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Masumba avoids MMD youths at parliament

General News Masumba avoids MMD youths at parliament

FILE: MMD Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba showing his diploma to the media
FILE: MMD Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba showing his diploma to the media

MMD Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba yesterday afternoon eluded MMD cadres who had gathered at the entrance of the parliament building to block him from entering parliament.

Mr. Masumba evaded the cadres who were led by MMD Die Hard Youth Coordinator, Bowman Lusambo by entering parliament premises before 13:00 hours and using a different entrance other than the main gate where the cadres had gathered.

And MMD Die Hard Youth Coordinator, Bowman Lusambo expressed disappointment that Mr. Masumba evaded them saying they wanted to block him from entering parliament.

He said the youths and the enter MMD are disappointed with the behavior of Mr. Masumba who is also Local Government Deputy Minister whom they have accused of letting the party down.

Mr. Lusambo told journalists in an interview at Parliament that the youths will not tolerate such behavior as exhibited by Mr. Masumba.

He also disclosed that the youths have also petitioned the National Secretary to have Mr. Masumba removed from the party adding the Secretariat has since promised to look into the matter.

ZANIS reports that the MMD Die Hard Youth Coordinator has also threatened to continue with such action and fish out all MMD MPs who are believed to be sale out.

He also challenged Mr. Masumba to resign from the party and contest the seat on the PF ticket to prove his popularity in Mufumbwe.

Mr. Lusambo alleged that Mr. Masumba has lost popularity in his constituency and that Chiefs and the entire membership in the North Western province and his constituency no longer want him.

But Mr. Masumba said he is only interested in bringing development to the people of Mufumbwe and the nation as a whole.

He said as Deputy Minister of Local Government, he wants to work with the government to deliver the many promises it made to the Zambian people.

“We as government are in a hurry to deliver on the many promises we made to the people of Zambian during the election campaigns. So we want to ensure that we work on those promises. I otherwise leave all this in the hands of God who will judge everything,” he said.

Mr. Masumba has since advised Mr. Lusambo not to be personal but concentrate on his work in the MMD.

He refused to be dragged into politicking over the issue raised by the MMD youths saying they should not attribute their loss in the local government by-elections in his constituency to him.

“People are generally interested in supporting a committed government that will fulfill its promises, so let the MMD not include me in their loss of popularity in my constituency,” he said.

Mr. Masumba has also advised the youths to stop being personal but instead support each other towards the development of the nation.

He has, however, promised to issue a statement if he ever decides to take any action like resigning from the MMD.

The placard carrying MMD cadres who arrived at parliament building at 13:00 hours were also supported by a few of their counterparts from the UPND who had come to escort newly elected Livingstone Central MP, Rev. Howard Sikwela to Parliament.



  1. MMD youths are just being instructed by their superiors to attack Hon. Masumba simply because he is working with PF, MMD should accept defeat in last year’s elections together with PF bcoz they didint xpect to loose.plz leave PF to do its work peacefuly altho you will have to do checks and balances in a good manner.

  2. @EX ZIT very well put! In fact that confirms to you why the word resignation doesn’t feature in any of our leaders’ vocabularies. They just bumble along until something knocks them off track…

  3. “Brave enough Mr MP. The easies way of winning a game is choosing a good side” Mak yo statement as soon as possible & let the sinking Titanic carry those who have no eyes to see its about to hit the Iceberg !

  4. masumbu is eluding fingers that held him to be up and piece through people’s minds and voted him into office in similar manner his government he is supporting i.e through lies that they will bing development in 90 days just because he got his certificate in 90 days dubiously.development can’t come dubiously

  5. When the Dora case came into public domain, we shouted “drop her so that  she does not interfere with the due process of the law”. Today those who shouted the most have glued their mouths simply because they are riding on masumba’s back. What a country. The idio.t should have been dropped from the position pending the outcome of the court proceedings. 

  6. This MASUMBA is just a criminal he is a deserter by nature when he just won election he deserted his wife of children for a prostitute. IN mufumbwe MASUMBA HAS IMPREGNATED 20 SCHOOLS GIRLS THIS CHAP IS JUST USELESS THRU OUT LET HIM RESIGN IF HE IS A MAN ENOUGH

  7. #5, according to the information given in court, his certificate is not fake but genuine, the dispute is that the college that gave him the document in question made a mistake cos he did not ‘qualify’ i don’t know how you’re looking at it but it seems the institution is the one to blame not him. as for his misunderstanding with the MMD as the part, i think its all a big surprise, cos not long ago we had the chairman of MMD saying that there is no such branch in MMD called die hard, he said it was non existent as it did not fall under party structures, now am just wondering who these die hard guys really are and who do they represent?  

  8. The MMD youths lead by Bowman Lusambo are just lost and wild cadres who headind to where. Why should tthey force Masumba out of MMD yet there are other MMD MPs serving as Deputy Ministers in Govt. It will be unwise to call for Masumba’s resignation coz a bye election in Mufumbwe will be won by PF as they dont have a single seat North Western Province. people should use their brains and not emotions when dealing with certain matters.Mufumbwe is not Muchinga or Livingstone Central. Expel Steve and you will see for yourself the results.

  9. Bowman should find a job, the handouts from politicians spoiled him!! Steven should be judged by Mufumbwe residents not by any starving MMD thug from other provinces.,

  10. Is Parliament secure, why then do you allow these stupid *****s making noise around the entrance of Parliament. What is happening these *****s are fanning trouble in front of Parliament all in the name of democracy, that’s idiocy. 

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