Nchanga Rangers Fire Coach


Bruce Mwape has been fired as Nchanga Rangers coach.

Club Chairperson Blackwell Siwale announced on Tuesday afternoon that Rangers and Mwape have parted company by mutual consent.

The decision was made by the executive during a meeting held on Monday.

Mwape has since been replaced by his assistant Albert Kachinga as the Chingola side begin a search for a coach.

Mwape couldn’t deny nor confirm his dismissal but promised to issue a statement on Wednesday.

Rangers lie 5th on the Super Division table with 21 points in 12 matches and last Saturday beat Konkola Blades 1-0 in the two sides local derby clash at Nchanga Stadium in Chingola.


  1. there is need to also consider offloading some players who have failed to perform despite having been given first team priority. am urging the interim coach to put in his best and field players capable of delivering and not just play names. am looking forward to see the best of BRAVE RANGERS in this season…..Go Brave Go.

  2. He is always mu Chishiba in the company of the likes of Israel Mwanza buzzing and womanizing the whole night. And he enjoys players buying him beers.He is childish and very playful.

  3. LT the match couldn’t have been a local derby! I thought Bruce was doing fine as coach for Nchanga, please divulge reasons why he has been fired maybe other clubs can learn something!

  4. How much did my Brave Rangers invest in Bruce from the time he waz a player, assistant coach to Kabole and eventually head coach? There waz massive investment in the late Willie Phiri to get to what he waz. That iz besides the fact that the late Willie waz a very inteligent, formidable and disciplined player, but not exactly the same can be said about Bruce.

  5. I know Bruce to be very childish and playful. He is also a segregative type of a coach who always favors those players that buy him beers and succumb to nchekelako tactics. KCM has invested alot in Nchanga Rangers but the team management is below par. As a matter of fact, their suppose to be on top of the league because they have all the required resources one needs. So Bruce can go, and bring in Fighton or bring back Kabole. Kwaata….!!!

  6. Donci kubbbeebbbbaaa……….!!! PLease bloggers, where is Maestro HheHhe…..?? he no longer blongs, why?? May be it is his under5 favorite tumbled in the recent past elections?

  7. Bravo Nchanga Rangers needs to sort the in house problems so that we quicklye return to the glory days.I remember when we had the likes of 1.Ignicious Muswala.2.Peter (kunde) Mwanza.3 Alex Singini 4.Manfred (manpower) Chabinga 5.Webby (stop
    children) Chilufya.6 Simon(simo chief kombe) Mwansa 7.Bruce Mwape.8 Benjamin ( boga Tigana) Bwalya 9.Stone(loso man) Nyirenda 10.Gilbert (Zairwa) Mukumbo 11.Geofrey (Freejoe) Mulenga.Coach Willie Phiri.

  8. Thats the way to go, when a player dont buy chickens from his home NINSHI that player will be left out.And in most cases only players born and bread from chingola are given the green right to play ….

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