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PF government, the worst ever- UPND

General News PF government, the worst ever- UPND

UPND Deputy Spokesperson Cornerlius Mweetwa
UPND Deputy Spokesperson Cornerlius Mweetwa

The United Party for National Development (UPND) has charged the Patriotic Front government is the worst ever in the history of Zambia’s politics.

Party deputy spokesperson Cornelius Mweetwa says the government has no direction with regards to guiding Zambia to economic prosperity.

Mr. Mweetwa says most of the decisions that government has made since ascending to power have exposed their inability to manage national affairs properly.

He has since charged that the retention of Malawian Judge Lovemore Chikopa in the country when he is not doing anything is a clear of how the PF government is bent at wasting tax payers%u2019 money.

Mr. Mweetwa says Zambians will judge the PF harshly for their failure to heed to the wishes of Zambians.

And United Party for National Development (UPND) leader Hakainde Hichilema’s political direction has been questioned.

A governance activist, Maurice Malambo has wondered what type of direction the UPND leader is taking.

Mr. Malambo says that it seems that the UPND leader seem to have not yet recovered from last years tripartite election loss.

He added that the UPND leader should ensure that offers constructive debates and criticism.

He says that Mr. Hichilema’s condemnation on President Sata that he was responsible on the loss of lives in Kasama over a stampede as unfair.

Mr. Malambo says that the opposition should ensure that they offer constructive criticism other than politicking.



  1. Dr Nevas PLz come fast PF and UPND ar Loosing the track ….VIVA DR NEVAS MUMBA …2016 IS ALL URS

  2. Mwetwa behave yourself headles chicken. We youth are not interested in yo cheap tok. Hh wil neva b president nxt is chipimo.

  3. This visionless regime is not only a disgrace to humanity and our struggle for independence, but indisputably a useless one ever had in record history. I cannot help it but to say cry beloved country! There they are on our watch 47 years after political independence moving in droves to China pleading to come and give them jobs over their resources.Not even war battered Vietnam ever sunk that low to the US in quest to rebuild their war ravaged country.  They did it themselves. Zambia’s assets and comparative advantage are peace and the vast resources plus human capital. Sadly this dangerous incompetent regime believes all these are not cardinal variable of a development drive but China sending in its citizens to come create jobs LoL!  

  4. We dont need to be told. We know that its the worst bunch of clueless politicians who ascended to power through lies and will continue to lie until 2016

  5. SENIOR CITIZEN we know you are a product of MMD’s corruption. PF has a lot of mess to clean created by MMD. So far the country is on the right path and as well-meaning citizens, we need to support the efforts of PF. 

  6. “He (Maurice Malambo) says that Mr. Hichilema’s condemnation on President Sata that he was responsible on the loss of lives in Kasama over a stampede as unfair”. Maurice Malambo must have been in his mother’s womb when PF and Sata introduced this type of politics in Zambia. For his information, we condemned this and warned Mr Sata that he was introducing a dangerous and dirty trend of lies and fraud in Zambian politics, and that this would haunt him if he assumed power. Well he did assume power so it’s now time for him to drink his own medicine.

    • Sata just came into government 8 months ago and the issue of unemployment has been there eversince the MMD took office 20 years ago when most companies where irresponsibly closed and this has gotten worse with each consecutive year. Much what happened in Mulungu was a traged, the PF had no part in the closure of the companies in Mpulungu. This is and was the fault of the MMD.

  7. SATA and PF have done a lot in the past few months they have been in power. SATA has had a vision for Zambia and all he is doing is what he was talking about during his campaigns. As at now, he has the mandate to run the country and God will bless his efforts for the good of Zambia. When his term of office expires, the people of Zambia will decide who to entrust with the rings of power.

    • Can you explain why Sata has involved his office into a litigation case between M’membe & Nchito v DBZ? Equally list the good things Sata and his Govt have done for Zambia, thus far.

      Senior Citizen has made an informed contribution while both your comments are clearly on cadre lines and blind to the retrogressive direction of the nation under the PF Govt.

