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Excessive drinking and involvement with Russian girls is what makes Zambian students a target of violence- Government

Headlines Excessive drinking and involvement with Russian girls is what makes Zambian students...

Education Minister John Phiri

Government has attributed the excessive drinking and involvement with Russian girls by Zambian students in Russia as a cause for the battering of Zambian students in that country.

Minister of Education, Science and Technology, John Phiri said the Zambian students have taken the bad drinking culture to that country which is causing them to fight even among themselves.

Dr Phiri has however ruled out any hate related crime by the Russians on the Zambians saying that no Russian was involved in the beating of the three Zambian students.

He said the three Zambian students were battered in St. Petersburg Russia by some foreign students who were working as part time guards at a certain bar in the city after picking a quarrel.

He said four perpetrators have since been arrested adding that the Zambian mission in Russia is waiting for Zambian students who are still in hospital to be discharged or be out of danger before it can take legal action against them.

The Minister described the incident as uncalled especially that the Mission in Russia undertakes orientation programmes on the students including on security.

Dr Phiri said this in a ministerial statement in Parliament on the status of the Zambian students who were battered in St. Petersburg, Russian and updates of riots at Chizongwe Technical High School in Chipata and Chiwala High School in Ndola.

He stated that Zambia has greatly benefited from the cultural exchange with Russian through the awarding of scholarship which now stands at 100 students yearly from about 30 in 60s.

He added that there are currently over 475 Zambian students in Russia 87 alone in St. Petersburg while several others are also studying on self sponsorship.

The three Zambian students who were battered in Russian are Christone and Christopher Bwanga who sustained broken jaws, and Leonard Kawanda who sustained deep cuts on the head and are in hospital.

Meanwhile the Minister has disclosed that the cost of damages pupils from Chizongwe Technical High School in Eastern Province inflicted on the neighbouring Anoya Boys High is K121 million.

Dr Phiri said government will surcharge all the students at the school for the damage to school infrastructure and 19 vehicles which they damaged when they rioted last week.

He said government condemns such acts and blamed it on lack of supervision on the part of teachers who failed to detect the students during planning and walking about 8 Kilometers to go and demolish another school.

He said the ministry will do its own investigations and to see whether there was negligence on the part of administration adding that if proven government will also take action on certain teachers at the school.

Dr Phiri said the decision to close the school was also taken in the interest to safeguard the lives of the students who were at threats from fellow students at Anoya Zulu and residents of surrounding compounds after they took the action.

And the Minister said government will also surcharge pupils from Chiwala High School in Ndola who run amok after the school experienced water problems for five days last week.

He said the pupils went ahead to riot even after school management had assured them of rectifying the problem.

He said government is currently accessing the cost of the damages to surcharge the students.

Dr. Phiri has however advised pupils to use established channels of communications in airing their grievance than resorting to riots.

He said government will soon establish a student’s council where it will be encouraging pupils to dialogue with relevant authority in resolving contentious issues.



  1. its  not  very  true!!! ma  speaking  frome  experience!! i  have  been  victimise  several  time   not  becoz  of  drinking , nor involvement  with Russian  women! once i  was  moving  from   1  capus  to the  other  when i was  slapped  for  no reason  , its  was  in  the  afternoon!i could  not  react coz  foreighers have  almost  no  rights  in  Russia!!

    • THIS MINISTER IS REALLY EXHIBITING IGNORANCE – Drinking alcohol is NOT A CRIME, as long as you don’t infringe on others!! MEN ‘s ATTRACTION TO WOMEN IS NEITHER A CRIME TOO – NOTHING THAT THESE MEN DID INDICATES THEY HARMED OR RAPED RUSSIAN WOMEN!!! Minister you need to learn what it means to hold office & represent the people that have put you in office, THEY NEVER ELECTED YOU TO BLAME THEM FOR THINGS THAT ARE LEGALLY PERFECT!!!!

  2. I cant see any link between Russian girls and clobbering of the students in this poorly written report. Mr Phiri, u need to be reminded that RACISM is REAL and ALIVE!!!!

  3. As a training teacher,I think pupils should be educated on the importance of conservation of materials. We are a third-world country and cannot afford to damage anything if we are to develop.

  4. Oh what fresh hell is this? Russia produces Vodka and arguably the most sensual, virginal women outside of Benin. Rape and pillage the land, fellow Zambians, the Minister envies your youth!!

