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Interview with Malaysian based Zambian rapper Sep-Dola

Headlines Interview with Malaysian based Zambian rapper Sep-Dola

                SEP-DOLA is a recording Artist born in Lagos, Nigeria And raised in Lusaka, Zambia. 
Growing up listening to music from Artists such as D.M.X, Eminem, Xzibit, Nelly, Michael Jackson and Boys 2 Men just to mention a few, helped him master the unique skill to be able to write deep meaningful lyrics in his songs and be able to perfect his rap and singing skills. He is constantly inspired to incorporate complex metaphors with a top notch and clever rhyme style and an overall charisma into his precise lyrical presentation which makes him stand out as more than just an Artist from the rest of the crowd. He has worked with Artists from Singapore like Richard Jansen, Frizzay from the Attic.Genesis, Ralph The Architek Producer of “Ride Wit You” and other Artists to produce bangers for your system. Currently based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, a country that does not have a strong Hip Hop following, Sep Dola continues working hard and looking for any chance and opportunity to make music and get his music to the public ear. His second mix tape “Rebirth Of A Phenom is/was just the tip of the ice berg and a simple demonstration of his talent. He is more than ready and determined to push his career further to greater heights and show the world his talent. 

KAPA187: How did the name Sep-Dola come about?

SEP-DOLA: Back in 2003 when I was In boarding school, I had a tendency of converting most of the cash my parents sent me from Kwacha to Dollar bills, that way I would be able to spend just a certain amount and save up the rest for later and not get carried away haha. So my friends used to see me with dollar bills half the time and they just started calling me Dollar and when I got into music full time, I just adopted my nick name and added my first name in front of it … Sep Dola.

KAPA187: What was the moment that you decided to take music seriously?

SEP-DOLA:  I always loved music since my child hood thanks to both my parents. I was exposed to a lot of different Genres from Zambian music to French R&B groups such as Poetic Lover. I would dance, sing and rap along to everything even though I didn’t understand the lyrics but after my first performance when I was 15 years old in India at the 16th International Students Festival India (I.S.F.I), I got a pretty good response from the crowd and my family and close friends always supported me and told me to continue. I loved it and decided to give it a shot.

KAPA187:  Describe your style in 4 words.

SEP-DOLA :Unique. Complex. Classy and Different

KAPA187:  What separates you from other artists, what makes you stand out?

SEP-DOLA: That’s a good question. The fact that every one tries to copy a style and put up an image that really isn’t them. people appreciate you more if you stay original no matter how ridiculous you may sound. Am a simple guy and I stay true to myself no matter what and that’s what makes me different from most artist today.

KAPA187:  Is there a main theme in your music or do you have various topics.

SEP-DOLA:  I try to touch on every thing. I think as an artist its my job to give my fans a variety of different styles and topics and not just the same thing. That way I can make music that every one can easily relate to. i like to make things interesting and be unpredictable.

KAPA187:  You are currently based in Malaysia , how is your music being received there.

SEP-DOLA:  The music scene especially on the Hip Hop side in Malaysia is still young and fresh. There’s a lot of talented and up coming artist so its easy to get a buzz going here but since its still new, there’s also a lot of competition. I think I’ve set up a steady base and following for myself. Am doing shows and am often called for appearances so its safe to say I have a good following and my music has been accepted with open arms.

KAPA187:  Who inspires you , both musically and in life .

SEP-DOLA:  First off and always it’s God, My family, Close friends and fans. In life I gotta say its my mom and dad because of all the hard work they’ve put in for me and my sisters to be where we are today. I’ll always appreciate that no matter what.

KAPA187:  What is the best advice you have ever got.

SEP-DOLA:  The best advice that I ever got was from my mom, she always told me never to give up, walk with my head high because am not a loser but a winner, am not defeated and I should always remember God still has a plan for me because if he didn’t, I wouldn’t be waking up every morning to see the new sun.

KAPA187:  Are you planning on releasing an album

SEP-DOLA:  Yes I am planning on releasing one in the near future. I already have two mixtapes so far, “Birth of a Phenom” and “Rebirth of A Phenom”. But I love to take my time and release quality work and when i have a stronger fan base, an album will definitely hit the stores.

KAPA187:  In 10 years i will be….

SEP-DOLA:  Sitting in my office at the top of my building. Am planning on making SepDolaMusic more than just a brand or an Indie label.

KAPA187: Any last words for your fans

SEP-DOLA:  To all my fans, thanks for the undying love and support you’ve given so far, I appreciate it and won’t stop working hard you my all. Don’t forget to keep spread the word like always. Stay safe. 🙂

Like him on facebook: www.Facebook.com/DonDola

Listen to his music on youtube: www.YouTube.com/SepDola


Marvins room remix


Green Goblin featuring Sep-Dola -Frizzay


By Kapa187


  1. interesting ,keep it up and try and be more original . u dont need to cover peoples song to make a name for yourself .originality is the key. 

  2. Max, most succesful artistes or bands started with covers before going on to establish their own sound.

  3. yeah…yeah….that’s ma boi! Don’t worry about them haters! Allow me to quote Kate Williams, but a haters job is to hate! I know we r gana shine! From yo number one fun in Malaysia! I bet yo already who it is..


    SEP DOLA….yess!! you can keep your cool shades on young man! lol nice job!! keep doing what youre doing and pay negative comments no mind. theres always salty people in every area of life. thick skin and confidence in what you are doing is all you need! much love!! XOXOXOXOXOXO

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