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Zambia Federation of Employers disappointed with Labour Minister over minimum wage announcement

HeadlinesZambia Federation of Employers disappointed with Labour Minister over minimum wage announcement...
Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda
Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda

The Zambia Federation of Employers (ZFE) has said that it is disappointed with the Minister of Labour Fackson Shamenda for going ahead to announce the revised minimum wage without consulting stakeholders.

ZFE president Alfred Masupha said that his Federation and the Labour movement are dumfounded over the development as they were still waiting on Government to consult them on the way forward.

Mr. Masupha said he was shocked to hear that the Minister had announced the revised minimum wage in the media.

He stated that it was agreed after the tripartite council meeting held by the Ministry of Labour, the Federation of Employers and the labour movement that a technical committee be formed that would consult widely on the matter before a resolution was arrived at.

Mr. Masupha said it is regrettable that the Minister decided to play it alone and even allegedly disregarded guidelines in his ministry that call for wide consultation before a statutory instrument is issued.

He wondered if it was right for the minister to announce a statutory instrument without consulting stakeholders.

Mr. Masupha said this was the first time that a cabinet minister had gone ahead without involving the affected parties to issue a statutory instrument.

Mr. Masupha said this was the first time that a cabinet minister had gone ahead without involving the affected parties to issue a statutory instrument.

He said the federation of employers is not happy with the manner the minister had done things because the move would generate into loss of confidence in the federation of employers and the labour movement.

The ZFE president said the alleged antagonism that the Minister has created between Government, the federation of employers and the labour movement has the potential to stifle the confidence that investors have in the country.

He said the federation had done everything possible to win the confidence of employers by ensuring that there was sanity in the employment sector but that with this new way of doing things, the situation compromises everything.

Mr. Masupha said the current situation will require that Government, the federation of employers and the labour movement sit down to sort out the soiled industrial relations between the three parties.

Mr. Shamenda announced the revised minimum wages and conditions of employment acts for various categories of workers following the amendment of statutory instruments order 2011 No. 1 of 2011, order 2011 No. 2 of 2011 and order 2011 No. 3 of 2011.



    • It’s a win=win ,lose=lose situation….LABOUR +CAPITAL =high productivity thus more profit. Now we are living in a world where capital is more appreciated than LABOUR. Employers must know that without labour,no production, simple!! Fire or reduce the workers,you reduce yo productivity and profitability too…Infact Govt can go further and impose high duty on imported automated labour and in case of those machines breaking down ,specialist who repair them must charge commercial rates. World wide human labour is the most cheap &sustainable esp tthe combination of the two (skilled &unskilled as a catalyst for sustainable productivity&profitability). So Govt is right, A stop to slavery wages has to be capped!! exploitation of workers has been perpetuated for far too long in favour of oppress

  1. The Minister was 100% right to announce the minimum wage which has been long over due.He who is against this SI is against the people of Zambia who voted PF in office to better their condition of service.ZFE must know that the low wages which people were subjected to led to so many death due to failure of meeting our medication in hospitals.Please let those who fail to meet the minimum wage pay us all our dues just as they came to trade other investors will also come,well done minister.

  2. logic says please the provider not the receiver. its the ordianry people tht will suffer as a result not the employers. besides people are already struggling. this will lead to over working and use of technlogy to replace most of the labour based jobs.

  3. These days if someone cannot think properly and espress their views properly. They resort to words like the economy, scare away investors, inflation, donor confidence, exchange rate. Again these days everyone wants to be consulted. The next we will hear is from HH not being consulted and giving seven days altimatum. HH were you consulted on the statutory instrument on Tujilijili? I did no see you give any seven day theory that would never work.

  4. iwe Masupa stop making noise..walefwaya shinga? you are the same people who prolongs the process…why wait when people are starving and cant even a fford akabunga properly for a month..lekeni bamutoba mbale nabo baleumfwako bwino even though nalo lunono……

  5. Tinavionapo ivi. Ask cotton farmers. PF is a fluke. Health workers will also advise you not to believe PF ministers on money matters. Its just Donchi……..shiii.. Boza lekaleka tyala. Satan is a lier from Eden. More holes in your pockets and more dismissals from jobs. PF mosquitoes kill.

    • How much was your mother paying her maid? Or was she the maid getting 100 pin, stop calling other people f.ools when you are also one

  6. Next time we should let Market forces driven by economic growth. be factors that will raise salaries and strengthen local currencies.
    Avoid hostility measure.