    *dashes off to fix a cup of tea and watch highlights of Benfica Vs Chelsea game*

  5. Can this John Phiri tell me which students on earth are not involved with local girls and do not drink? Student life is actually like that everywhere. Drinking and having Russian girlfriends should not warrant being battered. If it was assualt, push and make noise so that the perpetrators are brought to book. If our students were wrong, then they should face the consequences as well. Our politicians always want to seek the easy way out, our embassies are completely spineless and useless. All they do is to bootlick the current government even when they are far.

  6. Yes the Minister is right. I have seen a lot of violence of Africans on Africans even in UK. There is sense of disliking each other among the blacks. By the way baLT its baLT its Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Education and not the way you have put it. Anyway cant blame you much since the sentence is just too long for most people. LOL. Even the font on headed paper has even become smaller to accommodate this sentence. Basically all this is education – why not just call it Ministry of Education. Anyway its PF and its endless madness. I end here!

  7. Ala amaule yaku Russia aya are notoriously known for confusing every manhood world wide. Poor Zambian boys…

  8. Citing drinking as an excuse for near death of the Zambian students in Russia is a lame approach to the real issue of racially motivated crime.
    How do you explain other criminal attacks by Russians on Zambians who are not in clubs?
    On the other hand, Its true that Russian girls are loose and love being bonked by Zambians and this causes frictions and the resulting racially motivated hate criminal attacks on Zambians
    Let the Zambians missions do more to protect our own people even outside our Zambian borders.

  9. This is fckn lie i lived in Russia and the scenario is different from what the dull minister is saying. there is a high level of racism in Russia. Being in relationship is a human fundamental. it is true i did a lot of Russian girls but so what. Do we kill the foreigners that do Zambian women no. what a government can not even support the Zambians,

  10. This Minister chipunga……… Some Zambian men are married to Russian women. The men wanna clobber us cos their women Love us and for other reasons God knows what. Racism Is Alive!!!! They just concealing it!!!!

  11. MR JOHN PHIRI is the best minister of education that Zambia can have? Honestly? Even if we knew standards would fall but I never imagined they would fall to this level. But that’s what Zambians preferred to have. The rubbish in power says a lot about the population that voted for the rubbish. You can’t have a government that stands infront of the world to condemn victims of violence saying it is their fault. The role of govt is to protect its citizens, not siding with the nations or societies violating its citizens. I’m shocked that an entire minister can stand in parliament and give a statement like this and parliarment lso just sits there without raising a concern. I have absolutely no words what Zambia has come to.

  12. The minister is right. Zambian students and many more in diaspora drink so much that they usually have no sense of judgement. When they have white girl friends they think that they’re better than others. they only come to their senses when their short lived love come to an end and they start looking for black girls.

    • i feel for your pain coz you’re taking it personal..you are just not a man enough,pipo like you are so weak in life…lol

    • Iwe, whether someone has poor judgement or not its government’s duty to protect them! You’re talking personal things about girls…the point is if somebody carries a Zambian passport, it’s Zambia’s responsibility to protect that person. The government charted a plane to retrieve Zambians that had been trapped in Libya’s war last year….did they say you made poor judgement to be working in Libya? That’s the kind of responsiveness we need to see from the people eating our hard earned taxes!

  13. now they want us to say no legal action is going to be taken wat soever cause the case has been dropped due to the fact that the Zambian government could not pay medical fees, why dint they put that in the report?????

  14. The Ministers statement does not help matters. It is true that there is racism in Russia and it is not only Zambian students whp have fallen victim. So, it is simplistic that it is because Zambian students are drinking and going for Russian women, in any case there is nothign wrong with that. But, students also need to be aware of the circumstances of the countries hey go to study in. If it is true that there is high level of racism in Russia, it is dangerous for any student to adopt a careless lifestyle of excessive drinking and hooking up women from those bars, you are inviting trouble. Get a decent Russian girl friend, go to decent places with her, cafes, restaunrants otherwise drink in campus and you will keep your limbs!!!!

  15. John Phiri, you are a rat and a fink. Even misbehaving Zambians are more courteous, respectful, and responsible than any African-hating bouncers. Some people become bouncers because they can beat up people without recourse.

  16. I smell a contradiction here. This after rampant reports of racism amongst the Russians THEMSELVES before we even look at how they treat other races outside of their borders??? It is always convenient to simplify matters where drink and women are concerned but remember this is the 21st Century where you cannot afford to miss out the factors that actually propel such tragic incidents. If we flash back to the poor student who was murdered right there in Russia, was it also a result of drink and women??? We need proper research and sober speeches.

