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George Kunda is dead

General News George Kunda is dead

Former Vice President George Kunda

Former Republican Vice President George Kunda has died. Both hospital and highly placed sources in have confirmed Mr Kunda’s death to QFM News.

The former vice president who had been admitted to the University Teaching Hospital for unknown illness died at around 16:00 hours at the UTH.

Mr Kunda born on February 26,1956 in Luanshya was introduced to politics by late republican president Levy Mwanawasa who had nominated him to parliament and subsequently appointed him Justice Minister and Attorney General.

A Lawyer by profession, Mr Kunda was the vice president in which capacity he served between 2008 and 2011.

Following the MMD’s Loss in last year’s elections, Mr Kunda who was until his death Muchinga Member of Parliament turned to be a staunch critic of the PF Government accusing the PF of harassing MMD members.


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  1. Rest in Peace- You will be missed in offering checks and balances in parliament-challenging the PF government. May the Lord be with the family in this trying moment.

  2. Dear mourners. This is yet another great loss for the country. GK was a gallant politician, lawyer and family family man. We will miss him very much. Let me take this opportunity to warn erring cadres and irresponsible police officers to avoid what happened at Wina’s funeral. We are not ready to make another apology.

    • it is indeed a very great lose to the family and to the nation at large.to the bereved family am saying they should jst put everything to god in prayer coz the bible says in ecl 3:1-8 dat everything that happen in dis would happen at a time GOD nd its for a purpose.M.H.S.R.P

  3. Sad day indeed, RIP Hon. Kunda. You’re an honorouable man who stood by what you believed in. May God grant Mrs Kunda and the rest of the Kunda family strength & courage during this very trying time.

  4. Actually the illness is known, its called AIDS, (Acquired Immune-deficiency Syndrome). Its caused by infection with HIV. RIP Sir.

    • Done Deal is not lol-ing at the Veep he is merely stating facts. Are we still in denial????? GK had HIV signs i.e grey skin, red lips, lost weight and his wife is not looking healthy either. Am sad that he passed and cant wish death on anyone but we as humans need to say things they way they are AIDS is real…someone brought it in their marriage. Some bloggers are tribalists, insult online etc lelo pali Sida ati fyoto (sic) MUCHINJE!!!

    • Grey skin, weight loss, etc. does not mean AIDS. Those are the symptoms of many things, and if his wife is not looking well, it may be due to the emotional toll of whatever illness he had. It would be very courageous, and help many people, if leaders who were HIV+ were open about it, but forcing anyone to reveal their status is a violation of their right to privacy. So, why speculate?

    • Denial, what wrong with dying from AIDS, NGAFYACHITIKA NINSHI FYACHITIKA. After all tatwalileko amabwenge, balelya beka.

  5. When Sata & Wife were ill, George Kunda & RB decided to evacuate them to South Africa for medical treatment. Sata got ill and he ensured that he attended to the best Doctors in India
    It remains to question that PF did not even consider taking this man for Medical Treatment to South Africa. Sata’s wife went to UTH to see a patient and ensured she was photo graphed for the press, and could not even bother to see Kunda, who was just 3 minutes walk at the same hospital.
    It says a lot about PF..

    • I respectfully disagree with you.Sata and the PF government are under no obligation to take Kunda to South Africa. In fact no leader should be taken to South Africa at Government expense unless it is a privilege which ill be extended to every Zambian who gets sick..Kunda was at the pinnacle of Zambian government for a long time, therefore  had a chance to improve medical delivery to patients in Zambia but he opted not to.He has more money than an average Zambian to afford to pay his way to South Africa which most Zambians don’t have.So why should Zambians pay for his medical bills? Until these leaders realize that UTH is a one way ticket there is no coming back  which most of us Zambians already know then they will start improving medical care in the country.

    • No one should be evacuated to S.africa or india.Let them die in zambian hospitals.Let them improve Hospital for all Zambians not only MPs .Cant imagine Obama flying to uk for medical treatment.get your brain out of your ass.

