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Hakainde Hichilema granted K30 million bail

Headlines Hakainde Hichilema granted K30 million bail

FILE: United party for National development president Hakainde Hichilema (l) greets President Sata
FILE: United party for National development president Hakainde Hichilema (l) greets President Sata

Chief Resident Magistrate Joshua Banda has granted Hakainde Hichilema a 30 million kwacha bail after the opposition leader denied a charge of publishing false news.

Mr. Hichilema, of 14/3 A Serval Road, Kabulonga will appear for mention on September 13th 2012 while his trial dates have been set between 1st and 6th October 2012.

Particulars of the offence are that Hichilema on June 11 20012 allegedly uttered false news that the PF had signed an MoU with the Sudanese government to train PF youths in militia contrary to Section 67 subsection 1,2 of the Penal Code.

UPND cadres are camped outside court waiting for the bail processing to finish.

In applying for bail, lead defense lawyer Sakwiba Sikota submitted that three UPND cadres were injured after some unruly PF cadres attacked them outside the magistrate court.

Magistrate Banda ordered that cadres be not allowed near court during subsequent court appearances.

MMD leader Nevers Mumba, ADD President Charles Milupi and ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala are on hand to offer solidarity.

Hichilema told journalists after he was formally charged at Woodlands Police that the arrest was part of President Sata’s crackdown on the opposition.


    • This case has nothing to do with the government. This gentleman made a statement. He has two optiopns. Either he provides prro of what he said or he as the case stands now faces court. Lets hope he ll do this in court.

    • This CNP govt should also arrest sichinga for alarming the nation after he made a false statement that there are 3 trillion fake kwacha notes in circulation.They are just making HH popular.


    • Ba nsimbi
      You are absolutely right and Sichinga’s statement had far reaching implications considering he his a senior Govt official who implicated China in his statement. It took finance minister to rebuke the claim and I can’t see why the foreign affairs minister cannot just do the same.
      This is a complete joke and abuse of power. 

  1. My vote decides who becomes Presido. HH will NEVER rule Zambia. He is slowly becoming a Rogue!! He must be locked up eternally!!

  2. Those who voted for these kaponyas want jobs not just hearing about arrests. Leave HH alone. 2016 will be a different story

    • That is a wishful thinking sir .The race is not for the weak. HH is not communicating any  message to the voters .HH Should tell us his plans or else it will be the same story even in 2016 

  3. The magistrate has given a decent decision on this. Keeping HH locked up would be stoking flames. Lets wait for the case to take off.

  4. The MMD made PF popular…PF is making this boy BIG slowly……different pots same relish! 4g3t ka HH and work for the people!

    • He is no way being popular. He is just making himself rot. He should prove his statement. Mwai wamuzako sagonela panja. Sata would make statements and no one took him to court. HH thought things would go his way. If he is found guilty, he will go in. 

    • If they wanted truth, why not read related articles in the Post. MOU between PF and Bashir, Khartum university of Democracy, rule of law in Darfur…………….

  5. This is NOT the Zambia my forfathers fought for. Sata i was told by my Grandfather and my faher never fought for Independence of this Country. KK and Sikota Wina are still around to testify. Im a sad man that the true history of Zambia has never been documented and we shall end up with SATA being praised as a Freedom fighter which he himself erranously praises self for. Zambia in reverse gear. Sata must NOT be allowed to divide Zambia. Sata(na) neshina line…

  6. You can never enter State House until you go.chimbokaila.  Pf is building HH. Meanwhile stop blocking the Online Zambia watchdog.   

  7. someones should arrest the president for saying that  mmd printed fake money and that  about half the money circulating in the country was fake!, the president should be arrested for  coming outright and publicly declaring that nevers mumba is a thief who was embezzling money from the zambian mission in canada.  how many times has sata called HH a thief  who got rich by stealing money during the privatisation process ,these among others are public statements made by sata without a shred of evidence,

    • Comment on the issue at hand It’s HH vs the Law.The word of God warns us to tame our tongue look at B Gen Miyanda he can not issue such a statement .HH should just apologise and move on this is a very serious offence.Sata had a good strategy and he had sold himself well.More money in our pockets and I can see that happening soon. already the Kwacha has gained.I was K 7531 to a £. Compared to May June when it was K8500 to a £

  8. Milupi stayed on the Copperbelt many more years than he did in his own village, yet the only people that know his manifesto are those in Luena!
    Zambian intellectuals for you! Lets cleanse our politics of all these pretenders and tribalists.