  17. Maybe in this case it was not xenophobia but in many cases African students in Russia are beaten on the basis of race, not on the basis of beer and “bottom power” ala. Be fair ba minister unless you have been misquoted

  18. The Zambian government never comes to the aid or support their own.Its rather disappointing.Having said that Zambian men should really cut down on drinking both in Zambia and abroad.Its just not becoming.

  19. This minister is a clueless imbecile. I think he is trying to appease the Russians. I have not been to Russia but for one thing the Russians drink more than Zambians so he mustn’t make it look as if we are chakolwas too much saying we have taken our drinking habits to Russia, they are not exactly saints themselves. As for the women he is talking more nonsense! As others have mentioned above it is a norm for students to indulge! Moreover has he seen the students taking women?? He is talking crap! Russia is well known for racism and its poor human rights record. To be poor is a problem mwe we cant even stand up for ourselves.

  20. Nobody has got the right to beat up Zambians or anybody for that matter whether they were drunk and sleeping with Russian women. Nobody period! So Mr Minister the law is very clear here you just need to do the right thing

    • I agree with you totally…Nobody has a right beat ,maim or even kill Zambians. It’s high time government respecting it’s citizens..We need some diginity!!

  21. Once again Ukwa’s government insults the Zambian people! While there is no doubt some truth that alcohol and girls were behind the brutal assaults (where aren’t alcohol and girls a cause of fights?), it would be better if GRZ did not blame the Zambian students so harshly and at lest made SOME gesture of coming to their defense.

    As for the rioting students, why is Mr. Phiri surprised that assurances by the school’s management “of rectifying the problem” were not taken more seriously? Since Day-1 this government has undermined its own credibility with constant flip-flops and failure to follow through on basic promises. Before long, it will be the Zambian people who are rioting for more jobs and money in their pockets regardless of any so-called assurances “this is being rectified”.

  22. Poverty is terrible. Yuur people are beaten in Russia and you defend the Russians. We will never develop us a country. If it was a Brit, an American or even a South African it could have been a diffrent story.

  23. Iwe Phiri just by looking at your mouth one can tell that you are lying. You are just sacrificing the cries of the students for the relationship with Russia. I have lived abroad and what happened may be a result of racism. Abaiche bafwile ukunyenga a basungu, what is you problem man? Go around Lusaka and see for yourself how westerners and Asian are playing with Zambian girls in the clubs. Some of these fellas are really drunk and offensive do you suggest we start beating them as well? Think before you say something bwana minister.

  24. NOT TRUE BA DADDY! The abundant melanin in your skin is what will get you clobbered, not girls, not beers…just your presence is enough to tick some of them off. Yes, am speaking from experience. Please tell the truth about racism in some of these countries, orient and prepare our kids before sending them out there, if you have to send them that is.

  25. Utter nonsense! The Zambian government is probably the only government on this planet which does not consider protection of it’s citizens home and abroad as a priority. If we can allow the some bad apples from the Chinese community in Zambia to molest our children and shoot our people at will and get away with it, why should socialising be such a problem? Russia is known to have notorious riffraffs who target foreign nationals because they know that no action will be taken against them.

  26. It is all about the colour of our skin, that’s all.
    even if it is about dating their girls, do we deserve to be beaten for that?
    foreigners come to Zambia and do whatever they want with our women including making them sleep with dogs like in the Kalulushi incident, but we dont beat them.
    Zambians abroad, take care

    • truthhurts whtever u call yrsf. its people like u who deserve to be battered here in Russia.i feel bad that God allows heartless and ignorant people like you wasting his air while the good ones are struggling for it like those poor zambians here in hospital.shame on you.

    • Hi Tanya or Nadia,I am sorry for the comments attributed to the Russian girls.What he meant was that students find the Russian girls too beautiful to resist.You and i know that the Russian “blondikas” are some of the most beautiful in the world.The russian men are vey Jelousy of their beautiful russian girls and that causes conflict.Take pride my sister

  27. Dr Phiri, you’re exhibiting traits of a moron despite your Phd! It’s irresponsibility of the highest order to justify these clearly racist hate crimes with such a blanket general statement. Those students are adults and are free to socialize and have a casual drink without having to fear being clobbered by those skinheads. As a college student, I enjoyed my booze and yes I even had numerous sexual encounters with a few fine ladies (from different ethnic backgrounds). Is that reason enough for me to have been clobbered by racist goons? Hon Min., you should be demanding justice for our boys instead of trying to justify this bufoonery! Typical PF retarded leadership.

