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Nkoyas condemn Barotse secession calls and banish 2 Lozi chiefs from their land

Rural NewsNkoyas condemn Barotse secession calls and banish 2 Lozi chiefs from their...
File:Chief (Mwene) Mutondo of the Nkoya people of Kaoma Western Zambia. Photo by D. Namenda

The Nkoya-speaking people of Mongu, Kaoma and Lukulu districts have distanced themselves from calls that Western Province should secede from Zambia.

The decision was arrived at during a meeting that took place in Kaoma on April 7, 2012 involving indunas, senior village headmen and subjects to discuss the resolutions passed by the Barotse National Council during their April 7- 8 meeting in Limulunga.

The resolutions were submitted to the on-going two-day Nkoya National Council (NNC), which is expected to close this evening at Chilombo ceremonial grounds in Kaoma.

Nkoya Royal Establishment chairperson Edwin Nkomesha described the call for secession as primitive and selfish coined to enrich a few people through the collection of royalties from non-Lozi-speaking people

Former Mongu Municiple Council director of administration Crispin Mungonge, who read the resolutions on behalf of the Nkoya-speaking people in Kaoma, said the Nkoyas resolved that all sub-chiefs from the Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) who represent the Litunga in Nkoya land should be banished immediately.

He said the BNC was afraid of claiming the areas along the line of rail because they knew that agitation to secede lacked merit.

They urged the Government to create an 11th province involving Kaoma, Lukulu, Kasempa, Mumbwa, Mulobezi and Itezhi-Tezhi to keep them from destroying peace in the nation.

“The Nkoyas also resolved that the two Lozi chiefs imposed on the Nkoyas at Naliele and Namayula be withdrawn forthwith. The Nkoya chiefs to be recognised are Chief Kahale and Mutondo as senior chiefs,” Mr Kalihongo said.

Nkoya Royal Establishment chairperson Edwin Nkomesha described the call for secession as primitive and selfish coined to enrich a few people through the collection of royalties from non-Lozi-speaking people.

“All well-meaning Lozi-speaking people should join us in rejecting this call,” Mr Nkomesha said.

Chief Moomba of Southern Province, whose area falls within Barotseland, said a meeting took place last week in his area to discuss the BNC’S resolutions and the people rejected the call for secession.

Chief Mwene Kangombe of the Nkoya-speaking people in Kasempa District said both Northern Rhodesia and Barotseland were buried on Independence Day in 1964 and the debate was archaic.

As he addressed the crowd of about 3,000 people, his indunas displayed a banner that read “One Zambia one nation for ever”.

Chief Fututu of Lukulu District called on the Government to facilitate the removal of all BRE sub-chiefs in Lukulu, including Kabangu, Lianganga and Mayankwa.

Fact File:

September 29, 2011

President Sata appoints a nine-member commission of inquiry to probe the January 14, 2011 riots in Mongu and pardons all the people who were arrested by the police over the incident.

February 23, 2012

President Sata tells chairperson of the commission of inquiry appointed to probe the chaos in Mongu that left 19 people dead that he was reluctant to restore the Barotseland Agreement of 1964.

March 27-28, 2012

The Barotse National Council (BNC) meets and resolves to secede from the rest of Zambia citing the abrogation of the 1964 Barotseland Agreement by the then government of Dr Kenneth Kaunda.

March 29, 2012

Home Affairs Minister Kennedy Sakeni warns that the resolutions were treasonable, especially that they bordered on the formation of a State within a State. Vice-President Guy Scott tells Parliament the same day that the resolutions were irresponsible and unacceptable.

March 31, 2012

Police in Mongu warn and caution the Ngambela Wainyae Sinyinda and Induna Mukulwakashiko Batuke Imenda over the resolutions by the council which, among others, proposed self-rule for Western Province.

April 5, 2012

Police in Western Province uncover a plot in which Barotse Freedom Movement (BFM) chairperson Nyambe Namushi, 63, and a local business person Raymond Mukanda were allegedly linked to the recruitment of retired police offices to form the Barotse police wing.

April 4, 2012

Ngambela Sinyinda tells Times of Zambia agitation for secessionism should be stopped to pave way for dialogue but denies his own story, saying he never spoke to the newspaper.

April 7, 2012

The Nkoya and Kazanga groups who cover two districts in Western Province convene their National council to disown calls for secessionism.


