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Ghana Take Storming Lead of Group D

Sports Ghana Take Storming Lead of Group D

Ghana have taken early but commanding lead of Group D in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers.

The Black Stars beat Lesotho 7-0 in Kumasi ton Friday evening to take a 24 hour lead of Group D ahead of Zambia and Sudans game in Khartoum on Saturday.

However, the game was suspended after 52 minutes of play as Ghana were leading 4-0 due to a power outage at the stadium.

It took engineers over 40 minutes to restore power at the venue before Ghana added three more goals to their tally on the day.

AC Milan midfielder Sulley Munthari put Ghana ahead in the 15th minute, striker Dominic Adiyah of Arsenal Kyiv in Ukraine scored a brace in the 24th and 50th minutes.

Marseille striker Jordan Ayew scored his first of two on the day in-between Adiyahs brace in the 45th minute.

Portugese-based midfielder Christain Atsu of Rio Ave made it 5-0 on 85 minutes while Ayew completed his brace three minutes later.

Defender Jeremaih Akaminko of Manisaspor in Turkey sealed the win for Ghana in the 90th minute.

Meanwhile Zambia, who will host Ghana on June 9 in Ndola, face Sudan on Saturday in
Khartoum hoing to keep pace of the Black Stars ahead if next Saturdays clash at Levy Mwanawasa Stadium.


  1. Yangu! We have a mountain to climb, it will be difficult to beat that aggregate. Anyway that is the name of the game, Sudan should fall! Good luck Chipolopolo!

  2. Can Zambia really be able to defeat Sudan again, that is the question? My answer, I don’t think so.

  3. I hope Zambia will not repeat that annoying ashhhh-thing, and singing born-again silly gospel songs while shooting penalties, plus Mweene stop kissing cameras… so many backward behavior among Zambian. but they play good football, just those terrible humor.

  4. Go Zambia go…if u did it 4us @AFCON y nt 4da WC qualifiers????? U’ve all wat it takes…

    • I don’t know what you are smoking brother. :-?:-? Please pass it around. I am sure it will make my head go :o:o:((:((

  5. Go chipololo, we are confident you can make it boyz.we are behind you do us good again and again.Sudan 1 Zambia 3

  6. its true…ukutangila tekufika…lesotho is no team…a country full of gorgeous women.Go there and you will believe me..you cant kick the ball kuchimpwena.

  7. Give Ghana credit rather than damning lesotho. The truth of the matter is that without doubt, Ghana is the strongest team in the group, be objective for once and face the truth

    • zambia should be careful. Ghana at CAN2012 is not the Ghana you will meet on 9th June. A lesson or two, will be yours to learn.

  8. @6, American Boy:

    What so mysterious about Sudan that you still question the abilities of the Champions, you doubting Thomas? The same old crap Zambia got during the previous AFCON and yet Zambia beat every one of the so called “big guns”, and the trophy is currently resting peacefully in Lusaka. So what is it that you still want Zambia to prove? It is about time Zambia got some respect. If you have nothing positive to say, just shut your trap!!!!!

  9. @14, kojo smooth:

    Ghana can be as strong as you want them to be and still get beat—that is today’s football my friend! Make mistakes, and a good team will punish you, just like they got punished by Zambia at the AFCON. And I strongly advise you to place your bet really carefully this time. Don’t let European football that these guys feature in, and the so called “soccer experts”, keep fooling you over and over again!

    Many of the African “big name players” who play in Europe fail to shine in African football. I think Chris Katongo alluded to this fact in one of his interviews right before the last AFCON. Just look at what Egypt has accomplished in African football with their team mainly made up of players not playing their football in Europe. Food for thought, baba—peace!

  10. @Yamba Yamba. i have followed football long enough and im being very objective.You will admit that at the ANC, chipolopolo were outplayed by Ghana who missed numerous chances. the boys are good but they are yet to reach the pedigree of teams like Cameroun, Nigeria, Cote divoire, Egypt and Ghana. It does not take just one tournament to be an invisible team. Greece won Euro 2004, which featured teams such as portugal, spain, holland, england, germany etc. but where are they now?

    • YOU ARE WISE MY FRIEND! Zambia should be careful. Ghana is on fire and is determined to prove a point or two.\:d/\:d/

  11. @19, kojo smooth:

    I have not said that Zambia is now invisible! All I am disputing is this tendency that seems to have crept into most African football fans psych in recent years. The tendency of rating teams based on the number of players in a particular team plying their trade in Europe. This is the mentality I am against. No one is saying Ghana is not a good team. Surely not me!

