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President Michael Sata swears in Tribunal to investigate the alleged misconduct of suspended Judges

Headlines President Michael Sata swears in Tribunal to investigate the alleged misconduct...

Malawian Judge,Chikopa take Oath MALAWI High Court Judge, Lovemore Chikopa has arrived in the country to commence sittings of the tribunal established to investigate alleged impropriety of three local judges.President Michael Sata talks to Judge Chikopa (r) during the swearing -in ceremony at State House
Malawian Judge,Chikopa take Oath MALAWI High Court Judge, Lovemore Chikopa has arrived in the country to commence sittings of the tribunal established to investigate alleged impropriety of three local judges.President Michael Sata talks to Judge Chikopa (r) during the swearing -in ceremony at State House

Republican President Michael Sata has sworn-in Malawi High court Judge Lovemore Chikopa and three other members of the tribunal expected to investigate the alleged professional misconduct of the three suspended Judges.

The tribunal will investigate the alleged interference in the case involving the Development Bank of Zambia (DBZ) and Post Newspapers Limited, JNC investment holdings and Mutembo Nchito.

The tribunal is expected to complete its investigations within two months but may recommend to the President its own timeframe should need arise.

Other tribunal members sworn-in include former High court Judges Naboth Mwanza and Thomas Ndlovu while Chipili Katunase Magayane is the secretary.

The suspended Judges to be investigated by the tribunal are Supreme Court Judge Philip Musonda, and High court Judges Charles Kajimanga and Nigel Mutuna.

And President Sata has urged the tribunal to embrace the principles of Justice as they investigate the alleged unprofessional conduct of the three suspended judges.

President Sata noted that natural justice demands that the accused persons are given an opportunity to be heard.



  1. careful Mr chikopa. The cobra will not hesitate to spit at you if you dont deliver his expected outcome………………..ask Mr Zulu

  2. this man sata is wasting tax payers money…two months of tax payers money to be wasted on mmembe and his cohorts……misguided priorities…..how much will this all cost…..unbelievable indeed..instead of pumping money in infrastructure develpment,medicines in hospitals are not found….God never seen such presidency before..this makes RB look organised in resource management…

  3. Ya ya …within 2 months powerful president everything well set with time frame,tekulalanda fye.Sata mwaume bane ala mwala chapwa bane..Kulaililila fye nga ni ba Musonda I don’t know?

  4. Rubbish! Mmembe and nchito should just pay back the k14 bn. Abash tribal dictators and their kangaroo courts! No matter what you do, there will be time to pay for your sins!

  5. Lekeni Sata ateke, bachape munyina, Musonda openly hated you when he was chewing ndalama zaufulu kuli baja bamudala banali kuti “ni ndalama zawiso?”

  6. When are we going to start pumping money into schools and clinics….This will only benefit Mmembe and Nchito in their quest to get away with our 14 bn kwacha. A mfumu a Chikopa koma muyendese bwino nkhani iyi kuti kuja ku Liliongwe tikadye bwino.

  7. well then what happens to the 14billion kwacha after the tribunal has completed its works? Are we looking at another Dochi Kubeba syndrome of sweeping the real thing under the pretext of setting up tribunals. Nchito and Mmembe you can only escape for a short while the truth will still stand you need to pay back.

  8. he has given them chance to be heard let them speak is just good MOVE one has to embrace PROFFESSIONALISM

  9. honestly, how many tribunals can this man swear in? All these functions at state house cost money.

  10. What are the terms of reference for the tribunal? I really don’t know what its really about? I mean is it to investigate whether it was wrong to continue a case in which the complainant had withdrawn. Can someone please enlighten me.

  11. tabakatale abafuma pa state house. palilowa. ba sata nimpalume. incito yabo kucita fye swear in ngabatendwa ni firing. swearing in yena encito baishibisha. firing kucita fye prepare for swearing in. awe sure

  12. This is Sata’s favourite time of the day swearing in people and receiving reports from his appointees…we will never see him hold a serious Q&A press conference at State House.   

  13. Let us wait and see. at least cobra is doing something and better than than the nonsense we had before 


    • He needed as we all wanted an independent person who can not be influenced by Zambian politics. By the way, almost the entire judiciary is corrupt including the judicial authority because all these corrupt judges are buddies. It’s just right we have someone totally impervious to the Zambian corruption.

  15. No. 13 Nubian Princess, the president inherited a **** up judiciary. He needs to start somewhere to be convinced that most judges who will be retired after this tribunal, will be so in national interest. There is no money spent during swearing in ceremony, iwee, atase! Judge Musonda has now got a chance to clear himself. By the way Nubian Princess, can we compare the amount spent by RB flying arround like a butterfly and being spent on tribunals to ensure Zambia is cleansed of corruption and deterrents are established for those contemplating of continuing with the corrupt mentality?? Even the EU & USA ambassadors have agreed that Zambia needs to fight this scourge in a consistent & aggressive manner. I cannot wait to read what will be revealed about Judges Musonda, Mutuna & Kajimanga!

  16. # 19 better a Kaponya than your lazo Chiluba & food monger, whisky drunk and extravagant Rupiah! Any commonwealth country can appoint a judge from another commonwealth country to be part of a tribunal! Get some education before you make wild statements! By the way, MCS is a very organised man such that he is married to the most qualified first lady this country has ever had, a medical doctor with a master of science post graduate degree in peadriatric medicine.

