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50% plus 1 mandate can be achieved without the expense of an election re-run-HH

Headlines 50% plus 1 mandate can be achieved without the expense of...

United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema
United Party for National Development (UPND) president Hakainde Hichilema

United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema has suggested that the country considers having the 50% plus 1 clause in the new constitution that will not demand for an election re-run.

Mr. Hichilema has said instead the 50% plus 1 clause should only have a provision that will provide for the establishment of a coalition government in an event that no party manages to secure the majority votes.

The opposition leader adds that the coalition government in this particular case would have to be formed by the top two leading parties in an election. Mr. Hichilema notes that having such a provision in the constitution will help avoid costs that would arise from an election re-run.

Mr. Hichilema says Zambia should learn from countries such as the United Kingdom and Australia which he says have adopted a similar system. He has since called for a speedy, cost effective and all-inclusive constitution making process.


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  1. Ok, for the first time something sensible has come out of our own Under 5. This is a good suggestion and I must hand it to you HH. Awesome suggestion. Most countries in Europe have this model and why can’t we surely adopt it. I think the winner takes all model can longer work in Zambia and we need to recognize that and work together as a team. And the poaching of low level members from other parties to serve in cabinet will surely end.

    HH, what you are suggesting will ensure that things balance out and people have to remember that KK’s success was based on balancing portfolios and if what HH is suggesting give us that, I support it 110%

    • “…. has said instead the 50% plus 1 clause should only have a provision that will provide for the establishment of a coalition government in an event that no party manages to secure the majority votes”

      Totally disagree, this is a real recipe for disaster … first past the post is the only way to go, the above is a set of useless machination that would allow cluster minority groups to rule at the expense of a clear majority. HH, you know I supported your first run but at the moment I cannot support this notion, it is ill-conceived and would not serve the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise well.

  2. Besides reruns can be acrimonious and costly. And not only that but also a waste of productive time. The only danger with this suggestion is that there is a possibility of having unscheduled elections if the parties have to agree to form a coalition government, but knowing the animal greedy nature in the heart of a Zambian politician, this is definitely unlikely. Coalitions will work and government will be inclusive and we can save a lot of money in the process.

    There are few if not zero countries in African that have had re-runs successfully. Our neighbours to the south can serve us some lesson in that

  3. Bootlicker I dont know how old you are but what I tell you is that by the time KK left office Zambia was in terrible state. The man had outlived his usefullnes at plot one. Those Tata buses, those shortages of comodities, those, NIEC managers…and what he did to Kebby Musokotwane at UNZA carrying that little coffin. KK had his own shortcoming too.

  4. Some of these are textbook approaches which shouldnt just be picked on. We know very well that the political landscapes of the cited nations are very different from ours and just adopting what they do there hoping it works here may just be another step out of scope. HH is still bitter over the loss and for now let him ask ba mudala ba Chisanga to run the party!

  5. No, no no no no no NOOOOOOOO!! Thats not democracy. This guy is realising that if this was the situation, he would be in government. They failed to work with PF while outside government, always fighting. What would happen if two parties with opposed idealogies get in to government. The country will suuffer at the suabbles of these greedy politicians. And for the sake of democracy and its development in Zambia, the suggestion by HH is not good at all and I take it (I believe many others too) with a pinch of salt

  6. I dont support this for the simple fact that coalition government can never work in Africa because of greed and petty jealous by the so called leaders. Zimbabwe is a case in point. In Africa its winner take all. Zambians 4get so easily…isnt this the same HH who was unable to work with Sata in their failed Pact? Same leaders who cannot agree on how to celebrate Youth Day (just one day in a year) can agree to form a government? i dont think so.

    • Well said bwana, we need not add anything. Suggestion may be good, but practically impossible when the educated feel superior to the uneducated. When the young feel superior than the old. Too little too late for me.

  7. President sata has Lambasted those that asked him sensitive questions here in bots yesternight at ZAmbian house.He says like all refugees they have more questions than answers.He says he was the first Zambian expatriate and worked in England not bots.