    • 13 Umumbulu,

      ” Next time we should let Market forces driven by economic growth. be factors that will raise salaries and strengthen local currencies. Avoid hostility measure. ”

      Letting market forces drive economic growth worked so well for the last 20 years, didn’t it?

      Neoliberal economics is junk science.

  7. Kabimbanotribal kapala tautufolesesha ama maid waumfwa. Are you a maid yourself? if you are, just know that you are out of employment.

  8. Let all maids go and work for f**k. we will do domestic work on our own. After all maids behave as if they were in their homes and even eat our food when we are at work.

  9. I think smartness should be part of the criteria for appointing people to ministerial positions.Dont tell me this crap of a man is a minister.Imagine if he had a meeting with ministers from other countries the way they will potray Zambia to be.

    • I do not need to be rocket scientist to know that you fantasise being screwed by a wolf! Am just saying.

    • @ character Assassin. Insults on this blog should be minimised but this has made me laugh.Gud night.

    • Bigot indeed, am just asserting that you seem to have wolf- related sex fantacies and the fact that you have failed to deny it implies consent. But then you are entitled to your opinion, that’s the bias of blogging.

  10. what if this guy was saying, the increment should have been more and not what has been announced? just thinking….

    all the same the minister should have involved the key stakeholders or notified them earlier, because should there be a problem, like dismissals, strikes… the government will need the union to broker negotiations…. anyway, if its on the high side for the employed its good but if it should have been better then the minister is wrong.

  11. When HH joked about “ukwa” and “chimbwi no plan”, I laughed. Now I find extremely shallow for some people to continue living on that humour to an extent of even coining the meaningless CNP az a way of life.

  12. Dear all,
    This issue has been long over due even the so called Federation of Employers are not being real, it has been over 6months from the time the president directed Ministry of Labour to revise wages.Where was Mr Masupha.Let him resign from being a fake president of the federation and allow a real leader to leader that good federation.

    The Minister was right.

    • You are more sentimental than substantial. What good does the minimum wage do when employers are more likely to dismiss their employees? Most employers will get in secret arragements with employees to pay them less and off the record. The minimum wage alone is not thorough but then in Africa, no government has a damn idea how to deal with the jobs paradox!

  13. We were not consulted as business owners i have just relieved 3 of my employees due to an incease of more than 50 percent in the wages how will i ofset in this noncence business enviourment

  14. ZFE is talking a lot of sense that some of the bloggers here don’t seem to recognise. I think ZFE represents employers who supposedly, need to be paying out the prescribed minimum wages. Leaving them out of the process is just receipt for disaster – suppose they simply retrench(foolishly or otherwise)  to keep their profits! The same people the govt is trying to protect will suffer. 
    Then again, this is CNP govt we are talking

  15. these people the unions are too selfish so they wanted to form a committee so that they can pay themselves allowances and take time to just come up with the figures what has happened to that commitee that went round the country revising government salaries?

  16. If it was the Federation of Employees which was not consulted, it would have made sense. Counsulting ZFE is like consulting a notorious criminal on the criminal law. He does not want to get consequences of his criminal activities. The Federation of Employers don’t want employees to get a better pay. They are like farmers who only enjoys the benefits of milk from a cow but fails to give good food to the milk producing cow. Ba minister make sure your words are implemented.

  17. Minimum wage.
    Should government decide how much a person should be paid for their services?
    Why don’t we let the market forces decide?
    I am looking forward to the day that politicians will put the interests of the country ahead of populism. If people want bakaboyi, they should be able to pay them what they deserve. If there are too many teachers, their salaries should go down, if there are too few teachers, their salaries should go up, SIMPLE. When will the dandaheads that rule ever get this?

    • Left to a capitalists economy, people end up being under paid and it is hard for you to convince them that working 80 hours a week for the pay they are getting is illegal. They are just so weary of loosing the job that they would not even want to hear what you have to say.
      On the Employers side, for those who are unfaithful, they would need this make sure a bench mark is set so that people are not being exploited.
      Here is the UK, there are physical labour intensive jobs that have minimum wage pay on the same pay scale as office receptionist! its crazy how people work the system but at least there is scale.

  18. The salary increments of general workers and maids is a welcome move.The only problem is that unlike companies who can adjust the prices of their products,most employers of domestic workers are on fixed income which means they do not have the latitude to immediately find extra cash to pay for these salary hikes.For fear of being on the wrong side of the law,most employers will merely lay off these workers as I’m equally going to do.PF might find that they have created a bigger problem than they thought they were solving.

    • Totally agree with Michal no warning has been given to employers and finding the extra cash for salaries is going to prove difficult, hence job-losses, wish is totally defeating the object.

