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Andeleki threatens to deregister political parties,churches,mosques for non compliance

Headlines Andeleki threatens to deregister political parties,churches,mosques for non compliance

The Registrar of Societies has threatened to deregister all registered political parties and other organisations that have not complied with their statutory obligation of paying statutory fees to government.

Chief Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki says it is by law, the obligation of all registered political parties and organizations operating in the country to pay their statutory fees in accordance with the Registrar of Societies Act.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Andeleki said in an interview in Lusaka today that all societies still owing money will after June 30 be published in the daily newspapers.

He noted with concern that there were too many registered organisations that had emerged and continued operating in the country despite them not being up to date with their obligation of paying statutory fees.

He said religious groups, churches, political parties, mosques, community organisations and other similar societies will face cancellation if they do not comply with the Registrar of Societies Act.

He stated that social groups wanting to operate should at all cost ensure that they adhere to what is required of them.

Mr. Andeleki has lamented that government is losing colossal sums of money due to most organizations’ non remission of statutory fees.

All political parties are expected to submit their returns to the office of the Registrar of Societies on an annual basis after they have undergone registration.


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  1. You are doing a great job Clement, de-register anybody for noncompliance we need those monies!!
    Its a shame there is a few civil servants of your caliber!!

    • The man is a crook with no iota of decency . Forgeries, uchende and kissing Satas arse hole is his speciality.

  2. This is a straight-forward issue not requiring any politicking. Go on- make efforts to comply with the law ASAP.

  3. I have in mind Gregory Chifire and Thabo Kawanu’s opportunistic NGO’s formed to feast on the crumbs from the MMD’s table of plunder and corrupt deals pior to the 2011 general elections. I wonder whether the loose cash istill flowing from the MMD to keep these NGO’s up to date with statutory obligations

  4. This zero-tolerance must spread to all regulatory entities in Zambia. The trouble is there is always piece-meal compliance from both sides! I am sure Andeleki’s drive is a lonely one if you survey other regulatory bodies! They wait to exact political mileage at inopportune times!

  5. Andeleki,
    stop talking, get to work. This talk and no work is what breads corruption, and lawlessness in the nation. Before long illegality becomes the norm, and reversion the trend that emerges becomes impossible. In the final analysis the standards are lowered, and people get less than the best in service delivery.

    So, go on and deregister those who have been warned in writing. If some have come back to you with a problem of liquidity, deal with those according to the conversations your office has had with them, and don’t involve the public by discussing them in the media. If you are looking for public opinion in order to make a decision, then leave the office to other professionals who are qualified to carry out the requirements of that office. Period!

  6. Everyone must obey the law of the land even on paying Registration fees. Who must pay the Registrar of Societies? Its the fees that we pay, every little bit goes to paying this guys. Thats how we can measure productivity. That their input to the national treasury, that fees you pay. so if you register a group, party or what have you, pay the annual registration fees. These are THE MORALS WE ARE TALKING ABOUT. Pay fees or be de-registered. Thats the business. If not change your mindset which is wrong. You started it when you went to register but when you start failing on your obligations you start complaining! Thats idiocy. Don’t make the job of the Registrar of Societies difficult, get de-registered and sensible groups will register, those with commitment to paying registration fees.

  7. If he is such a great civil servant, why didn’t he say this before? Sounds more like a desperate attempt not to appear biased by only de-registering MMD as this case is coming up for a decision.

    And what, he announces this on the 15th giving all errant organizations 15 days until the end of the month to comply or face the ax? What kind of plan is that?

    • Why are the organizations so irresponsible that they even have to wait for a warning, 15 days or not, before they can do what they signed to do? Schopet!!!

  8. Go ahead and publish the names of the culprits and give them time frame in which to meet these obligations. That way you avoid unnecessary accusations and you will win the right thinking and analytical minds. Just a thought

  9. Andeleki is God. Churches will close. I can’t pay you for God’s church not to be closed. Andeleki ask God to pay you. As for me I will keep on praying after my church is closed.

  10. You should also deregister parties that ve under 5 presidents with the diarrhoea of the mouth.. Yaping,yaping nonsense all the time. Even parties with no manifestos. Also parties that ve presidents who store privatisation funds

  11. Is it just me?, his head has the air of an actual dick head.

    Let him deregister the PFfirst if he wants to prove how serious he is.