    • I also wish to support Wheels on this one. It’s not every illness that needs attention from outside Zambia. You know very well that Sata was evacuated for a much more serious problem than what has claimed the life of Mr Kunda. I stand to be corrected, but if I remember very well, it was late Mwanawasa who took Sata to RSA & not Kunda or RB. On the issue of media, I am sure you know that you dont photograph honourables anyhow. All in all, it’s sad for the country to lose a man like him.

    • #12 you actually contradict yourself ( at least what you call yourself) co’s what is good for all zambians should be good for kunda. UTH IS THE BIGGEST HOSP IN ZED and Iam sure kunda made sure it was well equiped when he was VEEP which is just a few months ago!

    • GK was very sick that he could not be evacuated to S.A. Thats the reason why nobody was allowed to see him to avoid stressing him. Hope you realise that travelling by air is very stressful and some people get what we call air sickness. Check with the Zambia flying Doctors service for some knowledge on that before giving us the blah blah….. RIP G K.

  6. Thank you for being a blessing to Zambia. We thank God for your life.
    Our hearts are with your family.

  7. Why are people dying like this/ What did Ukwa bring from India that is killing all people with divegent views. RIP George!


  8. What is unkown illness? we need to know what is taking our leaders, is it true that GK was………
    Fill in the blanks wisely ka.

  9. Rest in Peace never got to meet you or know you but i remember my boy scout days in Ndola when your son was a cab scout. My condolences to the family 

  10. I admire him for preferring to remain admitted in the UTH instead of seeking VIP treatment in SA where better facilities are available. I wish his family find solace in the Lord.

  11. We are sorry for the Kunda family. This should be a celebration of his life and his accomplishments. This man was not corrupt. He was a true example which all politicains should follow. Personally I like him. Rest in Peace ba Kunda.

  12. Which unknown illness? They know why they could not evacuate him,probabaly its because the ilness was incurable like the mentioned one. Even then too bad. RIP ba GK.

  13. #9 done deal- I didnt know you were priviledged to Mr Kunda’s medical records. People still pass on because of other sickenesses not just AIDS my friend. I am surprised there was no talk about evacuating the man abroad if things were that serious. It is a big loss for Zed.

  14. That is what money and good diet can do, it can sustain you nangulwale shani. But as it finishes u also detoriate rapidly.

  15. I briefly pakt my car upon hearg ds sad news!I will surely miss u!V.brave guy dt threatened to drag som dumy to court n spoke wthout fear of being victizd!u hv surely rested frm ur labour!pliz God comfort his family in Jesus name amen.

  16. Sad development, if it were not for this man’s legal knowledge, RB would be in prison right now.

  17. I respectfully disagree with #11 .Sata and the PF government are under no obligation to take Kunda to South Africa. In fact no leader should be taken to South Africa at Government expense unless it is a privilege which ill be extended to every Zambian who gets sick..Kunda was at the pinnacle of Zambian government for a long time, therefore  had a chance to improve medical delivery to patients in Zambia but he opted not to.He has more money than an average Zambian to afford to pay his way to South Africa which most Zambians don’t have.So why should Zambians pay for his medical bills? Until these leaders realize that UTH is a one way ticket there is no coming back  which most of us Zambians already know then they will start improving medical care in the country.

    • why are zambians being made to pay for ukwa and his trip to india and GBM wife really sata was minister of health and he did nothing much either

    • Wheeler > well said. Time for Zambia to provide good health care.. dependant should not continue.. GK should have used his own monies or personal health insurance as Mazoka did.

  18. If he is dead, its not as sad as the many poor Zambians who died because of these politians selfishness. If i had any sorrow, it goes to the many Zambian children who died of deases. Let him rot in hell.Most Zambians are clowns, they dont even know who to mourn…the rich are just as human as you clowns, please wake up. Its a shame he has died coz he needed to be made answerable for his corrupt acts.

