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Amos Malupenga threatens to revoke licenses of media houses


Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga
Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga

Government has said it will take punitive measures against media institutions that frustrate the good image of the Government. Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services Permanent Secretary Amos Malupenga threatened that Government will revoke licenses for media houses found wanting.

Mr Malupenga observed that though the public and private media houses enjoy access to freedom of information, some media institutions were working outside the confines of their operating licenses.

The Permanent Secretary said this when he featured on Radio Breeze FM live programme in Chipata yesterday.

Mr Malupenga said the media should not be used as medium for insulting the leadership of the country including Government officials, adding that doing so is frustrating government efforts hence the need for Journalists to uphold good values and ethical standards through factual reporting.

He said Journalists should act as agenda setters for members of the public to make bold and right decisions in the interest of the country’s economic growth.

Mr Malupenga is however, pleased that the media is taking a leading role in highlighting the country’s economic achievements aimed at promoting development.

He added that equipping the public media with new state of the art equipment is an on-going programme and assured that Government is making frantic efforts to addressing the matter.

The Permanent Secretary said Government is aware of the many challenges the public media are faced with particularly the Zambia News and Information Services



    • FOI bill threatened!!, Amos, with these threats now to his head,is there hope for freedom of the media, worse still FOI bill that he fought for with MMD?? Pure opportunists, pure hypocrites, no govt is forever. Wisdom demands leaving a great LEGACY for generations….
       During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. 
      You can bend it and twist it… You can misuse and abuse it… But even God cannot change the Truth.
      “Enlightened people seldom or never possess a sense of responsibility.” “(Mankind) is not likely to salvage civilization unless he can evolve a system of good and evil which is independent of heaven and hell” George Orwell
      Sometimes the first duty of intelligent men is the restatement of the obvious- Justice for the majority. 

  1. #1
    You are correct 100%.

    They cant touch the Watchdog as it does not operate in Zambia.
    Just let them become like China and block it to Zambians and the world will see their dictatorship unravelling.

  2. All govts in Zed have used this threat time and again…and it leaves a very bad taste with people…dont you get it, power is not to be thrown around via threats and unfairness-this talk in unbecoming of a party i still think is better than MMD…a party we gave a mandiate to run this country with responsibility…

    • Boss, as much as you are right about that very bad taste, it is also necessary for journalism and criticism to be constructive. We have no need to be rude to each other just because we disagree. Dirty journalism is dirty journalism, just like an insulting opposition is not a constructive one. If you think that only government can be criticized, but irresponsible media and opposition tactics should not be criticized, you are part of the problem.

    • Ba Equalizer,
      The way to deal with bad Journalism is through the courts of law, not threatening to close down ZWD. You people just don’t know what Freedom is. I think the African slave mentality is too strong and we have not gotten over it yet.

    • you take good constructive criticism with the malicious kind; its a package deal! if it breaches the law, the courts can take over. Nothing is perfect; thats why such a thing as cost benefit analysis exists…

  3. Ba Monki naimwe! Who uses The Post “as medium for insulting the leadership of the country including Government officials”?

  4. There is no good image to portray to start with. Actions speak louder than words and this government should dwell on improving lives of many Zambians as opposed to reacting all the time to comments from the media and opposition.

  5. Malupenda, you should set the standards by advising your friends at the Post Newspaper( and govt controlled newspapers) to stop insulting the opposition leaders. Why should the president and govt officials be immune from insults when they are in the forefront insulting opposition leaders day in and day out. Learn to practice what you preach!!! The problem with some st,u,pid Zambians like you Malupenga is that you insult those at the bottom of a tree when you are at the top forgetting that one day you will come down and face the same music. You are a total disappointment, we thought you would be better than the people you spend years criticising but you have turned out to be the worst manipulative sc.um.bag.

  6. Boring Boring Borring ..Been there , done that , got the T-Shirts and Vitenge materials to show for it. 

    Bottom line line is try something different. What you are doing is so boring and so 1960s. Have been managing editor if the Gutter newspaper called the POST , I thought you would know better.

    I guess certain breed of people just never learn. They always fatten themselves for slaughter on the alter despite seeing what has happened to the past FAT CATS. Sad that Amos is one such FAT CAT.