  1. They have the right to their opinion, including a rented one born out of complete stupidity.

  2. I think chiefdoms should be banned. the creation of chiesf affairs ministry and increase of salaries for chiefs acording to their seniority is becoming a source of income hence this fight for seniority. Lets go the tanzanian way and ban thier existence these chiefs are promoting tribalism . after all some of them dont even work but good at research in witchcraft, advanced tecnology in Bitumwa. they govern in undemocratic manner and very demonic.

  3. primitive BNC.Barotse is a non starter.jst keep working hard open up WP to outsiders for development.morons take heed

  4. The BRE or BNC is doomed to fail. This issue is not between few greedy Lozis and the government. It’s between Zambians and the minority Lozis. I am Lozi and comfortable being Zambian. I know when we where growing up there was a falacy being spread among Lozi children. “we are the most educated tribe, who had a big Kingdom pre-Zambia but we were never told we were slaves of Britons. Kaunda stole our money therefore superior”. Abash with the trush. Zambians every where can be educated, get wealthy, travel as they wish, leave where they want. Am a PROUD ZAMBIAN. My LOZI.

    • If truly you are lozi, then you are one wise brother who should continue educating your fellow tribes mate. We are Zambians first and tribal second. This cessation will only hurt the majority of innocent but very poor lozis. Remember, only lozis from the royal establishment and their indunas have had the priviledge to be educated, send their children abroad at the expense of the common lozi.

    • Thanks very much. If only we could have more lozis that reason like you, Zambia can be a much better nation. God bless you.

  5. It seems GRZ has literally failed to amicably resolve this issue leaving it to divide and rule tactic there by creating more problems.Why didnt Sata let sleeping dogs lay?This is an impasse geting more complex each passing day

    • @Mmembe-The Hypocrite:

      Sometimes you wonder who the BIGGEST HYPOCRITES are! “Do as we say, not as we do”—ain’t that the classic definition of hypocrisy?—-and Lozis fit right in.

      You people shouldn’t blame Sata or anybody for what is now happening in WP. You had it made all these years lying to yourselves that you are superior than other tribes in that part of Zambia and now, Mbundas, Nkoyas, and more others yet to reject your machinations have had it with Lozi deist. They want out!

      If anything, you are the ones who should have let the sleeping dogs. At least you could have had a few more decades to lie to your children how superior Lozis are to other tribe. Now, you have awaken some “tribal consciousness” in other people in WP. Game over, baba.

    • Its not an impasse, its new form of freedom people have found under pf – true freedom indeed – don’t incite the president to suppressed this new found freedom which he can quickly and harshly do knowing his character

  6. @nalu… You r spot on. These chiefs have brought nothing but tribalism and hatred, including hinderance of development… No offence, but i think these chiefs are lazy, greedy and trully evil…

  7. The Kafue Province is taking shape due to careless talk from the BA64 fanatics who have failed to unite people in the Province.

  8. Where is UKWA??????????????? Knowing his mouth diarrhoea he can never keep quiet in the midst of this confusion. Is the man comatose?

    • I hope all the old people in your family will be cometosed one by one. Since that is good for others, it should be good for your family

    • mustanyoko mimi leave ukwa alone. u chap are bitter like your old grown fathers and mothers. speak good where necessary. this story u are bloging on is about nkoya and lozis not ukwa. your bad mounth should sieve what to say. you are the one who is comatosed

  9. Lozis not in the majority. When they came from Lesotho the area they claim was already settled by Nkoyas. Mbundas and other indigenous tribes. Its the Nkoyas right to choose their destiny in the matter. Lozis are indeed in the minority. More than meets the eye in this debacle. It would not be an easy ride for the lozis and BRE

  10. I am vindicated. No one in their right mind with the exception of a few disgruntled and very greedy politicians would call for a province to breakaway on the basis that the BA64 is not restored. If all the tribal grouping in what was Barotseland are in favour of seceding, then the whole call is dead.

  11. We are moving closer to the establishment of Kafue Province. The BRE have been too careless in their discussions of a piece document that was crafted in the cover of darkness to try and hide all manners of lies.

    On many occasions, the BRE have failed to work with their oldest neighbors despite living side by side for just over 200 years.