  28. Your own government makes the accusations against you and you think they can ever protect you?

    Russians must be laughing their lungs out at this circus.

  29. Phiri,Students have every right to have sex with Russian girls and drink.
    Just say you are weak and hopeless to confront Putin over the killings and beating of Zambians.Imagine if these were American Students?

  30. Russia is one of the most racist countries in europe, i can see there is no sympathy coming from the goverment about the attacks, Zedian students like all other black african students or not is vulnerable of racist attacks in most european countries especially in Russia, i suggest those dull gov, officals take some time from grooming big bellies and do some research about racisim on black africans in russia and other european countries on the internet. Youtube is loaded with hate videos (WARNING TO NON WHITES IN RUSSIA) from Nazis and Skinheads. having black skin in russia is enough for anyone to be beaten to death, shame on those that are taking this lightly they seem to be as much an enemy of fellow africans as the racist P I G S SHAME SHAME!

  31. While it iz agreable some students the World over have issuez with women and often may consume liqour(excessive iz subjective), it iz unfortunate that the Honourable MP Minister of Education, should issue a statement that soundz like “pleazing” the Russian authoritiez. There are better wayz of getting round the problem without “lambasting” anyone publicly and in parliament for that matter!

  32. We all do girls and drink bear anywhere in the world. I did in America, UK, France, Singapore (nice) and SA. You know why I have put `nice` for Singapore. Biology baneee! I was not beaten anywhere. Racism seems to be deep routed and at the core of these beatings in Russia.

    • I feel you on Singapore.I haven`t been there but i hammered one from there umwaiche alikwete ni rubber if you know what i mean.

  33. True the minister’s explanation is not helpfull. Racisim is very real in Russia especialy aganist Africans/blacks. Zambia being a beggar, our government opts to defend these racists….shame. So Mr Phiri is saying every Zambian who has been beaten is a drunkard & a Womanizer..big lie..investigate more & don’t be partial because Russia is a donor. Think of this if it was happening the other way round.

  34. That is very stupid and foolish statement the zambian govt through the stupid minister has gave out concern lives of zambian student in russian….i can only wish one day your child will find him or her in those shoes that those guyz in russian are going through…….shame to u mr minister for that childsh statement

  35.  thats politicking ..foreigners in Zambia drink and go after our women, do we beat the hell out of them?? no !! and according to statistics Russians drink more than zambians,lets just say Eastern europeans top the chats when it comes to alcohol and they drink hard stuff.. The problem with our govt is that they dont have the balls to call a spade a spade..Russians are a ignorant unexposed bunch of people who are blinded by their confinement to their country..

    • very true kasman thes politicians just get useless infor from bootlickers and make it public,, is it only zambian who are harrased by russians,,, even innocent girls do get harrased,, one girl in a certain town from mongolia had her throat almost cut, nd she bleed like hell,,nd she was just near the surrounding of her hostel,,, these bunch of politician know nothing of what russia is,,esp with black skin

  36. While the Minister’ view might not be all true, i have to agree that drinking seems to be a problem with Zambians in general. While our colleagues from Nigeria are normally associated with criminal vices, Zambians have taken the drinking crown with such zeal i am sometimes ashamed to be called one because the first statement that comes out of other nationals when i say i am Zambian is you guys are a country of drunkards even though i have never drunk an alcohol in my life. So on the drinking part i agree with the minister and maybe we Zambians should deal with this issue of alcohol abuse, it is destroying many bright minds and our communities and causing our nationals not to be taken seriously by other nationals, is drinking the only activity Zambians know?

  37. where is the minister getting this lame information…??? his he aware that russia not only accomodates Zambian students?? is he aware that not only zambians but every african and many asian as well as kafkaz are a target?? ba minister employ credidible people to carryout your research well stop making excuses on beer and girls for failing to protect your students, many zambian students have been killed and their families still mourn some of home never even touched a bottle or the so called russian girl,, ur government has done nothing so far and u sit proudly condemning when un explained deaths non bear drnking related still need answers step up please!!

  38. Forgive the dull minister. He has been eating rats all his life in Lundazi. Probably hasnt head of the Skin heads

  39. Good evening

    Not that drunken students who get themselves into trouble in a foreign country must be defended and excused, but the government has a duty to protect it’s citizens all over the world no matter what they do. I feel that this particular case should not be treated as a paradigm of how all Zambians behave in Russia or even in other parts of the world. It is better to take legitimate actions to solve a single problem than to make general statements like this.