    • Your strategy of being offensive and abusive in your response is precisely what we are calling irresponsible, immature, childish and unprogressive. If you have a poit, just make it without being insulting or pompous. But, then again, who am I kidding? You’ll always be the insulting pompous big-headed self-aggrandized butt-licker.

    • @Equalizer. I like your way of thinking. If only the PF had more of you in there ranks, we would not have the likes of Kabimba, Sakeni and MCS himself going around insulting whoever is opposed to them. Before you get too smart for this site, can you first advise those of your friends in PF to lead by example?

    • If you believe in the theory of evolution – you will then agree with me that we are still evolving. Malupenga has a point. The media is not about insulting and miming other people’s dignity – it is about entertaining, informing, educating and challenging status quo. Fabricating stories and insulting leadership is not the purpose of the media. But I understand that we are in an evolutionary stage – one day as a country we will reach maturity where reason and debate of ideas as was the case during the enlightenment period will come. Then and only then shall we see Zambia progress both socially and economically. May God bless the minds of media house heads and accelerate their evolution for the well being of society.

  7. To those that keep on supporting the PF government even when it is clear they are wrong, the media and opposition are there to serve you, to ensure there is transparency in matters relating to governing the country. For example, what was the compelling reason for raising the president’s pay? That did not make sense to me at all and HH was right to question the move.

    • Logika, even in Sweden where you live, the media criticizes government, but tell me, how mny times have you seen them insulting?

  8. When Malupenga was with the Post did he opreate within the confines,respect is earned and not forced on people.If its the government of fools,for the fools and by the fools why should they be respected,fools will be called by what they are.Malupenga should be last person to wanting to victimise private media when he is coming from the private himself.Malupenga with his Post insulted RB and MMD leadership,what respect does he want-you reap what you sow.Was a good trip with Masebo arround.

  9. This monkey is wasting time and now harvesting the fruits of his own unethical conduct while at the POST. Please just get lost and ba LT please never put his image it makes me want to vomit. These fools from the post will surely bring down PF. Infact, the union between this dirty post and PF is institutionalised corruption which stinks more than these morons think. Please we need a revolution in Zambia to deal with this tyranny of PF-POST shit

    • You are very bitter person and I guess you support HH an under five who had no strategy come 2016 it will be the same story

  10. Ba PS thats what it means to be in Govt….everyone wants a piec e of u…when u insulted Govt for 20 yrs at the Post no one closed u down. Just develop a thick skin and show some leadership…kuichaila!

  11. One online paper trades insults day in day out. bloggers there insult anyone: they insult their friends, their own parents, their siblings, national leaders, church leader, they insult snything said or done, good or bad, they insult anything. Their mental state is that of ever demeaning other people and only glorify themselves. They seem to know everything better than others. What a thinking!!!! Its not even opposition because opposition is much more sensible. They are full of foul language, no morals everything goes. what a kind of publication!,?, !

  12. Let us help our government reason that threats will not lead us anywhere. They were voted into power and now it is apparent that they have no direction in their leadership. Very sad indeed for a government to dwell on responding to comments from the media and opposition. I would love to see what they boo to their time sheets on a daily basis that is if they do.

  13. This guy is really a retard. How many times did Malupenga and his boss Membe insult RB and his Ministers ?. No wonder the Watchdog reffer to him as a chap with only a certificate in Journalism.

  14. This guy is really a retard. How many times did Malupenga and his boss Membe insult RB and his Ministers ? No wonder the Watchdog reffer to him as a chap with only a certificate in Journalism.

  15. Amos Walipena, trained by the Post newpaper to insult govt leadership, peddle lies and painted wrong impressions about MMD, while praising Sata with his gutter juornalism. Today Amos wants to lecture journalists about fair and ethical reportage of state of things in the country. Today there more worse off things in Zambia to report on where poverty, unemployment promised by Sata in 90 days is hard for Zambians to swallow. Zambians intelligence is being insulted for Amos to ignore the truth of the police state we operate today. Its vindicated in your report that you will close news media expressing diverse views from Zambians. ZambianWatchdog will report facts and we will know about all corrupt prictices PF is engaged in like GBM in defence ministry.