    The BRE must know that they will opposition from within Western Province than outside it. The Zambian government can also not allow a few greedy people to disturb the peace that we all enjoy as Zambians.

    Most of the people been used by the BRE to call for secession are former government ministers who lost jobs because of change of government. Perhaps the are looking for something to occupy their excess time of their hands.

  12. Tribalists are really narrow minded. They think only of themselves an their narrow groupings: what really is the difference between a luya and nkoya or lamba and ushi? Clearly, it seems quite apparent the BNC and BRE represent minority views. What makes it worse is that a lot of those agitating for secession are former GRZ officials of one form or another. This therefore suggests this is a very selfish idea meant to line the pockets of a few havebeens – some get rich quick scheme for a few lazy selfish morons! O guys there’s a billion pounds we can share if we can make this work. What happened to hard work?

  13. Everyone has the right to choose one’s destiny but not through deceit as the BA64 whose mother, the Lochner Concession, is based on. The Nkoya’s have the right to decide their destiny as long as it is within the law, and if they no longer want to be servile to te Lozis, so be it. Slavery was abolished a long time ago and I don’t see why some Lozis want want o keep other tribes under their thumb through the fraudulent BA64. All people in Zambia are free.

  14. We are moving closer to the establishment of Kafue Province. The BRE have been too careless in their discussions of a piece of document that was crafted in the cover of darkness to try and hide all manners of lies.

    On many occasions, the BRE have failed to work with their oldest neighbors despite living side by side for just over 200 years.

    The BRE must know that they will face opposition from within Western Province than outside it. The Zambian government can also not allow a few greedy people to disturb the peace that we all enjoy as Zambians.

    Most of the people been used by the BRE to call for secession are former government ministers who lost jobs because of change of government. Perhaps the are looking for something to occupy their excess time on their hands.

  15. Firstly,I salute Mr Sata for keeping quiet all the time this has been going on.Keep ignoring them for now because priority is providing healthcare in Shangombo,improving infrastructure and making sure every child in the remotest part of Zambia goes to school.Let the works speak for themselves.
    When all this hullabaloo  started it was the entire WP plus other areas on the pre independence map.Now the Nkoyas who claim to be the majority in WP are out of it.Mbundas also claim they are the majority but have one foot in it and the other out.


  16. #Kapenda Mwangala
    Yes, you are right, the Lozis grew up being told ”you are special, you have a kingdom stolen by KK, one day we will have it back and live comfortably thereafter, having chased away the Manyukunyuku (Mbundas, Nkoyas, Luvales etc).” This is why they never allowed investment in their WP especially Mongu. Now these old pipo (Sinyinda and group) have realised they are abt to die without realising that, so they want to force the new generation which is more tolerant, have intergrated and development oriented (not tribal orientated) to live their dreams. Problem is they dont have the support of all of them. Worse still, they personalised the BA64 to Lozi and now they are failing to rally the other tribes for the cause of secession. Literally, they are own their own.

  17. Kwesu kwaliwama fwebene minofu yambowa!! Moise Katumbi, our govenor, here we come; Tubulu Land; viva ukunyela pa menshi!! We tap the water, pipe line to Lusaka. Maybe they can become sensible.

  18. We agree that Western Zambia is under developed just like any other part of Zambia but that does not mean that old political documents should be brought back to life.

    As natives of Western Province, we would like to see development also to be consistent with all other provinces in Zambia. We would like to see all youths have access to higher education and jobs. We would like to see goof roads, well equipped and staffed hospitals etc.

    All that can only be possible if people are working together to achieve a common goal but instead the BRE have focused on tribal divisions and lies instead of honest hard work.

    The BA64 fanatics want to act like the document was heaven sent when in actual fact the document in question was crafted under a foundation of lies and greed.

  19. The Nkoyas are joking if they think the Ilas in Mumbwa Itezhi-Itezhi and kabompo would want to join their stupid campaign. It just goes to show how illiterate the Nkoyas are. Good luck to them. The Mbundas have already issued a statement that they don’t want to be part of the Nkoya scheme. The Nkoyas will one day regret what they are doing.

  20. If these Lozi’s are not carefull the Litunga will be dethrowned so let Zambia continue to be a country and will continue to be One Zambia One Nation Period

  21. Abash divivion and please dont make us hate innocent lozi’s for crying out Loud we Love our Lozi brothers

  22. @St Louis

    The BRE are the foreigners in Western Province that is why our Nkoya ancestors named them as Aluyi which means foreigner in the Nkoya language not the other way round.

