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Nakatindi Accorded State Funeral

Headlines Nakatindi Accorded State Funeral

File: Princess Nakatindi Wina (l) and her husband Sikota Wina before a press briefing at their resident in Lusaka

The late Princess Nakatindi Wina has been accorded a State funeral, Secretary to the Cabinet, Evans Chibiliti has said.

Mr Chibiliti said in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that the Government had sent Minister of Gender and Child Development, Inonge Wina to South Africa to be with the bereaved family.

Mr Chibiliti said arrangements were being made in consultation with the family to bring the body back to Zambia.

Princess Nakatindi, who served the country in various capacities, including that of minister of Community Development and Social Welfare between 1993 and 1994, was evacuated by the Government last month to South Africa’s Milpark Hospital for specialist treatment.

“Late Princess Nakatindi Wina who died on Thursday in South Africa has been accorded a State funeral by Government. The Government has sent Gender Minister, Inonge Wina to South Africa to be with the bereaved family while arrangements are being made in consultation with the family to bring her body back home as soon as possible,” Mr Chibiliti said.

And messages of condolences have come in over the death of Princess Nakatindi, with freedom fighter Mama Chibesa Kankasa describing her as a great influence in shaping Zambia’s politics.

Mama Kankasa said she was greatly saddened by the dea th of the princess and called on women in Zambia to turn out in numbers to mourn her.

She said she had known Princess Nakatindi as a humble and dedicated person and called on the family, in particular her husband, Sikota
Wina, to remain strong during the trying moment of bereavement.

“I was shocked to hear of her death, the country has lost a great woman who was influential in shaping the country’s political life.
Zambia has been robbed of a daughter who played a critical role in Zambia’s revolution,” she said.

She said young women in Zambia could learn a lot from Princess Nakatindi’s life and the commitment she exhibited as a wife and a
mother. United Liberal Party (ULP) president, Sakwiba Sikota said the princess’ death was very sad both for the nation and at a personal

“She was my cousin and it is very sad that she has died. She was a person who will be remembered for her selflessness. She accommodated
anyone and helped many people, that is the kind of person she was.

“She fitted in with anyone. She came from a family of political activism and she contributed to bringing democracy in this country.
Princess Nakatindi will be greatly missed,” Mr Sikota said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. This is ridiculous, Way over the top

    I have read a little literature on her ‘achievements’ but state funeral? Please..

    I get the feeling It is way of making up with the repulsive forces in the western province but thereis been way much more people worthy of the state funerals that were not accorded one. Terrible decision, waste of resources

    I am sorry she has died, but we will all go 6 feet under some day but this poking a lion and I doubt a lot of people in Zambia are happy about this

    Thank you Lusaka Times for spoiling my breakfast


    • Mushota, you are out of line with reality. Your judgement is not right on Princess Nakatindi. You sound like you are young, born after 1964!

    • mushota honestly what goes through your rotten sick mind,you are one pathetic human beings i have ever heard 

    • Mushota u have a point. Nakatindi does not deserve a state funeral. Anyway cabinet has the right to make that decision but they must not water it down for political mileage with western province.

  2. Ba Mushota educate yourself before you make a fool of yourself. According to Government Regulations and Standards: “Anyone who has served this country as Cabinet minister is entitled to a state funeral.” Its written in black and white! Sorry if you hate Bo Nakatindi but this is her entitlement. Go hang!

  3. Mr Sakwiba Sikota has already past tensed her!! She is still your cousin even though she has passed on. You will meet her in the hereafter!

  4. Mushota, which of your three holes were you eating breakfast with? You’re not thinking coherently. You don’t make sense. Nick, the old hog, has it plugged in somewhere?

