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Nevers Mumba sworn in as MMD President, apologises to Zambians for MMD’s past mistakes

General News Nevers Mumba sworn in as MMD President, apologises to Zambians for MMD's...

Dr Nevers Mumba
Dr Nevers Mumba

Zambia’s former ruling party, the Movement for Multi-party Democracy(MMD) today swore in their newly elected party president Dr. Nevers Mumba. Dr. Mumba was elected MMD president with a landslide victory over his closest rival Felix Mutati during the party’s 3rd extra ordinary convention held in all the country’s ten provinces.

Speaking during the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Mumba apologized to the people of Zambia for the mistakes the MMD made during its time in power.

He said that as the new party president, he takes full responsibility for the wrongs that the MMD made during its tenure. He has further stated that he is committed to ensure that the corruption tag that hangs on the party is removed.

Dr Mumba disclosed that he has set up an anti-corruption sub-committee to sniff and stop any acts of corruption in the party. He has further proposed to the national executive committee that any member who aspires for national leadership declares his assets prior to being considered for any office.

And Former Republican President Rupiah Banda is confident that newly elected MMD president Nevers Mumba will steer the party back to power. Mr. Banda has since urged Dr. Mumba to stand firm and not be intimidated.

Speaking this morning during the inauguration ceremony of Dr. Mumba at Mulungushi International Conference Centre, Mr. Banda said that the MMD will remain a strong party.

He said that he was confident that the party will rise again and retain the people’s confidence in the 2016 elections. Mr Banda expressed confidence that Zambia shall be saved under the excellent leadership of Dr Mumba.

The former president has called on the MMD members not to be cowards but ensure that unity prevails in the party and beyond. He further called on Dr. Mumba to preach peace in the party and ensure that democracy is upheld for the benefit of the party.



  1. This guy is a joke!!! From one party to another:-? how can the MMD trust this chap,clearly he will stop at nothing to try and one day rule the country even if it means being in a cmp with a party he once criticised

    • One would say the same about Sata , am tired of hearing this trash of this party and that party, This guy’s is going to lead Zambia to a better political frame where issues are the basis of campaign and not personalities.

    • Sata has been in the Federal Govt, UNIP, MMD and PF. What is wrong with young/old man/woman?

    • I think ba gp gp you are still behind jst be quiet,your foolishness will end at last,let the pastor rule the country,you need old man kaponya?he started with weleshiki,unip,mmd and now pf.

  2. I think am begining to have confidence in this man…please get rid of Sora Siliya before she owns you aswell, all the bad eggs in MMD get rid and give us your plan…you might just convince me.. coz i have been brought up to listen to people”s views befor i comment.

  3. He takes full responsibility………………hahahahahaha does it mean he shud also be prosecuted for the corrupt cases his party officials are facing?

  4. Like the Catholic Pope apologized for the wrongs done previously by the church,it is gratifying that the new President of MMD has started his office with an apology to the Zambians who as Christians believe in forgiveness.

    Dr.Mumba be assured that as you have apologized for sins committed by MMD since 1991,both Mr.Sata and Dr.Guy Scot will realize that some of the sins for which you have apologized were committed by them.

    • If all zambians were serous like you we would ve more jobs by now, and less poverty, but too many bakalyamo wen u a eating with them they a good if not eating wth em they a bad. bigup to you -Oportunist

  5. efyo iya. Dr. Mumba, weather you like it or not, you are officialy the spokes person and protector of the voiceless, oppressed and most of all make sure our Constitution and rule of law is observed by those in Power. Dont be distructed, there are those who thinks that politics is not for Gods Children and that you will not be trusted etc etc… Forgive them and soldier on for the task ahead is rough and am very sure through Christ our Lord you will Win…..

  6. At last The MMD has elected a presido since FTJ. Levy was just awaken from his sleep to take over, RB air lifted from
    his farm with his UNIP card in the pocket to take over…………

  7. The MMD reign in Opposition will be made easier with the comical mistakes the PF is making daily.

  8. Again, big congratulation for the mantle! The shoes are big but constitute a think tank and tap from it immediately. You have popular and necessary unflinching solidarity to build a winning democracy movement.


  9. Dr mumba your responsibilities are enormous BCOZ you have taken over a dirty house. Empleyee as many cleaners as possible otherwise YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE. PF has set standards for cleaniness, BUT with your team,CLEANINESS IS ALMOST IMPOSSIBLE. FROM NOW ON WE WILL BE WATCHING YOU and your MMD.