    • Napapata ichisungu 36.1…its ‘hammered the nail on the head’ yaba. Just talking chinpwenya trying to sound American kanshi tamwishibe ofyo mule landa…anyway, twaseka chapwa

  19. The Bible is indeed clear when it states that ” There’s TIME for everything, TIME 2 be born en TIME 2 die. My George’s SOUL Rest in Peace.

  20. Democracy and the country as a whole has lost a fearless icon of social justice, jurisprudence and transformation.

    Thanks for the legacy of having you in the legal fraternity, our nascent democracy and as a father figure.

    To the widow mama Kunda, his old mother recently butchered by PF cadres and unceremoniously searched over her hammer mill at the farm and indeed the children, stay strong and look to God.

    The world left in our hands to make it better place. 

  21. RIP GK. Was the GRZ supposed to evacuate GK to SA for specialist? Did the Doctors recommended him for specialist? if so why did GK not considered using his money to go to SA because that is his health. unkwnon illness, what was it?
    Facts: GK has died with billions is his bank, he could have used a cool billion to seek treatment in SA. The man was great Zambians need that man!!!!!

  22. As sad as the incident is, the PF government must not be blamed for not evacuating the late GK to South Africa for specialised medical treatment. GK was a successful lawyer and former VP of this great Republic. He had gratutity and allowances from the National Constitutional Conference. Surely he could have used a portion of his earnings for specialised treatment. He didnt die a pauper.

  23. Am suprised that most of you seem to suggest that Kunda was a good man because he is dead. That he has died does not make him any good. To me, he was a man who had no principles. He championed corruption when he was legal affairs minister in mwanawasa’s time. Upon the demise of Mwanawasa, he turned around and spat upon the very corruption he had championed. Simply put Ba ni ukwalola umwela, nabo eko balola. Mwanawasa will skin him dead???

    • I agree with you. This culture we have in Africa and Zambia in particular where everyone who has died becomes a good person does not make sense. GK went to London at great expense to secure a conviction of FTJ in that civil case. When Mwanawasa died ( MYSRIP ) GK backpeddled and refused to ensure registration of that UK ruling in Zambia so that FTJ could be nailed. Now how can someone today pretend and say GK was a good politician? I refuse and am not ashamed to say good riddence- GK ‘stole’ money during the CRC and today we easily forget and say he was a good man because he’s dead? Rubbish. May his soul rot in hell!

    • Because many of us realize the sadness and finality of death, even if it is a part of life, and feel it is important to see the good in others. I didn’t agree with many of his policies, but in respect of his recent passing, I choose to pray for his peace and that of his family. I still hope for some of his policies to be changed, and that people should be free to criticize his actions, but I think it is disrespectful, to anyone, to be insulting them after they have died, especially when the family is grieving. Even bin laden, I did not cheer his death although I thought he committed many evil actions and deserved justice for them. Why denigrate life, and humanity, further, with dehumanizing name-calling?

  24. A precidence has been set.No more spending on specialist treatment outside Zambia.GK was VP only 3×90 days ago.When FTJ(MHSRIP) died the current president claimed that GRZ didnt do much to serve FTJ.But they have allowed GK to be admited for more than a week at UTH until his death.Sad turn of events.


  25. @ wheels can’t agree with u any better, sport on. presidents and minister have an obligation..to improve the health service and prisons alike. In any case may MHSRIP and my prayers goes to the family.

  26. He missed being Vice President so much that he got depressed when he looked at Guy Scot. As a politician the man was a failure, anyway RIP.

  27. The Holy Bible in Hebrews 9:27 NIV “Just as people are destined to die once, and after that to face judgment”. What has happened to Mr Kunda is awaiting all of us. I have seen a cemetery at Kafue Gorge called “Muzabwera”, very appropriate name. The question is are you prepared to meet your Maker?

    • The Entrance to Leopards Cemetery has the plaque that reads: “Twali inga imwe” (We were like you); when driving out you will see another one that says “Mukaba inga ifwe (You will be like us)”

  28. I think 85% of these views are full of CRAP!!!. How many of you fake mourners cared about the  Guy??? The most stupid thing now is to Play good when he can’t even hear U!!!!!!!!