  19. It is cristal clear that employees need to be renumerated in accordance to what they put in. Employers have abused workers and pushed justice too far. A worker deceives a fixed income, so that he should able to save for development. He should have access to Loans. But look at what is happening today; only employers are able to manage these basic economic requirements. Workers are NOT protected enough even by labour laws in Zambia. Most of them have no job security. They have No medical schemes at workplace. They can work for more house for little money e.g US $100=00 per months. Employers are making alot of profits in Zambia that is why many Countries want to invest in Zambia because they are making abonormal profit. Let the government do its work.

  20. #23 we do not have strong market forces in Zambia as the majority are poor financially, but will agree with you on salary structure where at some point like in Europe salaries ought to go down when thing are bad but in Africa they never go down it’s that complex than theory. Minimum wage is a welcome move because of exploitation, at least it’s considered in line of GDP basket theory


  22. edward mumbi as chief officer in under 5’s office!!! Is under 5 serious, soon i ll buy mumbi a toyota corolla and he ll tel me all under 5 secrets. Mumbi and his newly aquired leader in the name of under 5 been attacking pf over kwachanisation. Question is, ist the stopage of use of dollar, or its coz of kwacha appreciation which is making pf make economic scores that’s affecting hh and mumbi

  23. Ba Masupha,

    If it is sitting allowances you are looking, wait next time. The minister already announced. Whether wrong or right, its water under ground

  24. I hope the goverment will give me the money to pay my employees the new wages. If the government wont give me the money to pay the new wages, I will fire those I can not pay and I hope Shamenda will employ them.

  25. Masupa is not in tune with Zambians. Has he heard the response Zambians have given to this welcome development?

    Don’t earn mileage on people’s misery by delaying the long overdue process.

    Thumbs up to GRZ again!

    • AND, Oh, if this is a big issue and you genuinely needed to speak to government about his, why not do this internally, rather than here in the public?

  26. Masupha represents a body that constitutes many employers in Zambia. Stakeholder consultation is a best practice in implementing successful policies. Its easy to say, K 522,000 but remember who is going to pay that? Its the employer. What if employers decide to fire their employees, maids and so on – and bring in their extended families to support them. The result is more unemployment in the country and less money in the majority of house maids and security guards. Therefore, analyse these implications carefully before yapping nonsense. Let us make policies that are sustainable and not just populist.

  27. If it wil make us poor to have a raise,so what?we have always been poor. workin for greedy investors who have offshore accounts used to stash ma billions.
    @Danger you have well said.

  28. Food for thought- Why not originate a statutory instrument that punishes employers who fire their employees as a result of the increase in the minimum wage? That way employees have a safety net.

  29. Keep up dontkubeba,we ar behind u,bafwilebaishiba ico twavotele pf.Continue with same spirit mr minister and mr president.

  30. What is K522,000 or K1,132,000? Thats less than what some illetrate muzungu managers in some of these companies owned by racisits muzungus get for weekly talktime and week-end entertainment. Well done Shamenda!

  31. So i shud pay my maid 522,000???? Ok my wife will do the work now pantu uhuhuhuhuuuu!!! Teeti!!!, I see more unemployment here!!

  32. Unions you are like making unnecessary delays may be that’s why the minister decided to make it public before consulting you further.

  33. I am surprised that some of you did not pass comprehension whilst at school. The ZFE guy is saying they needed to be consulted as per procedure and not that they are against the so called salary increment – NO. Infact they are saying that what they had as minimum wage is far much better than what the government has offered. And because the PF government is the largest employer they just want to oppress workers and maintain meager salaries. That’s why they announced too quickly so that they can escape paying more money to their workers.  So let’s not just condemn without thinking. Let’s not be like the CNP chaps who think through the rear bottom. I end here!

  34. Minimum wages!!! Poor planning, it should have been first more money for us the employers who employe these maids and then consequentially a marginable increament for the maids. Then we would have maintained them. Otherwise, from today onwards my maid is fired and please go Shamenda to employe you. Thank You

  35. Let an Easterners wisdom end this debate with reasoning. The minimum wage is here, fine, now all government has to say that it will be a piece wise implemented program over 18 months. Depending on company and capital muscle is how it should be done. 

    @ number 6 KCI, your contributions are always intelligent and emaculate, yes those that don’t stretch their grey muscle to make it function efficiently use trending excuses. Even in 1991 possible great parties coyed up from being called demagogues, hypocrites and kachepas.

  36. Mr Hikaumba has to work with his counter part Mr Hamenda .President SATA amd PF had honored the labor movement to create jobs.

