Dad arrested for trying to sell children

Kapiri Mposhi Township

POLICE in Kapiri Mposhi arrested a man and two of his sons who attempted to sell four of his other children at over K200 million for alleged economic reasons.
Jones Chiinga, 48, and two of his sons Noston 24 and Nickson 29, were arrested and charged with the offence of conspiracy to murder contrary to the Laws of Zambia.

According to police sources, the trio is alleged to have attempted to sell the siblings to a named Pentecostal church in Kabwe in a suspected ritual act that would have resulted in the children being sacrificed for blood.

Central Province Police chief Solomon Jere who confirmed the development said police received a tip from a member of the said church that Noston and Nickson had approached the church and were advertising four children for sale.

Dr Jere said a three-year-old girl was being sold for K70 million, a 21-year-old boy was going for K60 million while the balance was to come from the sale of the other two children whose identities were not yet established.

Dr Jere said Nostone and Nickson were spotted at Light House Community Church in Kabwe where they ‘advertised’ the sale of the four people.
He said an alert member of the public, tipped the police about the development on Wednesday last week and they followed up the matter.

Dr Jere said police officers rushed to the church and disguised themselves as Satanists clad in black dresses and pretended to be interested in buying the four people.He said Nostone and Nickson then tabulated the prices for the people on sale.

Dr Jere said the first victim was the suspects’ younger brother identified as John Chinga, 21 and their niece Yvonne Chinga aged three.

Dr Jere said K141 million was negotiated for the other two relatives whose identity and location is yet to be ascertained.

He said after negotiations, police officers, Nostone and Nickson proceeded to meet their father who was keeping the victims who were to be sold first.

Dr Jere said it was then that the father (Jones Chinga) informed police officers that there were many more people on standby for sale.
But after realising that the ‘potential buyers’ were police officers, Chinga offered to give them a canter truck so that the matter could end there.
The suspect is said to also have told the officers that he wanted to sell his relatives because they were allegedly planning to kill him.
Dr Jere said it was then that Chinga and his two sons were apprehended and are currently in police custody.

“We wanted to get the vehicle and use it to slap him with another charge but it was not available at that time. The officers also found John and Yvonne who were up for sale with Chinga. The location of the two other victims is yet to be established,” Dr Jere said.

The three, all of Mabinga village in Chipepo area of Kapiri-Mposhi District, were detained at Kasanda police station and were expected to appear in court soon.

[Times and Daily Mail]


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    Must have got tired waiting for the 90 days more money in your pocket promise to come to fruition.

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    Why haven’t they arrested the leaders of that pentecostal church for the same offence since they are the market.

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    Yes, its time people learnt to be careful with most of these so called “churches”! This is total abomination. arrest the stupid devils and scout for many more such and rid society of the evil.

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    why didn’t they just adopt the children?there r pipo who can’t bear children,so why sell and have your own blood sacrificed?This man will just be haunted by his own misdeeds.Nature will reward him.Shame on this man!!!!

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    Am sure he’s sold off more, they should have led them on until he brought out about 30 more or so. Pity we wont know who else was sold. May the church be investigated. Habouring such activities. God save us all.

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    What a shame!! Where are the leaders of the same church?It would be nice if the pastor of light house church is arrested and charged with the same offence.

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    How come the report is not saying anything about the church that was about to buy? What other things have they done?

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    Tongas are dull. they just heard of satanism. and they think they we humans for sacrifice,

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    This Church must have bought a lot more people before this incident. How did these criminals know that there was a Market for human sacrifice in that Church? The leaders must be probed. There is more than meets the eye in this Church.

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    Thats not the best way to solve family problems. He has to accept whatever situation he gets in coz thats what he wanted. The children are not his by chance. He did what it means to have kids. Let all those people who are getting into marriage take this as a lesson. Have children that you can support up until they become reliable citizen. Thanks.

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    This is eerily reminiscent of the account in 2 Kings 16 when Samaria was under seige and a woman came to the king with a case against her neighbour where they had agreed to eat their children. How sad this is. At least there was a prophet in the biblical times and things turned around in a day. Where are the prophets, ( the real ones not charlatans) Where are God’s mighty men of valour, where are the intecessors? “If my people which are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and turn from their wicked ways, the I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin and hil their land.

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    Well done Dr Jere and the public who tipped the police off. Please also arrest the church leaders and ban the church. I will be happy to come and burn the building to the ground myself.  

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    Some churches awe mwe! The police was suppose to wait for the buyers to come and arrest them all.

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    The only thing am now wondering is the description of the 21 year old. I dont think its correct to say a 21 year old BOY thats! a man. Even 18 years old is a man but LT keeps referring to them as boys. Especially in terms of reporting it would be proper to use man.

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    Praise God for the Light House Community Church in Kabwe. Cant you get it. these children survived because the church alerted the police. Just imagine if they had gone to the actual satanists. The children would have been killed. Now lets us pray for the safety of our children and be good examples. Do not sale them for your own selfish ambitions like this bad father. Shame on him and his father the devil.

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