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President Sata’s remark about “allowing little corruption” shouldn’t be politicized – Justice Minister

Headlines President Sata's remark about "allowing little corruption" shouldn't be politicized -...

MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu
MINISTER of Justice Sebastian Zulu

Justice Minister Sebastian Zulu says President Michael Sata’s statement yesterday during the signing of the trilateral agreement on the hosting of the UNWTO General Assembly that a little corruption can be allowed in the issuance of visas at entry points should not be politicized.

Mr. Zulu said that Zambians know the government’s stance on corruption since the coming of the Patriotic Front to power. He said that the statement by the President should not be taken out of context as it does not change the fact that the PF government remains committed to the fight against corruption.

The Justice Minister has further urged Zambians to join hands in the fight against corruption.

Mr Zulu said that though he did not want to directly respond to the president’s statement, he believes the fight against corruption is a mammoth tasked which needs everyone’s efforts.



  1. President was only being real to say he can allow little TIPS, surely, who can give u something Mahala? Except let corruption be affordable. In this country people politise everything. All Zambians must support this PF govt for our own good. Let’s be real for once.

    • Are you serious? How do you even begin to justify what the president said? You can blindly support everything the PF does but independent thinkers will condemn or commend when need arises. THAT is “being real for once”

    • this is most stupid thing i heard in a while. do not just support blindly even when something is clearly wrong

  2. It all starts by taking a little bit. Let the president apologise to the nation because he messed on this one, too. An apology to the nation will teach him to be careful on what he says, where and when.

  3. Abakalamba ba bwatukafye kwati nilusa mwisumbu. Surely how does he makewill such aa sentence at this hour. Surprise after surprise.

  4. Mr. Zulu said that Zambians know the government’s stance on corruption No Mr. Zulu, we don’t know your stance

  5. Its nt the end, he has been making such mistakes on several times. Don’t panic expect worst statement from him soon.

  6. The lesson to be learned here is that Parents must continue to send their children to school. When education is neglected and marginalized, this is what you get. A buffoon in State house.

  7. From what we have seen from this government they embrace corruption as long as you are ‘friends’. Just see the scams – Fred et al, FBZ, Single sourcing at plot 1, defence etc…

  8. Sata deposited government money in his account in 1993. Sata is a crooked tribalist. He is no presidential material!

  9. The only way to kill corruption is to love thy neibour as you love thy self.

    You don’t fight evil with evil.

    Leaders must fight to unit our country in love .

  10. Nyoo!!! mu lukehile, bukuba mang kuyo votela namunungu ya potolohile kacacani kumi busa!

  11. This tels that the fight against corruption is none starter, i just cant beliv this so everyone wil be asked 2 pay akanono. Where is the zero tolerance nd the stinking corruption much talked about?

  12. If Sata was in the Western world ,those words will cause him to be
    Be removed, people are convicted just from what the say , nothing like
    A jokes, The President needs someone to write him speeches ,he is bad
    With speeches

  13. The President knows that for given Lubinda to win the struggle on Yellow Fever restrictions he must bend the rules a little. That’s just a figure of speech but now I am realising that the president is beyond most of you fools who think you’re schooled enough. Your ploy to destroy him with cheap talk will not work. You tried that before he ruled you now you think you can make it while he rules you, it won’t work. Try committing suicide! Two Million Zambians still feel the way I do and chances are you wont win your battle.

  14. Our President is advanced in speech. Some of you need someone to interpret his language to you.

  15. The gangster in the State House is how confessing. There will be no money left in the national treasury by the time these people leave government. This is the true Sata, the thief who stole from the Merzaf project, and the man responsible for the disappearance of a ton of money over which Paul Tembo was executed. Remember that?

  16. Good evening

    Whatever the president said, the constitutional law of the Republic is what counts and the law will not permit anyone to shield corruption. End of the matter.

    Master of Ceremny Sata never ceases to amaze. Just when you think the worst is over, the unthinkable happens. It`s unfathomable that such a statement could have  come form a president who clams to  be “allergic” to corruption and  intends to abide  by the so called “10 commandments.” Corruption should be considered absolute and not relative. With such ambiguity, can people really ” KEEP TO THE STARIGHT & NARROW?”  Corrupt Zulu`s attempt at damage control is an exercise in futility as  his bwana has already stepped on his own corruption fight message . 
    When spontaneous, Sata`s mouth runs like diarrhea. Wonder why the tribunal was set up in the 1st place? Looks like Chikopa is just vocational at our expense

  18. Zambians, We told you Sata can not be the man to fight corruption in Zambia, for he is in it himself. Sata is a populist who thrives on the emotions of people. He is now head of state based on the same principle making Zambians fools by promising more money in the pockets, new constitution within 90 days, more employments to the youths within 90 days and grant people of western province B64A and bring development in Zambia. Nothing so far has been realised yet some Zambians still believe what Sata says. Today he has capitulated by a little corruption is permissable.