    • So, what’s the difference between Sata and Chiluba. You don’t seem to known what you’re talking about buddy. These are thugs my friend. You epitomize what is wrong with this country for voting for people like that.

  17. We really need an independent judiciary.This judge is on Sata ‘s payroll so to speak and will seek to please the hand that butters his bread.The verdict is already known.Whats the difference between Malawians and Zambians anyway..we look the same,same poverty…same get rich quick schemes.

  18. What is going to happen when Sata runs out of swearing in ceremonies…? We need to come up with a longer Job description for our president.

  19. So what criteria does the President use to select a High court Judge from another country? Does the Malawian Judicial system give him a short-list of appropriate qualified Judges based on court cases and experience or does State house undertake its own head-hunting exercise?

  20. So how much is this kangaroo court going to cost on top of the money owed to DBZ by Membe and co? We all know what is going to happen, the judges will be in the wrong and Membe’s debt will be written off. The Zambian tax payer will be the loser. Glad am not in the banana republic and it is not my tax that is being squandered and used as patronage.

  21. If you want to reform the judiciary why do you only pick on three judges who have had a running with Membe and co? Where is the blue-print for the proposed reforms and why are they not being debated in parliament? How far are these reforms going to go? Will they involve customary law, the magistrates etc?

  22. Iam surprised at some of the comments,especially those that just condemn what sata does or says.Some bloggers even compare sata to rb.The fact is Sata is a better leader by far and cannot be compared to rb whose office was in the air,busy touring the world and ecouraging corruption.Some bloggers sound so bitter that their language border on insulting the head of state.My advise is think before you discharge diarrhoea in public!

  23. This tribunal thing has been making news for some time now and am sick of it. Why so many headlines even before it starts to operating. deleted!!!

  24. We can not talk about the 14b because that money went towards the campaign of PF,the issue is; why is the case passing through so many hands, government offices,state house and judges?

  25. But this time we are in trouble. I am now sick of this malawi judge issue. we know the outcome already

  26. Now the opposition can submit their issues to the tribunal and assist the country move forward instead of foreign embassies.

  27. Everyday swearing swearing swearing and more swearing,..when are schools, roads, hospitals, poverty, and youth employment going become the headline in our beloved nation?


  29. More money in the pocket of judge Chikopa, how about extra change in the pockets of the poor youth that voted for the PF gvt

  30. How many Tribunals are they going to be? This is a straight forward case that not need a tribunal. IBANGE PA STATE HOUSE NALIKALIPA BAD.

  31. I cant believe the ignorance am reading here. I think in Zambia we do too much talking and less thinking. Bloggers lets think before we comment.
    Surely how do you expect to see the positives this government if you dont even understand procedures that are supposed to be followed when doing certain things?
    Cant you see that all Hospitals in Zambia are being painted? New ones are been bult? Roads are been done? do you expect these things to happen overnight? Every Sector needs cleaning n all you haters of PF will be shamed by the time it will be 2016. Wait n See

  32. We should give the tribunal chance to do their job and then puke whatever vomit we want. At least the President is trying his best to do as he promised; get rid of corruption in all sectors of government. Lets give him chance to do what he promised and then castigate him later if he fails, not when he has not even started. As for Mmembe and Nchito, they will be called to account for the K14 billion and if they are found wanting, he’s not called king cobra for nothing; akabasumaula ichabipisha. If he could allow his own son to be arrested on just a mare allegation of buying a stolen car, what to you think he will do to someone who is not even family. Lets give him chance so that we find out the truth about what transpired with the three judges because I thought we all want the truth.

  33. Show time, countrymen…wait, watch and see the drama unfold. For the first time, President stuck to the written script when addressing his appointees. I wonder who drafted and ensured that???

  34. What a life ;

    You might want to consider your misplaced analysis about RB’s office being office being in the air. Read the latest Zambia weekly who have done an analysis of RB’s travel against your Sata’s travel over the same period i.e. first 6months of RB and first 6months of Sata. You will be shocked that Sata has travelled more than RB! Get informed first and refresh your knowledge often instead of sticking to what you read in the misguided post 7months ago.

  35. twapapata give us back the 14bn kwacha owed to us through dbz full stop. tribunal to probe into the alleged misconduct of the three suspended judges my foot!

  36. Most bloggers need to learn to build arguements by consolidating different facts objectively. If you have a copy of todays The Post, read what Fred Membes’ own paper stated , under the headline, “Don’t be intimidated, Sata tells Chikopa”. In this article on page 4 paragraph 13, the jouranalist Moses Kuwema & Bright Mukwasa state that, even if the judge Phillip Musonda will be found wanting by the tribunal chaired by Judge Chikopa, the judgement is still valid and either party in DBZ Vs Mutembo JNC & The Post reserves the right to appeal as stipulated in the high court of Zambia procedures and rules. The tribunal will only handle the manner in which the transfer of the case from Judge Albert Wood to Judge Phillip Musonda was conducted. Was there misconduct, or even corruption?

  37. To me, this seems like a case of bad means being used to achieve good outcomes. President Sata should run the government he was given and not construct a new one to go around it. There should be ways to get at the truth without suspending the rule of law.

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