  29. Dear Bloggers,
    Any loss of human life is regretable.We are all aware of GK’s long illness. MMD evacuatedto the best hospital in SA last year till the Docs there said he was beyond cure and had to be sent back home. The same thing happened to our brother Teta and Chibombamilimo. In this case GK knew that the end was nigh.He has the finances to go to SA but he knew that the Docs were still going to send him to an hospice(UTH). When its your time , theres no extra time with God. We all have our days numbered.Lets respect the dead please .MSSRIP

  30. MHSRIP

    A true soldier till the end. You played your part son of the soil. Always humble in life. Many have fallen but few will be remembered

  31. people without medical read and listen..HIV /AIDS is not an emergence case..hence there was no need to late GK to SA and bring him as parcel …lets judge him not from afar..but ask God to take him where he belong…!!!!!! 

  32. Too bad GK has passed on! But truly speaking George was a failure in life as a politician. Even his law that he read was “katwishi”…the man blundered on the FTJ case.
    Please fellow bloggers don’t idolise this man. Yes he has died and may his soul rest in peace!

  33. We mourn the loss of GK a lawyer who exhibited his beliefs with a rational mind and stood for the people of Zambia. MHSRIP. We are yet to see who can be sent out for treatment by PF govt since we just experienced the pleasure of Mr Sata trvelling in style to India both for medical treatment and holiday at Zambian’s tax payers, who was once evacuated to South Africa by MMD. Let patriotic Zambians go to UTH while PF members can charter planes to India and Suth Africa for treatment. What a deception, all days will not be sundays and Zambians know it well.

    • Get real Kunda didn’t need any specialist treatment we all know that, do you think if there was need he was not going to pay himself? This applies to sikatana as well the man is seek but there is nothing the doctors can do, he is also in hospice(UTH)

  34. Why do u people like worshipping people when they die? # 10 is right. There’s no such thing as an unknown illness especially in this 21st century. That guy had AIDS. It was written all over him. That’s why the Government and HE HIMSELF saw no point in sending him to SA. He was still going to die anyway. # 45 great comment as well.

  35. Letter to Dean Namulya Mung’omba: post 18th April 2011

    “However long the fight, and however long the journey, the people of Zambia shall always win against any intolerant and tyrannical government.

    …The Republican Constitution is about everything and is the ultimate law of the land. It is the ultimate expression of the citizens on how they wish to govern themselves. No amount of threats and resistance from the president and his government will stop the will of the people. Eventually, there comes a time when people get tired of being pushed around by modern day dictators with the Lord’s Bible in one hand. We cannot run the processes of democratic governance by attempting to impose our will upon our citizens by threats and intimidations.”

  36. Aids is real to all those who like to put it about without wrapping up!!!!!! RIP Kunda. Why not check out chester on youtube with his song about hiv “NDETINA UKUFWA”

  37. Too bad mr Red Liped snake as kalaki refered to you. M.Y.S.R.I.P . you may receive little sympathy because of your behavior when you where a vice president including lying to Rupiah Banda that he was going to win the elections and that MMD was going to rule beyond 2030. i hope you will explain to Levy why you abandoned his fight against corruption after his sudden death. you completely abandoned the famous London judgement which you personally pursued using tax payers money

  38. it is a pity most people are at the same time suppressing the good of the man….fact is death is meant for every man, no man is immortal….as much as he may have been, ”a bad man” to others he is still human and everyone does make mistakes….unless one considers themselves supernatural,

  39. I meant to say he was going to die just like all you promiscuous fools – of AIDS!
    AIDS AIDS you are a killer 
    You are a bastard
    You took my mother
    You took my father

    • What a pointless comment. Not everyone who is promiscuous gets HIV, and not all who get HIV are promiscuous. It’s a disease, and anyone can get it. Certain behaviors put you at a higher risk, but why should an awful illness be anything other than an unhappy fact of life, not a moral judgment? Some bad people live to old age, and some good people die young. People can know the “how” of someone’s death, but not the “why”.