  9. This under five politician should learn the ropes of politics and be mature as a leader of a political party. He is deliberately causing problems so that he potrays the picture of the opposition as being harassed.
    He shall never rule Zambia, i would rather go for Elias Chipimo than for HH.

  10. This has nothing to do with MCS. U5 should explain what he knows about GRZ sending youths to train as militias in Sudan. We all want to know. PERIOD!

    • Well, explain what? Govt never said anything about sending the youths BUT The Party, PF said it through Minter or it summer imbwa!

  11. It is now very simple here, HH has to prove behind any reasonable doubt that the PF have sent youths for militia training. He can not say he never said that, media clips may be presented showing him saying those things.

    This guys could have easily retracted the statement and go free and yet, stuborness, he is not getting any political mileage out of this!!!

    • i thought the prosecution has to prove that HH is guilty beyond any reasonable doubt. Its not the accused to prove he is innocent, unless pf has changed  the court rules.

    • Yes the prosecutors have all the evidence that he said that statement. So now it it upto HH to prove that he is innocent and did not say anything like that. 20.1 learn to understand law.

  12. May the Almighty God from above give us wisdom as a nation and we pray for peace to prevail and forgive those who are fond of insulting others for they don’t know what they are doing. May God bless mother Zambia!

  13. HH is a man who knows hi political acumen and can make it if he is steady. there will be a rough and long road towards freedom. let him listen and grow from these persecitions.

  14. Under 5 politician at its very best, what crack down on the opposition? You have to prove your allegations in court don’t just make careless utterances inciting violence. where are these opposition chaps like Nevers Mumba to offer solidarity to the poor people on the streets.  

  15. Tubulu, your comments suggest that tribalism is trbalism only when it is practiced by a non Bemba speaking person. When GBM makes policy statements laced with tribalism to you it is not tribalism. You must realise that tribalism is primitive and enlighted people sould not condone it, no matter who practices it.

  16. Meanwile loadshading continues; unemployment no solution,cnp not seen in public, not sure if judge chikopo went back to malawi or fred membe/nchito’s 14bn case will be closed…As for HH and other opoosittion leaders, please dont relent we are monitoring all what pf IS DOING.

  17. Smart judge … prosecuting HH under Section 67 subsection 1,2 of the Penal Code for “False Utterances” would stick not what DPP came up as treason. Under a treason charge the burden of proof remains with the state while under Section 67 subsection 1,2 of the Penal Code, it shift to HH.

    He now has to prove that his reckless, irresponsible utterances with culpability for national security, diplomatic debacles and disturbance of peace are true by providing evidence of trained militia in Sudan. If not kwasila baba Bo HH.

    The circus continues, time to get some pop corns take my seat in the front row, take time to listen through out discovery. Zambia is growing up, just a little slower than I want … I just want my Zambia back where the system works again.

    • In the beginning I had so much respect for you because you analysed issues but now you have become a PF cadre, HH did not say they have trained that they plan to train according to the MOU that Kabimba announced to the public. The question is why Sudan of all African countries. Ba Mumba umuchinshi kuli imwe wapwa your true colours are shouting in your comments.

  18. My heart bleeds that as a people we can be so vindictive on an issue that is straight forward. God has triumphed today!!! Evil has been defeated!!! Viva HH.

  19. I have never condoned tribalism in my life and I don’t even understand it. My family is a full mixture of different tribes and I treasure my family members so dearly. I have an uncle and first cousins with Kaonde roots, a wonderful sister in-law that is Tonga and another one is Lozi. I have learnt the fullness of this life from nice people around me and not from tribes.

  20. @The Real Chick  
     Is it straight forward now? Why didn’t you say that last week? Don’t be naive, no wonder that coward HH uses gullible blind kiddies like you to fight his petty squabbles. 

  21. Viva HH….VIVA…..!!! PF must start work and build the nation and stop killing innocent citizens

    ..Zambians watch out for the wrath to come. PF government are only lining their pockets and are going to leave Zambia a poor country

  22. All HH wants is to involve our president in verbal exchange and derail everything, my message to the president is to continue with national developmental programmes and ignore this under5, let the courts and police handle this matter.