    Given lubinda added salt on injury by likening the chairman for zambians in bots to a pickock which when proud shows its ugleist part.
    The chairman for zambians earleir on catigated the government over by standers and the sitiuation at kazungula border post which he says looks like an accident scene.He also mocked the governement that he will collect money from zambians donating to a project to paint a number of ugly looking buildings in Lusaka.The whole meeting was chaotic as nothing tangible came out of it.It was embarrasing.

    • Authenticity of this statement is difficult; remember when the minister of commerce was misquoted by the Zambian watchdog? He was only saved by the uploading of the whole session; so i do no think Sata can be that bitter to say what you have said.

    • Right, that’s what he said! He also said Zambians in the diaspora think they’re better than Zambians back home. The meeting was a total waste of time with none of the issues raised being addressed by the President who turned it into a comedy show – not a funny one though.

    • I saw you Zambian id!ots in Botswana celebrating when PF won last Sept.  Now u know why some of us cried bitterly for having this kaponya in Sata House.

    • Sata’s meeting with Zambians in Botswana was a total disaster and showed how he lacks the tenets of statesmanship. In the first place, the whole things was a total kaponya arrangement with several protocol breaches. Of course we knew he had no such qualities but we all thought he would change after being President. He not only insulted the Zambians, but also the host. He opened a school in a village called Mogoditshane and he dares say “St.Mary’s in Lusaka is better than this school i came to open here”. How can all the Zambians go to Zambia and where are the jobs if there are a lot of unemployed people in Zambia. Most of us left filling cheated of the presidency, really. If we abroad have misunderstood him, maybe you people back home have understood him?????

    • I was very upset,am a zambian living in Bots for more than 10 yrs.Here is a so called chairman who is not known by fellow zambians.Breaching all protocols;castigating a legitimate pres and govt.And you are blaming the president for what he did?Useless questions asked by you guys and you want president to allow such non sense as changing regulations because someone sister does not meet zambian training requirements/standards?Muli fiwele wele.Given was rite,who says we want to contribute money to paint zambia.That chairman of yours must be disciplined and I condemn him in strogest term!He cant even intoroduce the pre entourage.He must stop ukupeepa genkem.We serious parents who were looking forward to a meeting that would shed lite on our plans a w think of mother zambia.Thank you.

  8. HH, your idea is good but i wih to modify by suggesting that it should not be the two leading parties to form Govt but the leading party and any other that would add up the results to 50% +1.That way we will enhance democracy because strong opposition is important in a democracy and your suggestion would automatically weaken multiparty democracy if it is taken as suggested.Please bloggers let us debate this suggestion with seriousness it deserves.As PF carders who are not in a mood to think and analyse issues at the moment,dont just insult but offer counter suggestions because that is what democracy is all about.You may trush for now because it come from the person you hate only two realise later that it was avery viable suggestion if it was taken then.

  9. wembifi we thats when you have realised that you can’t win on your on.tepapa zayamba kusila ndalama.right now you could have been the vice president.pabwato in power uchili ulelila five years telelo.stingyness+ubututu+pompusness+tribalism +bantunstan= ZERO in politics badala. even 50 + 1 we don’t need it us in pf.

  10. HH should secede the UPND presidency to Mweetwa. He simply has lost the support of many tolerant people with his tantrums & impolite language. His latest proposal, which is a recipe for political squabbling & in-fighting, must be promptly ignored with contempt & disdain.

  11. This can’t work in Zambia let me just say in Africa. You should have cite a country in Africa not ku ba sungu. Go to Zimbabwe where is a coalition government

  12. Hahahahaha, it is quite amazing when people deny that HH is the most desperate politician in history. A re run between the front runners is a better way of achieving 50 + 1. UPND has conceded that it cannot win an election nor come in second place. Right now the numbers in parliament look good for the PF especially that many MMD members are ready to crack deals.

  13. Zambians in Bots you did a good job to deal with these pretenders in Govt. How i wish we could do the same here in Zambia so that these chaps can start working.

