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People should no longer die from malnutrition and other hunger related diseases-Government

Health People should no longer die from malnutrition and other hunger related diseases-Government

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Patrick Chikusu visits patients at Senanga Hospital during his familiation tour in Western Province

Government says people should no longer die from malnutrition and other hunger related diseases when the country has sufficient food resources.

Deputy Minister of Health Patrick Chikusu says the Patriotic Front government-PF has waged a war against malnutrition in the country just any other country in the world.

Dr Chikusu was speaking when he toured Chikakanta Mission Hospital in Chikakanta District in Southern province to familiarize himself on the operations on the hospital.

He said the PF government is in a hurry to deliver to the people of Zambia.

He revealed that Chikakanta Mission Hospital is earmarked for the conceptualization of Home Based Care services which other countries in the world have adopted.

The Health Deputy Minister visited the bio-medical unit, laboratory, hospital wards, and the theater among others.

Dr. Chikusu was accompanied to Southern provinces by senior medical officers from Lusaka and Southern province.



  1. Bear them in mind as you go for round 2 portion of dinner. One of the long standing failures of the world is failing to find a way to achieve this across the planet.

  2. How then do you reconcile giving fuel to Malawi and maize to Zimbabwe, when the majority of Zambian can hardly afford a meal a day? A cheap pot shot from a Minister who is oblivious to what his boss is doing, its irresponsible to make such populist statements that are empty at best. What an inept lot who think they can hoodwink the populace at every turn! The day of reckoning is sure nigh.

    • america gives aid to other countries, including zambia but it has billions and billions of dollars debts with china, what am i saying, we need to have alies in the region such that when it comes to making some decisions during comesa meetings and sadc we are asured of their support of our idea. and not only that there are many benefits of what the government did to help malawi but putting in mind the fact that yes there are a lot who are poor, in our country but we jst need to find a lasting solution that the ten tanks can not even solve


  4. we must nt thrw food away when others do not have anything:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
    we must put :):):):):) on the faces of other peeps ya

  5. This is exactly the kind of information I was digging for.~~~the blogger offered many helpful information~~~hope see your new works~~

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