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The fourth Memorial service for the Late former President Levy Mwanawasa in Pictures

Photo Gallery The fourth Memorial service for the Late former President Levy Mwanawasa in...


Some wreaths before they were laid on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb at Embasy Park


The inside of the mausolium where Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb lays


People arriving for Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial at Embassy Park in Lusaka


UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema with his officials before the laying of wreaths on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb at Embassy Park


Former president Kenneth Kaunda arrives for Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial


Former president Kenneth Kaunda arrives for Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial.


Former president Kenneth Kaunda greets people at Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial ceremony in Lusaka


Dr Kaunda following proceedings during Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial ceremony in Lusaka


Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa interacts with people during Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial event


Mys Regina Chiluba and former ZNBC personality Doreen Mukanzo confer. Mukanzo is also the former press attache at the Zambian Embassy in South Africa.


Dr Kaunda greets former State House economic advisor Dr Moses Banda


Dr Kaunda with former State House economic advisor Dr Moses Banda


Dr Kaunda with UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema during Dr Mwanawasa’s memorial ceremony


MMD member only identified as Chapota in prayer during Dr Mwanawasa’s fourth memorial ceremony


Guests in prayer at Dr Mwanawasa’s fourth memorial ceremony


Heritage Party president Godfrey Miyanda and his counterpart from the UPND Hakainde Hichilema confer


Former First Lady Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb.


Former First Lady Mrs Maureen Mwanawasa lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


Dr Mwanawasa’s relatives about to lay wreaths on his tomb


Dr Mwanawasa’s relatives lay wreaths on his tomb


The Late Dr Chiluba’s wife, Regina lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


Dr Mwanawasa’s relatives about to lay wreaths on his tomb.


Evangelical fellowship of Zambia executive director Pukuta Mwanza lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


Former president Rupiah Banda’s representative Mikatazo Wakumelo lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


Former Zambia Army Commander Isaac Chisuzi about to lay a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


Heritage Party president Godfrey Miyanda lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema lays a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


UPND president Hakainde Hichilema poses for a moment after laying a wreath on Dr Mwanawasa’s tomb


From left to right…Former State House economic advisor Dr Moses Banda, Dr Kenneth Kaunda and UPND leader confer


Form left to right…Dr Kenneth Kaunda, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Heritage Party president Geodfrey Miyanda


Former Ernegy deputy Minister Friday Malwa poses for a photograph with Dr Kaunda


Former Zambia Army Commander Isaac Chisuzi (l) and former Energy Minister Friday Malwa confer


The Baptist Church choir during Dr Levy Mwanawasa’s fourth memorial ceremony in Lusaka


Some people entering the burial place for late President Levy Mwanawasa at Embassy Park in Lusaka


  1. LT i feel you need to address the pictures 25,32 and 30 with their full tittles.

    E.g General Isaac Chisuzi and Brigadier General G.Miyanda

    • I agree. It is only respectful to do so. They earned their titles, they sacrificed for Zambia by putting their lives on the firing line.

  2. Good to see Gen Miiyanda in good shape. How i wish he can avail himself to save Zambia…..Our current crop of politicians are a let down. PF has no direction, opposition is not offerring what people are looking for. The Gen was in govt for a long and he stood clean. With that exposure he had in govt, he can be the next leader we are looking for….soft spoken, clean,humble desire. He just need serious people to sell the village concept idea. Come on Gen Miyanda, we can do it!!!

  3. Jay. Iam wondering the same did FP Government stay away from this Event. Iam sure Picture 15 has every top brass that showed up. Could it be that PF is allergic to HH?

    Justing thinking loudly everyone else

  4. U Mean sata accompanied the late’s body to all parts of Zambia at the time of need and shunned the memorial ???

  5. Just as well the riotous PF did not attend otherwise there would have been heavily armed police and teargas to disrupt the solemn occasion. Without PF everything seems to have been very dignified.

  6. People not to demean the individuals burried here or their contribution to the nation, do you think the building of these monsoriums is necessary at the expense of poor Zambian in my village and other villages.
    I for one does not find it necessary, it is a share waste of resources. I dont know what you think.

  7. Pama Fi (PF) GOVT failed to show up at such an important fixture in the nations calender. It just proves that the statements that the Pama Fi (PF) GOVT is a Chimbwi-No-Plan regime. Certainly the country is on Auto-Pilot. Or maybe His Excellece President Ukwa is scared of graves since one leg is already inside.

  8. HH reflecting back on the opportunities Levy asked him to be his Veep. they were good friends. everything happens for a purpose , 2016 is yours.