  14. MMD Chief Bootlicker- I challenge you to defend how a coalition government is better than a rerun except on cost!

  15. # 4 and 5 gentlemen u think big.Thats practically impossible for two parties with different idiologies to work together.Infact UPND members said it for themselves b4 last elections.Now what hs changed?

  16. @ Pulamasaka- If you call that intelligence that I do not know what isn’t. A re run is expensive but it is cheaper than the poor, negotiated and half baked decisions a coalition government would despatch. That said, I respect you as a blogger, I just disagree on the intelligence of a coalition.

  17. HH, this is Africa. Imagine UKWA came first and you came second. Would you form a good working government? No!!!!!

    We need the 50+1 and the re-runs. They may be costly at first but its what would work for us. 

  18. I think HH is finally recovering from the hangover of defeat. Such sensible suggestions from opposition political leaders are welcome so that we the electorate engage in debate hoping for a favorable and informed outcome. Coalition govts work if the sole purpose of the politicians in respective political parties is to genuinely serve the people. Unfortunately, politics in this country and other African countries for that matter has been turned into a vocation (profession), a means for survival. A paradigm shift in the philosophy of our politicians is needed in order to breed a new order of magnanimous, eloquent but diligent, and humble politicians whose sole purpose is to see meaningful improvement in the lives of those they lead will then a coalition govt work. Abash GREED.

  19. A coalition Gov is a good suggestion but i don’t think it would work in Zed,i parties can fail to stay in a pact then what can make a coalition successful,hh you made coalitions with a number of political parties but you broke out becoz you thought you can do without them,almost inherited mmd unfortunately it never worked now what has changed & you claimed that you are principled but what is being shown is the opposite.are that desperate to lead the mass or you are now having second thoughts about yourself and your party.just be patient your time will come if its God’s will.Lord have mercy for our land.

  20. I thought the 50+1 mandate is suppossed to apply only to presidential elections. A party can have a majority of parliamentary seats while its presidential candidate can fall short of 50+1 mandate. How can a call for a coalition government arise?

  21. This under 5 has changed again! Last year he was advocating for 50% plus 1 now has seen that it is NOT possible for him to be president alone he wants coalition government WHY? Why sudden change of mind? He knows that after MMD de-registration he will second and make coalition government with PF. 50% plus 1 is a good idea. coalition governments wont work in Africa e.g. in Zimbabwe and Kenya what do you see and hear? confusion there.

    I thought the era of dull people who though that greatness sat in the belly of one individual is long gone. But, wow looks like people like you are alive and kicking, if you don’t understand the term group think and collaboration, then I my explanation will be futile. As the bible says, there is always safety in the multitude of counsel and if you can’t get that, then you don’t need help from me my friend.

    #3 I was not praising KK’s record, though it is yet to be beaten. I was praising his ability to unite Zambians and that is his greatest achievement and no one can take that away from him. That is what I was talking about. Not his economic record. That record is held by MMD. Inherited empty coffers and left $2.8billion. Let PF beat that.

    • Do not mistake me for a PF supporter. The New Deal MMD really put Zambia on a genuine path to development. I support the latter part of your comment because it is every citizen’s obligation to challenge the PF to beat MMD’s record. We cannot judge the PF in a very short period of time however. Next time, do not quote the bible to tailor your quote maliciously, that’s sinister.

  23. This is a very good suggestion and alternative to the expensive run-offs. But looking at the Zambian political parties, especially the so-called big ones; which ones can work together? I can understand the MPs, but the guys on top and their cadres??? I doubt it. Worth a shot, though. Good suggestion, HH.

  24. @ The Man- Finally, I have heard a sensible point today. The 50 + 1 actually is very common in a parliamentary system such as that in the UK, where he who has the majority of seats is the Prime Minister. The US has dodged this by applying the electoral college system that guarantees 50 + 1. A coalition government here can only prevail when the winning president is allowed to select a party with whom he pleases to go into governance with. I think Mr. Hichilema missed the distinction.