    • Because (i) the entire judicial system is corrupt including the judicial authorities committee. (ii) All efforts to seek the intervention of the Chief Justice with regard to their case fell on deaf ears and subsequently mishandled. By way, Mmembe and Nchito were not part of Zambia Airways when it procured the loan from DBZ. Ask the directors that were running the airlines then, and that’s why we wanted the tribunal so that the truth can come out, not mare allegations.

  8. what kind of human being is this foolish malambo.HH is bleming SATA becouse he has to find a workable plan to create employment for the people of zambia.

  9. Mr Sata wanted power so much that it did not matter how he got it, just see how he thanked Copperbelt residents yesterday. As usual the poor miners don’t even understand the real meaning of that kneeling down, they have been duped once again (and this will not be the last) that he is their servant. Sata a servant of the people, you gotta be kidding you miners, he is your master!

  10. The president suggested selling of goats to the middle east with the intention of creating jobs and an extra source of Forex. By the way tourism causes pollution so dont expect any more 4 or 5 star hotels like the one put up by former Minister of Energy and Water Development Kenneth Konga coz we are keeping our environment green..These and more to come from the PF


  12. every rational zbian has so far seen that pf is on the right tract. Let s give support 2 pf n Mr SATA n forget about cheap politics.let us develop our country while we still have sensible president.

  13. I would like to question my fellow learned Cornelius Mweetwa to provide us with facts that has enabled him reach that conclusion. It is very dangerous and highly misleading to speak from without as you are prone to making premature and erroneous statement. You can not compare PF which has only been in power for less than a year with the likes of MMD (20 years) or UNIP (27 years). Mweetwa, you passed through UNZA and do not allow politics to suck your valued brains. Whenever a statement is backed with evidence everyone will agree with you and support you but a politic utterance like that void of facts will only be applauded by cheap political cadres whose been brainwashed by your party ideologies.

  14. Malambo, the stampede in kasama happened at Sata ‘s watched thus he has to take the blame. And this saying that UPND leader seem to have not yet recovered from last years tripartite election loss, has nothing to done with the way PF are performing as Government. Whether HH is still bitter or not, sata has shown his poor leadership qualities. COME 2016 VIVA MUMBA the real Bemba.

  15. iwee kacikala !was sata there?
    why dont you shoulder up responsibility instead of always finding who to blame?
    you’ll never develop coz you think sata is God,he’s omnipresent and he should sort your mess at every hour and time!
    Grow up !

  16. As a worker I got a tax relief which is good for me. As far as I am concerned so far so good once corruption is sorted out and things be in place I can see a lot of progress and development coming into the country. Of course teething problems are always there. I have never seen a child born today and tomorrow starts walking, may be in Southern province. PF was born in power just some 8 months ago. 

  17. The worst ever opposition, UPND!!!
    Guys accept that you lost the elections and start to reorganise to take your party further.
    MMD messed up  a lot, especially towards the elections. The unplanned borrowing at high interest rates are issues PF are trying to deal with, and the corruption was out of hand. Anyway, you do support corruption, so its not strange that you condemn any move the govt makes to eradicate corruption. 

  18. And UPND is the worst oppositon Zambia has ever had.Led by bitter losers and with no direction UPND will never rule Zambia.Mweetwa your party does not even have a manifesto for people to look at.You are s bunch of sensiless cadres led by a village headman.It takes brains to run a government not headless cows!

  19. Mweetwa z a failure who ll do nathn bt 2 feed himself.i feel pit 4 pipo who voted 4 em.dat guy failed us wn he was unzasu president.no wonda dey burned his level……pipo wake up!!

  20. Iwe Mweeta ati booza bati! ‘The worst ever’ my foot! You recently came out of school. You are just a youth, you have not even finished having your teeth replaced in your mouth, who is misleading you so?