  5. #1 Mushota. How can state funera spoil ur b/fast?. One thing for sure is u will never get a state funeral

  6. She definitely deserves a state funeral and may the Good Lord comfort the family in this trying times.
    Mushota how like the rest of the Zambians on this blog expect to read more about our leaders when all you guys do is insult each other?Zambians are the most unforgiving people.Even though we have such a rich history all people choose to remember are the faults.How is KK going to be remembered?How is Chiluba together with Mwanwasa RB and now Sata all going to be remembered for?Even Churchill had a lot flaws
    No foreign media is going to write the Zambian history in such a way that our children will be proud of our heritage. Just look at the way people like you are negative about everything Zambian coupled with those still living in a ‘tribal’ cave…


    • Oops! Shot himself in the foot, now, did he? Fawlty?? I hear some gumboot shiner got shot off a tree collecting gum… ay? Did he? Got a hiding? Not shot, then? …ok, never mind…

  8. Don’t get me wrong I am saddened to hear about her death and MHSRIP

    I have a problem with the assertions that she gets a state funeral…

    In Canada, Australia and certainly here in Britain state funerals are OFFERED to  the families of politcians who have held higher offices and more often than not most prefer to mourn quietly and politely decline, I find it astounding that we are perceiving a state funeral as some kind of achievenment, I am not even sure that I would consent on having one even though I derserved one. Are the families consulted? Why accept it?
    State funerals should be accorded to people that have held higher offices ie presidents or in rare instances Individuals that have served this country more like Mwaanga, HH etc, Not rocket science is it?


    • Mushota, your dullness never ceases to amaze me. I insulted you on ZWD and got banned and here i do it again on LT regardless of the results (banning). You are one dull, small minded black prostitute!!!

    • Mushota u have a point. Nakatindi does not deserve a state funeral. Anyway cabinet has the right to make that decision but they must not water it down. 

    • Ulifye chipuba Mushota. You have heard for urself that she has held a higher position. Mind you this is not Cana, neither Britaing nor Australia to compare Zambia with.


  10. Cardiac diseases can be exacerbated by overindulgent eating, like eating a whole cow every month or a box of chocolates every day or drinking 20 mosi’s every day.Most ‘fat’ people cardiac disease can be mitigated by avoiding such.

    The exception arey cardiac diseases suffred mainly by the poor which tend to be valvular ie infective endocarditis or genetic like hyperttrophic.

    I know its not the right time to talk about it, but the message tends to stick when it is said at the ‘wrong time’. Good luck

    • Thanks Shuga. Confirms my suspicion about the mounting incidence of this previously “privileged” disease… was wondering about the lower end of the scale.

  11. Where is the funeral going to take place – Lusaka or Mongu? Will the BRE accept her being accorded funeral by the Zambian govt?

  12. Sikota and the Princess were inseperable…am sure Bo Sikota as u said a piece of u has been taken. The Princess deserves a state funeral MHSRIP

  13. My condolensces to Mr Sikota Wina and family. The two of you were so inseparable. how devastating it is to you our father Mr Wina. I always enjouyed your togetherness. how terrible it is . my you seek solace in the Lord. my deep fely condolensces once again to your our father Mr Wina.

  14. Mushota educate yourself again and recognise the fact that Zambia is NOT Canada, Australia or Britain where they mourn quietly.In zambia there is no need of mourning quietly.Remain where you are and resurect yourself to a Briton and leave Zambians to do what suits for them.Keep your colonial position to yourself.We will keep our tradition and culture

  15. Oddly that crab mentality article from a few days ago is showing up on the fringes. Is it necessary to turn the decision of a state funeral in to a debate? Maybe for some and it is their right to question it if they wish. What is questionable  is to use it as an excuse to add personal baggage or conspiracy to the tale. 

    @Pippa – well said. It is up to us to write our histories for posterity.

  16. Mushota “ukaise” and u are arrogant for northing and suffering from genetic infiriorty complex It is up to government to decide who shold be accorded a state fenural even a musicisn can be accorded one deepending on the degree of national contribution. Mazoka was accorded one coz he was a national leader though he had never been a minister. To the wina and nakatindi family my heratfelt condolensces amd may her soul rest in peace.