  10. What is strategic move. appology and full responsibility for past wrongs MMD commited. the guy is winning! This man can bring sanity to Zambia. very diplomatic, charismatic and smart.

  11. Sekwilsa is this the Bemba version of the character in the animal farm? Musonda uca ni babahulu.

  12. A president i can vote for. if he stood with the most powerful man in the world he can hold his head up and look to the camera. he can’t disapoint.

  13. Multi Million Dollars (MMD) was rotten to the core, First clean up corruption starting with your self & then you will have to come up with brilliant economic growth programs to bring that party to life..Did you survive the d-registration court case by the way??

  14. Excellent inauguration and bravo to Muvi TV for beaming it live from Mulungushi International Conference Center for from 10:30hrs to 13:30hrs.Excellent speech President Banda (Rtd) and Bravo President elect Sekwila Mumba in your call for unity in the party among other things. You made an unparalleled excellent inspiring speech which centered on unity, discipline, hardwork, corruption, perception, the right of opposition parties to exist, criticize PF regime’s decisions and programmes not in the best interest of the people of Zambia, PF spirit of nepotism in Government, broken promises and endless U-turns on major issues such as the 50+1, VP running mate, Dual Citizenship and Windfall tax among many others.  

  15. Exceptional and intelligent speech delivered that has kept dodging Zambians since the curse of Sata Presidency befell our country in 2011. 

  16. Thanks for the live coverage Muvi TV and a splendid musical performance of choirs that buzzed it out with electrifying tune, “Don’t Kutina”.

  17. You made an unparalleled excellent inspiring speech which centered on unity, discipline, hardwork, corruption, perception, the right of opposition parties to exist, criticize PF regime’s decisions and programmes not in the best interest of the people of Zambia, PF spirit of nepotism in Government, broken promises and endless U-turns on major issues such as the 50+1, VP running mate, Dual Citizenship and Windfall tax among many others.

  18. We hear you and the world is hearing you too! You have come very clear and sharp on the

    PF spirit of nepotism in Government,

    Broken promises 

    Endless U-turns on major issues such as the 50+1, VP running mate, Dual Citizenship and Windfall tax among many others.

    • Over endless U- turns on major issues such as the 50 +1,the constitution has not yet reached the final stage, DON’T BE CHEATED…..
      Over the VP running mate- its logical that every DESPERATE opposition party considering itself to have more potential would support that, with the hiden agenda that they’d frustrate the programes by the party in power- Just look at you, you cannot collaborate with the president this time when you’ve no authority in government. OPEN YOUR EYEZ AND REMEMBER THE WASTED OPPORTUNITY. 
      All that you’ll be talking about is what the people presented to your DEAD MMD when you were DEAF in power. Now that you’ve come to our side from the GOVERNMENTS HIGH TABLE you want to cheat us MWA?? Kale twatampa ukumona ifyo mwatampa imwe ukumona lelo

  19. Fight for our helpless women and youths dying in droves in stampedes over casual jobs. Sata is too busy smuggling our fuel to Malawi, creating un-budgeted districts and provinces, paying and hosting foreign judges at 5 star hotels at US $1,500 per day burden when our judges and military can’t never make that much per month. Sata is too busy with ensuring that Zambian tax payers lose their ZMK14 billion plus.

  20. Isn’t it strange that a party that can’t pay its annual returns to Registrar of Societies can hold a big function to inaugurate its new leader….

  21. Those saying Nevers Mumba is an outsider, are you saying MMD should not accept new members, and that those new members if accepted should not aspire to leadership position? Is that how other parties operate?

    Or do you want founding members to still be there, even when they have died?

  22. This is very good humbling himself in this manner. He should also apologise for the personal mistakes he has made and not only for his party. That way he will be opening a fresh page in his political career. Good luck to MMD and I hope they can provide the opposition this country requires!

  23. In all fairness, lets give Nevers a chance. As Zambian, let us try at all times to be objective and not critisize everything that comes our way, whether we like that person or not, whether we belong to political party A , B or C.

  24. Our man now has got it. Believers this is our time and we should not give the devil any more chance to divide us.
    Dr. Mumba be assured that that you will have support from all the charismatic believers as our eyes are now open that sometimes if you are not careful you can vote for the devil himself.