  25. Zambia is not ready for either models. The current model works and should not be changed. Anybody who has done resesrch on elections all over the world knows. The bull has no sense and will never be president and he knows.

  26. …i wonder de thinking, wont coalition gvt be xpensive…? havin 2 heads of states, i shada with de kind of attitude our plotical paties hv. it will be a waste money n time coz they wil be aguments only, the all knowing pipo hv seen in zis opposition parties… maybe if we reduce political parties to two. picking de main two 2 compete not dat rubbish, coalitions they never work in africa

  27. What is HH talking about? This time he should have been in a swivel chair as vice-president. Is he looking for faults? Whaaao

  28. @MMD Chief Boot Licker- It is clear that you have failed to answer my questions. If you claim to be so intelligent, why can’t you answer a question from someone you deem as dull? How one can tell that someone has nothing to offer is when they are asked a question with less than a 100 characters and they respond with over 200. If you smart, you would know that the only time a coalition government comes into play is when you have a parliamentary system of governance ie Prime Minister and not President. Where there is a president, there is a re run! Research!

  29. Much as brother HH’s suggestion is a good one, our democracy is its infancy with many unprincipled players. His suggestion will be doable 50 yrs from now, by then, things will have improved greatly. Thanks HH. 

  30. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha UNDER 5 you are double tongued. Why do you want to form Government through back door? You refused to partner the PF and now you want Coalition government? Never never never shall this happen. Just campaign hard alone. No sweet without sweat. Now you have seen how hard it is in the opposition and no LIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL.

  31. Thoz of you against this suggestion by HH dont you know that in a re run there lobbying of support from other parties.Why cant you see that there is a thin line between what HH is saying and re run, the only difference being cost incurred in a re run.Do you think thoz parties that will be lobbied will do so without conditions especially that you will need them come next elections.Why dont you people think economically instead of worsting time and money on re runs when it would be done quicker and cheaply in a coalition.HH’ suggestion needs serious consideration for all who support 50%+1.

  32. That sounds good. That is good suggestion Mr HH. So if that was in our constitution PF and MMD would have formed a coalition gvt tefyo………………….

  33. PF carders why has your party which won elections appointed opposition MPs,isnt because you do not have numbers in parliament to add up and balance your cabinet.Dont be hypocritical by rejecting what you are already doing through the back door.

  34. HH knows he cannot win an election and the best for him is to try and get involved through coalition government,that is if he manages to come out number 2 among the presidential candidates.Where was he when people were submitting what should be included in the constitution?This suggestion may be good but too late ba HH.

  35. #34 what HH said is that any of the two leading parties should be allowed to form a coalition and not that the two parties should combine and form a coaltion.In other words any of the two parties should negotiate with other parties that can add up 50%+1 and form Govt.

  36. HH is now irrelevant to our politics. Where did he see collisions work well in Africa. Kenya and Zimbabwe are currently trying it and it is not just working. Under HH UPND can forget ever getting into power. All his ideas are baseless. Imagine wht would happen to Zambia if he got to power. God knows that is why he can’t give hime that chance.

  37. The 50 plus percent is a good idea. But reality has it that from past elections results where HH has participated, he only comes out number 4, 5, or 6 . I mean has never been a real threat to anyone in Zambia either to Levy, Banda or Indeed Sata. In terms of percentage he gets lower than 20 % so mukamba chani wa HH. Leave politics to politcians just go back and run your companies ba bwana Hakaivotela. ELIAS CHIPIMO is our future president, as usual you HH cant see it.

  38. Am disappointed at the Zambian saying ‘good suggestion HH’. This is by far the most selfish statement I have heard from him yet. Why can’t any of you people argue against the fact that a Presidential system has never allowed a coalition? Mention one country that has president as the head of state that has a coalition government. All of them are headed by Prime Ministers!

  39. For me a PF – MMD coalition can work…. a UPND-MMD coalition…maybe! a PF-UPND coalition ni spark…but its the only way UPND can be in govt, through a coalition…otherwise its a good idea young Ukwa!

