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Mopani To Spend K500M on Shinde Stadium Rehab

Sports Mopani To Spend K500M on Shinde Stadium Rehab

Mopani Copper Mines on Friday unveiled a sponsorship deal for “Mighty” Mufulira Wanderers that will see the firm rehabilitate Shinde Stadium.

Mopani Chief Executive Officer, Danny Callow announced the deal in Mufulira and revealed that his firm has allocated K500 Million toward the rehabilitation of Shinde Stadium which will commence this year.

Callow said Mopani would continue providing monthly grants to the Faz Division One North side.

” We are aware of the run-down state of Shinde Stadium, which needs some urgent attention. I am glad to announce that we have allocated a sum of K500 million towards the rehabilitation of the stadium this year,” he said.

Callow added:”This phase one will involve construction of a security wall fence to ehance security of the infrastructure before major rehabilitation works can commence.”
He also spoke against vandalism.

“One of the reasons we have dilapidated infrastructure is vandalism. We hope the community will guard against vandalism.”


  1. limbi ba mighty kuti babwelako mu premier league. abaiche ku mufurila abali nama 12 years tabatambanapo ba SHARP KONKOLA BLADESSSSSSS. dont worry muf-can people. RAZOR wil be there one one day.

  2. it’s only a misleading communication but Kambwili may be happy with these few crumbs
    and in the same time those lo.oters continue to plunder Zed
    be aware of this sc.am!

    According to NGOs in its 2010 pilot audit by Grant Thornton, Zambia and Econ Poyry, Zambia lost an estimated income of USD 175 million in tax revenue between 2003 and 2008 from tax avoidance practices’ by Glencore AG International owned Mopani Copper Mines.
    copper from Mopani is sold under a contract with copper in one instance being sold at 25 per cent of official prices at LME. In other words, they are not paying taxes over 75% of the copper sold to Glencore.
    “Zambia continues to lose on dividends from Mopani Copper Mines as the Glencore owned mine never declare any dividends

  3. continued
    to Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Investment Holdings. During the period under review, Action Aid estimates that the Zambians government lost an estimated USD 50 million per year in undeclared dividends to ZCCM IH by Mopani.Copper Mines, according to Action Aid was avoiding declaring any dividends by ZCCM IH through transfer pricing and over statement of the costs.”

    “The auditors found that MCM resisted the pilot audit at every stage. The company’s book-keeping was incomplete, several legally required documents were lacking and the general ledger analysis showed several loopholes and couldn’t be matched with the trial balance,” the organisations stated.

  4. continued
    “The auditors also found an inexplicable doubling in the costs of the company between 2005 to 2007, which shows that the company has been artificially inflating its costs to minimise the profits shown in their books so that they could pay less taxes. Despite the fact that the audit was finished in the fall of 2009, it was kept secret.”

    Banda and his MMD govt were corrupt but why PF govt closes its eyes ?

    unfortunately this country is completley rotten…

  5. a crumb of $100,000 (K500 million) vs at least $800,000,000 looted

    You understand they take us for retards ??!!

  6. I remember those days at Shinde stadium watching Charels musonda, Kalusha Bwalya, Efford Chabala, Johnston bwalya, Emmanuel Kalepa and many more playing some fine football. I call it the birth of soccar at shinde ! Abaiche banomba nichibuku chabe!!

  7. About time especially for a company that boasts of making so much profit and only gives back to the community less than £1000!

  8. 1.effort chabala
    2.john zulu
    3.philimon mulala (shombo)
    4.philimon kaunda (buni) / melu
    5.envas mulala (easy mulala)
    6. kashimoto / envas katebe
    7. ngupeni / lackson manda /benjamin bwalya (bogga)
    8. charles musonda / munaile
    9. kelepa / benjamin kapayi
    10. dan mofya / kennedy chola
    11. kalusha

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