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We are Still in Contention Despite Defeat,-Chris Katongo

Sports We are Still in Contention Despite Defeat,-Chris Katongo

African Champions, Zambia might have been beaten but are not yet out of contention for a maiden World Cup qualification slated for Brazil in 2014.

The African Kings suffered defeat in their first competitive match since winning this year’s Nations Cup.

The stunned Chipolopolo suffered in the heat of Khartoum where Sudan won 2-nil. Zambia left without talking to the media after the game.

But team Captain, Christopher Katongo remains optimistic of the team improving its performance in subsequent games.

Katongo said that the team now needs more support than ever before to remain focused ahead of this weekend’s encounter against Ghana.

Speaking on arrival at Ndola’s Simon Mwansa Kapwepwe International Airport, Katongo contend the team is still in contention for the qualification to Brazil.

And Some soccer fans in Lusaka have expressed disappointment with Zambia’s poor display against Sudan in Khartoum on Saturday evening.

In a random interview with Muvi TV Sport, the fans have attributed the loss to a wrong technical formation of the team.

Some are however still hopeful that the team will make it to the 2014 Brazil World Cup.

The 2012 African Champions lost two-nil TO the Sudanese who they beat 3-nil in Equatorial Guinea during the Africa cup of nations quarter final match earlier this year.



  1. Our National Soccer Team Coach some times makes me wonder who trained him to be a coach.He likes experimenting when we are in competitive games.

  2. He leaves out Sakuwaha who is now used to Sudan climate,he knows Musonda is not in the squad he fails to put a better player in his position in our deface and the formation used is a sad one.Because the one striker we had in front (Mayuka) was badly marked>Now we have to work hard because definitely Sudan will beat Lesotho and make 6 points so meaning we must beat Ghana by good number goals.

  3. Yes my bro Chris you are right we can make it as long as we remain focused and determined.We just need to be positive.

  4. I wonder why Chris Katongo never get substituted. Look at that picture, how can you shoot in that stance, it will be miss!! Running faster than the ball, with harms spread like swimming in Olympics.

  5. The Chipolopolo Players in Sudan “played under the influence of Whisky….. and Katongo’s comments also made under the influence of Vodka”

  6. Chris just accept that our Gabon fallen heroes did not travel with you to Sudan to help you win like it was during the Afcon. You rode on their great names and when you came back couldn’t even give their suffering families anything, not even tithing. Busy recording adverts while your friends were preparing. If you are not careful, you won’t go to the world cup not even the next afcon. Shame!!!!

  7. Seriously can we beat Ghana ? i think it is NO WAY , seeing Ghana’s ,match against lesotho telss me that unless we do something extraordinary the best we can get is a draw . The ghana players that played against lesotho are a litle different from the Afcon ones and did you see the Atsu Guy ? Oh my God the guy plays like Messi , and oh no the scored 7 goals agains lesotho . May God help us

  8. @Future President, a more talented, motivated and wounded Ghana team is breathing down your neck and you think your concern should be Sudan, Ghana will beat Sudan home and away like we have always done… Zambians be afraid be very afraid. We will slice through you like a hot knife through butter, we are not underestimating you again, GHANA (which means warrior King) is coming! The black stars of Africa are coming to melt the copper bullets!

    • Ghana will not beat Sudan at their home for the same reason of that Sudan beat Zambia. Do not forget that Sudan draw with Ghana in Accra recently! You know that Sudan has great history in Africa! but politics destroyed everything in Sudan.

    • @Bukhari
      Ghana has beaten Sudan in Sudan; same football field every time in the last 4 years. Ghana will beat Sudan in Sudan and that is a fact, my friend. We are not concern about that.

  9. The match in Lusaka will be completely different……whether conditions, motivation and poor prep all played against ifipolopolo, overcoming the loss and redeeming their face is a strong enough driving force for them this weekend, and they would not want to lose at their new stadium. Lesotho cannot be a measuring stick for the match between chipolopolo and black stars. I cannot wait to see the drama in the new stadium.

