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MMD has suffered under PF government- Dr. Mumba

General News MMD has suffered under PF government- Dr. Mumba

Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba

MMD presidential hopeful Dr. Nevers Mumba has cried foul that the former ruling party has suffered At the hands of the ruling Patriotic Front.

Dr. Mumba has however noted that the MMD has managed to withstand the intimidation from the ruling party.

He says the PF government has tried hard to weaken the MMD from the time it lost the elections in the 2011 election.

In an interview with QFM, Dr. Mumba states that the grabbing of MMD campaign vehicles and other properties was one such action meant to weaken the party.

He says the MMD has remained strong despite attempts weaken it.

Dr. Mumba has also praised the MMD national secretary Maj. Richard Kachingwe for working hard and ensuring that the former ruling party remains strong.

He has since appealed party members to desist from attacking each other in public.



  1. you full how many times did our president (sata)suffered under your foolish mmd govt, didn’t your govt under you as veep arrest mr sata for motor vehicles theft,didn’t mmd govt teargassed mr sata and confiscate his vehicles ? so ba self ordained pastor stop bar keen , remember to every action there is an equal reaction with equal force. no wander katumbi refused to see you in lubumbashi ,cause you easily forget.you and levy chased katumbi and got all his properties and today you want to befriend katumbi shame.

    While history continue to hunt us ,we need to forge ahead and develop new ideas.leadership is not for the meek especially in opposition.Its sad that Zambia lacks a strong opposition leader who articulate issues and not merely complaining.Mr Sata was a strong opposition to reckon with both i government policies and indeed on harassment and attacks.the tenet of democracy is with the people and opposition parties are major constitutes of democratic society.Oppostion leaders should wake up and start working as well !!!

  3. I had so much respect for dr nevers, but politics have diluted you sir, you can even lie and leave your Godly call pulpit to apease the voters. The truth is, mr nevers, been big mouthy wont gain mileage to ascend to the presidency of zambia

  4. Not yet…this is only the begining!! you forget so easily how Mr. Sata, the PF & all of us citizens suffered under your MMD govt.! shame on you!!

  5. Iwe ka Nevers have you forgotten how MMD teargassed ba SATA during DEC interrogations? How can you forget so easily? Indeed this is just the beginning and you have 5 more years to contend with PF.

  6. U haven’t suffered fake U sell-out. Do you even know the meaning of the word ‘suffer’ ? Just shut up you Judas, man of no fixed abode at that age. Hope ba MMD you ve seen through this cameleon and wont make a mistake to lead you .

  7. If MMD is a serious party, the likes of Nevers Mumba should get less that 0% of the upcoming MMD presidential elections.

  8. People who insult Nevers are not democrats. In a democracy, every politician is valuable. Without Opposition parties, democracy is at risk. So insteead of insulting HH, Nevers Mumba, Nawakwi etc, we should encourage them to provide checks and balances to the political party in govt. This is the only way democracy will work for us.

    Unfortunately, a lot of political cadres are not schooled in democracy. They are only interested in tribal politics and not democracy in Zambia as a way. So to them, there MUST never be an opposition. For them, democracy is only a way of teh MAJORITY voting you into power. Once in power, you do whatever you want. Anything but DEMOCRATIC governance!!!.

    No wonder we are wehere we are. Democracy is a method of governace, not just voting people into office.

  9. Just hardly 2 months you are complaining YOU F.O.O.L?? He is such a hypocrite Now complaining when he sponsored cadres to cause confusion at George Kunda’s funeral. Mutati is a Better Man than this chups Called MUMBA, don’t even consider this evil pastor to be your Party President, he will dump you for a Position in PF. He did the same for his Church, Then HIS Party to MMD and now MMD to PF, watch out. Really a shame to have such people in our society.

  10. HH and Mumba are using every opportunity to earl mileage. The lie that they have been attack, house broken into, about to be attacked etc. The MMD was a very corrupt party and the PF will dig everything out and late you pay.

  11. Iwe Ka Ice_Road_Trucker says, just shad up. Did you ever see Obama start as a pastor in his own church, then form a party and lose miserably, then disband his party and church after the Republicans gave him a job, then start wafling after his new party lost? No. And its because Democracy and Principles go hand in hand waumfwa iyi mwaiche.

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