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MMD youths to sue RB over campaign funds


File:President Rupiah Banda arriving for a MMD Provincial Conference

THE MMD Die Hard youth wing has threatened to take legal action against former president Rupiah Banda and the party’s National Executive Committee (NEC) to compel them to explain how about K1 trillion the party raised during last year’s campaigns was spent.

Last month, an MMD insider told the Sunday Times of Zambia that the former ruling party leadership had allegedly failed to account for K1 trillion the party raised prior to the September 20, 2011 elections.

MMD Die Hard youth wing national coordinator, Bowman Lusambo said in Lusaka yesterday that it was shocking that the former ruling party was failing to raise K3 billion to hold a national convention when it had raised a lot of money during last year’s campaigns.

“We are taking legal action against former party president Rupiah Banda because we want to know how the money was spent. There must be something really wrong in the way finances were handled.

“How can the party be failing to raise K3 billion when we raised so much money during the campaigns, where has the money gone?

“As a youth wing we want the party treasury which is now being managed by Mr Mwansa Mbulakulima to be audited,” he said.

Mr Lusambo said it was shocking that the MMD was failing to hold the convention because of lack of resources and yet the party raised a lot of money prior to last year’s elections.

The insider who revealed some allegations of financial irregularities last month claimed that the MMD leadership had failed to account for K1 trillion the party raised for the campaigns, and that members wanted to konw how the money was used.

“I am a NEC member and I know that we managed to raise K1 trillion. That is not small money, but we don’t know where the money is,” the insider said.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. Then MMD is a confused Party, how can u raise money and give one person to keep, where was the treasurer? even me i would not give u if u deposited in my account.

  2. u printed alot materials,bought bycicles,canters,paid kaponyas to harass PF supporters amd innocent citizens with pangas,finally check in all the MMD members backyards,money has been burried there.njala yanichita yanizingulusa ine.

  3. Can you also explain how you managed to raise k1tri? What activities did you engage yourselves in which you cannot do today?

  4. Sure is nice under PF that the state media is now “free” from interference by the ruling party and shows no bias or discrimination in the news it reports. 

  5. MMD used state coffers. Since they are no longer ruling, hence their dry pockets. They shared the money indiscriminately and had no vision. What they should do is to tell the nation how they raised the money (income) and how they spent it (expenditure)? They have many learned people who can easily do that, but the problem those are the culprits. What can you expect from such a party! Nothings, but kibutata.

  6. So the correct line of action would be to ask the treasurer or the current chairperson. Is MMD a personal party? Why should I be bothered about their internal problems?

  7. MMD youths, how did u raise the K1 trillion to begin with? Perhaps you could use the same business accumen to raise K1 trillion for your families…stop the bullshit and just say that the K1 trillion you stole which was not shared muluma!!

  8. LOL, yes MMD youths. Sue RB and the entire MMD executive…ba limi bepa ma mambala imwe. Bruce Lee tapompele…hehehehee

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