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MMD True Blues back Mutati

General News MMD True Blues back Mutati

Felix Mutati
Felix Mutati

A GROUP calling itself the MMD “True Blues” has backed Lunte Member of
Parliament (MP) Felix Mutati as the preferred candidate for the party presidency. The Group has also advised MMD presidential aspirant Nevers Mumba to respect the Presidency and leadership.

The Group secretary Dominic Kaonde said this in a statement in Lusaka yesterday that the group has consulted widely on the matter adding they reached a conclusion to support Mr Mutati.

Mr Kaonde stated that the group resolved to support Mr Mutati because he had been in touch with the party members and structures for a long time.

He said Mr Mutati has also proved that he cared for the party. Mr Kaonde further stated that if elected Mr Mutati would be easy to market due to his consistency unlike Mr Mumba who he said has changed parties “like jackets”.

“If pastor Mumba was elected to become president ,what will stop him from doing to it what he did to National Citizen Coalition (NCC) and reform Party (RP),”he wondered.

He has since appealed to Zambian’s to discard the desperation being championed by Mr Mumba. “As MMD grassroots, we take great exception to politics of hatred and
bitterness exhibited by pastor Mumba,”he said.

Mr Kaonde also said the working group was committed to returning the party to its founding principles. “We are committed to an amended MMD constitution, introduction of two vice presidency positions and the electing of a credible leader to win in 2016,”he said.


  1. Nevers will never be president..just check your forename man!!!! and stop making noise..your party is long gone…..

  2. awe mwandini from die hard to true mmd any way i agree with you nevers ni muselela kwakaba .if you give him the presidency we will buy him in pf.

  3. How i pit Nevers Mumba. Now look at his position in MMD after the true blues. Thrue blue will finish him and i even wonder if at all he will contest

  4. Mutati is a thief who took brides when he was at ZESCO according to World Bank records. We are just waiting for the release of the report and his arrest. Please continue to back him you foo!s.

    MMD are going NOWHERE until they address corruption in their potential leadership.

    • # 6 is very right. Mutati is a last person a normal person can support. He is a pf guy and that is why pf does not want him to account for his bribes at ZESCO and as a Minister of Commerce.

  5. Kaonde waba amafi, “TRUE BLUES”. This is rubbish. True blues are those of 1991 and not after that. You have been paid by Mutati to make noise. Mr Mutati is not charasmatic to attract many. He is a manager. Levy Mwanawasa once admired NEVERS MUMBA and advised him to join MMD. He never decided on his own. Only that Mwanawasa and Mumba did not go PACKED way. NEVERS still remains the best. Mind you nima provincial conferences to vote. WAPYA BAISA.

  6. mumba is needed in time such as this or else mmd will die from the coma. because he has all what it takes and he is up to the task to take up the munumental task ahead. mutati cannot manage because opposion is for rough rider. oppositon is not for boys but real hard men.

  7. too late the hero. where were you when we the people needed you most to stop rb from killing the party? as true blues, you should have stood by kaka, ( katele kalumba – although he is also corrupt) when he single handedly, tried to reason with all of you about useless rb. as it is now, you are a little too late cos mmd is sinking very fast and no one is gonna help it.

  8. Anyway why even bother to argue; mmd is as good as dead, it will never come back to power whoever becomes mmd president. Our memories are not short. Ask unip, they will tell you.

  9. I’m PF, but I can tell u MMD chaps, for free, Mutati is Not aggressive. He is too soft. He cannot take on PF and put us on our toes. Elect Mutati, the opposition for checks and balances to PF will come from within PF and not from MMD as it will be incapable under Mutati.

    Lwenu. Maybe try Mutati for V/Presidency. Not the top.

  10. ‘Die hards’ and now it is the ‘ Blues’, these are cracks developing in the MMD. If one loses the election they will push to form their own party and that will be the end of MMD. 

  11. What true bues? Where you there at Garden House in 1990/1991. Ekwali inshimbi then not you new comers soiled with corruption. You are paper weights to PF. We are actually concerned that there is now no formidable opposition in Zambia to provide checks and balances to PF that are showing early signs of `run away` misconduct in governing the country. UPND are a regionally entrenched party with worn out muscles accepting niccopumpus like William Banda to joint thier party ranks.

  12. WHAT A BUNCH OF ANNOYING OPPORTUNISTS !!! YOU THINK THE SUFFERING PEOPLE OF ZAMBIA NEED PEOPLE WITH THEIR HEADS IN THE CLOUDS !! Zambia needs qualified people can rule the country out of poverty !! people who are empathetic to their cries, not selfish dreamers !!! True Blues? Really ?? True blues, my foot !!!! People are suffering on the grassroots level & all you can come up with something like that !! Why not “people’s protectors” or something like that!! You already think you are ROYALTY, so how are you going to SERVE the people?????? LOSERS !!!

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