  40. i could see aids in your eyes oh GK
    i could see the hiv virus in your blood oh GK
    I could see your fingers turning grey oh GK
    i could see your lips turning red oh GK
    I could see your hair dropping oh GK
    i could see you dying in power oh GK
    but let the truth be known oh GK
    that unknown illness be known oh GK
    it reduced mr CD4 count in your blood oh GK

    • Well written…… they think they can stay in power forever. During the campaign period he was running to the toilet non-stop. Mrs Kunda HIV/AIDS drugs are available start taking them

    • You all talk of wanting the truth to be known, but yet, when you mention the illness, you do so in a degrading manner, passing judgment.

  41. Let this be a warning to all of you who like doing the wild thing without protection espesially after a few castles or in GK case a few mosis RIP. God have mercy on you….just like all we sinners…The end is near…..

  42. A lot of immature postings, sums up the people trolling on these sites

    Condolences to the Kunda family

    He lost his life and I find it astonishing that people would mock the family and somehow want to gain attention for wrong reasons.

    When you lost a parent/brother/Uncle one day you will realize what Karma is all about



  43. Great loss as a father,husband,uncle etc but as vice president and leader not so great a loss,easily replaceable.
    Evacuation to S.A is no guarantee for healing.Nakatindi the princess just came back as cargo,so bane,life is always in the hands of God.That is why Sata is slowly outliving those who were peddling propaganda and wishing him death,BEWARE of what you wish for,especially for your peceived enemies.

  44. #74 No one is Making a JOKE,The Man Had AIDS,it kills if you dont use condoms,remeber REMMY MUSHOTA & MASHIBA TETA DIED OF AIDS AS WELL.

  45. Rest in peace GK You did your best.However you will be greatly missed for misapplication of the law and misleading the nation on some issues the time you served in RB admin, otherwise you will also be greatly remembered for your constructive criticisms.

  46. Again, some *****s here have taken advantage and continue to show their ignorance. I personally never liked GK. He was a good lawyer though he made a very distastful vice president. But still, I honor him and send my condolences to his family for their loss and the country as a whole.
    R.I.P. GK….

  47. Well as much as we should never say bad things about the dead as they are no longer there to defend themselves, it is very important to say the truth and only the truth about them. We are all though entitled to our own opinions. We should remember George Kunda the time he was attorney general and ministers of justice during the Mwanawasa time when they tried to fight the corruption in the country and we should also remember the times when George Kunda was president in the Rupiah Banda regime. George Kunda lived his life and ate with both hands and I guess he enjoyed his time to the fullest though he still missed being veep. We should also understand that its not all the sicknesses that require evacuation to better hospitals abroad! 

  48. A great soldier is gone! They may call you names but you stood for what you believed in. Go well brother, till we meet again.

  49. Its funny how people choose to lie when one dies, When did this man become “saint George” ? just last week most people had nothing nice to say about this man, now i see people saying we have lost an intelligent man, am confused. 
    Lets learn from such, live well and leave good legacies and spare people from having to lie when we die.
    The only picture i have of this man in my head is of him making noise this time last year. 

  50. Good fight against corruption with one Levy. Good job protecting corruption with a Rupiah. Is that not profound FLIP FLOP? The constitution George, how can you die without giving us the constitution we wanted? Then when you criticised Sata he claimed you were the “dullest” lawyer in Southern Africa. Awe katusheni tata. MYSRIEP.

  51. The sad thing is that we have a clear provision on the republican constitution that stipulates that only men and women of sound health should run for office but yet living dead men like Kunda and Sata were allowed to aspire for office, and win. Imagine the opportunity cost of such useless and highly uncalled for by-elections. Given Sata’s failing health, it would be very foolish to even dream that he will finish his term of office, there is no amount of prayers to god or whatever that can prevent a by election at the political apex in Zambia, once again. These Zambian politicians are not only diseased in morals and deeds, they are rotten in health and are a true reflection of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”.