  40. Oredi we have a ‘PF-MMD coalition’…. we had an MMD-PF coalition b4 september 2011, so lets legalise it!

  41. # 30 Character Assassin. Your assertion that coalition govt only works with type of govt you mention does not hold absolute truth. The method suggested by HH louded by MMD Chief Bootlicker is absolutely spot on. I fail to see how any sane Zambian person has difficulties in analysing this simple but profound suggestion. Examples exist where coalition govts are/have worked like UK, Kenya etc. Yes difficulties will be there but look at resourses involved and an a nation to exist with diversity views but focused on national development. Re run of elections are extremely expensive(Donor days are gone) and time wasting at the expense of much needed development to poor people. @30 if un able to see sense in this, think and review 2 given examples of govts and will see validity in HH and @24.

    • Please carry out a well informed research. The UK is headed by MPs, even David Cameron is an MP, there is no president. Kenya is led by a ‘unity government’ and not a coalition government.

  42. MMD Chief Boot Licker- Scared now huh? Not so smart huh? Answer the questions, everybody’s watching, we want to hear your defense? Do you even know what a coalition government is? Do you even know the difference between a president and a prime minister? Show that you are not as ignorant as you claim I am!!! Yeah, that’s right, you got nothing!

  43. @ Muna Dekhane- 45- You are wrong. A coalition government is possible in the UK because the UK is a parliamentarian state headed by the prime minister who has more MPs in the house of commons. In Kenya, there is no governance system that allows a coalition that one in Kenya and Zimbabwe is called “A UNITY GOVERNMENT” used after wars!!! Get your facts and argue, do not claim sanity when you cannot give evidence! Name a country with a president as head of state that has a coalition government, am waiting!

  44. Selfish indeed. HH knows that MMD has been deregistered and there by assuming UPND shall be the biggest opposition. Alas things can change. HH must be able to put in laws that can benefit the country or his party atleast not laws and rules that can favour him. HH can not fool any body.

  45. Sata donates K50 million to some secondary school in Botswana. Amazing, when the only girls secondary school in Luapula province built by the last govt has failed to open due to lack of furnishing to open. Impress Tswanas ! what a joke. Botswana has better school infrustructures than Zambia miles away. Hulla baloo sentments dont work with Tswanas. Again as said few days ago PF govt and cohort Registra of societies do not have the capacity to de-register MMD. Sata has capitulated openly when put under pressure to comment on the issue. Sata claims GRZ never de- registered MMD, it was Andeleki who did it. Deception is virture to Mr Sata. Eventually Andeleki will be hanged dry and Sata will begin another hulla baloo news event. To his funs he is developing the country, man of action.

  46. Sata’s meeting in Botswana was a total disaster and showed how he lacks the tenets of statesmanship. Of course we knew he had no such qualities but we all thought he would change after being President. He not only insulted the Zambians, but also the host. Every country in the world has its citizens working abroad. How can all the Zambians go to Zambia and where are the jobs if there are a lot of unemployed people in Zambia. Most of us left filling cheated of the presidency, really. If we abroad have misunderstood him, maybe you people back home have??????

  47. To late baba. The pact failed you would have been in government.
    Remember Democracy does not come cheaply. Hence a need for a re-run if one is short of 50+1 because the one accepted by the majority should rule in line with Democratic rights. But is Zambia ready?

    • Forget your tribal inclinations, HH’s sugestion is the best that anyone has proposed on improving our democracy. Effectively, President Mwanawasa and Pres. Sata have used the same proposition when they included opposition members into their cabinets. HH is saying the two top parties should form the Government he came third so he is not thinking of UPND. Let us acknowlege good ideas and not kill them. Honestly, a re-run is not a better option to HH’s proposition

  48. @Muna Dekhane- The registrarr does have the mandate to de- register a political party. However, applying the law selectively indicates lack of credibility of the society and in court, as long as you lose credibility, your case is practically thrown out. I think De- registering MMD must have been done when they were in power so to show the legitimacy. Anyhow, that said, I do not see anything wrong with Sata goving $ 10, 000 to a Botswana school. Let’s not be hypocrites, Obama donates to Zambia when his his citizens are out of jobs. It’s a matter of materiality. Sata’s ecnomic policies so far, in my opinion, are a mixture of milk and Urine!