  9. Not sure about 2016. But why only former leaders, and aspiring ones. Where are our leaders when we are in mourning?

    Ndiye kuti simulila nase?

  10. I am also wondering if any of current government officials were in attendance; the presence or lack thereof of HE is so obvious especially given that HE insisted on accompanying the late’s body all over Zambia.

  11. Eish ! I didn`t know that the man has been buried muli style yabena Pharaoh.This is interesting…Pic 16-looks like abena HH was protesting.Am sure he didn`t want the hand shake.

  12. Caption on Pic#11. That’s Mr. Jack Kalala greeting Dr Kaunda, not former State House economic advisor Dr Moses Banda

  13. I just disrupted my bank holiday weekend in the beautiful Lake District of England to comment on this thread. Its really revolting to note that some feeble minded bloggers have resorted to taking head-counts on such an important memorable day of remembrance; you should be ashamed of yourselves, you are no different to ka HH who is also taking this occasion as a photo opportunity session. Shameless under5.   

  14. Pic # 4
    The Afro dude with hands folds looks like a Chainama escapee, people need to keep an eye on him.

    • this is ridiculous! 4yrs, this should no longer be a national event, leave the family alone to do this if they so wish, or simply remember them with the other heros on heros and unity day, wasting resources! next will be chilubas second memorial, what with RB, KK and MCS passing! then there will be no end to it!!!!!!!!! come on pipo have a life.

  15. @Maxwell you are evil to the core, what has HH ever done to you? He has never been in power and is not currently in power. The people that deserve criticism are the ones that are in power. Leave HH alone, if he does not attend you are the first ones to criticise. We have not head from you ever since the Hon. Lungu misled the nation and in turn embarrassed it by issuing a statement regarding the deportation of an individual. The whole lot of a Minister. That is what you should concern yourself with. what HH does will not affect you/me in any way. However, what PF does will affect you and me big time. That is how I look at issues. 

  16. Kusogolo sounds like kumbuyo! His Excellence Levy Patrick Mwanawasa SC, Icibumba, we miss you and your deligency to national duty! I recall your focus pre-1991 multipartism. You fought battles for democracy and distinguished yourself as “LAWYER WAMA LAWYER”. You are gone from us but your works and your name resound in our mother land on monuments and on documents.
    You were a blessing to this country. MYSRIEP!

  17. @Kusogolo, My dear friend lets not derail the comment thread on this week of remembrance of our former president Mr. L.P Mwanawasa MHSRIP.
     Hon Edgar Lungu apologised for the slight glitch; what more do you want from him; do you want him to come where you are, kneel in front of you and polish your shoes till you see your own reflection in them?

    • Iwe Ka Maxwell, I need Lungu to resign or to be fired!! If your group of Kolwestans had principals they would do just that. Son of a Kowlestan!!!

    • Hhhmmmmm. Now even an easterner is a kolwestan ans not a kwindistan. This hatred of bembas will hurt some of you ngati awemba avutilatu. Combined with the easterners, then you would have just lost one third of the country. Like Maxwell said, lets not make petty politics out of a memorial ceremony of one of Zambia’s great presidents. We salute you Mr President and may you continue lying in peace.


  19. Hey cmon felaz anyone can choose to attend the memorial service or not but what matters is rendering help to the living as the dead are gone.

  20. This should be the last memorial ceremony, others to come only family members to organise, just like Gan disaster, Govt. cannot continue crying/mourning these departed souls, kife must move, with or without Cabbage we are forging ahead in PF government elo ifintu kuno nafiwama, we levy, kachiluba also followed you, then Chisata ndiye chi president manje, Rupiah divorced Thandiwe due to infidelity ya RB, YOUR SON almost won kafulalafuta but mpombo spoiled hi campaign, morin since u departed has been very faithfull, only one time with D. Mwape otherwise she is living in denial. Vera chiluba and regina are friends now,

    • I am a PF sympathiser but apa pena, waumfwikafye nge chitotoli. You are very evil to use such vulgar language on people that have gone to pass. Your time will come too. Give respect to the dead you *****. This is not the kind of freedom stemming from too much tujilili that we want.

  21. If such a large space is taken up as a burial site for one person, where are we going to bury future presidents? Each and every departed President must then be put to rest in exact same design of memorial shelter. Chiluba’s momerial tomb must also be upgraded to this standard and lets avoid competition in death, after all this is tax-payer’s money.

  22. Guys move on. Big Memorials are held after the first year and then after 10 years. That is the max. You cannot have people turning up year after year. It is a waste of time and resources. Widow and relatives can just go to church quietly and then lay wreaths later. No need for an annual show.

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