  52. #86 – Yes Wynter was actually caught on camera at a State House function trying to kiss her right in the presence of Kunda. No wonder his lips are also going reddish and his mind is wobbling a lot these days, kuya bebele.

  53. Oh my word! MHSRIP He was proving to be a great MP providing checks and balances to the PF govt.We have lost a great man.My condolences to the family

  54. Death is a reality…sad that Ba Kunda just some few days ago asked for prayers…and didnt want to see other visitors…the man had a heavy heart…i will remember him as a champion of democracy under Mwanawasa and a killer of it under Banda…may the good Lord have
    mercy upon upon your soul my good sir…

  55. life is sweet. Remember to stand for the down-trodden in times that you are given the opportunity to do so. There are alot of our brothers,sisters,aunties,mothers cracking stones in the cold so as to buy medicine for the sick child. Life is no respector of persons, (life) treats us on an equal basis. Let us be good to others when we are in power. Do unto others what you would like them do unto you in time of need. Peace!

  56. Ba Kunda ilibafwile mayo kulota kankungwe, kulota kankungwe ili munganda yandi owe lelo nanebo nakupanda akalumba
    Ba Irene fibalila umusowa…..
    Where is the great Serenje Kalindula band to play a song in tribute to our Lala man who threw principals to the wind in search of a good life like all lawyers do?
    May the Good Lord judge you according too your deeds when you were on this earth Wesu

  57. Rest In Peace George!!! Thanks for the contribution to the development of our country… Zambia will miss you!

  58. no. 21 what u ve said is true GK wanted to remain in uth cos even if one is evacuated toS.Africa,Russia or whereever,when the Hour has come,u come back in a casket.This man was reasonable he did not want to spend money for nothing.Death is death,in Uth or SA.MHSRIP.

  59. Am sorry no tears shed for Red Lips Kunda, i can shed tears for poor pipo in shanty compounds dying as a result of no drugs in hospitals cos Red Lips, Nyama soya Banda and their Movement for Mad Dogs stole all the money for poor fellows. You see aya chikala down ukutemwa sex.Hamba Kahle Red Lips

  60. mushota, God will visit your door step very soon. you will come and blog asking for the person that posted this. remember these words

  61. But every one of us will die, the only difference is where you spend eternity, but if you chose jesus you will be with him in glory , if the former vp did then lets mourn for ourselves because this jouney envolves every one


  63. From “star dust back to star dust” as per science. GK had his own angels and demons. Of late, he was a thorn to PF as he stood out from the pack for his outspoken divergent views. To some he has left a void while to others, the void is plugged. May he RIP

  64. My condolences to the family for the great loss. We shall all die and it is not only AIDS that kills people. No one is immortal, let those who want to mourn do so with dignity. Remember your time and mine will also come. Yes!

  65. Chabipa kulupwa yaba Kunda MHRIP.

    Ain’t it funny how many people who spat bad vibes about this man {Death Wish} now have their way. Those who wish others or say ‘Nfwiti’ stuff, should to be very careful too as Death will soon knock on their door.

    My other concern is poor MMD’s survival as a vibrant opposition in our so called Democratic State.

  66. Mushota=Chills=Ice_Road_Trucker=Moi=A Phiri ana bwe=Jumbo=Muna Dekhane=Zozi-A-Zozi.

    I hate you.We shall prosper no matter how much you hate us.Africa will be superior.RIP GK I love you despite your weaknesses

  67. It is indeed a loss of a true Zambian soldier and lawyer who stood by what he believed in. You have played your part son of the soil… We shall see the promised land. We may not be there with you. MHSRIP

  68. RIP GK at Ukwa said “The dullest barrister in Southern Africa”. 

    AIDS is real…wrap it up or be faithful or condomize or take your meds religiously.