    • No matter how many times you are going to appear chikkalah chenu trying to justify the unjustifiable,you wont change the peoples line of thinking and resolve,nachipwa SATA must leave and must leave now,after all 4 years is not too much of time,we waited for MMDs 27 years what is 4 years.keep on parroting makandi yendi and at the same time be ready for the rude awakening.don`t say we didn`t warn you

  23. Ndeloleshafye in disbelief.. are these two the same people who were to form a pact ahead of the last general elections?

  24. 1.MMD leader Nevers Mumba
    2. ADD President Charles Milupi 
    3. ZDDM leader Edwin Sakala

    were on hand to offer solidarity. Solidarity for what? These chaps are shameless and selfish indeed and they expect to be our leaders of tomorrow! 

  25. Mobutu, GBM would be the last person I would ever want in a cabinet in this time and age, but lets face it they possibly funded PF big time and must be rewarded, another downside of Zambian politics! The solutions to our many problems in Zambia require a deliberate and systematic scientific approach and not tribal inclinations. We have the brains in the Milupis, Prof Chirwas and the Guy Scotts!!

  26. ..Its foolish to make up stories that you can’t provide proof to-in regards to hh’s claims, I think they shouldn’t have granted bail to this roach until he revels what’s really happening in sudan-we want to know the truth. Why do these ba5trdz grant bail any how??? this issue pauses a big security threat to this country, avoid grantting bail4rm ur asez!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. One stupid lawyer misled everyone by saying kachikala was charged with treason! We know this laywer jumpimg from place to another. He wanted to eat from Mazoka, He went to the Cobra, then he went to Nyamasoya and now he wnats to eat fron under five! We know you ….satan!



  30. Things can get worse than K30 million bail out! The ball is in HH’s court. Play it well, man. You know you said it, you had reliable information but why not just admit you said it? Thats how simple cases become treasonable. Just say yes you said it and give the basis upon which you said what you said. Man, you are compromising yourself, you are creating a complication for yourself. Now if convicted of treason, doesn’t that unnecessarily lead you to jail? How clever or daft would you be! Is that the way to go politically? Man its rough in there, avoid it if you can. All supporters will not be there when you get in!  You nearly refused to attended to Police call out, fighting the national police! Follow your legal advice, it means well for you. Pride won’t pay, you will loose badly.

  31. Ni tamba basila tuchili tule dabwa! This is certainly not the best way to govern and at the same time, HH is not being a responsible opposition when he fails to honor up by simply telling these PF that he was misquoted. Both parties are playing macho macho at the expense of working towards improving the standard of living for the people. I pray for the time when politicians will learn to be servants of the people than masters. Jesus clearly set this tone when he admonished Peter and reminded him to be a servant and slave other than a master. Stop claiming to be christians if you can not adhere and live by the tenets of the bible you HYPOCRITES.

  32. Mr Sata please, you are just wasting your time to fight other parts, please show people what you were promising. remember one day you will be out of that chair, dont dig a hole in front of you. HH one day will be on that chair:-?. You are not fit for the job.

  33. Yaba, despite all its sunshine this country is so depressing like a cold and wet British winter, just for once can’t our leaders do something to brighten our days pleaseeeee?

    • VIVA ZAMBIA WATCHDOG just check on the numbers of the flock on ZWD blogs.uleichushafye noko ichinyohh,no matter how much money you get from kabimba and laptops soorriiii

  34. Maxwell bring me some pop corns while you are at it with Sata.do not forget coke my man.This time i will be in the VIP stand .more to come do not go way.hahahahahaha


  36. Maxwell is now like MMD Chief Bootlicker in 2010.Time will tell and it will pass.trolling and blind support.too many clowns we got on Lt.

  37. wechimukuchonse waleka nechimushanga, pakonaula ifintu, taunfwapofwe nensoni .mjelekezi.ichongo mulichi TAITANIKI (titanic)

  38. This is the worst government this country has ever had. Today, Zambia has all the characteristics of a failed State.
    In a failed State, the police and the judiciary serve the interests of the President and the Party in power, and not the interest of the nation. In a failed State all key institutions are run by the President`s cronies and not professionals. That is the situation in Zambia right now. Very unfortunate!

  39. He may have uttered the words bu did he publish them as required under Section 67(1) of the Penal Code? What amounts to publication? The legal definition of publication is as follows “anything made public by print (as in a newspaper, magazine, pamphlet, letter, telegram, computer modem or program, poster, brochure or pamphlet), orally, or by broadcast (radio, television).

    • I am not laughing but what you have written here is ticklish. You say he may have uttered the words, but they may not have been oral!!!

