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DEC probes marijuana at Bob Marley memorial concert

General News DEC probes marijuana at Bob Marley memorial concert

An amateur video producer takes time to smoke marijuana during the Bob Marley Memorial concert in Lusaka west.

The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) has instituted investigations into the alleged abuse and trafficking of drugs that characterized the Bob Marley Memorial Concert.

DEC Public Relations Officer Samuel Silomba says DEC will engage relevant authorities including other law enforcement agencies in seeing how the Bob Marley Concerts which he said have become breeding grounds for drug traffickers and abusers can be halted.Silomba told ZANIS in a statement in Lusaka that it was the desire of the Commission that communities and members of the public at large will participate in making the country a drug free nation.

He said the Commission will endeavour to bring anyone abusing or trafficking in drugs to book.Silomba said the impression created in the media about the abuse of drugs at the Bob Marley Concert was misleading.He stressed that the Commission does not give permission to anyone to abuse or traffic in illicit drugs nor does it issue permits to anyone to hold concerts or events in the country.

The DEC Public Relations Officer stated that people that were involved in abusing and trafficking illicit drugs at the Bob Marley Concert did so with the full knowledge that they were breaking the law.The Bob Marley Memorial Concerts are renowned for the rampant abuse and trafficking of illicit drugs, a situation which has raised great concern from Government and members of the public.



  1. Iwe naiwe Silomba yashani ? Let the pipo smoke the herb.This is just a once a year thing.Drunk people cause more harm to society compared to pipo high on the natural plant.Amano ububi.

  2. Ban the event. No more Bob Marley concerts. Ifyamba too much. So Rastas’ minds operate on dagga smoke as fuel? Ifiko, poor dressing ama rasta!

    • In case you did not know, Alcohol is the number one killer drug on this planet. I don’t know why your govt. has not banned this dangerous drug. There is no regulation/guidelines on consumption of alcohol at all (in the UK they have). Compare the stats. of deaths and accidents for the HERB and Falcohol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WatchDOG, you’re an ignorant bastard who has not done your research. Peanuts cause more death than marihuana. As for poor dressing, you again, you’re off target. You’re just a spiteful self-righteous cunt who needs to adjust to being more responsible.

  3. That’s A very unrealistic statement…. You can only call it abuse there was uncontrolled behavior or a threat to another person. was there, though I don’t smoke or drink, and what I saw is mature adults smoking with mutual respect for one another while upholdong there religious right.

     before they investigate the marley concert let them start start with these other concerts where people where openly having sex

    • You’re totally right, but I would think that even the issue of sex is highly exaggerated.


  4. thats so lame by the DEC. there were posters of the concert every where, besides that, this is an event which happens every year and everyone knows what happens there. if the DEC where serious, they should have acted on the very day and not now! SMH!! even last year they did a probe after the event, can they tell us their findings please.

  5. chacine #5, DEC is crazy.They were just scared of the mayhem they would have caused if they went to arrest ‘jah’ men the concert.

  6. Ba DEC nabo ubupuba!!! What the hell is wrong with them. The weed in the pic looks great man; I’n’I gonna Smoke!!! Can’t surely wait for the next one!

  7. And the prove is……? Was there one of them that held the smoke and put inna plastic bag to be used as evidence?

  8. there is a face missing in that pic, i was at the function last year and shared the bong with the guy in the helmet holding the video cam, he was selling the stuff in heaps but not as good as the sfuff one gets in amsterdam.
    In chibolya compound weed (from 6 Miles) is sold openly once you get in the ghetto, police are scared of the boys there, but the boys are harmless Zedians just trying to make ends meet.
    Rasta’s need Ganja, no white mans bible!

    • @ Misty Haze. I totaly agree with you. A black man needs Herbs and not a white man\s bible which has just brought useless beliefs like standing in the gap( Being between the two legs) which just leads to un planned pregnancies.