    Time to redeem the land of Zambia.

  25. for those of you who might not be familiar with the provisions of the new acc act, be rest assured that whatever financial transactions nevers was involved in canada are punishable under the new act and constitute soliciting for bribes.he will definitely be prosecuted and him stating that he assumes responsibility for corruption of his dead party is not a coincidence!!! good luck


  27. So what are the wrongs that you the MMD have done? You have admitted guilt.

    Has there ever been a swearing in ceremony for a new MMD Party President, or is it because they do not trust Nevers, and want to hold him responsible, or did they think he was being sworn in a Republican President?

  28. That man went to Hillcrest where all his friends came out as Engineers, Doctors etc and him with a bare pass grade to enable him become a pastor. What do you expect?

    • Baba, that’s inconsequential in life. Its the end that matters. What have those engineers achieved or even discovered? Well, we dont get to hear about them. Sour grapes ba GK.

    • lets respect the man of God who is engineer to the man of God,all engineer must neel down b4 the man of GOD.Cant you see this all around the world.

  29. MMD would have been intact by now had it not been for the selfishness of RB and those idiets that sorounded him! Levy layed a very strong foundation for the future growth of MMD after kafupi messed it up! RB chased potential competitors such as Magande and remained with rotten idiets like Siliya, Tekere Banda and other politically jaundiced idiets!

    So bakamba ba Mumba mukose sana! From the look of things, you are the only one who can put PF on their toes! HH is an amature, Chipimo has potential but he is so disorganised on the ground! So this might be an opportunity for your dream of Zambia shall be saved!

  30. Ba the King, charismatic and christian are different… What grade are u in ma boy? Hope its not an examination class… Nway good fight bwana Never… Never say Never just lyk yo name.. I maybe compelled to vote in 2016. I had no choice last year so lets see wat opposition u will put up. Oppose constructively anyway…

  31. Nevers Mumba and MMD are likely to become more and more popular as the years go by and people see what PF has achieved and have performed. That’s the way it goes. For MMD, it can only get better. For PF, they have to deliver. It is easier to be in opposition because majority of human beings are sceptics, very hard to please. Many people complain at anything. Its not a Zambian thing. Check blogs on bbc news websites. Its a human thing.

  32. Good speech blablabla little too late, the only contrast to give is ” a new broom swipes better” but having said that, Nevers Mumba has won on similar conditions Chiluba won from no where. Were at that time all UNIP recycles all involved in malpractices and knew each other very well and pointed fingers towards each other, they were in long meetings battling it out for leadership until Wina brought in Chiluba from the Union nonpartisan chap. Mumba same scenario…all of them enriched themselves pointed fingers at each other and only Nevers came out at least 2% clean. MMD had absolutely no one to take the part forward. Congrats indeed but he is not the right man period, time will tell and I echo words of others saying MMD will die if not quicker than UNIP…make my words

  33. If Mumba attended Hillcrest [High School in Livingstone], as GK @35 states, then it means he probably interacted with people (school mates) from all over the country and he appreciates the worth of other Zambians irrespective of their ethnic group. This will be a move from the practice of the PF government where tribalism and nepotism are the guiding factors.

  34. Why dont you post the actual pictures from the event instead of using archive picture..Ba Lusaka Times..you are too slow.

  35. I can see Dr.Mumba wuning the election in 2016. PF is in office today because of the lies they told us. Now we know that their compain massages were all lies. Go Nevers Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  36. Aaaahhh, another mu Bemba??? Why??? And he looks to be stronger than our own HH the so called under5. Are we safe? May be we just agitate for Southern province to break away from the rest of Zambia so that HH can aloso be president. Why always ifi Bembas???????? Bafiikala mwee Babemba imwe…!!!

  37. Latest…!!! HH has stepped down as UPND party president so as to concerntrate on cattle ranching business.

  38. Here we go, lets look at HH and Nevers who are both power hungry. If they decided to form a coalition who will be leader of the two? Parties failed to work together previously because of the heads of parties who only see themselves as more deserving to be leaders. MMD has majority MPs in Parliament but HH will claim that he has been there for a long time as head of UPND. Can these two work under each other? If not goodbye to presidency to one of them. But who is ready, today or tomorrow?

