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Upcoming zambian rapper Lil Nick AKA Pacman


Nicholas Mabika , AKA Lil Nick AKA Pacman , hailing from Jesmondene Lusaka is a white Zambian rapper who has been through much criticism in his life on becoming the 1st successful white rapper in zambia but has said he is planning on only big things to put zed hip hop on the map. His words ” LSK has some of the sickest rappers ive heard in my life and its about time they got there music out there because they deserve it“.

The young rapper was first discovered by the man himself C.R.I.$.I.$ after featuring in his music video for play on at the age of 13. But a couple years later he found himself working with the artists in So Good Entertainment after being discovered at “Cypher” during his “legendary battle with the So’ Good Artist K.R.Y.T.I.C.  lil Nick is currently in a college in Loughborough studying Music Technology with his aspiration to open his own professional studio.


Video for his latest single “I Know”


 “me on your track… priority ,you on the track…. minority , and im so fly that your sky looks like the floor to me”  he raps in the song .

He may face a lot of criticism because of the color of his skin , but there is no denying that he his very talented . He brings some originality to the Zambian rap scene with his good delivery and witty rhymes . There is no limit to how far he can go , both locally and internationally .

Being Zambian is more than just the colour of your skin.

By Kapa187

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  1. Just how many ‘up and coming’ musicians do we have in Zambia? Seems like the epitaph for the country as a whole ‘up and coming’ but never actually arrived!

  2. the beat for the song sounds a bit off . anyway good lyrics he has potential. 
    i remember seeing him in C.R.I.S.I.S music video

  3. How can we discriminate him because of his skin? Thats pretty archaic if I may say, when you are good you are good, no doubt about that! Lets wait and see what he still has to deliver. Good rapper

  4. Not bad…be more thuggy, do something about you hair…pony tail, bold…etc, brand yourself youngman…you say you r bad and chikali then show it on the outside…you are a small frame man and so try to pump up your size by shaping your outlook…if people ever question your skin color they are only exposing their foolishness…dont let it bring you down…you have great potential…do something about separating your beat and vocals…your beats are clouding your vocals..poor correlation…not your fault-the producer’s…well done thus far to you and your team…you want branding…talk to me…find me and i will sort u out you out nicely!

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