  40. zambia is gone to dogs. Too much confusion in the nation. Zambia is a sick country. ZP and PF should concetrate on creating the promised jobs, better health care, more money in our pocket etc. Have you now heard that Miles Sampa wants to impeach lusaka Mayor. This is total confusion as described by Chanda Chimba III.

  41. Its clear that Sata has a personal vendeta against HH. We have heard and proven it now. Whilst people who stole billions of money from the gvt are free you are arresting someone who has worked hard for every penny he has. No wonder he went on saying he owns more cows than the whole southern province. When did Sata go and count HH’s cows.What motivated him to want to know?
    If people have a concience they would be ashamed of themselves.the police and judiciary have failed the nation

  42. Why is this issue so tense with HH?He has demanded Mumembe and Nchito to pay back the billions,look at the Editorial comment of the Post Newspaper 10/08/12.Hate drives people to distruction and they remain losers and failures in life,God doesn’t bless like that.Consider the following Questions:
    1.What MoU did Kabimba sign with the Sudanis Gvt?Chiimba warned
    2.persecution and tribal appointments..were we not warned by Chanda?10 to 11 months of PF being in power,what have they done that which they said could be done in 90 days?The country turning to be a police state were we not warned by Chanda?tribe aside,but face reality coz we just have one Zambia world over….Animal farm masimpe bakwesu,2016 nkotucili

  43. PF and Satan should have arrested the Nchitos for swindling the gvt of billions of money that can easily solve loadsheding than attacking innocent people. zaqmbia should one day have a coup so that you learn

  44. that 30 million is not enough. they should have charged him atleast 100 million kwacha. we want more money in our pockets.

  45. You see this silly Politician HH, pretended to be sick last week because he knew that if he goes to Police he would have slept in Police remand through the week end, because he would not have chance to appeal for bail. Shame HH you will pay for your idiocy.

  46. Two elephants are fighting and the poor are still suffereing where is independence when the majority of Zambians are beggars

  47. After ZWD exposed Mutembo Nchito’s evil plan to charge HH for treason which is unbailable, the State lawyers were shamed into bringing a watered down charge. They waited to gauge the reaction of the people and saw that they were going to put Zambia on fire. They have started something that will eventually burn them.

  48. It only shows how backward our country is——-where on earth can you have such a law—“Fabrication of false news with intent to cause fear and alarm to the public contrary to section 67 (1) (2) of the penal code and chapter 87 of the laws of Zambia” Is there any evidence that people were alarmed by the statement that HH made?
    In fact most people in Zambia are alarmed and are scared of the direction the country is taking.

  49. Countrymen, are there no important things to do in the country like cleaning up the shanties, reviving Ndola’s industrial area, sealing potholes, electrifying the 75% homes that have no electricity, tarring the Nansanga Farm Block, etc?

  50. HH id very dangerous. He wants to be like Savimbi, but God will stop him. Zambia has no time for small men with small vicious minds

  51. It’s very funny, HH is attacking Sata, then these UPND clowns (plus the totally useless Edward Mumbi and violent thug William Banda) claim it’s Sata who is attacking HH!!! Malabishi, MMD lost, UPND lost, you cannot change history. It’s not the cold war ear where you can ask America or Russia to change the result for you

  52. My fellow Zambians, we should learn to take the electoral process seriously. The writing was very clear on the wall that we were headed no where with the man of action. Look what we have.We should for once put tribal issues aside and vote for a sensible leader like HH or Chipimo quality and not jokes like we did. The whole world is improving and we are going back to pre-independence fossils! Even those supporting CNP now are embarrased but too proud to open up!!! Chanda Chimba warned us and we called him names! Rupiah knew how we would end up ..hence the crying

  53. now you are ashamed as you cant call Banda, Chisanga or Mumbi Tonga. We are all one family as Zambians and we are proud just as we are proud of our national team

  54. Not at the rate he is going. If he cannot prove that government signed MoU with Sudan as he alleges, he cannot rule Zambia. Who do you think will vote for him? This like saying that Nevers Mumba will be President of Zambia.

  55. This is what happens when you have a DPP with a rotten head and rotten morals.
    This case is going nowhere! HH never published the article. It was published by newspapers.