    The problem with some of our brothers and sisters is that they have remained confused due to the small chapter in the long history of that area when the BRE became close to the colonisers.

    It is no wonder one will find that the only people calling for the BA64 to be restored are people who can 70 years or older because they are still stuck in a colonial time trap.

  23. this issue is getting out of hand ,where is the Govt??? the fact is that you dont want the lozis to secede from Zambia but you want to establish a new province honestly is there any sense in that?? infact this will just bring confusion and it will just push the lozis to go ahead with the secession….as far as am concernced i know that the lozis have a signed document and what do the nkoyas have i would like to know….someone to educate me

    • Sure you can have your signed document but Nkoyas don’t want to be part of it! Is that so hard for you to understand?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • A document signed out of cowardice and for the so purpose of protection by the british, just so that they never face the menacing arab traders that other brave tribes from the north and east faced. Keep dreaming.

  24. End this nonsence by dethroning litunga and banishing him from w/province. He deserves no respect at all. He is committing treason

  25. I keep saying Western province is a paradox. They resist any outside involvement in bringing about progress but claim neglect and dereliction… Under this guise we also have pensioned agitators who have fixed abode and traceable service in other areas other than that they are advocating to breakaway. Not too long ago a former high ranking policeman was honorably laid to rest with a different nationality BUT as a lozi! This is a very interesting state of affairs that begs to be investigated.


  27. The “Nkoya National Council (NNC)”…. LOL, hahaha!

    Can they at least try to be original? LOL.

    So the Nkoyas also have an Agreement too, called ‘Nkoya Agreement 2012’. This one is quite late, I have to say.

    The govt’s tactics will backfire in their face. Now they are releasing the Nkoyas as pawns or sacrificial lambs, as they say, in the whole saga!

    The Nkoyas have a right to say whatever they want but the Litunga is the paramount King who runs the entire Baraotseland.

    • Which Barotseland?! The seven districts in WP? What a consetion! all that land given away by the “King” to manyukunyuku on a silver plater? LOL!!!!!

  28. 33 Jigga 
    Who gave the Litunga authority over the Nkoya?You seem to be making fun of them because their agreement states 2012.
    When are you guys going to leave this tribal mentality?Is it an illness or disability?

  29. The chiefs or whatever their title- lets call them traditional leaders irrespective of their perceived ranks, should be summoned to Lusaka Mulungushi conference centre and be addressed by the head of state. Those who choose to be stubborn should be dealt with accordingly. These primitive and backward leaders who think that development centers around their wearing of British attire should be told to comply or else. Even the queen in England is just a figurehead. Some English people have complained that the system is a liability to the tax payers. Mr. Sata please collect as much information as possible and solve this once and for all. The fact is that those agitating for secession want to drag with them subjects to oppress as they did centuries ago. Times have changed, be awake to reality.

  30. Pippa, you seem to be following me everywhere… I told you that you should dress more because I’m too ‘sexy’ for you.

    First they don’t have an ‘Agreement’ which ‘states 2012’. I was merely making a joke (that’s what ‘LOL’ and ‘hahaha’ are for). It’s obvious you didn’t even read through the article; and instead just looked for my name.

    2nd please, please never comment on issues you probably don’t know much about. It’s obvious heaps of people never knew about the tribes in Barotseland until this year. For your info, the Nkoya and the Aluyi are actually ‘one people’. Their differences are like that of a family brother and brother. The Litunga who signed the agreement had a Nkoya mother. The Litunga drums are Nkoya’s.

    Last, you are the one who is tribal.

  31. I can read through you… you claim you are tribal but we all know that what attracts you to these Barotseland discussions is nothing but tribal overtones. What business you or your type got to do with the BA’64 when you are not affected whether it’s implemented or not? Or what business have you got to do with the ‘fights’ between Nkoyas and the rest of the Lozis? Do you come from any of the tribal groupings in Western province? If you were not tribal and genuine you would have acknowledged that Zambia was born from BA’64.
    Pippa please, get off my back!

  32. There will be a tribal war: Nkoya vs Lozi. It will be a genocide, because Zambian security forces are close to nothing.