  49. uyu mwana kupena how many pacts has he formed that has worked? he started with (upnd–fdd,) (upnd-unip) (,upnd -pf,) ( upnd.app ) (upnd-mmd) ( and now the coalition govt.) baba just accept that you have failed to stand on your you want some were to lean on.you are not a politician you are a let down .

  50. Forget your tribal inclinations, HH’s sugestion is the best that anyone has proposed on improving our democracy. Effectively, President Mwanawasa and Pres. Sata have used the same proposition when they included opposition members into their cabinets. HH is saying the two top parties should form the Government he came third so he is not thinking of UPND. Let us acknowlege good ideas and not kill them. Honestly, a re-run is not a better option to HH’s proposition

    • Firstly, I would like to state that HH is an excellent candidate. However, a coalition government never applies where there is a president as head of state unless where there is a prime minister. Including opposition members is different from coalition because ministers recruited from opposition are told to accept the job and follow the mandate, or deny it go.

  51. Hakaivote Humwine wants to be in government through the back door! No ways U5, just work harder and get 50%+1 on your own!

  52. # 46 Character Assassin 00. Political governance systems in the world vary from country to country and other factors come into play. However, a Coalition govt is a cabinet of parlimentary govt in which more than one parties cooperate with main reason that a single party on its own can not achieve a majority in parliament. As said other factors determine this arrangement such as to stamp or mark political legitimacy or hold a sense of collective identiy and avoid political strife. In this instance with a political complex management would be worked out to fit our circumstances. Perhaps to refer to it as a coalition based on a time scale in the period of governance in the country.

  53. Other models to copy from do exist such as Semi-presidential or parliamentary system that may not mirror typical British or american system but serve their countries effectively tailored to focus on good governance, rule of law, accountability and transparency. these arrangements are by far better than a ‘Onemanupstatemanship’.

    • Muna, perhaps reason with me on this one, I still believe that the most effective governance system is can be a le model used in the US. That could be quite sectarian but if votes weighed more in Lsk, I really think even HH could stand a realistic chance at presidency.

  54. #54 Muna Dekhane- Governance systems vary from country to country alright. Firstly, I will state that a coalition government is the most effective means of constructive criticism. However, in our set up, a coalition government in parliament will mean that the president has more powers both in parliament and in the executive. But that said, your most recent comment is well thought out and is food for thought!

  55. He must be your chairman-not chairman of zambians.He is a discgrace.I dont even think he lives with his family here.He look like he has a brief case company in Bots.

  56. why do people always think of a system in place ,create your own system and try to manage it,all those who are challenging mmd bootlicker do not think outside the box,but you are copycats,zambia cannot/will not develop with copycats mind,let us be innovative and creative rather than copying uk,kenya.lets create our own system and down the line some countries will copy from us.genius pipo always think outside the copy system like bill gates,late steve JOBS,zungaburg.do u know that we have 3 suns and over 1200 planets.thats the mind i want us to be at.lets think of why we are a poor country and how we can end the poverty circle of which our children will be proud of us,we need to leave a good legacy.KK did alot for zed ,he is human and not perfect but his achievements are yet to be beaten.

  57. Let us not throw out this idea, it is good. A coalition is not the same as a pact. A pact happens BEFORE the elections, while a coalition happens AFTER the elections. This means the partners keep their manifesto intact, and respect each other because they know they need each other.

    I wonder what some of the PF cadres are saying. Sata did not come into power via a landslide; he only managed 43 per cent of the vote! What would have happened if the constitution had the 50 + 1 provision and there was a rerun? Chances are that some parties would have sided with the MMD and made it impossible for Sata to win…

  58. Let’s give a chance to MCS to fulfill just this one promise for a change, seeing that he has broken all others. When he campaigned he promised 50%+1, and so 50%+1 it shall be.