  21. Yes, I agree with you Bricklayer, education makes a difference. whether people like it or not, the truth is that it does. One learns to reason. One learns to what should be said where ad when. Here we have a case of a person having no clue of what to say in what situation. That is if his supporters want to believe that he was joking. 

  22. Personally I don’t believe he was joking. I still remember Merzaf saga, I still remember the 2 Million at the convention, I remember the South African issue. Mmmmmmm! If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, it probably is a duck. 

  23. We are told NOT to politicize what the presidnt said. But I thought the President said it at a Political gathering? How do u separate the two????

  24. Sata never said that! He said,” … issuance of VISAS should be decentralised..of course there will be a little corruption, so what?” This does not mean that he has allowed little corruption, but that this corruption should not STOP the decentralisation of the issuance of VISAS

  25. Stop putting words in the president’s mouth, give us the whole statement berbatim. Poor journalism

  26. It is sad that the entire govt and it supporters have been left with no choice but to defend and defend. The man, HE MCS, has no belief in fighting corruption. Hence he saw it fit to appoint X Chungu till people said no. He still has Nchito to support as not paying back K14billion is a small corruption by his standards looking at that fact that he is running a close to K1.7trillion budget. How sad to have a leader changing position and his supporters insisting that he has not changed position but only shifted from the orignal position which is still the same postion. LoL


  28. Yes that’s what I said, “a little bit” of corruption allowed. I mean, if you MMD or other opposition parties, any thing K2Billion (like Liato) or above is corruption. For Kaponyas and PF cadres, K14Billion (like Nchito, Mmembe) is a little bit – that you are allowed. But not above, then it becomes corruption.

  29. Imwe bantu! try and do just a little corruption and see how you will be vuluvunyaed? He is a Joker.

  30. SO Ukwa King Cobra has annointed little corruption among his relatives no wonder he keeps appointing only his relatives as if bisas are the only Zambians. take a look at the inflation the figure is going up and by the end of the year it will have reached double digits, becos of allowing little corruption among his relatives, he forgets that corruption starts with little involvement,it’s like fire it spreads.Infact corruption is corruption whether it involves Mmeembe orNchito all is corruption.No wonder his cousin Chikwandais a freeman after corruptly awarding himself a contract to renovate State House becos it’s termed little corruption by Ukwa.

  31. Zero tolerance to Little tolerance…………..i guess the ZMK 14 billion Saga falls in the latter. Good day Anti Semi Corruption Commission(formely ACC)

  32. I think, I just better stop reading comments from senseless people . I wish people could remember the past before talking about the present. Foolishness everywhere you read.

  33. At first i commented traight from the headline i did’nt really no wat the presido said until the Man of Action put it clear, i thnk wat sam bloger said that sam of u need an interpreter 4 u 2 understand wat the president says is true. A lot of people just coment anyhow kwati ningulu. Get wat is exactly said b4 u post ur rubbish coments.

  34. Well, Zulu must know better especially at his age that growing old in inevitable while growing up is optional. It’s clear Sata tool leave from the latter. It’s the perils of dealing with a grown old under 5 Sebastian, not politics, has to contend with, it’s a stinking job.

  35. Whether you know there will be corruption or not, as a head of state you don’t make a statement which to the “uninstructed” will be a clear endorsement of the practice. What will the consequences be if people interpret this to mean they are allowed to engage ‘in a little corruption’? Can you imagine the spiral effect? There is already corruption which needs to be tackled – without making statements that will only serve to make it endemic and acceptable.

  36. Zambian people I implore you to keep an eye on Sata. He will take your country back to the bad days of African politics. Any person who sings Robert Mugabe’ praises is sick and rotten to the core. We are talking about a mass-murderer who has and continues to loot, pilage and destroy our country without shame. This Michael Sata sees absolutely nothing wrong! Shame on him. Now he tells you that a little corruption is okay. In my language (Ndebele) we say “okule mpondo akufihlwa e sakeni”. Literally it means you can not conceal anything with horns in a hessian sack as the horns will pierce it. Sata’s support for this criminal is disgusting to say the least. Birds of a feather flock together! My dear Zambians you have been warned. You have an evil man in your midst!

  37. the biggest tragedy is that no wrong of his appointed advisor is brave enough to control him. The presidency is an institution and needs to be managed. If people care to remember the late president mwanawasa (MHSRIP) started like this but he was managed by his advisers. One way of doing this is to ensure that president has written speeches which he stick and should only speak off -the- cuff when responding to questions. with time hopefully he can get into the drill

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