  17. MHSRIP…anyone heard from Ukwa lately? The geezer has been keeping a low profile ever since he got back from his Benign Prostatic Hyperlasia (BPH) treatment.

  18. This is about Princess Nakatindi Wina and not the dirty slag Mushota. Her dad never got a state funeral….enough said!

  19. For the first time am sorry but i will side with obnoxious Mushota especially that Nakatindi and her husband have never said anything against Lozi criminals trying to bring chaos in our beloved country. Was she Barotse citizen? if so the state funeral should be confined to Barotseland. MHSRIP.

  20. Are BRE coming to Lusaka to mourn her? and where is she going to be buried, in Zambia or in a country called Barotseland?

  21. One can never write Zambia’s political history without mention of the Wina’s. May the soul of Princess Nakatindi rest in peace.

  22. MHSRIP. We are not going to allow the lozis travelling to lusaka. Road blocks should be put in place. All lozis speaking pipo should have pass ports. The lady mushota is rite.


    Muhota , chinyo chobe ichi nwa amspersms abawiso, waumfwa

  24. @1 Mushota, the people of Zambia have spoken. Please keep your mouth shut as you’re promoting foreign culture. No offense but this is Z my sister and we’re proud of our culture and people are doing fine here. Come back home and develop, you’re a slave there. To the late Princess Nakatindi, may her soul rest in peace.:((

  25. Gentlemen,

    One of our freedom fighters has passed way and one person called MUSHOTA is trying to bring jokes, too bad for him because dead does occur any time to anyone.Ba Mushota be serious with your life.


  26. Mushota number 1 you are an ***** Nakatide is a pricess for all the Zambians and one of the greatest women leaders in Zambia RIP my pricesse.

  27. Nobody asked me but it seems Zambia, as a free nation, can afford a state funeral to anyone it deems worthy of deserving one. It is a Nation’s way of expressing grief, gratitude and gladness at having had the services of the deceased. May her soul rest in peace.

  28. Nobody asked me, but it seems Zambia, as a free nation, can afford a state funeral to anyone it deems worthy of deserving one. It is a Nation’s way of expressing grief, gratitude and gladness at having had the services of the deceased.

    May her soul rest in peace.

  29. Don’t waste your energy on ka Mushota. We’ve just discovered that he…yes, he (Mushota) is HH’s son.

  30. We are wasteful nation. As a nation and individuals we spend too much resources on useless rituals. In offices we have more meetings than execution. In politics we are always backward looking and waste time on witch hunting than forward looking and planning and implementing those plans for development, creating jobs and opportunities for the masses to earn and live comfortably.
    In practice, we are a nation of hypocrites. We waste huge resources on DEAD BODIES (ASHES) . Wrap them in blankets, buy the expensive caskets, feed for days, drink, tents, charcoal, transport and so on. Cry for days and the moment dead is buried we start fighting on sharing the remains and forget about what that person would have wished for his wealth/remains to be shared among his children or loved ones.

  31. Bible says ashes to ashes. Then why do we waste resources on funerals? The moment a person dies, we shall bury him and conserve resources for those who are left behind. Funeral shall be simple, even presidents, ministers and kings shall be buried the day they die. No state funerals, no half masts, no feasting and sending government officials. Dead is dead, bury and move on. No memorials through newspapers. Spend the money on those who are left behind, spend on their education, their food, their houses and not on “ASHES”. If you believe in God, let him decide what happens to the dead. We decide on those who are still living.

  32. Zambia to change, no allowances and salaries to politicians. If budget is not balanced, promises that are dished out during campaigns through manifestos are not achieved, no pension, no nothing to any political appointees. Same applies to civil servants, private companies executives. What you promise to achieve, you achieve it or go out of the revolving doors without any benefit. People shall have the power to impeach any MP and even president any time if they are not happy with their performance.

  33. Very charismatic, colourful and cheerful woman.
    Met her a couple of times when she came to the UTH.
    Her presence was always notable.
    May her soul rest in peace!

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