  39. Yangu eeeeeeeeeeee from Movement for Multy party Democracy to Madness in Mumba’s head and Destruction na unip yawamako because they have assets not a bunch of thieves regrouping

  40. Bravo the HOUR is now ticking. NEVERS you have my vote for sure. You are a presidential material. Let us vote tomorrow mwebantu. MMD is a real party. Congratulations once more.

  41. What a sorry country. The opposition thinks in terms of 2016, and not now. Now is when the wrongs are being done not 2016 – who knows who’ll be there, work now.

  42. I can send Mumba to the United Nations to speak for the Zambian people any day and he would make us proud.

  43. Go Nevers go!! You deserve the inauguration you were democratically elected!! Whether the decision is a mistake by MMD time will tell. I urge u to unite the party and including losers. Wish all the best. We need to grow as democracy especially the young generation from 60s to date. It would have been nice, had you invited HH and other opposition leaders to attend that way we will grow as democracy!! God bless you, God bless Zambia!!

  44. There’s a real possibility that MMD under Nevers Mumba will bounce back to make govt at 2016. Work very hard PF.

    Come 50+1 Nevers is likely to win. Also, there’s a real posiibility that His Excellency Sata will not stand at 2016. The replacement may find it harder to beat Nevers.

  45. lnteresting how 90% of the positive comments are from people in the diaspora who dont vote.lts not what you think but what the people in the villages think who will be the main beneficaries of the 700m euro bond.Nevers didnt even win on the c/belt during the convention last week

  46. Political history has shown that whoever gives a sitting government unnecessary sleepless nights even before he takes the ‘mantle’ as shown by Nevers, most always goes on to rule. All things being equal……! We saw this with Chiluba against Kaunda, Sata against Levy/Rupiah and Sata being a damn good grassroot strategist, knows the danger his party is in with Nevers.

  47. Don’t be discouraged by the comments of some of these corrupt parties that claim to be allergic to corruption and do exactly the opposite, that claim they want to clean up the Judiciary when in actual fact they mean appointing their own friendly wooden Judges. Most importantly keep unity in the party and prepare MMD for elections as if they will happen tomorrow and not 2016, just look at the shambles in the ruling party as an opportunity, they do not know whether they are going or coming after cheating the masses at the polls.

  48. There is good will from the disillussioned masses, hit the ground running and take the donchi kubeba by storm. To all Zambians this man was elected by the people in truly democratic elections, not like the shambles we recently saw in Kabwe. Go go go MMD! Go go go Zambia shall be saved! Go go go Dr Mumba! The Hour has returned!

  49. Oh dear you Zambians never learn! You do not choose presidents on their ability to read a speech at the un. Honestly if nevers is been supported because of his ability for public speaking then you Zambians shall forever remain scre.wed.!

  50. Nepotistic governents in Zambia’s history by number not rank 1) Roy welenski and the Rhodesian government employed elite British people, not the poor ones from northern england 2) Kaunda & Easterners from malawi via kasama and his UNIP ZCCM was full of Bembas and their then buddies TONGAs ( how the brotherhood has fallen) 3) Chiluba from katanga Via Luapula 4) Michael Sata his entire Cabinet. Mwanawasa was the only democrat because he had cabinet ministers from the opposition. Banda though from Zimbabwe through Chipata tried to employ every crook from all Legal nine provinces. Muchinga is a hox.

  51. Congrats Dr Mumba. As a former Hillcrest student, its our time to produce a decent person who can hold his own as a president. Like one blogger says… i can also send you to Canada, Usa, England and know that you will talk sense

    The Emperor in statehouse has no clothes yours is only for the taking in 2016

    You have our support

  52. Ha Ha Ha Ha!Common you guys,Nevers Mumba like his name can NEVER be president of Zambia.Zambia was NEVER SAVED when he used to preach and more closer God then,how is it going to be saved now when he is now dining and wining with the corrupt,RB,SILIYA and company.PF will have it very easy.Come 2016,NIMUBWATO AGAIN!!!

  53. A FEW days ago i wonder if Nevers could make a good President and that the MMD would go down. After listening to his recent preaching in Ghana  “In search of A drum major”. I think he has a Vision though i doubt 2016 but we never know what God has or may be 2021.

  54. We are watching and alert to see how Dr. Mumba will marry and apply his vision with that of the MMD. With) around him, he may be bound to make it. RB, was just miss led by wrong chaps and if we see them hovering around Dr. Mumba? Then we shall leave the MMD go alone to the Final grave.