  56. Today was a great Victory for HH and UPND. This flimsy persecution by Sata only managed to unite non-Bemba Zambians against PF. A few sensible Bemba’s are beginning to smell the coffee too. My Business partner here in the states is a Bemba and today he confessed of how embarrassed he is to have trusted PF and Sata. But i think HH could even have gained more political mileage if he had chosen not to take Bail and just stay in Jail for a couple of weeks. Lusaka, Southern, NW & Western P would have been on fire today. And Sata would have looked really bad. Now I know that bloggers like Ka Maxwell, Ka Mumba and others like them have no idea what true democracy and true freedom really are. What a bunch of Rubbish!!!

  57. Some people are just foolish or choose to be foolish, here in China its mandatory for any college or university student to undergo military training, but all foreign students are exempted… so, who told HH that the sudanese government was going Zambian millitias? i believe its the same in sudan too, foreign students are exempted from military training. what is wrong with UPND kansi? ok, this is good for him then, its his chance to prove what he said! 

  58. I am surprised at you bloggers. This issue IS NOT about HH utering something false. It is about freedom of speech combined with administering justice using DOUBLE STANDARDs. SATA expressed his freedom of speech while lying about MMD printing money, calling people names. SATA’s uterings affected Zambian investment climate. SATA was never arrested during MMD or after.
    When you are the leader you lead by example and treat your people
    the same. SATA will do this to anyone of us. That is what you should be talikng about.

  59. The man has found a girlfriend among the bedbugs. Please, grant the man his wish for it’s his prerogative to sleep with whom ever he so wishes, and this time he wants the bedbugs. Please, accord the man his wishes and those that are jealous can do likewise by breaking the law, because them bugs cant just wait.

  60. I didnt support HH until now…PF have less than 6 years left in government. PF a party that is loosing popularity faster than I can say “chimbwi no plan” 

  61. Indeed there is no freedom of speech,what with the DPP intimidating people the way he is,with senior government leaders paying hackers to hack internet based papers to silence bloggers.Zambia Zambia …! 

  62. Absolutely ridiculous, what’s k30million kwacha to this guy. What was so difficult with adding at least two more zeros to the figure? These judges are a complete joke.

  63. HH you ain’t seen nothing yet, prepare for jail sentence or pay more money. Law is law baba and no one is above the law. When u break the law the police have the mandate to question u coz thats there job.

  64. Our beloved and listening president levy we will miss you where ever you are but I blame u a bit your excellence this guy you exported to morning side clinic in south africa to have his heart changed . Awe mwandi AMA south Africans tabomfwa balimuki umutima wakanyelele,he has divided the nation favouring one tribe, opposition and innocent citizens are being harassed  everyday and deported for no reason.Boss nkashi nga mwalimushile fye  iyifwila ku UTH like the way he did kuli Ba George Kunda, Elo he does want to have a running mate to succeede him if per adventure or by any lacky he decides you to come where you are. Bushe boss mula monanaNa ka Chiluba? If saw tell twachula kuno, Ba Mazoka mubaposhe ko mubebe ati HH acili aledonsa filya fine ubwafya fye Ba gayi pa plot 1 balefilufyanya .

  65. HH, waona manje pa kanwa mwaiche iwe. Now you’ve put yourself in deep s.h.i.t. for what? political notoriety? I hope you retract your baseless statements and be a responsible leader for your lame party.
    Not withstanding
    the idea of weak PF opposition, you should atleast try to redeem yourself. Good luck getting out of that UNDER 5 clinic…ba zakulasa ma manyeleti manje…wampya!!!!

  66. Zambia needs serious prayers.If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 2 Chronicles 7:14

  67. Oh my! my predictions are coming true  . Be strong H H you shall overcome. Its just a  passing phase. Its a shame that we are going twenty one years back in the KAUNDA era. Zambians beware thou shall not speak or else you go to the big house( jail) Oh my.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????/

  68. No, issuing baseless statements bordering on both foreign policy and international security is serious everywhere, those who love HH should advise him to be more sobber and get over his election loss and work towards 2016 logically and not emotionally!!!

  69. You’ve made a number of reasonable points there. My spouse and i seemed online for the problem determined the general public go along with with your internet site.


  71. ba president tabatina ukwingila mu ma cells first before ba ingila mu statehouse. HH dreads the cells big time. he enjoys his confort lounge even when he is careless with his talk. he cant be president if he cant share in the sufferrings of the prisoners. thats why he fell “ill” on friday to fear he was going to be locked up and just told his cadres to cause some funny fracs at the police station to find reasons why he couldnt be interrogated. I do agree on this score with sakeni tho i do not like the man that HH is a coward big time.

