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No Major Friendly Games For Zambia Before 2014 Qualifiers In June


Faz has ruled out any friendly matches for the 2012 African champions before their 2014 World Cup Group D qualifying matches this June.

Faz communications officer Erick Mwanza said plans are under way to have Zambia play training games against South African PSL teams in Johannesburg next month.

Zambia will go into their final phase of camp for their June clashes against Sudan and Ghana in Johannesburg after May 25.

Meanwhile, a team of home-based player that will be unveiled by coach Herve Renard next week will enter camp in Lusaka on May 15.

Zambia will travel to Sudan for their opening Group D match on June 2 in Khartoum before hosting Ghana on match days two in Ndola on June 9.


  1. The good thing about being on top is you have no choice but to be the best you can be as everyone is gunning for you. Eat well, train well, learn and adjust well then kick a$$! 

  2. This is not News, let Faz did with it. We won the Afcon; I know many nations infact the whole Africa shall pay to play us shake my head at the non use of opportunity by FAZ.

  3. Why am I not surprised, how can’t the champions not have a friendly with a proper team…everything revolves around RSA…only until the Zambian National team is humiliated like Dynamos will you chaps wake up….next this thieving Administration will say they don’t have funds…watch this space!!

  4. I guess we are still celebrating the February 2012 AFCON victory to worry about friendliez and the FIFA ranking.

  5. Twa amba ukukula umutwe ba chipopolo or r we just scared of beig humiliated. Brazil has been world champions several times but still have thier freindlies who are we not to?

  6. The new Ghana coach is taking these fixtures very very seriously indeed and they have set up friendlies with proper teams, what is HR and King Kalu doing still touring the country with the cup and enjoying the prize money in his home country RSA..
    Are you telling me that your Great Kalu can’t pick the phone and organise a proper friendly with the top 20 FIFA ranked teams to test the team. If not now then when as next year there will be another AFCON and we won’t be going in as underdogs!   

  7. Efyo iya, we were promised high calibre friendlies by the Litunga of soccer, now he is too busy with prize money and sees no need to play quality friendlies, let this afcon frenzy fizzle out and reality will once again dawn on us.

  8. People say kalu has connections, so why doesn’t he organise friendlies with other countries. Being afcon champs, faz can even organise matches with european national teams as they prepare for their euro and even team in south america,

  9. @11 reasoning

    The only connections he has are in RSA where he resides.. he wouldn’t dare ask the European FAs as they are transparent and are accountable in their dealings…. UEFA doesn’t mess about and takes a hard line on corrupt activities even his corrupt grandpa Chief Sep Blatter knows them too well. No European association would be foolish enough to write-out cheques in Kalu’s name.

  10. I will confess I dont like this Erick Mwanza chap, whatever he says there is just a tinge of arrogance which rubs me wrongly.
    Why cant we ensure that the team is well prepared for these games, both teams we will play early in June are full of vengeance for eliminating them at the Afcon 2012 and we want to be complacent???? Ba Kalusha, you may be married in South Africa, but please let us work properly.
    Does Herve Renhard draw up his programme before this Mwanza chap speaks volumes?????

  11. Bane na time kulibe. Let them just train very well and very hard. Look at Libya, they came with a backdrop of no GRZ but they did a rather commendable job. So please let us not doubt too much. Besides we doubted them when they went in January and look what happened.

  12. When I was young the national team, the KK Eleven then did not stress so much about international friendlies whenever resources did not allow, but instead put up interesting encounters known as ALL STARS Vs THE REST, which were basically Zambia A Vs Zambia B. So, lets’ first try this rather than just rush to SA all the time. I’d not mind our boys going to SA only for their final camp just before meeting Ghana.

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