  59. This under five what is wrong with him? H.E. MCS would see nothing wrong with 50%+1, what is the big deal if he doesn’t mind 53 bye-elections?

  60. I a career loser politician, I am only making this suggestion because I forsee that I will never ever win an election in Zambia by simple majority. I am also happy to hoodwink some pseudo-intellectuals on this forum who may give my lost career the slightest glimmer of hope.

    I will keep dreaming, day and night.

  61. The day Sata will conceed that he is leading this country no where is the day he will get help outside his PF. Look at his ministers and policy statements they have made in the past 1. Lubinda we do not need those in Diaspora2. Kabwili – Chinese marry our children 3. Sampa – Tongas marry Bembas to rule 4. Kambwili – Medics – 100% on your way 5. Shamenda – 4% only civil servants 6. the boss – Civil Servants agree to this or you will be fired 7. Boss – BA forget it won’t work you are on a weaker side with no solders 8. the list go on and on…

  62. No sir! HH, this is a foolish and poorly thoughout suggestion. Just let democracy govern. If you want a job, just call Sata and apologise for walkong oput of the Pact. But the minute you start temparing with the results of elections, democracy goes by the roof!

  63. Trying to find his way in to goverment. You will neever be presidnet. I have been urging my fellow Tongas that we look for anew leader in UPND and not HH> as things stand, He will never be president.

    shame on him

  64. HH – offside
    coalition government simply means convenience – we dont need to do things out of that. why did the pact break. and what will stop the coalition from breaking. let there be the winner for whatever cost. HH pliz withdraw yo statement which is just showing yo decline and desperation for power coz now u know u maybe second next elections. kikikikiki

  65. marriage of convenience – ask morgan changirai and robert mugabe or even raila odinga and mwai kibaki. (do they like it)
    HH withdraw yo statement

  66. We have complained of minority presido. The 50 + 1 is meant to have a president who has more than half of the voters on his side. Hakainde did not manage uda pack. Failed again with upnd and pf pact. Differences in government would be more pronounced.

  67. HH as started Flip Floping, Mwana  these re ZED politics, last time he was against the idea  but now he is for the idea what as change within 8 months, People re saying even UPND will be in power after 10yeaars in opposition  like PF. Which is the oldest party between PF and UPND this shows UPND is goin doldrums. It is like coppering a Father to son.

  68. This can work, a coalition can be formed between a bigger party and a smaller party with say only 2 to 4 mps in parliament. Each leading party can notiate with the smaller party to get their support to form gov. The 2 leading parties should not be allowed to form a coalition though. Inorder to safeguard democracy. But knowing zed this would incite violence because the other party would claim to be the legit gov n all hell breaks loose with all the caponya attitudes in zed

  69. This under-five is a chancer and he thinks this scheme can work well for him as time is running out on his side. The so-called top Party should choose whom to go into coalition with. You dont force a marriage of convinience – NO. In that way the top party would not have clash of interest if it chooses the second best after elections. So boss you cannot say top 2 it cant work. If anything a re-run is just fine if we can mobilise resources for the exercise. Also MPs should not just resign to join the ruling party its more costly than voting in the first place.

  70. good point #4&5.
    thats the only reason he’s saying this coz he can never be in govt. He refused to accept what pf (which am sure he accepts is the bigger party to upnd) wanted. He’s repeating exactly what things should have been like under the pact but just in a different tone

  71. I really wonder at the level of intelligence of those that say “HH would have been vice president”. When are we going to understand that these positions are not rewards? President, Vice-President, Minister etc are positions of service. Zambia would gain little from having HH deputise Sata. Right now there is more value in having HH and UPND as opposition member providing checks and balances to the Sata and PF.
    UPND, MMD, NAREP etc have their own respective ideologies, principles, values that should be contained in their respective manifestos. How would HH, as leader of his party with its manifesto, deputise Sata with his PF Manifesto? Would he not have the same level of ‘success’ as Ben Mwila? or Nevers Mumba’s former party?

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