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MMD MPs serving in PF government must pledge their allegiance to MMD-Nevers Mumba

Headlines MMD MPs serving in PF government must pledge their allegiance to...

MMD Party president,  Dr Nevers Mumba
MMD Party president, Dr Nevers Mumba

By Pezzy Kudakwashe:

Zambia’s Movement for Multiparty Democracy (MMD) president Dr Nevers Mumba has said that all MMD members of parliament working as deputy ministers in government will need to pledge their allegiance to the MMD and not the Patriotic Front.

He was speaking on a joint quadrilateral radio presentation of the Zambia blog talk Radio of USA, Canada, Crossfire of the United Kingdom and Flava FM Radio of Zambia’s Copperbelt.

Dr Mumba said although President Michael Sata was in line with the Zambian constitution to appoint MMD MPs to deputy minister positions in his government, MMD appointees need to be loyal to the party.

“If those MPs will not be loyal to MMD, we shall remove them and call for by-elections to find those loyal to the party”, Dr Mumba said

And the MMD has pledged to fight against all forms of corruption in a move to restore the party image. Party president, Dr Nevers Mumba reiterated today that he will use the five-year-mandate given to him by party members to fight against corruption.

Dr Mumba said the MMD is serious about the fight against corruption and has already set in place a party anti-corruption sub committee to stamp out corruption from the party.

“The MMD anti-corruption sub committee, will not only fight against corruption but will among other responsibilities monitor any corrupt activities”, Dr Mumba added

Dr Mumba said the party will from now onwards require all candidates aspiring for national leadership to declare their assets before they are allowed to stand for any MMD national leadership position.

He said the measures were put in place to safeguard the party from Corruption.

Dr Mumba was last week elected as MMD president at a recent party convention following the stepping down of his predecessor, Mr Rupiah Banda, who retired from active politics.


  1. there youi go again bringing comfusion in mmd…with your cheap threats…why threaten your mp’s you moron..you said you wil everyday be talking and i wonder what you will be talking about…umunobe nga anya akasushi kulanda…we want the oposition that can shake PF on developmental issues and not cheap threats to your party imbeciles….shaaaaa!

  2. Yes, and they can demonstrate this loyalty by loosening their tongues by drinking 4 jilijilis (dry) in less than 5 minutes and then stand at attention and sing the national anthem backwards without laughing. The jilijilis will also allow them to lick my behind without making funny faces.

  3. we are behind you Dr. Mumba, leave those who are condeming you to keep on daydreaming, coz they will only wake up after you are sworn in as Zambia’s 6th President…..

  4. Mr Mumba the MPs u are talking about in your party are busy amassing riches don’t bother about them start planning how u ill reorganise your party its not easy soon some members from your party will start crossing to the ruling party just like u did,by the way start the investigation with alaa bee and Dora!

    • mr president clean the house we are behind you,let them run to pf.to reorganise the part is to start with this peaple in pf so that all rubbish run to pf.

  5. this is what i needed to hear, we need a consistent and focused opposition parties, that is good thinking, let them also show their commitment to fighting corruption by supporting the government to probe those that are suspected of having committed crimes and corruption, such as Dora, Rupia himself and many more instead of shielding them.   

    • yes my friend that’s collect we need to clean the house.pastor mumba go go go go do your work us president.

  6. Ba Nevers Mumba you are joke, maybe we need to remind you that every Zambian citizen has a right to hold public office either appointed or elected regardless of political affiliation. So soon you have already demonstrated undemocratic tendancy in your leadership style, MMD U ARE IN FOR IT. Again we need to remind Dr Nevers that when he was veep to Mwanawasa, there were opposition MP’S FROM UPND AND PF who served as deputy ministers in MMD under Mwanawasa regime and nothing was wrong about that. Nevers Mumba country first, like once F.KENNEDY Said ” its not what the country can do for you, its what you can do for your country”

    • Very wise words @Mwiponta Mukabwela we mfumu yabene. Like I always say, it’s not for Nevers or any other Zambian to even try and force himself to the republican presidency, but by the grace of God through the Zambian people, especially when he puts the country first against his personal ambitions. This has been Nevers’s downfall in the past.