  72. I think PF has failed this country, HH should come in quickly, there is no room for dictatorship in Zambia, we cant sit idle watching useless things happening around. I totally regret for this PF thing.

  73. Ever wondered why HH is so arrogant and pompous? Ever wondered why he condones violence from his cadres?Let me tell you the secret. Growig up following cows and inhaling fart/fisuhi fya ngobe is responsible. He needs detoxication from cow fart if we are to see decency in him otherwise he will just bring wall to this beautiful country. Cadres beware and stop following blindly

  74. PF got and its supporters have been winching and moaning ever since they came to power. Now they claim HH is retarding development, MMD is not creating jobs, envious of opposition stand and liberty to express and pin them to the wall on failed promises made to Zambians. They claim to fight corruption, meanwhile PF members are so corrupt that Winter Kawimba is utterly disgusted with it. Mr Sata is a lame duck un able to fire GBM one of financier PF, Kambwili is a badly brought up chap, all Sata can do is move him from place to place like a nutter. HH has done nothing be transparent and disclose contents of MoU with Sudan whose leader Obashir is wanted at the Hegue for criminal killings charges against his own people. Zambians will continue to press on for promises made & to you LIARS.

  75. if i were hh, i would go and live among the northerners learn from them and create friendship and trust, once you convince and win the trust of these people, they will drive you to plot one. forget about the southerners they will follow you even if you dont talk to them as long as you are tonga. fact- you will not go to plot one with tonga vote only, but believe me you have north on your side, you have plot one. think you guys.

  76. The Zambian government should create a conducive climate of tolerance in which all tribes should treat each other as equal components of a bigger family in a proud nation. This process should start from the top and trickle down to a commoner on the street. Note that ordinary people start assigning demeaning identities to other ethinic groups after reflecting and internalising biased statements from leaders of that beautiful land. I donate that it is not wrong to question the conducts of rulers, but it is wrong to the just laws of Zambia. A democratically elected leader openly made mention that he has appointed a lot of people who voted for him as senior figures in the govt. and most of those people belong to the Bemba tribe. A leader is not a leader for certain people but for all people

  77. I am asking all those people who have opted to travel along a thin road in which there is a blurred vission between those who feel that creating false demeaning identies for others is a clever way of elevating themselves, and the real victims of mass senseless discrimination, to return to normality. Zambia is a member of a group of nations which expect Zambian citizens to behave in manners that reflect non-discrimination against others based on tribal lines, sex, age etc. Therefore stop discriminating against against i.e. Tongas. You are creating a bad reputation about Zambia before other nations.

  78. Magande is the worst opposition leader, he has failed to speak against sata because he badly needs the position of vice – president. Consecrated opportunism.

  79. Why label The President MCS as a dictator when the laws are there for everyone to answer charges when caught on the wrong footing.Let U5 prepare his defense and defend himself.This man is a liar.The first time he was interviewed he claime that the police wanted to question for his visit to Everyn Hone contrary to what his lawer told jounalist that he was called in connection with his stupid utterances about youth being sent to Sudan for militry training. This has the potential to inflame diplomatic relationship with Sudan.Sudan Has a reach history and experience in terms of education.Look at Khatoum University far much better than our derelic UNZA.The culture is reacher than ours. Dont follow western propanga and the war in the south.The war in the south is pure economical one- Oil.

  80. The meaning of militia
    1. An army composed of ordinary citizens rather than professional soldiers.
    2. A military force that is not part of a regular army and is subject to call for service in an emergency.
    3. The whole body of physically fit civilians eligible by law for military service. From the definition above; kindly educate me what is wrong and right about HH statement you learned men of Zambia.

  81. You UPND guys, you are busy crying in the diaspora as if Zambia is in the Diaspora. Please come back to Zambia and see how HH has no support but in southern province. In lusaka HH is nothing, people dont even talk about him as a factor in politics, copper belt is even worse. Can you be wise for once by making UPND and HH a Zambian party and president?? Not this ” only a Tonga can be president” marrubish !!!

  82. zambia i cant understand ur way of thinking sure o u think is to just support a president just becoz u put him in the office,and u are eating from there think of the future of your children vote wisely…try this young man for presidency..i tell you becoz have seen sata is old and his only making money for his grand children.HH is young and intelligent try him as you have tried sata

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