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Police nab witchdoctor for exhuming body

Rural News Police nab witchdoctor for exhuming body

Police in Petauke district in Eastern Province are holding a 32 year-old witch doctor of Chinzombo village in Chief Mumbi’s area for exhuming a body of a four-year old boy.

Eastern Province Police Commissioner, Grace Chipalila, who confirmed the incident to ZANIS, identified the witch doctor as Paul Phiri.Mrs Chipalila said Phiri was picked after receiving a report by some villagers that he was found with the coffin around 22:00hrs on Friday.She said according to reports reaching her office, the witch doctor was approached by the family of the deceased, identified as Julius Phiri, to avenge the death of the boy.

Mrs Chipalila, however, said that the family of the deceased boy reported the witch doctor to police alleging that he exhumed the body against their wish.She said according to the family, the exhuming of the body was not part of the agreement to avenge the death of their son. Mrs Chipalila said police has since charged the witchdoctor with trespassing into the grave site and operating without license.



  1. The family of the deceased aproched him to avenge the death of their son,did they expected him to explain the process this will take?am sure he wanted to use the coffin for charm weh!

    • Yes you are right BUT he should have explained to them how he was to conduct his work. That could have helped him avoid trouble. The family members were suspious of him hence reporting him to police.

  2. Is there no God in Isreal that you go and enquire of the dead? Why enquire of the dead amongst the living? Do not deal with satanic spirits, of whom you create gods for your selves to suit your life style and the desires of your flesh. Leave evil alone, lest you be bound and cast into the lack of fire where there is weeping and nashing of teeth. The fire does not quench and the worm never dies. Repent, and enquire of the Lord at His Holy mountain. Enquire of the God while He may yet be found and there is still time for you. Enquire of Him, the Everlasting Father, slow to anger, quick to forgive our iniquities, ever loving Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. How did he know the grave of the boy and where was the family when he was exhuming the body? They are just scared to go and bury the body and again. Just let him do for you what you wanted so that next time you will be alert.

  4. Jokers!!! What the hell is “TRESSPASSING AND OP WITHOUT A LICENCE”. Dont we hav better laws that can deal with such s**t! Cant believe this!

  5. Enze kufuna kupanga michopo na T Bone mu guys. Kaili after tu ma charms bakudya ma left overs maguys baja.

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