  7. the MPs serving in PF led government ll show allegiance to the people and not to MMD.If pastor mumba means well on his crusade against corruption let him denounce the ZAMTELL saga of pravatisation and evaluation,direct bidding at kasumbalesa,procurement scandles at airport and all that was exposed during the MMD rule.ba pastor we are watching otherwise dont think we dont know wat happened.Leka ba MP babombele abantu dont give them conditions sir

  8. This party is gone!  This guy is NOT  a leader – we all know anyway. What a negative impact LPM had on MMD bringing all these FAILED leaders from other parties (Mumba & RB)  into MMD leadership: they have & will finish off MMD.  

  9. this is the problem with our politics.Nevers is only party leader less than a month and he is already thinking about expelling party member. i thought the first thing should have been lets draw up plans for job creating, press freedom, better health care and education all programmes overhaul. 

  10. Mumba,the day you join hands with UPND that is the day you’ll loose my vote!
    Keep on strengthening your party !Mmd has strong base!
    Watch out!

  11. mr president go ahead of what you think it can help our part to move forward not backward again no no no no,us you know pf is afraid of your coming to power,clean the house remove all rubbish let them run to pf.

  12. I think some bloggers are right, MP’s allegiance should be to the people first, second to their principles and lastly party ideology, this will prevent MP’s voting for issues in Parliament based upon Party Peer pressure but they will in turn vote based upon the good of the Zambians, the MP’s principles and lastly the Party’s ideology, whether, UPND, MMD, PF etc. Parties in Zambia should be ideology based. For those itching to respond with insults i am sorry i need to debate with rational analytical minds. I respect Dr Mumba and will offer constructive criticism because i want him to suceed, i will not flatter him to lead him into a ditch.

  13. It is like these leaders dont understand corruption. The only way to end corruption is to kill humanity. It is embbeded in the people and it is practised everywhere even in America where it is more rife. Even now in this govt, there are a lot of corrupt activities committed, in churches, police, and even Foreign Direct Investment, Foreign Aid, hospitals and everywhere, there is corruption. People fighting corruption are products of corruption. SO WHAT THE HELL IS THIS FIGHT FOR CORRUPTION.

  14. When you are a representative of the people on a party ticket, your allegiance is to the party. if you don’t agree with the party, you resign. This does not work in zambia because ours is politics of the tummy. just look at these tu ma Hon MPs once they lose office limping with gout. they have no program whatsoever apart from buying suits, Prados and girlfriends.

  15. Mumba was once in government, albeit for a short stint, and one would think the wayward pastor would appreciate the nature of the beast called ‘Collective Goverment Responsibility’. It is common knowledge that his ascension to the MMD pinnacle spelt doom for the party, but not even the horoscope of the most powerful Sangoma could have foreseen such a quick demise of the party sparked by Mumba’s blindness to reality that his win was bought for him by Bwezani. Once the deputy ministers troop our, it will be like people leeping out of the Titanic to save their souls. And it’s Nevers as the captain who sparked it by ramning an iceberg. Ni lwanya lwakwa Noah bebele ka!

  16. Appointing MPs from the opposition is admission that your party is crap and has no people. But at the sametime, Nevers is not my man, even though MMD is my party. If elections came today I would vote for my MMD MP but vote for Sata – atleast I know what I’m getting from him.

  17. I sincerely believe that MMD as a party is dead. 20 years of wasted years with nothing to show for it except wanton plunder of resources has alienated this party from the people. Overhauling and restructuring and cleaning up the party will not erase MMD’s corrupt image. It will stick forever in our collective consciousness except of course those who corruptly benefit from the party.

  18. Nevers lacks substance! This guy has neither vision nor substance. Zambia is one of the few countries in the world where the bar for the presidency has been set very low. No wonder the country is in a mess. Someone who dubiously calls himself doctor should not be taken seriously. Mumba will even fail to run his own campaign in the country. Mumba has no substance except for shallow platitudes. When has this guy ever talked about economic policy? And this is a guy you want to lead a country that has been in economic shambles since independence?

  19. ‘Dr’ Mumba, Relax and tread carefully, avoid threats otherwise things will boomerang into your face.

  20. I listened to this talk yesterday and I think this report is incorrect! For those interested in listening to the actual talk it can be found on h t t p : // w w w. crossfireblogradio. c o m / (remove spaces in the URL). It is actually Sata who met with the MMD secretariat and assured them that although the deputy ministers were working with the PF government, their allegiance must be first with their own party. I don’t understand how the author of this article can attribute  this to Nevers Mumba. This is unnecessary distortion of facts. Anyone who bothers to listen to the talk will agree with me.