  16. What a fat ***** this pig is. Was he not the one defending and funding sky fm to do the same? This certificate holder is real matuvi

  17. People who are very rough on other people’s skins are very tender on theirs! When Amos was still out there, he/the post hammered Government with impunity. Now the man is there, he finds it very painful. My man you are now tasting your own medicine. If the medicine was bitter then, it’s bitter now. Unfortunately, you have to live with it. Help your colleagues at the post to torn down on how they cover and report on their perceived enemies.

  18. Come on Amos naiwee, you made a career out of insulting the then Government (MMD). It worked for you and your cronies in the name of democracy and now you choose to oppose it. Sata you lot puked insults on anybody and everybody yet you find it wrong and inappropriate for others to do so. You post newspaper is now a mouth piece for Pf and until your newspaper observes objectivity then you can talk. With respect please shut up! 

  19. There you go malupenga aren’t you the one who insulted mwanawasa as cabbage now you don’t like the taste of your own medicine. Aren’t you you the one who called him chiwelewele? Now that you are a satanist it’s no good. Tell us what you’ve done to improve the lives of zambians then we will listen. Don’t tell us how much you ve improved the president s salary

  20. Malupenga with your viciousness and craftiness to please your bosses, you had your fellow journalists fired among them Patson Phiri who has won a SADC Award. Your immoral Kabwela and your president were clapping with shame for Phiri as he received the Award docking Zambia on the map. What of you, what reward will you bring to Zambia? Shame as a journalist and one day will not be in that position to face Zambians.

  21. As servants of the people of Zambia prove to them that you’re doing what they want you to do not threatening them do they keep quiet. Sort out mess in of and all will be happy

  22. Intoxicated with GRZ power. however the day is soon coming when you will start writing articles against the government of the day again for your living. Meet you there man and we will see if you will advocate for closing of media houses.

  23. PF (Poor Failures) Ba mumbwe imwe you thought it was so easy. You insulted innocent people fooled the people of zambia, and now you want the same who gloomed you to respect you. Amos kwati ulichipuba teti umfwe ne nsoni sure. Come 2016 you will see!!!!

  24. If someone behaves foolishly and you call hima fool. It is not an insult he should just change his behaviour and behave wisely. This PS is a FO.O.L

  25. `Mr Equalizer, you have faithfully defended the PF in most comments on this thread against Amos. Now the same Post not long ago called RB “stup.id” and justified it somehow. Now tell me how the definition they gave will fair now.

  26. POINT OF CORRECTION. THE STATEMENT BY PS IS NOT CORRECT. “media institutions that frustrate the good image of the Government” and “that insult the leadership”.


    ZWD encourages disunity which threatens the peace of our country.

    • Do we blame the whistle blower or the person committing the crime? on a scale of one to ten, think ZWD has scored 7. they just need to give readers more fcts, truth and honest. 

  27. Chiwamila galu kuluma mbuzi …….. Amos,
    are wasting time and energy on something that adds no value to the people of Zambia.

  28. Amos, bakungenamongenamo ma harder like yo mate chellah. I hope you guys read these threads. Kunya nokunya. Kikiki.

  29. the media house are let down i expected them to lead on the consitutions highlighting part of it and let pipo comment so that are aware of it.

  30. Ba PS, if I were in your shoes, I would ensure the Watchdog is closed or if not possible, just blocked from Zambia using any means possible. In addition, I would reprimand UNZA Radio and urge them to ensure that they continue acting as a learning institution and balance their speakers and presenters!!!
    Sky FM also might need some sanctions, we can block Watchdog, it is taking the country to the dogs in literal sense of the word!!

  31. Malupenga you are a late down. When you used to work for the post you seemed to be objective now that you are an insider in govt you have become stupid

  32. Just look at who is talking…if we ask malupenga how he got that job where he is????? corruption or is it vuvuzelalilng for PF TO win favours……..your time will come meanwhile shut up.you are a dissapointment with your fred.

  33. This Malupanga is a big fool. Does his comment explain why he only have a certificate in journalism? Has this man forgotten the kinds of insults him and that homo former boss of his used to shower on the leadership of this country then? Now he talks of the PF leadership being frustrated when himself did the same to those who held office then. FTJ, Levy and Banda never closed them and yet himself he wants to close others. What a hypocrite this guy is. He is just like Mumumbe.  