  12. Just an *****, who does he think he is? Cancelling seats in parliament so that tax payers incur mo expenses, uko!

  13. Sponsored rougue, thinks like its master. You would have earned yourself some respect if only you began by publishing institutions owing to state, issue warnings publicly and then de-register erring ones. To begin by de-registering then backwards warnings is like CHIMBWI NO PLAN.

  14. @14, His Excellency Ukwa CNP, we wouldn’t know since we havent seen your dick head. Could you please furnish us with a photo of your dick head?

  15. # 14, please that is a scrotum head, even from where I am standind.

    Regardless, Adeleki is the man of the moment !

    Give them hell boy !!

  16.  This is why Zambia is backwards in development. How many organisations have not paid and for how long or how many years. Zambia is not a door mat to be used and abused by some inconsiderate, greedy selfish people who only think of their welfare only.  No. this must end.  Organisations who fail to pay should not be allowed to operate. Period!! It ain’t personal it’s business. Every ngwee recovered or paid can contribute to the development of Zambia. It’s time for Zambia to grow up.
    They have up until Monday 18th June 07:00hrs am – sharp!! to pay. In other words no yapping get them to pay and not ati June 30th. 

  17. The day Mugabe passes away see how fast Zimbabwe will restore to it’s former glory. All Zimbabweans and investors will flock back in thousands. And Zambia will remain in poverty  with load shedding still in existence.  Zambia needs to think ahead! The ordinary man in Zambia have been betrayed and exploited while others have benefited with our mines etc and rather than spending money on developing Zambia they’ve  spent their money investing in other countries. Wake up Zambia!!

  18. No! Under 5 ayesako; diffusing neverlands (nevers mumba) impact! we all know this is not about pf mistakes; its about stealing the limelight from neverlands abeit in a very primitive, childish, lunatic and terorrists manner.

  19. @ on behalf of the poor
    how are you my sister! How far have gone with the formation of your political party?

  20. We note that Flyd Chitalu is a PF paid VUVUZELA hired to promote deception on the on-line electronic publications. IT IS NOW ACKNOWLEDGED THAT THE THUGS ARE IN FULL CONTROL OF GOVT. Mumbwe pakulila ninshi pali epo anshintilile amatako. Lamentations from Andeleki, Mumba Malila & Co suggests that Zambia is on the verge of persecuting the innocent. . We pray that the peace-loving people are not pushed to too far towards an explosive corner by a gang of plunders that have invaded this country’s govt judicial system.

  21. The day Mu..gabe.. passes away see how fast Zims will restore it’s self to it’s former glory. All Zim.babweans and investors will flock back to Zims in thousands to invest. Zambia will be behind. Zambia needs to think ahead, change mentality and get serious about developing. If we are not careful and remain slow in thinking, people will end up going to Zims for medical care and buying goods there again. 

  22. Do I smell another hellbent job seeker? What are you talking about the monies will bring much needed development? First tell us how much development we can make with K14 billion? Then on the issue of the government losing much needed revenue, can you tell us how much revenue we lost when we donated 5 million liters unbudgeted fuel & 300K tonnes of maize for campaigning to our good neighbour in the south? Mind your words and try to extend your patheticaly simpering CV quietly! You are starting to sound like your pay masters… talk, talk, promise, talk & more talk!

  23. This is a stupid PF cadre. Did you send reminder letters to the organizations? Where on earth do you give 15 days for organizations to pay up? 

  24. @#26 Greetings to you. Let Gods will be done. If that’s my call it will be. But at the right time. And the time is not right yet.  I’m sure there’ll come a time when I cannot resist no more. But I’ll wait on the Lord for direction. Just observing for now. In the meantime Zambia must keep their eyes on Syria and Europe. Zambia must speed up in developing and having reserves put aside for the people.  So please Zambia wake up and get serious. Hard and difficult times are coming. Pray for Zambia. Stay blessed.

  25. even you clement you are not registered on the list of lawyers in zambia. check the list from the LAZ website.

  26. How much are the statutory fees? Do all the organisations which are being threatened with de-regulation know the actual amount(s) of the fees?

  27. What’s up to every , for the reason that I am in fact keen of reading this weblog’s post to be updated on a regular basis. It consists of pleasant material.

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