  21. Meanwhile here is something just for laughs h t t p : / / w w w. youtube. c o m/watch?v=Vh603JGdHt4

  22. If they are there to work for the people who voted for them.. What is the purpose of working for the part that doesn’t pay them any ngwee??? Work together with the ruling part to develop the country. Once you put part matters first .. development later what is the point Mr Mumba

  23. I listened to this talk yesterday and I think this report is incorrect! For those interested in listening to the actual talk it can be found on h t t p : / / w w w. crossfireblogradio. c o m / (remove spaces in the URL). It is actually Sata who met with the MMD secretariat and assured them that although the deputy ministers were working with the PF government, their allegiance must be first with their own party. I don’t understand how the author of this article can attribute  this to Nevers Mumba. This is unnecessary distortion of facts. Anyone who bothers to listen to the talk will agree with me.

  24. For f**k sake Dr Mumba, you are not yet a Republican President to start throwing your weight around like this. Stop this nonsense of bulling people who are trying to serve their nation.
    Last time i heard about you, you were being sworn -in and now you’re demading allegiance from everybody . This is why you will never win a proper election in your life – kulibonesha too much.
    By the end of the year MMD will have recovered from the punches suffered last year and they will realise you’re just a showman. Am sorry but the similarities between you and FTJ are just too many for you to have, its scaring the sh*t out of us. You both have rubbish Honorary doctorates, both like mirrors, using ambi, studying dictionary, reading bible upside down, flushy clothes etc. Sorry it won’t happen again.

  25. I listened to this talk yesterday and I think this report is incorrect! For those interested in listening to the actual talk it can be found on w w w. crossfireblogradio. c o m (remove spaces). It is actually Sata who met with the MMD secretariat and assured them that although the deputy ministers were working with the PF government, their allegiance must be first with their own party. I don’t understand how the author of this article can attribute this to Nevers Mumba. This is unnecessary distortion of facts. Anyone who bothers to listen to the talk will agree with me.

  26. I listened to this talk yesterday and I think this report is incorrect! It is actually Sata who met with the MMD secretariat and assured them that although the deputy ministers were working with the PF government, their allegiance must be first with their own party. I don’t understand how the author of this article can attribute this to Nevers Mumba. This is unnecessary distortion of facts. Anyone who bothers to listen to the talk will agree with me.

  27. This report is not accurate. I listened to the talk and I believe this statement was made by Sata.

  28. For those interested in listening to the actual talk it can be found on h t t p : / / w w w. crossfireblogradio. c o m / (remove spaces).

  29. Opinions of Dr Mumba are very welcome but the name MMD is a bitter pill to swallow.The party should rename and rebrand itself if it’s vibrancy is to be realised by every jim and jack.The name MMD,is associated to corruption just like UNIP is associated to vigilants.A name once spoiled,is very difficult to gain.That is why even God changed names of his servants from Saul to Paul,Jacob to Israel.When Saul was converted christians still used to run away from him.They associated his name to a murder.People will still continue running away from MMD because of corruption tag it carries.

  30. So most people believe that once a party is out of power that is the end?? If that is the case then we will never attain democracy to the levels of America and UK where parties have been in and out of power for over 100s of years.

    • # 18 Chanda Banda Hamukoma Nyambe Sichela .Sorry Sir,that is the case.Zambia will never attain democracy to the levels of either the US or the UK in the next 1000 years.We have fake politicians,Sir !





  33. Nevers, as usual!!!! The man is going no where. With such utterances against his colleagues, eventually he will remain alone. Watch and see!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Mumba utekanye sana you remain alone!!!!! find out from old members, that strategy of intimidating MPs will not work at all.

  35. Some people dont think really is so sad. People Mumba is right MPs serving in Govenment should show alligence to their part coz they are sponsored by MMD to be in Parliament and Gvnt. Some people think saw narrow just for politics try to be wide in your thinking gentlemen, how can an MP show part committment as alast thing. Mumba is the party president he has a right to say wat he thinks puts the party in danger…

  36. Good afternoon

    #18 Chanda, MMD may not suffer the same fate but there are enough political parties that have ceased to exist or simply become defunct after being ousted.

    A political party is only useful if it has enough supporters and if it’s members are active. If members change sides (to the ruling party), get incacerated, die off or move on, it is likely that the party will also end. The other thing is that every society changes and shifts, and political parties may be eliminated as a result of those changes/shifts.

    In Europe or the US parties survive longer because they are based more on development programmes rather than identity politics as is (unfortunately) the case in most African countries.