    But at the same time I think we should be mindful that Ghana is just as beatable as any other team. Just as they got beat at the last AFCON, they can get beat again. Outplaying another team does not equal winning. I can surely remember years past when Zambia would outplay their opponents, and yet lost to lowly ranked teams. And it is not until this year that Zambia won the ANC.

    • I dont think Ghana is being judged by how many players they have in europe….its actually on their continental and world achievements….which anyone who follows african soccer will attest to. Not only on senior level but on all levels. talking about local players, dont forget they are the CAF local players champion of Africa.


  13. Ghana? Wait and see how much Zambia will eat Lesotho here in Zambia. As the conditons may be for Zamabia in Sudan, so will Ghana be subjected to when they go to Sudan. Please learn! They underated Zambia up to when Katongo lifted the cup up and they are still repeating the same error. Zambia are champions and Ghana is actually nervous of meeting Zambia.

  14. I think CAF should review their rules concerning disturbances to an ongoing match, how can u suspend a match and restart after 40 minutes it means players have enough rest, so its as good as starting at zero zero

  15. @ Kojo smooth u have followed African Soccer 4 a long time so u should remember that Zambia beat the highly rated Ghanains in the ’96 Edition 1-0 just like the previous one…so Ghana is no big deal .

  16. It wont be easy getting to Brazil 2014. Ghana are motivated by revenge.
    Good forune aid us once more.

  17. some pipo dont deserve to be zambians how do you jus undermine yo team lyk,hey cant be lyk ghana,egypt bla bla,zambia will also fight for their title,mind you they are still champions of Africa

  18. @yamba yamba .hahahahaha interesting comments being passed here. Have you bothered to ask yourself why some countries have more players plying their trade in the big leagues than other nations? why is it that over the years some particular african countries have been featuring at the world cup and others havent? why is it that in world football Brazil is treated with much respect even though they are beatable? pedigree, track record, number of players in top leagues and clubs, that is what has made brazil, argentina, holland, portugal etc household names. now mind you, it is termed as shocking when zambia beats ghana, but if ghana defeats zambia the football world deems it as being normal. why do you think it is so?

  19. Imwe ba Ghana we will beat u again and u will come back 2015 and do it again..just wait 4 nxt week.

    • dont mind them we will disgrace them next sunday. even their best player will not start in our team

  20. Nail biting stuff !! Will avoid watching this game coz Ghana will come with all guns blazing! Zambia will not have their brothers’ spirits with them this time !! Jehovah please help Zambia !!

  21. Yambayamba; I watch a lot of football, Zambia should have played enough friendly matches leading to today’s match with Sudan. Being a champion yesterday doesn’t mean you can still win over the same teams you beat yesterday. This is “modern football” my friend.
    as you can see, the score line Zambia 0: 2 Sudan, and that was my point i was making yesterday.

  22. @ Yambayamba;

    I watch a lot of football, Zambia should have played enough friendly matches leading to today’s match with Sudan. Being a champion yesterday doesn’t mean you can still win over the same teams you beat yesterday. This is “modern football” my friend.
    as you can see, the score line Zambia 0: 2 Sudan, and that was my point i was making yesterday.

  23. @mystic. hahahaha u know nothing about ghana and u r exposing ur ignorance. the current population of ghana is 24million. population is insignificant in football otherwise countries like china and india which are over 1 billion each would be the best in the world. in the last world cup ghana beat USA which has a population of close to 200million. nigeria has 160million people but cannot be compared to the netherlands with a population of less tham 30million. Ghana has always been whipping sudan (whose population is more than our’s) at their home and since uve lost to them i thought u would keep quite for a while. from juvenile level up to the senior level zambia can never compete with ghana that is the fact.

  24. i think you people dont know the nation called ghana that is why but i will earg you to kept cool till sunday when we masaca your country gargantually………………….

  25. Now I see why Ghana has never been a superior team to Zambia. Meeting 4 times with two wins apiece doesn’t mean one team is better. Ask other big teams like Nigeria, Egypt, Tunisia, or Cameroon why they play with caution once paired against Zambia. Zambia has beaten the Ivorians more times than they have revenged, and the record stretches from the long past to present. Can you say Zambia has no perdegree? Today’s football has no correlation to the opponents’ past achievements, that’s a fact.

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