Zambia, Botswana invites bids for the construction of Kazungula Bridge on Zambezi River

kazungula ferry, Zambia to Botswana border crossing
kazungula ferry, Zambia to Botswana border crossing

ZAMBIA and Botswana have invited bids for the construction of Kazungula Bridge on Zambezi River at an estimated cost of US$260 million (about K1.3 trillion).

The project would be financed partly through a loan of $80 million signed on February 10, this year between Zambia and the African Development Bank.

The Botswana government would meet part of the cost while another partner expected to come on board was the Japan International Co-operation Agency (JICA).According to an advertisement by

The Kazungula Bridge Project Office in Kasane, the expression of interest is for consultancy services and the project was expected to be completed in six years.

Consultancy services would include design review, production of bidding documentation, supervision of works and post-construction services.

The bridge was expected to significantly improve trade infrastructure of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) and the African continent as a whole.

One-stop border facilities will be erected in both countries with a 930-metre-long and 18.5-metre-wide road-rail bridge.

The facility would provide vital transport infrastructure on that corridor as it would facilitate easy access to intra-regional trade and international market through connectivity with major sea ports.

It is envisaged that the bridge would maximise operational efficiency of the corridor and promote social and economic integration of the two countries.

The Zambezi River poses a significant barrier to movement of goods in the whole of southern Africa, affecting traffic between South Africa, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Congo, Tanzania and Malawi.

This is according to a memorandum outlining the rationale behind the project.

The Kazungula Bridge is, therefore, expected to enhance transportation of goods along the regional North-South Corridor that links the two mineral-rich countries, Zambia and the Democratic Republic of Congo, to the port of Durban in South Africa.

[Times of Zambia]


  1. This bridge has taken forever to start constructing. When will this come to fruition?
    Too slow, no wonder Africa is behind in everything, we do not think about the importance of time. This has taken in excess of 15-18 years of just talking with little or no action.
    Let’s hope this is the beginning of the end of talking.
    Work up and start work sooner.

  2. Sounds Like a Good Idea, which bridge is this? What is happening to the road connecting Mongu to Sesheke, there is also need for a proper bridge ther? can someone give me data on this.

    • The bridge is already there bwana opened some four years ago now. It was commissioned by Mwanawasa before he died.Its called Katima Mulilo bridge.

  3. “According to an advertisement by…”! I didnt see this sentence ending; looks like somebody was in a hurry to publish this story! Ikankoni nzeru imwe naimwe! Even my 5-year old daughter can do some good editing!

  4. This is long overdue project.Thanks to the Zambian and Botswane government.******we # 4 and # 2 you should understand what is involved in procurement not ulabosafye !Procurement involving big projects take a long time.

  5. Kapitao you are lost. Katima mulilo is at Sesheke-Caprivi in Namibia. That is Zambia-Namibia. This one is Zambia-Botswana at Kazungula! We also have Chirundu-Kariba for Zambia-Zimbabwe. How is your geography man?

  6. People, this is a good idea. Why criticise anyhow. Let’s be happy for our people and the people of Botswana. A bridge is always better than pontoons.

    That $260m is not even a lot of money. Only yesterday Barclays bank was fined £290m by the UK (and USA?) govt for manipulating Libor interest rates. So lets rejoice that our poor country is going to raise the $80m required of her to make life easier for our poor people.

  7. That is one beautiful river… Even 2 centuries ago Livingstone believed it was ‘God’s Highway’ and would do for Africa what Suez or Panama canal later did for Mediterranean and S. America. Locals told him it had a mind of its own and didn’t start where he thought it did :) Now in 2012 we look forward to building bridges both metaphorically and physically in order to provide alternative highways to our landlocked selves. I wish all projects to improve access and infrastructure well.

  8. No 7 , Why do you have to care about that bridge connecting Mongu to Sesheke? That is BRE its not a problem for Zambia, so you are diasporaring, without knowing that certain projects belong to Ngambela to implement while others belong to our very Own his excellencey MCS??? wake up

  9. Do not miss your target ba PF, MWAUNFWA BANE, SIYANI KUNYELA PAMBALI MUVIMBUZI , MWATSABANYA, WE WANT ACTION, BY THE WAY IT IS NOT YOUR IDEA, IT WAS lEVY WHO STARTED, Look Katima was done less than 2 years why six years, you to still so that by the time tje work is done will have stolen or crying for a third term like what Kfupi kawala chiluba did. No way kabiyeni kunchito mukabombe, balkolwe imwe, ala

  10. Consider Italian company they are the best in bridges and dams constructions . Well,  who ever will win the tender good for them. Please PF take action no theories.

  11. This is Bridge should have been top priority for Banda and now Sata. How long are we going to hear stories about this Bridge. Nike says “Just Do it”…

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