  37. #20 Chale, you are wrong. USA parties are about Identity. Republican party are for white people (fortunately enough, majority of whites are rich), Democratic party are for rest of races, and very few whites (whites with wrong hearts like Clinton or Jimmy Carter, those have black hearts)

  38. Go Pastor! Clean the house in whichever way you want as you now are mandated! Those of your MP’s serving in the PF government had a message to their electorate let them uphold what they individually promised to their constituents and based on their sponsoring party’s policies pay allegiance to issues supporting national development and good governance 

  39. #20 Same should be in Zambia = Identity. MMD are for corrupt, thieves,prisoners, smugglers, NGOs. PF are for street vendors, thugs and the confused. UPND is for the elite, educated individuals. Heritage party is for substance farmers.
    The rest of Zambian political parties are as a mess as the NGOs, pentecostal churches and Media. useless.


  41. Yes expel them if they don’t show allegiance to the great MMD. When they are expelled,bye elections will be called and the results will be that MMD will retain no seat while PF will get all the seats. Who will be the ultimate loser then? Answer: Nevers Mumba and his defunct MMD.

  42. I thought MMD was finished when UNIP took over the presidency in the name of RB now its NCC in the Name of Nevers Mumba.  MMD has no president

  43. #23 nostra anus , a u saying the likes of willian banda, bunda are elites and educated members of upnd ? Surely this educated thing people refer upnd to, ist about hh and his simple degree or what is it.

  44. Some bloggers on this forum have a very short memory like that of a fly. Didn`t you know that almost all PF members including their president came from MMD? If an MP was voted on UPND ticket, he must show allegiance to the party that put him in power; similarly if MMD MPs don`t show their allegiance to the party, and want to serve self, then they must be shown the door. Every house has its own rules. If MPs want to serve self and a few people around them, then they must stand on independent tickets. This is common practice everywhere you go whether here in the United States or in UK. What Zambian government needs to do is to come up with system that will make corruption difficult for any public worker. Putting a few corrupt people in jail will not be a permanent solution to end corruption.

  45. The work of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) should be broader then witch-hunting. The ACC should focus on ways of perfecting the processes so that corruption can be eradicated. What Dr. Mumba is talking about is not new to Zambia. Infact, it worked perfectly well during UNIP era. Everyone will agree that it was very difficult for UNIP MCCs, MPs, Governors and other party officials to be corrupt. Zambia hard a statutory called Leadership Code, which required all leaders to declare their assets. The more was necessary because it was easy to compare what leaders had before assuming office and what they left with. Leaders who accumulated more wealth than their income needed to be investigated. Officers tasked to investigate such vices should be well trained and be above reproach. 

  46. This report is not correct. Please before you make any comments. PLEASE listern to the show. “If you want to hide a truth from an African put it in a book” Find time to listern to the show pipo…

  47. This is clearly incorrect.
    These words came from President Sata and not Dr. Nevers Mumba.
    Bloggers check facts before you comment. Research is very important.
    I see that a lot of people on this site just comment on everything they read without checking facts. Don’t be lazy to research.

  48. First declare your assets Pastor. It should be in the consitution that anyone aspiring for political office must have own assets which must include OWN house to prevent poor leaders who use their offices from acquiring Real Estates once in office like Chiluba and RB.

  49. I agree with you DR MUMBA. These MPs like Masumba no longer attends MMD meetings just because he is a deputy minister. They need to show allegiance to the party that sponsored to parliament.Its not wrong to serve in government as opposition member but its unacceptable to start attacking and shunning the party meetings in the name of deputy minister. For me that is lack of principles, integrity and corruption! Have you seen in UK that Liberal democrats have shunned their party despite being in government. They tole party line and gets to influence their party policies into the coalition government. That is being a responsible party member not these Zambians.

  50. I know what will happen. The MPs will all resign and join PF. Remember that these are politics of hunger. I don’t see them staying in MMD to serve their constituencies instead of filling their tummies. Those guys are not principled. They are in politics for themselves not for the people!!!!!!!!

  51. MPs have to give allegency to the party they belong and then people who voted them other wise if they don’t let them stand as independent.

  52. I agree with those who say that Dr Mumba never said that during interview with Zambia Blo Talk radio and Crossfire radio. I was participating and he did not talk about his MPs. Bad reporting.