  69. Yet another sobering reminder that you can go anytime and that tomorrow has not been promised to you.Fare thee well George Kunda.

  70. I think Mushota is right all those trying to make fun of GK’s or any other person’s death is truly of questionable thinking. All of us will die someday so please stop mocking the Kunda family with your irresponsible blogging. AIDS or no AIDS the man served our country and proved that he was a person of principle unlike some of the politicians who have served our country in the recent past. Remember death @ a man’s door when he least expects it.I end here MGKHSRIP 

  71. George did not die because he was not evacuated. He died because his illness had reached its peak. Even in South Afrca, or India, he could have died, because doctors can only do so much. Secondly, we do not beef with the dead, but we don’t pretend they were saints either. The only reason I wish he had lived longer was so that he could be prosecuted. Lucky bastard made an early exit.

  72. **==**==GK was like a worm to me or palpate however, May his soul rest in peace, but we will greatly remember him as one of very useless people or lawyers Zambia has ever produced u like it or not. MJ UNZA.

    we all know that this man was very sick it was just time

  73. Mr Red Lips………..naiwe yakutenga ….please just go……………..i dont have anything positive to say about him…he was a tyranny, selfish, arrogant, politician, (I think he was jealousy of those that would live longer than him)…the way he behaved, making other people´s lives difficult for nothing…..pwepwepwe……….. so the people he killed in Mongu will welcome him in heaven or hell

  74. Why all of a sudden. I smell some UNIP mentality at play. He has been summarised. Bashetani imwe time will come….

  75. RIP George,am sure Levy has a great deal of questions to ask you.He was once a great leader but the only things that remain in my heart are the memories of how he helped R.B in the plunder of this Country,how he very much wanted to draft a Zambian constitution that would have supported the MMD, how he would go the pulpit and shamelessly defend the very person he once persued,FTJ…overall,when some dies we are supposed to be sad,and personally,am sad for the people he has left behind, but George lost his ways.Truth Told

  76. RIP G.Kunda. Served with all your heart we appreciate. Interesting … You assisted Sata go to RSA for treatment when he was in opposition and He sent you to UTH to die. Shame!

    Just proves what a leader Late LPM was …. utilised most of the talent Zambia could offer to run his government. Got Late Kunda from the legal profession to be Attorney General and Legal Minister, Magande from opposition party, Now that was a man with  a heart for Zambia. Not the nonsense you put in government.

  77. This is a lesson to all. Never leave an enemy behind for he shall come and stab you from the back. GK should have known better.

  78. speculations by some bloggers that the man died of AIDS can not just be ignored. the problem is we don’t have any politician who has come out in the open and say that he or she is HIV positive. this is bad because it encourages stigmatization and denial, which in the end work against us. the people we victimize try to get back at us by infecting those we love; our spouses, sisters and children. to stop this viscous circle we need to show real love to one another.

  79. insult GK or not the man is dead and knows nothing happening right now, if i were you, worry about your life. if u died today which would be your destiny? heaven or hell? check your life before its too late!

  80. Negative comments are not even funny but are evil. GK was a best check on PF abuse of power in parliament. Rest in peace GK and God is your and our fairest and Holy Judge – no one else

  81. There is a time for everything we are born, Live and die. Ask your self “where was I before I was born on earth” ??? chaona mzako chapita mawa chiza ona iwe may he rest in peace go well my country man you fought your battles well

  82. Gallant man of our people. Though at one time you neglected your principles in the name of collective (govt) responsibility, I still salute u for what you archived for Zed in your life time. U well managed the Law Association, performed soundly in ur Legal practice, gave sound legal advice to Mwanawasa, stood steadfastly in defence of democracy as an opposition MP – these are but a few that comes to mind. RIP

  83. Despite all wrong things he did,he was a husband and Father.Its sad for the family especially the children who will have no one to call daddy.

  84. Very sad for the Family and Zambia. MYSRIP Mr. Vice President . very sad for MMD as well.thought they said he was doing well?? very strange.

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