  37. This labour leader is an *****, he wanted the Minister to come to him and not the labour organisation approaching the Minister.
    We are in PF we move with time, time is not with us, we are in a hurry to empower and improve the status core. So weather you like it or not the minimum wages have been announced, so just square up with the idea. 

  38. While it is true that salaries need to be revised, some background work and consultation still should have been done. PF claims to be a people’s party, but they don’t seem to be consulting anyone.

  39. People Power with no direction. Chipantepante like headless chickens. I like the drama though! But when will this drama come to an end, it’s no longer funny. Let’s be serious baPF. Anyway MMD could have left just too much cash and these guys seem not to have tangible plan for it. I rest case!

  40. Honestly do people think that every business make the same kind of profits after their operating costs it will just create more unemployment for people they are just too many costs involved in running these businesses as competition of goods high taxes rentals and now high wages to pay staff ‘ lets think and anaylise issues before this business pass extra costings to the consumers

  41. People without brains always do the wrong things. The issue in Zambia now is to protect all the people that are in employment. When this is done embark on creating more employment and finally discuss minimum wages.

    Now Shamenda has done the opposite. He is inducing unemployment by increasing wages. Even Shamenda was paying his maid very little and I doubt if this has changed. He is definitely a commissioned fool very much like the CNP.

  42. You selesss haters….whatever PF does is bad. Continue crying but this will not stop PF from improving Zambians life.

  43. apparently the man doesn’t mind the way he looks, a little scarily, may be thats why some people avoided consulting him…

  44. Job well done PF on WAGES, in fact do more!! Next is overhauling&restructuring the EDUCATION SYSTEM, aligning Zambia to being a producer (as opposed to the current consumer state).An Education system that includes compulsory financial education, investment, credit& risk management and financial etiquette of growing an economic empire… Yes ,education is the key! Economics makes it POSSIBLE, politics makes it REAL” Kudos to PF on the wages :Economic equity is only attainable thru combination of moral conscious&legislation. Thru out history, capitalists,bourgeoisies, elites find pleasure in exploitation of the weak (workers) to maximize their profits. Even when huge profits are declared. The economic fundamentals for Zambia are good thus the Middle income classification.In the real&

  45. Am now seeing how much greed most of us who have employed maids have in our hearts. Surely you can think of laying off your maid over a k522,000.
    Some of you spend over a million kwacha on alcohol i just a single night. Now the government tells you to just spare half of what you spend on alcohol to pay your maid ati am going to lay them off. Bull crap….
    Just think for once how much you spend/waste per month on your so called entertainment.
    VIVA PF!!!!

  46. The only problem i have is the rentals are too expensive in lusaka for nothing so that increment should look at how much one pays rentals then 500pin for the maid when there are big organisation paying small wages let them have a standards for all.plus landlords should be paying tax for house rentals maybe the will reduce on the fees

  47. Kudos, legislation such as this will always cause contrsversy. If nothing else this government should be given respect for enacting such a progressive statute! There are many policies I disagree with our current government but on tnis one I say ” thank u PF”! 

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  49. The problem with us Zambians is that we want to eat now and starve later. You will get the raise and pay from your employer but your days are numbered because business wont keep up with that pay. How long do you think you can afford your housekeeper at that rate without your pay also going up by close to that margin?

  50. @ century_investors: You must really be ashamed of yourself. You think anyone will take your request seriously? You probably cannot pay above the minimum wage and this is evidenced by your inability to afford formal advertising.

  51. century_investors
    This chap is cheap as chips, if you were serious pay LT and advertise as i wouldn’t work for a cheap outfit like you who trolls on comment threads. 

  52. The PF Govt is in a hurry to please its voters. Ministers and Managind Directors have free labour at their homes. The PF has opted to freeze wages for the middle class who prominently employ the majority of domestic workers in urban areas. If husband and wife are both teachers with school going children, and get a salary K2.5 Million each, this means that they have to part with half their earnings to pay the maid and gardener. The couple will be the worst hit. If economic rules plays its role, this family will opt to save their earnings by servicing their own homes and gardens. The net impact of Govt’s deception will result in many workers losing their jobs with the consequent re-birth of new breeds of thieves and gansters in the country.

  53. Its true that pf government is not doing anything to save the interest.of people you promised everyone to increase job.now we have less jobs many youth are not doing anything more money issue it has brought loss of job? to many people starting from youths.in this country companys busy faring workers.without with no good reason no security from government all it has been coused.by increase of sararys in different sector’s what are you doing as government to alleviate this problem.

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