  53. Even him Mumba should be investigated for Ottawa saga, he is not clean, one question why can’t he just concentrate with the Church, is the money for thithy not enough? alitemwa ifyuma sana, one leg in church and the other leg in politics. Shame on him

  54. I love Mumba please bring on the comfusion and Bemba division so that PF bembas get divided and HH will have an upper hand then we go for a 50 plus one percent and MMD and UPND and then kick out pf

  55. Bank rolled campaigns wont take you anywhere bwana Nevers. You are by product of the worst corrupt regime in the eyes of the poor Zambians. Rupiah with his stolen money is now trying to
    fuse you in and use you as a pawn and act as mouth piece so that we shift attention to the present than the past. Zambia is not Sata and for you base your speech on an individual means you nothing to offer, you are just like the rest. Everyone who is found wanting must be caged just like others and the same goes to you if you got money that does not belong to you just be prepared to be caged wherther you oppostion spokes person or preacher no one is above the Law.

  56. Those throwing feces on Nevers just wait what will happen when SATA leaves PF as president. There will be blood shed within the party. MMD I salute you guys for the wonderful elections you had.

  57. MMD are fo..ols what have they done?? Mumba?? As party president?? Call your party goodbye?? Gone by the wind. MMD MPs, don’t even bother align yourselves with your People than MMD. It’s a finished party.

  58. Watched Nevers last night on MUVI TV (political Advert) at 22hrs.
    Was amazed at his trajectory.
    He looks like he will make a good grade for the opposition.
    He looks like he may start to turn tables around.
    Lets not under estimate him.
    Please do not under estimate him.
    He is likely to prove hard core politian country has not seen yet.
    Looks like political landscape for the Country has changed for good.
    Govt just need to wash him down by hard work.
    Yes only hard work will overdo him, nothing else.
    Take heed..

  59. Don’ t worry – once the new constitution is enacted most of those tu ma MPs will resign so that they can be appointed outside parliament… It is the new wild west…

  60. What is shocking for most bloggers on this topic is failure to to scan what PF govt has achieved so far, even with periodical extrapolation of time they have been in power its hard to come up with any sighn of success such as one evidenced by the inagulation of Ndola Mwanawasa stadium. All that is heard from PF govt are COIs, creation of districts on paper and deffective fight against corruption on one hand and aiding and abeting corruption of (Sata’s friends and relatives) on the other. PF govt so far has got the political will to deliver as seen from haphazard statements by everybody who is anybody.

  61. Meant PF govt hasn’t got the political will to deliver services to Zambians as they promised. Sata prides the reduction of taxation as one fufilled promise. Surely, this can be delivery of services to Zambians!, Zambians deserve a better president than Sata may be swaping places with Guy Scott who has redeemed PF ever since he becamee ceremonial VP with sensible statements doing limiting PF damage.

  62. Cool down Nevers, you are a baby in politics, you come in tomorrow you start issuing orders, cool down , politics is not for little ones like you it’s for strong ones. You have even grown old, I can see the teeth in your mouth.Cool down, those you are threatening can resign and stand on PF ticket and win and your dead party will be useless and rendered  not relevant to Zambian politics. 

  63. 1. left his own party because he was promised to be the vice president for MMD.
    2.fired as vice president because of careless talking in international affairs.
    3.appointed as high commission for canada, 2011 fired because of mis-using gov funds.
    4.2012 appointed as president of MMD, lets wait and see will come up next

  64. With a little background research #68 Hachikamba would realise just how misinformed he is. The problem with most Zambian political commentators is that they are too lazy to do any research. They like being told what to think and what view to hold regarding an issue. Independence analysis of issues lacks to such worrying levels that it scares the hell out of me. How else would people vote for Sata. I know RB was bad but Sata for God’s sake!! Believing all that 90 days crap etc.

  65. there is foolishness in mumbas brain.are you not the one who never resigned from your party when mwanawasa appointed you as veep.bullshit at work. viva keith,forrie,muchima are truly zambians you are beyond politics


  67. By the end of 2016 MMD will remain a shell of its former self.These saving MPs are there because they in parliamnet,come 2016 95% will loose the votes and interest to continue with MMD will wane away.Some will join PF and other parties or simply go into oblivion as their political interest will have fizzled out. In all probabilty, old ones will have died due to old age and poor health coupled with lack of medical care as the capacity to pay for such services will have diminished.

  68. I am glad to hear that type of language of President Mumba. We cannot have the double standards applied in leadership. Political loyalty does not go with personal loyalty. Let them work on that choose where to go. We are on standby

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