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Lusaka house wife urged to share with husbands relatives in order to save marriage

Headlines Lusaka house wife urged to share with husbands relatives in order to...

A woman preparing relish for a meal

A housewife has been advised to change her peculiar ways of parsimony and greediness in order to save her marriage.

Stella Njovu, 21, of John Laing was told by magistrate Morgan Kayanika that she had to be transparent and should learn to share with her husband’s relatives if she wanted her marriage to last.

Magistrate Kayanika said for every marriage to last, both should be transparent and share with relatives of their spouses to bring about harmony and unity in the marriage.He said it was rare for women to be hard-hearted because they were the ones that harmonised families.

“You should learn to share with your husband’s relatives, most especially your mother-in-law, or else you risk loosing a responsible husband who cares for you,” he said.

Njovu’s husband, Masuaso Banda, 27, said his wife was stingy and did not care for his elderly mother.He recalled that on one occasion, his mother came asking for K50.000 which he had given his wife to take the following morning.But to his dismay when he went visiting his mother, she told him that his wife did not deliver the money.

Banda said when he asked his wife, she started an argument which ended up in a fight with him and she even bit his nail off.He said the other time they had an argument was when he told her to take some fish which was lying idle in the fridge to his mother’s place as she did not have any food at the time.

She said none of her relatives were eating at their house, therefore,she expected the same her husband’s relatives.He told the court that his wife wanted to commit suicide for no reason, an act which instilled fear in him because he would have been blamed had she died.

He said if she did not change then he had no option but to terminate the marriage because he could not keep up with her weird behaviour.

But Njovu said the incident of trying to commit suicide happened years ago and that she had changed.When magistrate Kayanika asked why she attempted to end her life,Njovu just broke down and kept quiet.He said the root cause of the problem was that she was immature and needed some counselling in order for her to be prepared psychologically.

Magistrate Kayanika asked her husband to give her another chance because she had changed her attitude.


  1. When a man finds someone else, he comes up with all sorts of accusations. Just chase her if you are done with her. Stop being a hypocrite. You could have given your mom that 50 pin and the fish yourself. If you want to find a fault in her, you will find it. 

    And this magistrate also. No wonder Ukwa is suspending you guys. 

  2. Iam waiting for a rebound, i will take care of your wife should u decide to leave her. I really love her

  3. **==She’s still young and immature or maybe she was not taught,cause such lady’s cant be fit to be a step mum in a situation that allows to be.

  4. Whats happening to young couples these days? Aren’t they being taught.A woman shouldn’t antagonise the mother in law but be kind and loving and a husband should side with his wife in a dispute with the relatives.

  5. Stop ‘ukubuta’ in marriages. Some people cannot tell the difference between playing house and the real thing.

  6. @1 Priscilla: I wonder what kind of a wife you are if married? The man was trying to be transparent to let the wife give the cash to the mother, Nothing Wrong with that?? Fish?? A man delivering?? Get serious madam and be a truly respectful Zambian?? Mayo Bushe mwalifundwaa?? Iyoo Ba Priscilla twamisula??

  7. If it was my wife I lay down the ground rules.Here are my rules if you care to know
    (1) My family comes first for they welcomed you
    (2) Do not interfere with my ATMs because they are potential future wives
    (3) I will come home as early as 02:00 drunk like a monkey.
    (4) Do not ask where I was when I do not show up early
    (5) Do not gossip about me with your friends
    (6) All the food in the fridge belongs to me unless have told you to cook it

  8. Ba Lusaka Times its preparing Vegetables please(re your caption pic), Just because its greens does not make it Relish. Relish is defined as “a type of sauce which is eaten with food to add flavour to it” apart from that keep up the good work. Peace

  9. Relatives should find their own means not sponging off one family member. This is why I never married a Zambia man. Abena buko are full of crap!

  10. Ba Big Daddy you are lost. You don’t know the purpose of having a wife.thats why your kids don’t look like you coz we are busy taking care of your wife’s needs.

  11. @ba sheik pricilla is just bein transparent..if your mother complains about your wife then do it your self..we you say your vowels you become one..


  13. Can immaturity surely be treated with counselling? The story doesnt really represent this lady well…

  14. @big daddy.if you love your family comes first why not marry from among them.Mwilachucha abana babene.Marry your sisters.And i pray your sisters are treated them same by the men they are married to.Same for your daughters.

  15. @nubian princess.you are right on the money.Zambian men are full of crap.i should know im married to one

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