  34. Dear EQUALIZER EQUALIZING EQUALIZER, vulgarity begins when logical communication or rational thinking fails. We can have a debate, but if the point of departure is insulting each other, you can do that by yourself. I won’t sink to your levels. I have not defended PF on this thread nor have I defended Amos. I have simply questioned the authenticity of the statement that the Post is owned by PF. I have also pointed out that journalism ought to be responsible. I have not mentioned any single media outlet as being more or less responsible than others. Having said that, hate leads nowhere. It eats the hater. Criticism can be done without hate and without vulgar overtones. The Post have made their mistakes, and so have other media outlets. I AM SIMPLY SAYING NO TO THE HATE AND INSULTS CULTURE.

  35. And to you other vulgar people, referring to me as an ***** does not increase your own intellect, nor does it define who I am. Argue with reason, not with hate and anger and insults. That only goes to show what type of people YOU are, not what type of ***** I am.

  36. Politicians just never learn the more they make such pointless threats the more the media houses in question gain popularity.

  37. Malupenga and his PF government should not decide which media house to punish and which one to tolerate. This is Dictatorship 101, muzzle the press. The right way to deal with this is through our judicial process. If you feel aggrieved by ZWD, then take them to court and let the courts decide hopefully through an impartial jury. This is how democratic countries do it. When you leave it to the whims of the government in power, you are asking for too much trouble my dear friends. The Post newspaper called Chiluba a thief ( I agreed with them and I believe it is true) but that was an insult. Malupenga was part of the group that called Mwanawasa names and RB names. Why is it that people who dish out a lot of garbage cannot seem to take it when it directed back to them???/

  38. Mr PS do you mean all the media houses must start to reapot the way the post is doing, you cant see anything wrong in the way the post is doing have time to think on it. Second democracy is growing in zambia whether pfo,os in power or other party, dont think that becouse the post has become pfo,os that every zambian is pf leave these pepas for us who read and enjoy it, when they are wrong just try to collect them. Not everything they reapot is useless. Think twice.

  39. Where was Amos when his boss Fred insulted F.T.J. Fred said,”we are going to show the president that he cannot hide his stupidity behind the constitution.”check it out(The people vs Fred Meembe and the post news paper).If the then Govt did not consider shutting down the post,then who is Amos to threaten other media houses with closure?

  40. THE BRICKLAYER, I totally agree with you. However, I don’t think calling someone who is a thief a thief is an insult. Calling someone a hyena or a dog on the other hand is another level. But yes, Post have also used worse language. Indeed these issues and grievances should be addressed through courts. Meanwhile, it does not hurt to give friendly advice on how to conduct our businesses of common interest. Media, whether Post or ZWD or LT or BBC or whatever, should have a sense of responsibility and exemplary attitude, just as we expect of the politicians we criticize. Its not good enough to say that someone insulted so I can also insult. And we who support or do not support political parties should not see each other as rivals but as people with differing views that need negotiation.

  41. Newspaper licences are not issued by the ministry of information but by the directorate of national archives. Secondly, only a good name can be tarnished. What name are you protecting mr mal penga?

  42. Newspaper licences are not issued by the ministry of information but by the directorate of national archives. Non of the requirements include that one should publish only nice things about the govt. Secondly, only a good name can be tarnished. What name are you protecting mr mal(u)penga?

  43. Which good image is this man talking about? And these are people who will bring in the bill that will bring the freedom of expression, access to information etc. Its a joke!!!!

  44. Iwe ci Malupenga.You are on that job for the insults you were throwing on past  leaders when you were at the post.Shatapuuu….!!What do you want to start regulating.

  45. And all in the name of democratic principles of one party, one voice (party), one nation (???) State. Well done. What next? Headline in all media: “Good Morning Mr. President. Your subjects are vaiting for daily dose of failed instructions”

  46. I admire the valuable facts you provide inside your content. I will bookmark your weblog and also have my youngsters check up right here frequently. I am fairly positive theyll learn lots of new stuff here than anybody else!

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