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No booze at Levy Stadium

Sports No booze at Levy Stadium

Some soccer fans, perched on the turf watching the game between ZANACO and Nchanga Rangers at Sunset Stadium in Lusaka.

THE Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has said all offensive items and alcohol beverages will not be allowed inside the new Levy
Mwanawasa Stadium in Ndola during this weekend’s dress-rehearsal matches.

After conducting drills for ushering and evacuating spectators at the stadium at the weekend, FAZ vice-president Boniface Mwamelo said the
association would strictly adhere to the world governing body, FIFA’s safety requirements.

Mwamelo said the spectators would be screened 100 metres from the stadium and that only those with tickets would be allowed entry for
the trial matches involving top MTN Premier Division League teams.

“We went through the drills for ushering and evacuation of fans. We are satisfied with preparations according to the rehearsals. We will
do it in accordance with FIFA safety requirements,” he said.

In this double-header MTN Premier Division League Week 12, leaders Zesco United will clash with Nchanga Rangers in the first game before
Nkana face-off with arch-rivals, Power Dynamos.

He said private vehicles would also not be allowed near the stadium and advised the fans to find alternative parking spaces elsewhere.

FAZ wants all 52 exit points at the picturesque stadium to be clear of any obstacle and that in case of an emergency, the more than 40,000
spectators need to be evacuated within 15 minutes in an orderly manner.

Mwamelo, who was flanked by treasurer, Kelvin Mutafu at the stadium,said FAZ wanted to ensure a violence-free atmosphere and that any
items which could dilute the enjoyment of football would not be tolerated at the stadium.

The FAZ vice-president appealed to the fans to cooperate with the match organising team which would be screening for tickets and that
alcohol and some offensive objects would not be permitted at the stadium.

Mwamelo said many volunteers had come on board to assist with fire emergency procedures and implementation of tight security measures.

He said the rehearsals would continue this week for the double-header and that they would be a joint meeting involving FAZ match organisers,
representatives from the four clubs and the a steering committee from the ministry of Youth and Sport.

Mwamelo said FAZ was grateful to the Government for taking up the costs of the mock session on May 19.

He added that FAZ would do an assessment after this weekend’s dress-rehearsal on all aspects of match organisation and other areas
in readiness for Zambia’s 2014 World Cup qualifier against Ghana on June 9 in Ndola.


  1. You have banned Tujilijili. Is there any need to do this? Will be watching on TV with a fridge full of beer. Its your loss. 

    • This is good news. Now families can go to games and not feel threatened. Zambia headed in the right direction.

  2. ‘He said private vehicles would also not be allowed near the stadium and advised the fans to find alternative parking spaces elsewhere’. Dont tell me that the stadium does not have a parking slot. If it does then people must be allowed to park their vehicles there. Honestly where do they expect people to park their vehicles if not at the stadium? Someone help me understand this.

  3. to hell with your stadium..i will only come there if i see it fit that the stadium is strong enough to hold spectators to capacity and does not colla[pse in three international matches….china guys like making gonga stuff……..meanwhile i will be watching from the comfort of my home notu jilijili pa mbali……

  4. Sofkanfan!!!!! its is as clear as it is and does not make sense. I have never heard anywhere in the world where people park else where other than the permitted parking slots in the stadium. The biggest joke of all time. I have been to the site and it would be silly not to allow people to park at the stadium, the places to park are so far.

  5. Indeed, how come there is no parking space. A stadium as if it is a military base. Ma wee

  6. Surely there should be a car a park at the stadium! If not, then the designers of the stadium did not do a good job. Something must be wrong here! Mukatamba mweka!

  7. In short this guy is saying dont come to the stadium! so much restrictions atase,i should walk there then i cant access my drink.Better watch it from a nearby bar then.

  8. And a wrong pic is shown here, instead of the one being talked about. Anyway Journalists are like this everywhere. You find one describing an Airbus 320 aeroplane but only to discover that he has displayed a pic of a Boeing 777.

    • Good afternoon,
      You can get you tickets from any Zesco pay point in Ndola or Kitwe as from Thursday 17-05-2012,
      charges are VIP – K100,000, GST – K10,000 and Open wing K5,000

  9. The Chinese were only paid to build a stadium.
    Like the roads they do not care about drainage and gutters.

    Make the contracts clear when dealing with these scum of the earth.
    They will steal your dog if your not careful.

  10. when people talk about maladminstration at faz, you dont take them seriously. these guys are jokers and not adminstrators. very shortly if not already, these thieves will go back to the gvt with a begging bowl claiming that they are broke. mark my word. am sure they have already shared whatever they won at afcom instead of investing in profitable ventures.

  11. No alcohol means families can go with their little ones like they do in other nations and watch games peacably. you Park afar so as they can monitor litter and fan out intoxicated fellows.

  12. This is actually going to turn out greater than expected, don’t down play any thiactually collect more revenue from Families that can buy food that would be sold in the satium and moral beverages.

  13. Without reading I actually deciphered the concept of their reasoning, After going throgh the post I have been vindicated.

  14. The finding park space elsewhere is demeaning to committed soccer fans. what do FAZ Mean by this? where do they expect us to park our vehicles all the way from Livingstone, Lusaka, Kabwe?? etc.

    This is the incompetency of this FAZ. trial matches should have been held six months ago. The national team should have played there at least twice to three times before the crucial game. Atase, we shall watch from our homes on June 9th and this “Double Fake header”.

  15. Corruption yapa FAZ beitwala ku stadium. That stadium was not built by FAZ so leave that stadium which we built with our taxes though on credit. Vehicles can be packed by the Stadium and not what Mr Mwamelo is insinuating. We shall unleash Madam Chifungula on FAZ this year, just wait.

  16. Zambians never cease to amaze me? Instead of buying hospital equipment..multiple…..MRI scanners and more ….we are busy building constructing ifi bansa fye bola…! our drainage system in pathetic in lusaka, our inner city roads are a mess? look at us …more concerned about booze? The ARV’s we take are of sub-standards…….side effects blindness….? Instead of demanding for better health services and ATRIPLA (3 in 1) taken once daily for HIV with less side effects….we are worried about booze….! wake up people….demand for a better life.

  17. even world cup venues such as Soccer City in south africa dont allow cars to be parked near the stadium. it is international trend. even stadia in the UK dont allow cars parked nearby. Even worst stadiums like nchanga stadium dont allow consumption of liquour.

  18. Vinod have you ever been to a Stadium in the UK? I support Liverpool and I can tell you we share a Car Park with Everton. When a stadium is being built, parking and access are taken into account. Leka ubufi iwe car pole lee. Booze is sold inside the stadium.

    I have to White Hurt Lane, Emirates and the new Wembley and got booze inside the stadium. These guys must have bumped into some text from the middle east.

  19. Good afternoon,
    You can get you tickets from any Zesco pay point in Ndola or Kitwe as from Thursday 17-05-2012,
    charges are VIP – K100,000, GST – K10,000 and Open wing K5,000, Those of us who have watched football in Chingola and Konkola we park vehicles at other peoples homes and not at the staduim at a small fee. When you at the stadium its at owners risk there4 FAZ want us to be responsible people. Indeed if you buy a ticket for VIP then you should get a parking space at the stadium.

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