  10. mmm. Just work hard guys. Chipolopolo is wounded. Ghana be veryafraid. You should worry because the copper bullets will kill you twice. And we shall bury you in Ndola.

    • lol -You might need some lucky bullets, copper will not be good enough. Are you really not Afraid of the Ghana team that is coming to Ndola? It is a different team from the African cup.

  11. Yaa, over confidence Ba Zambia, we can’t just enjoy the celebrations, you have already started. You better pull your socks to your bellies and win the next coming Games. You are African Champions therefore lead by example??? No more party time.

  12. GRZ has sown gross negligence in handling the team. It will be difficult to qualify. Ghana looks good

  13. This is the end of Zambian football! The beginning should have been taken more seriously!!! Now you boys must burn your lungs to satisfy us. Only victory will save you and you know that!!!!!!!!! No short cuts will be accepted by Zambians. Katongo don’t cheat us, we are not babies!!!!!!!!

  14. Reply to Ghanaman Paa Yaw : Ghana will not beat Sudan at their home for the same reason of that Sudan beat Zambia. Do not forget that Sudan draw with Ghana in Accra recently! You know that Sudan has great history in Africa! but politics destroyed everything in Sudan.

    • Personally, I wish the great luck to Zambia team and I need to let all Zambian people know that all the Sudanese people love your team and they were big fans in Angola..

    • Sudan’s draw with Ghana: Ghana played a safe (team B), at the time of the game, Ghana had already qualified for the 2010 world cup, Ghana didn’t have to risk the top players then. Ghana will beat Sudan in both encounters this time. Zambia did alot wrong before the game. 1st, why was Zambia not camping in Kenya before the game with Sudan but rather SA. (different climates). Ghana knows how to deal with Sudan. 2nd, As African champ, this is the time to use your status to attract high profile international matches like England, Germany, Brazil,etc. before qualifies. That will also help promote the name Zambia. (Use football to sell you self in a positive way). Zambia needs to wake up!!!

  15. Hahahaha , so some people still think Zambia has a chance against Ghana , Oh my God i cant stop laughing my lungs out , seriously the best Zambia can do is a draw , i am ready to bet with anyone for $1000 if Zambia can beat this present day Ghana team that played against lesotho , wake up folks we won Afcon by sheer luck and Ghana never joke about their world cup , they always play better when it comes to world cup games and seriously i think they are one of the best teams in the world not to talk about Africa.

  16. Ka Ephraim u beting $ 1000 in favor of Ghana kanshi walitumpa ka tole kobe wilaisapo pamyesu mukulya

  17. @Bukhari, the last two times Ghana went to Sudan guess what? we beat them both times… if Zambia beat Ghana call me on 0233 242 650 774 and I will wire $100 to any account number you provide! I put my money where my mouth is!

  18. But we already beat Ghana on our way to win Afcon. What is there to bet? Really Ghana beat weak Lesotho after resting for 90 minutes and they think they are good.

  19. I think chances are equal to all except Lesotho. Even Sudan has a great one. I believe Sudan performance will continue with Ghana same as Zambia match. Sudan team players have great experiences in Africa.

  20. LOL, Zamia will beat Ghana the same way just a few months ago and specially due to the fact that Zambia is playing at home in front of all its fans. Sudan will beat Lesotho, no doubt about that however, football is full of surprises. i mean, who expected Sudan to beat Zambia 2-0 while Zambia beated Sudan 3-0 just a few months ago?

    if Sudan beats lesotho with a 2-0 win and Zambia draws with Ghana, then Sudan will be leading group D. therefore as a Sudanese, i support Zambia! GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!! Beat these troublemakers called Ghanians who want to make fun of us because they beated a weak team …………………………….GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO GO ZAMBIA!!!!!!!!!!!! AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL TEAMS :)

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