  21. Its quiet an embarasmnent to have these *****s as oposition. That includes the likes SENIOR CITIZEN tho for him we understand as he is now jobles due to mmd’s loss where he was a bootlicker. Does it mean upnd naka under5 kabo are the only opoposition who lost the elections. The question to them is what have you done in southern province your country as you take it for the past 15 yrs you have been leading it as since party in power then was your friend? Show us before talk of zambia as a whole. Amambala

  22. Kale mwayamba and twalimishiba. UPND is the worst opposition party ever! Evidence? Their membership in parliament and outside keeps reducing. When PF’s has increased. How odd.

  23. Pf cadres are like their kaponya leader in state house. Most of these pro pf cadreist comments are coming from the trash that has been post to Zambian missions abroad on the basis of nepotism.

  24. Why can’t the government be judged in six months? These are guys who promised they could change the country in all areas within 90 days. They came into power based on that promise. So why shouldn’t they be judged in six months? No one told them to do things in 90 days. They came up with that time frame themselves. We just want them to deliver what they promised!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Does UPND … have a direction…pliz we know zambia is a democracy nation and everyone is free to open his or her mouth, but pliz Mr mweetwa spare us

  26. And yes, we did it in 90 days! Then what after 90 days? We are still ruling… We are still doing things and you keep lamenting.

  27. Man you really a cow. 20 years of MMD unemployment and you want to blame the traged on the PF that have only been in power 8 months. Serve for the few good childhood tonga friends I have had the blessing to know, I am begining to think probably you tongas are just cursed. No wonder you have heads that look like a very badly made “ichimpombwa.”

    • But the PF promised manner in 90 days! Would you blame anyone for criticising them? Your integrity is at stake when you, as a politician resort to lies for the sake of just getting into plot one. Clearly PF are a failure not only based on their promises but as evidenced in the way they have handled the affairs of the state in the last 8months…

    • @it’s worry. The only argon is that you guys are more hell bent on what the PF have not done, and not what they have done. There vision was rightly to start creating jobs within the first 3 months, but their plans were waylayed and overshadowed by the level of corruption left by the MMD which made most of their plans unworkable, as the front officers who were surchaged with the responsibility of implementing the plans where corrupt elements from the previous MMD regime. Wisdom and common sense entales one to reaccess and modify his/her strategy and plans if one encounter unforeseen and unplanned for obstacles.

  28. #33 @Coachez, kikikiki, you ve cracked my ribs. Nevertheless u re spot on. Most these characters have been to school but their thinking is so warped. I guess they are just brainwashed by one Kasaka from In’gombe illede. A child who was born the day MCS took over power is 8 months old, the mother is probably 23yrs and dad 30yrs all under MMD rule. So when did PF create unemployment?

  29. Mwetwa iwe behave like a normal person please!!!! dont open your mouth if u have nothing to say, the contract we signed with PF is 5 years give them time..the problem with zambian oposition parties they are so desparate for power and for them 8 months is 8 years MULEKULA TWAPAPATA…

  30. The PF promised wonders within 90 DAYS imwe “ba kabwa” supporting PF. So everyone condenming PF this far is absolutely right.

  31. HH or ist anda 5, it wont help matters for you and your small party to vomit things that dont make sense every day. According to anda 2, mweetwa, zambia’s economic recovery is about that judge from malawi; what a connection. Maurice, the biggest danger to zambia today is upnd with its warped thinking on serious national issues.

  32. this young man.. mweetwa, is in a terrible hurry to use upnd and make a name for himself. Its not that he has a heart for upnd but wants to take over from bitter hh who cant stomach the ideal of only having real chance of becoming president in 2041. Hh has really lost it. Mweetwa you are too young to loose direction this way. Upnd had great men under that great and practical son of zambia.. anderson kambela mazoka, all have left. Look at whats left of upnd[-(

  33. @It’s a worry, keep worrying while we work. Yes in 90 days a lot was done and we continue doing…until 2016, then beyond… Keep counting air and politics while we do things.

