‘press it up remix’ is simply to show the world how crazy/exciting/entertaining Zambia gets.

Kapa187: What is your ultimate goal in your music career.

Staq: To be able to touch as many people through out the entire word. In New Zealand, almost all cultures have atleast 1 Zambian song in their playlist, and I have heard a few in the clubs aswel. I want to spread that even further, show the world the Zambian style.

Kapa187:What inspires your music.
Staq: The Lord God Almighty for giving me the brains to do it and simply for the Love for music, for the fun atmosphere that’s around when making it.

Kapa187: Any last words for your fans
Staq: All I can say is you about to see the unseen man, Z-Qlip ama sabala-sabala, we are bringing sounds of a mpembela nsokele, hold tight and watch this space. Zambian music is yet to go big, sky is the limit man, last word: stay in School. Love Y’all, Staq


Press It Up Rmx (Tafyumfwa) – Flippse & Macdosis & Staq (Live)

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