  40. And you expect these intellectually challenged, mentally impaired twits that masquerade as cabinet ministers to give any advise to a raving looney UKWA?? Cabinet meetings scripts must read like a script from the 80s ‘play for today’ or muvi tv’s ‘mwinemushi’! We lesa tutuleni twalapila………

  41. Let us not be proud. Ti yeni chabe pa South Africa, yaliko ma unza ya nzelu. Why should our sons be treated like dirt for the sake of education. Those are the ones who return full of bitterness and with a poisoned view of the world. If Botswana did it for a while till they got up to speed with the region. Manje che ma jealous, you reject a credible qualification from SA school which is older and better equipped than UNZA:-?

  42. Ba Phiri..what planet are you on???..the far right in Europe are on the rise!!!!..and you are a Minister??!!

  43. Zambia is the only country that does not protect its Citizens, Even if Drunk?? Would that give Russians the right to beat the boys up?? Dr Phiri you are a parent and Minister who should work for the people?? Have you Head USA condemning their citizens? Russia is a very Racist country, ask we who have been there. Zambian mission in Russia should take-up the matter with the Russian Foreign office. It is unacceptable. That’s the problem of Zambian Ministers; they forget that they are there to serve the people not their big Bellies

  44. Russians are racists this is not te first time things are happening like this, students have even been killed. Is it ecause we are poor thats why we continue going there for studies. If you want to find the truth ask those who have come back as students from there, it is really bad. Yet when they come here (Russians we treat them like kings)

  45. Rioting has been condoned in our poor managed schools. My sudgestion is that all parents or guidians of the rioting children should be taken to task so that we Zambians can know how to intill displine in our children. Children who riot, once they are expelled they find themselves in other schools and they continue the rot. We can’t continue to hear schools rioting and distroying property when we are poor and need a lot to do to improve our schools. These children seem not to know the cost of putting up a structure like a school.

  46. if the Hon minister has been been through school (university) he’ll conquer with me that beer and girls are the top menu on campus life. these Russian chicks love black engines and we do justice acting as Samaritans. and for your only information Hon minister Vodka here is very cheap so we gat to live withing the means…hope you know what i mean?

  47. #17 totally agree with you. they’re luck in Australia they are not bitten. They can be so annoying. The government should send serious students from less privalleged families. Not time wasters. they should be returned home so they can drink. Bad behaviour.

    • @ Damn…show me one foreigner who is humble in zambia, they roam around freely in all the pubs and clubs, even sexually abuse our children and force them to fcuk dogs and get away scott free, when a Zambian person tries to enjoy himself a little bit he gets attacked or killed, which side are you kapoli iwe

  48. This is a very disappointing statement by the Minister. Why aren’t we hearing similar complaints from Zambian students studying in other nations? Russia is not the only nation offering scholarships for heavens sake! Other nations can fill the gap that will be left if we stop taking up Russian scholarships!

  49. How can a govt throw its own people under the bus? Young men everyone are involved in drinking and women, how come they dont get killed? There is a problem in Russia and it is not Zambian students.

  50. 5 fingers:
    1)) russian girls are beautiful
    2)) they are hot
    3))they are kind and understanding
    4))they have beautiful long or short natural hair
    5))and most importantly they are not gold diggers
    so f*** minister i would rather go for a russian woman than a lesbian , gold digging , uncute, unbeautiful, unpretty,unnothing, unperson ,stinking, ungrateful, unwanted,unthankful Zambian bitch.

  51. “Zambian students have taken the bad drinking culture to that country which is causing them to fight even among themselves”

    Has this daft minister been abroad or studied in a non English speaking country, what drinking culture can a Zambian youth take to these harden vodka straight drinking Russians. Here is a student who has learnt a second language, adjusting to one of the worst winters in the world which has high numbers of racists attacks in Europe and this deadwood minister blames the students who happen to be medical students. Drink and women only becomes a problem if the students fail to complete their studies or obtain certificates.

    Yet again the government turns its back on Zambians abroad…the future doctors at UTH!!

  52. 5 fingers:
    1)) russian girls are beautiful
    2)) they are hot
    3))they are kind and understanding
    4))they have beautiful long or short natural hair
    5))and most importantly they are not gold diggers
    so f*** minister i would rather go for a russian woman than a lesbian , gold digging , uncute, unbeautiful, unpretty,unnothing, unperson ,stinking, ungrateful, unwanted,unthankful Zambian bitch.