  34. Of course we all know that PF and Sata’s government is worst in Zambian history, but it is better than Ruphia Banda’s MMD government, I don’t just want to remember that 2 years of RB .

  35. Sata was mmd secretary general from 1991 to 2001. During this time in stopped paying registration fees to the registrar of societies. He banked govt money in his personal account. He never accounted for the 2 billion kwacha he forcefully got from boz. Neither has he ever accounted for the mattresses meant for the 2002 convention. He was chief campaigner 4 ftj’s 3rd term. His is the worst govt. He is incompetent, semi illiterate and a disgusting regionalist and tribalist. Only the beneficiaries of his tribalism can see anything good in his backwardness!

  36. #s 20 and 21 you are spot on! Is that the kind of opposition the Zambians expect? We have already passed that stage and we know exactly what we need in this nation as a pipo that mean well. Somebody, (#16) expects Mr. Mweetwa to be reasonable because he passed thru UNZA. How possible? It’s not a university that makes a person wise. If Mweetwa and his president continue to behave the way they are doing they will soon realise their irrelevance on the Zambian political scene. Such political leaders are a danger to society but especially to UPND as a party.

  37. Malambo Maurice. Ok. What do you know anyway? You must be very empty or you just love to be in the paper. At your age you dont know that its the responsibility of GRZ to create employment by 1. Create an enviroment that will help its citizens to make jobs for themselves. 2. Give jobs to the citizenery in the civil service. 3. Influence local and foreign investors to establish organisations that will offer employment to its citizens.
    If our people are dying because of casual jobs who else are we going to blame apart from the fellow who did not do his part. i know you are desparate and you need a job. But use your head just for once. Silly chap. Work up!!

    • This time i will vote for HH, he is the only one seen to have vision for Zambia. For me no more vote for PF, come any election.

  38. PF has been in government for almost a year and so far nothing to show of. they are a bunch of failure with too much disoganisation when it comes to statements and policy direction for the country….

  39. @40 checha stop misleading yourself that zambians have passed that stage of criticisng the government. the opposition must talk when things and not right and in this case only a dunderhead who is not paying tax can support this wasteful spending of a judge sitting in hotel doing thing but eating zambian money. this money chikopa is eating would have bought some medicine in Kalikiliki where zambians are dying of simple diseases that otherwise would be cured. mwetwa is right sata is misusing my money which am paying as taxes,. you will never fing thing nonsense happening in the western countries….

  40. I don’t remember the late UPND wholeheartedly congrtulating Sata, the PF and the people of Zambia for changing government by the ballot in 2011. Bitterness, frustration, anger and envy will not make the oppozition dethrone the PF at leeast not in 2031.

  41. Shame to you, you people who are full of nothing but jealous. PF Government has performed better than any Government Zambia had before. These capable men and women are indeed on the ball and will surely deliver on all their promises. Despite the difficulties they inherited from the corrupt MMD, they are sweeping and delivering. Jealous down Mr Sata is second to Kaunda.
    You Tongas party you will never rule this country, you will die as opposition.   

    • iwe tafilamoneka ifyo bacitile, where are they going to get all the monies to develop the promulgated districts. This is just confusion!

  42. @it’s worry. The only argon is that you guys are more hell bent on what the PF have not done, and not what they have done. There vision was rightly to start creating jobs within the first 3 months, but their plans were waylayed and overshadowed by the level of corruption left by the MMD which made most of their plans unworkable, as the front officers who were surchaged with the responsibility of implementing the plans where corrupt elements from the previous MMD regime. Wisdom and common sense entales one to reaccess and modify his/her strategy and plans if one encounter unforeseen and unplanned for obstacles.


  44. Hey!!I??ll definitely have to check out Sean??s post. And I love the idea of blogging about a failure and how you learned from it. I??ll have to do that one soon

  45. I love post idea lists like this (Sean Platt also did a great one recently). Your second topic is a great one ?C I think another idea you can add to it is blogging about a failure you had and what you learned from it.Great work!

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