    • Wait until guns start blazing, and we shall see how close to nothing Zambian security forces are! Hope you won’t be died by then to witness them comandos at work!


  34. Lozis why do you want to rule over other tribes? colonialism is long gone.learn from the tribes in North western and northern provinces.The paramount chief Chitimukulu never claim ownership of Namwanga and mambwes though they are in one province. The namwangas and mambwes have their own chiefs.Lozis learn to respect other tribes you are not God sent.respect Nkoya and mbunda and their chiefs.The government should make sure that this is done.let the Lozis confine themselves to mongu period.

    • The litunga and his clan are Luyis by tribe. Stop referring to Lozis as a tribe. Luyis, Mbundas and Nkoyas are the only ones with chiefs. So Nkoyas can only have a dispute only with the Luyi or Mbunda and never with the Lozi.

    • Because the Mbundas were refugees and had to be accommodated by Luyanas (Aluyi). The Nkoyas sought protection from Luyanas against Kaondes.  Luyana chiefs were there for protecting the Nkoyas.

  35. First you give your litunga so much power as to deny people coming from outside into the province so that they can invest, you let him dictate who does what, and now you want to indirectly subject the nkoyas, mbunda, luvales etc to the pre colonial era of subserviancy and at the same time cry foul about underdevelopment because of your own nepotic stupidity and inflexibility? And you want to destabilise the entire country just out of greedy? Come on, wake up because this is the 21st century and not “living in the caves era.” Too many innocent lozis should not pay for the self aggrandisement of very few old former politicians who have outlived their usefulness and licking the wounds of their loss to the PF. Yipika yee you ingrates.


  37. Am so happy as a Zambian to hear these TRUE Zambians Nkoyas rejecting the selfishness of the confused & selfish Lozi people. These true Zambians Nkoyas are speaking like the way the great Lozi politician Nalumino Mundia who fought on behalf of Zambia’s unity.

    Lozi people should stop being selfish! For goodness sake! How can a normal person let alone tribe like these selfish LOZIS expect to collect ROYALTIES from fellow tribes like Nkoyas? We are not in colonial days?

    God bless the Nation of Zambia!


    • You cant and wont win imwe bakapoli. Kulibonesha bata. Get the hell out of Zambia and go back to lesotho where you came from and see if this nonsense you are propagating will be received well. Imwe ba muntumbenya, sure you want to start a war you cant win! And please, leave the Nkoyas and other tribes who resides in western province alone because you are not going to get any more royalties from them. They were there before you trickled up from the south you greedy self serving imbeciles. You want a war, bring it own. Sarakarabanda tulekulya ne nsongolo na meno pamukolomino nayambi pamputi. Bring it own.

    • Bwangu bwangu bwekelenimo ku lesotho before tailazanda imwe ba kamulya weka. You cant and wont win this war and you are not going to divide Zambia out of very selfish motives based on greedy. And please leave the Nkoyas and other tribes in western province alone because they were there even before you trickled up from the south, and ofcourse as usual running away from a war with the zulus. Kuja waja, nomba pano ugebe nepaku*****. You want a war, bring it on because every zambian is read for you.

  39. Selfish! Then all, including Zed that wants to cling to a piece of miles of useless sand, are selfish. Many of us are Nkoya or Ang’oya, but we were not invited to the NNC. We received invitations to the BNC, not the NCC. Why? Does Nkomenshya really think he is speaking for us. Did he go to my several villages strung over Mabuwa and other areas of Lukulu, and all those in parets of Kaoma. If he did, why didn’t we hear about it. We Nkoyas have a tendency of exaggerating. At one time I was told that through my ancestry I could actually claim Lilanda and Kamwala in Lusaka as being my land. Problem with my maternal ancestors is that they were nomads who never settles in one place for a long time so as to claim it for themselves. They have old villages strung all over the place.

  40. Jigga sorry you got the wrong impression but FYI I am married and very content.
    Secondly, I would have read your views on one website but to have them published on all the Zambian website is a bit too ambitious.
    Thirdly,I really would appreciate if you could teach me this tribe thing,you know where you describe that one tribe joined with another to form Luya or Luyi.Was it by intermarriage or intergration?
    To be honest I don’t understand this tribe thing and to talk about it in modern day Zambia is so confusing.

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