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The Catholic Church describes Home Affairs Minister’s response on deported Priest as disrespectful


The Catholic Church has described as disrespectful the response given by Home Affairs Minister Edgar Lungu to the Church’s demand on government to revoke the deportation of Fr. Viateur Banyangandora.

Zambia Episcopal Church General Secretary Fr. Cleophas Lungu said the Catholic Church finds it disrespectful for Mr. Lungu to ask the Church to formally appeal against the deportation of Fr Banyangandora through the media.

Fr. Lungu said Fr. Banyangandora was in Zambia as a son of the Catholic Diocese of Chipata adding that the appeal by the Church’s leadership in Eastern Province was enough ground for Mr. Lungu to review the deportation.

He however revealed that the Church and the government have commenced negotiations with the possibility of having the deported priest return to Zambia.

Fr. Lungu said the Catholic Church maintains that there were no credible reasons to justify the deportation of Fr. Banyangandora.

Meanwhile, hospitalized Medardo Joseph Cardinal Mazombwe is said to be coping well and responding to treatment at South Africa’s morning side Clinic.

Zambia Episcopal Church General Secretary Fr. Fr. Cleophas Lungu told Reporters that Cardinal Mazombwe is able to speak now and has been doing some physiotherapy treatment for his spine problem.

Fr. Lungu said the Catholic Church is grateful for the prayers of quick recovery extended to Cardinal Mazombwe since he fell ill.

He said the medical team is still doing a number of tests and will be able to determine the next course of action on Wednesday.


  1. Edgar Lungu said the church should appeal through normal channels and not through the media, so already the premise on which this article begins, or the statement attributed to “Father” Cleophas is faulty.

    • I think the article is suggesting that instead of Mr Lungu going directly to the Church Authorities and ask them to appeal through normal channel, we went and made the announcement through the media. That is what the church finds disrespect

    • You seem to have unfinished business with the ministry of Education, Reminder is that Mr Lungu Edgar made the statement on the media and not to the church, and that is the disrespectfulness of mr lungu on the church

  2. Gone are the days when there were actually smart diplomatic people in government.What do you expect from this kaponya govt they are living up to their expectations.Bring back the Catholic priest you wrongfully deported.

  3. The Catholics complain too much!  They should quietly reap the benefits of their tribalism.  Just because almost all Catholic priests are Bemba should not have meant that the Catholic Church had to support their fellow Bembas in PF.  The Catholics should just admit that they sinned against the Zambian people by campaigning for this tribal, dictatorial PF government.

  4. Edga Lungu is just a pawn in Mr. Sata’s cog of Bemba Tribalistic government. He is being used in his role as home affairs minister to do dirty work for the PF and thereby insulate Bemba’s from criticism. PF and Sata will continue to be dictators because it is who they are. From Kambwili to Sata to GBM to Kabimba, these are hot headed dictators who have become dangerous because of the awesome power that they now posses. Zambia is in serious trouble and many will realize they made a mistake in selecting their fellow Bemba tribesmate just for tribal loyalties sake. I hope the ruin from PF will not be too much to reverse when a new government takes over.

  5. Who is telling the truth here? Did the priest have valid papers? Was he preaching hate mesages? These questions must answered and substantiated before any further action is taken.

  6. Catholics you assigned the disgraced priest Father Bwalya to campaign for Sata the devil,he won and what you get now are the fruits of your efforts.Sata is a son of Satan no doubt about that and you cannot change it.

  7. Mumbwe aitile mpashi, nokumububa shamubaba. This means; The hyna invited the red ants and the red ants feasted on him. Reap what you sow.

  8. How unfortunate and how early for the Catholic to be neglected by UKWA indeed his a cobra for it bites even the one who tamed it. Any way, they wanted a man of action and action they have got.

  9. The Catholic Church should have directed its wing of intelligentia to probe into the moral calibre of Sata and all those that constituted a clique of persons that politically interacted with him. Their assessment should have dissected and revealed the deceptive characters of Mmembe, Malila, Sebastian Zulu, Musa Mwenye, Mutembo Nchito, Edga Lungu and Dr. Mahtani. In fact Edga Lungu is a discredited Lawyer in the Law Association of Zambia. This assessment could have provided data to warn the Catholic Church on the true credentials of Sata. It is clear that Sata has assembled the worst clique of personalities to run his govt. The Church need not get involved in the game of shadow-boxing with Edgar Lungu who is merely acting from Presidential directives. Sata has the much needed answer

  10. Zambians need to learn to stand together against outside forces. This country is a house divided.

    All this over a deportation? Priests are not holy if anyone thinks otherwise then they are glib.

  11. the church complained through the media and as such got a request from the minister through the media. why do we complain over certain issues when we already know the root cause. sometimes, it is really good to be honest

  12. The deported father will be back soon!!! Ba katolika!! Niba Katolika….its not religious org to play around with.If big and well developed countries can fear the catholics wat of zambia?Mmmaaaaaaaaaa….playing with fire.Edgar Lungu knows!!!

  13. The New National Anthem for the PF who are dividing the Nation in the name of appointing good brains to strategic positions in government.

    Stand and sing for Sata, sad and enslaved,
    Land of trouble and corruption in disunity,
    Losers in the struggle for the right,
    We have lost freedom’s fight.
    All one, hate and sad.

    Praise be to Sata,
    Praise be, praise be, praise be,
    Divide our great nation,
    Zambia, Zambia, Zambia.
    Sad men we stand
    Under the flag of their land.
    Sata, praise to thee!
    All one, hate and sad.

  14. How do you insult a doctor before you are completely healed?sata how do u turn back your back on pipo who supported you to win.
    Come 2016

  15. This Catholic church is indeed no good, how do you expect your called father some thing to continue staying in Zambia without valid papers. I thought as a church you should be walking the talk and be in the forefront  to up hold the law of the land. How can you even call the Minister’s statement as disrespectful  when you can not prove that he had valid papers. Produce the papers simple no more crying. That so called father something should make an appeal him self, the issue is not between church and Government but between Government and that father something.

  16. All those that are talking ill about the catholics are just wasting your time even in the coming election they will decide for you who will be the next president, they are so united than any other church and they are the majority of voters in this nation.

  17. If the Priest has the right papers and did not do anything wrong then no need to worry. There is no need to allow lawlessness just because it’s the Catholic Church. Am sure the Government would not risk straining relations if they did not have a good reason. Baba just follow the right channels chapwa!

  18. problem created in zambia now, most of HH puppies ve nothing to do other than showing their bitterness at their scumbag president loss of election. They blog every day to critise GRZ on whatever it says.


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