  53. I wish the president can go to address them. Russia is not very far from India
    Student: Sir, we are being beaten here, what is our government doing about it?
    President: what are you doing here?
    Student: I am studying primary school education sir
    President: why don’t you go back home and enrol at Nkhurumah? I will encourage them to continue beating you, beat you at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. You thought you were clever by coming to Russia, you thought we couldn’t find you?

  54. Whats new? We are a nation of drunks. We now even beat the Kenyans. Nobody is addressing this issue at the national policy making forum. John Phiri is right.

  55. Is this for real? Did he really say this? No, its really hard for me to believe that a minister could make such an uneducated, misinformed statement. Im currently in Russia, so let me break it down for you.

    1. “He said the three Zambian students were battered in St. Petersburg Russia by some foreign students who were working as part time guards at a certain bar in the city after picking a quarrel.”

    Russian law forbids foreign students to work, let alone as a door bouncer. Its practically impossible for a foreigner to be a door bouncer in Russia because Russians would simply stop going to that club or he would be involved in fights everyday. I doubt any club owner would be stupid enough to imploy a foreigner as a door bouncer.
    *Please see continuation in my 2nd post*

  56. Its true. Most of these so called students with government scholarships are from well to do families. They don’t really appreciate the essence of an education. Where is the money coming from to go clubbing.

  57. #71 – You just described your mother, I bet she is a Zambian woman right? You are a true son of a bitch!
    I hope your empty head will get bashed in soon by some Russian thug.

  58. You just described your mother, I bet she is a Zambian woman right? You are a true son of a bit..ch!
    I hope your empty head will get bashed in soon by some Russian thug.

  59. F**k that…popi here are just f****d up..but not all…we do what we can to survive…if it means f******g someone up…and come on…our GRZ is
    just not with us…they don’t have our backs

  60. Ba Phiri naimwe…You should follow related cases, of international news, of foreign students especially blacks being attached in hate and racially motivated violence in Russia. People are beaten for being different. Women raped. Not because they are going out drinking and going out with whites. Beside, if that happens, it should give you an indication that racism is involved. Do your job and protect Zambians, than giving these Xenophobic thugs a license to kill.

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  61. most student get excited about Russia. in this part of Europe i live Russian qualification are not even accepted, they have to enrol all over again to proof their qualification because Russians are capable of an thing. their woman ARE gold diggers here. and really its not about which part a student can find themselves russians are stinking racists.

  62. how come these fights only happen in bars and at night. i smell a rat here. our kids are also to blame coz of their bad drinking habits. these kangaroos drink up to the wee hours of the night.you will continue being pumelled by theze russians if you dont change. i know its exciting to kick a very drunk african head.

  63. how come these fights only happen in bars and at night. i smell a rat here. our kids are also to blame coz of their bad drinking habits. these kangarooos drink up to the wee hours of the night.you will continue being pumelled by theze russians if you dont change. i know its exciting to kick a very drunk african head….

  64. ” the Zambian students have taken the bad drinking culture to that country ”

    Really? Zambian students are taking a ‘bad drinking culture’ to the land of wodka?

  65. Unbelievable statement from the minister. We will ever get our govt to stand up for its citizens abroad? Whatever happened in Russian (and its not the first time) someone is supposed to be asking for answers and not show that you don’t cars at all. I hope the new constitution will have minimum education requirements for our leaders. Otherwise how can we develop? We need leaders to debate, analyze and articulate issues to come up with law for modern and changing zambia. Not the age-old laws left behind by the colonial rulers.

  66. Utter rubbish! Students drink world over! Students pick up quarrels world over! Beating, whether because of girls, boozing or racism is a crime in Russia. This government needs to flex its little muscle for Russia to act and apply equity.

    Whether your citizen is wrong or right,  you never take sides against….that’s just wrong! Recall them and sort them out at home. What kind of leaders are these? Take a leaf from the countries you’re copying form…the US. They’ll do anything to protect the life of their citizen…..anything, including invading a country or paying compensation for actions of a nutter soldier.

  67. when we are in Russia it doesn’t mean we are not Zambians and this is the reason we have to behave like Zambians wherever we are.It is not our fault, after all we are decent and diplomatically valued. It is the matter offer place and time. Russia is a well known country due to His culture.

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