  55. No wonder Levy said Zambians easily forget. What did Nevers Mumba bring to the table when he was VEEP apart from lavish bills he brought to GRZ for his house
    furnishing. Why was he fired by Levy.? This is your Dr Mumba a power hungry man. Can only wish you your short lived excitement. The vultures have regrouped brass yourselves!:o

  56. Squillor has no money to sustain a presidential campaign! He should pray that rajah mahtan falls out with Ukwa so that he can have Zambia’s number one trader in presidents on his side.

  57. Nonsense I don’t live pa zed but I pay tax every month for my bank accounts and iwe sata giving ur malawian judge from my cash 50pin by 12 months is a lot to feed street kids …..

  58. I watched the whole episode of mockery inauguration on MUVI television. Shame and dejection were clearly recorded on the faces of those in attendance. This was understandable given the fact that a good number of those who were witnessing this mockery inauguration were either convicts or accused persons whose corruption cases are still being prosecuted in the courts of law. Pastor Nevers Mumba during this occasion lamentably failed to acquit himself as a supposed man of God. He condemned corruption and vowed to stamp out the corruption perception of the MMD. This was commendable. But I was utterly disappointed when he started catalogueing corruption in MMD as having started and ended when the current republican president Sata and the current republican vice president Scott were in MMD.

  59. Comedy of errors. MMD is really finishing itself up. You will really appreciate your stay in opposition. Where are the true BLUES to give the position to a total stranger? You are even afraid of fielding in a candidate for Livingstone seat. Ndimwe chabe vipuba!

  60. Kudos to all positve bloggers on the swearing of our MMD president only one elected democratically in the country as party leader. As said before, a young articulate, intelligent, visionary leader, well exposed with an agenda to be servant of Zambia has come up in the Zambian political matrix. His rising to head MMD will either make PF govt perform better or become more confused and begin to act as opposition party before 2016. This we yearned for to begin new politics of issue based debates that hinge on modern ever changing political landscape that requires complexity thinking to meet emerging challenges. Orthodox politics of liberation, old senior citizens being made finance ministers are simply out of touch and former call boys at bus stations unable to be diplomatic is shameful.

  61. @49 HH will stand a chance of winning the polls in 2016 coz the bemba vote will be split between sata and nevers.

  62. #19 senior whatever, this man made the same inspiring speech when he was ordained at the more colourfull NCC part convention but that did not win him anything coz the is very rich in symbolism (rhetoric) and very poor in substance.

  63. #26 senior whatever , i thot for once yo contributions would be above board. Seems u refuse to think.applyin a bit of logic in yo bloggin is like finding HIV cure. Cant believe you saying what you are saying

  64. Sad state of affairs, Sad state of affairs, Window dressing at work, how can you have a anti-corruption sub-committee when you chaps are all broke asses, when you can’t even pay the registrar!! LOL

  65. #22 swag, this is the problem we having in zambia today, when steals enough tithe and offering from his poor unsuspecting church flock, u call him man of God. Most people saying this are those who have lost out on brown evenlops that used to go their way at the expense of national development

  66. Ha be careful.Nevers is very fluent and quick with his words just like Dora. I feel sorry for intellectual Mutati. In MMD brains dont count! What happens if Nevers is cleared of his corruption case he is alleged to have been involved in Canada? Will be reappointd as ambassador there?

  67. Dear President Sata and winter Kabimba 
    I smell danger at the election of nervous Mumba as MMD president this mother furkerr will put us under pressure with his ka friend HH. I see a situation where we will not be able to get 50 plus one percent during elections. So my humble appeal is that do not accept the 50 plus one percent clause in the draft constitution because Zambian democracy is not that mature yet and we will save cash for reruns

  68. Okay listen to me Octopus and all your fellow creeps, anything to sort out PF is welcome. After all, the best way to sort out PF is to use the same medicine which they used last year against them, it worked effectively. At least we get back to square A and take it from there. Neat ain’t it?

  69. am happy to hear from you all,school/which unvst sata went,sata have any digree,that’s why is failing to lead pf.education is important,sata leading this country by force power.nomba tukamona ifyo mukasala uwakupyana sata ngamukacita ifitucitile ifwe.pantu sata takasumine ukusala umbi kano ena,mukasumina ifi ndelanda na pf epoikafwila.

  70. Hopefully he’ll hang around to clean up mmd and be given the chance to lead Zambia in the direction it should have been going a long time ago.

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