  9. Bane, ibange libi, umunenu aliikata umutwe wakwa wishi ninshi balelya ubwali ati ” mwe bafyashi umutwe uleponena mumbale”, kanshi tekwesha kulekelako abo abakaba ba Kateka filya chali kuli ba FTJ nabena MCS, ebaishiba ukulilola

  10. Bob Marley died in 1981 and his memorial has always been like that and everyone is aware. The smoking in the Kitwe celebration of the event is even worse than Lusaka. DEC is happens every year since 1981. Must you investigate this after you see pictures in the media?

  11. Have you ever though how wonderful the world would be if we left the Jah pipo alone? In short, LEAVE THEM ALONE, they are not causing any hard to anyone what so ever.

  12. BabyloniansE shall fall coz I and I shall and will always smoke ganja openly. Openly smoking did not cause any harm to anyone, can DEC tell the nation how many people were hurt during the concert to justify their situpiti bupuba, how may times each day we here drunkard alcoholics bamenya bakazi kumanyumba or in general cause problems and not a single day have we heard these babylones do some investigation.
    Jah bless the children

  13. DEC are exhibiting serious foolishness on this one. In fact what can they say about the Ngoni traditional ceremony (Nc’wala) where smoking grass is deemed normal even by kids. Like it or not am rolling one right away.

  14. Arrest the chaps, and ban the hosting of the event in future, unless they do not bring ifyamba to their do.

  15. Where were DEC all these years?

    EVery year, there has always been a pic in the paper showing this event!

  16. Ha-ha Zambians can be naughty?? Anyways it’s a onetime Event per year; Next year let all participants get certificates like in Holland. Na plot one Kuti balolako akamulolo, surely kuti kawama. Cant imagine, Ganja and Tujilis, Mixed???

  17. Vibakulu vonse vibema dobo! Ivo vi ma rasta na bana bakulu baona ati iyi dobo ni yaba daddy! Shame. Ba December nchito yaoneka.

    • so for you its justified for the kids to respect the fathers alcohol…anyways how many homes have you seen broken by weed??? compared to alcohol have sense don’t just get excited.. reason

  18. DEC an suck a big fat one and go to hell, what are they going to investigate; ashes and burnt newspaper. 
    Leave these peace loving peoples alone, just go to the borders and airport and arrest real criminals and traffickers.
    Useless DEC chaps

  19. Born and Bred Awards, those kids were making out in the car park as if sex was running out of fashion and drinking booze inside you didn’t investigate nothing.
    Useless busy bodies.

  20. DEC-Silomba I thought u ar a professional in yo work but come to note that even the baby class child is able to think well than yo office. Zoz who ar burying monies, defiling children etc ar not the pipo who are smoking dagga but ordinary ones. First arrest yoselves because some of yo workmates are heavy smokers, i have examples i.e those in Mongu, Kitwe, Lusaka.Investigate those who plundered the national resource not zoz harmless Rastas.Shame on u Silomba

  21. DEC….Where have you been all theze yearz? The Great Legend Bob Marley haz been dead 31 JAH yearz and you must talk about banning hiz memorialz! Surely there more serious thingz you can occupy yourlvez with. Meantime Keep On Skanking whether you smoke anything at all or not.

  22. Probing for Ganja at a Bob Marley concert is like going to a bakery and not expecting to find Flour ( Eastern Province proverb).

  23. Unlike people that go to jankole ( Chez Ntemba ), these Rastas just smoketh that herb once a year and buy or the Chips ( Crisps), veggies and all confectionaries lol, I am a Christian and though I do not support drugs, Rastas are non Violent people. Arrest the Yos that are corrupting our younger people.

  24. LT and the media are to blame for parading such pictures as that’s what they found interesting, yet there was more enriching activities taking place at this event.
    Shame on you ba LT and DEC can get stuffed!!


  26. genesis 1:18 3:18 and god said you eat the herb of the field mind you its a beautiful plant why let ur assumptions and observation of cannabis sativa/ to have psycatric effects lead u filling herb cosumers in so called dec rehabilition centers is absurd and wont help make our dead kwacha and dwindling economy better.

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