It’s a dream come true – Mayuka

Emmanuel Mayuka
Emmanuel Mayuka

Zambia star Emmanuel Mayuka has described as a dream come true for him to move to England after his £3m switch to Southampton.

The 21-year-old Zambia striker on Tuesday moved from Swiss side Young Boys Berne to ‘The Saints’ on a five- year deal.

He becomes only the second Zambian to play in the EPL after Collins Mbesuma’s unsuccessful stint at Portsmouth six years ago.

“Most footballers dream of playing in England. For me, this dream is coming true,” Mayuka told Young Boys official website.

“I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the last two years, thank you. I will keep time with the Young Boys in your memory and never forget.”

This week, Mayuka tweeted that he was considering a move to another English Premier League side, Queens Park Rangers.

The former Kabwe Warriors striker has now moved to promoted Southampton after a successful two and-a-half years at Young Boys, where he scored 32 competitive goals after the Berne club snapped him from Israeli Maccabi Tel Aviv.

Mayuka was part of Zambia’s 2012 Africa Cup-winning team where he scored three goals to win the tournament’s golden boot award.



  1. Mayuka, here is the golden opportunity. Keep cool, focused.and continue to work hard. You have a bright future with Southampton.

  2. Congrats young man keep focused and don’t lose track,concentrate and soldier on many more things will be coming your way am sure.

  3. Napapata Ba Mayuka work hard and keep the discipline as you have always been, the expectations of a nation are on your shoulders, don’t let us down. Your conduct will determine wheather more zambians will break in the EPL or not. Good luck!

  4. Mayuka, way to go brother, go and make the money then come back and invest big time in Zambia, u will also be a king like Kalu one day.

  5. The next African footballer in Southern Africa after Great Kalu. break the record from ba Kalu he has grown wings too much show him that you are Mayuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuukaaaaaaaaaaaaa its a goal.Morever keep it JESUS always otherwise the enemy is roaring like a lion

  6. You are destined for better things if and only if you maintain the following 1 discipline 2 hardwork 3 dedication and being focused. The people of Zambia are proud of you and they know you are going to put Zambia on world map.On a lighter note,Manchester United fans have thrown their allegiance for the team because of you.I wish you all the best young man.You will definately make it.

  7. Mayuka do not make the same mistake Collins Mbesuma made. He was too undisciplined and unprincipled. Work hard and maintain discipline. I am 30 mins from Southampton. Come for Nshima.

  8. Mwana kaka lunda. The first two lundas to break in english league; mayuka and mbesuma-congrats. N/W province rich in natural resources and talent. GOOOOOOO kansi………

    • Zambezi

      Ami hineluka nami iwu nkasi wakwetu wanyi? Mbesuma neluka mulonga tata yindi Francis Kajiya twadingi nindi kushikola Ku Mwinilunga. Dimu ntanga yami a Lunda ekala antu alala nankashi. Chinakutama hohu awa adiswekanga.

  9. Good luck young man but remember that skills alone are not enough discipline and right attitude account for 70% of the demands. You appear more sober than Mbesuma and having worked/played in the Israel and Switzerland one would expect that that you have come round to find a way to function/manage frustrations/bais/malice in the European culture albeit the English are more demanding more frosty much like their German cousins when it comes to demanding performance. Brother Mbesuma unfortunately found solace in junk food and packets of Shake Shake (whenever he got back home) to drown his challenges in the English league/culture but that just made it worse for him and took him down the lonely road of failure,


    • EPL was only born in 1993. So technically uncle Fred never played in the EPL. It was called something else and was commercially not as big as EPL as a product.

  11. Yaah, Mayuka my fellow tribe’s mate, please forget us your tribe”s mates from Bantu-Botatwe. We are indeed behind you. Please stop listening from these Bembas and Easterners, there are too clever for nothing. They think only them can rule Zambia. Please my brother remember, Magoye you homeland. The grandfather is still there and alive. Please divorce that Nsenga young lady you want to marry and come and marry here your fellow Tonga lady. She will take care of you when you need her. Most Easterners and Bemba women are un faithful and they will dump you after chewing you newly acquired wealth. Please, please you never marry that mukwelekwele lady from eastern province. Viva HH!!! Viva UPND!!! Come 2016 HH in State House.

  12. Yaah, Mayuka my fellow tribe’s mate, please do not forget about us your tribe”s mates from Bantu-Botatwe. We are indeed behind you. Please stop listening from these Bembas and Easterners, there are too clever for nothing. They think only them can rule Zambia. Please my brother remember, Magoye you homeland. The grandfather is still there and alive. Please divorce that Nsenga young lady you want to marry and come and marry here your fellow Tonga lady. She will take care of you when you need her. Most Easterners and Bemba women are un faithful and they will dump you after chewing you newly acquired wealth. Please, please you never marry that mukwelekwele lady from eastern province. Viva HH!!! Viva UPND!!! Come 2016 HH in State House.


    • zambia will only be a better place to live in, the day we look beyond political affiliations and tribe. he can marry whoever he wants thats his freedom of choice. attitude is equal to 100% your attitude determines how far you can go.

    • iwe ingombe ilede Tumbama, since when did a grand father become a determinant of a person’s tribe, race etc? I’m sure to you Chibamba Kanyama is a bemba.

    • Plenty of Bembas have played football in England. Mind you Bemba is found in a lot of African countries than the SP tonga. Weeeeee

    • You tribalist! Don’t you know Fred Mwila Snr played in England and America before? Howard Mwikuta was another pro…but there is no need for this MAYUKA is Zambian. Period!

    • People we are all Zambian, One Zambia One Nation. I am not Tonga but will celebrate and appreciate my country mate’s achievement, mayuka gabotu!!

  13. Ba Tumbana, I think you are writing what you are writing just to annoy the light-hearted. You are a Zambian, Mayuka is a Zambian and all tribes in Zambia are Zambians.

  14. I dont know much about football but it looks like this team has lost their first 2 games and from my research It looks like they are favourite to be relegated
    People do not be conned by this player he is equivalent by Zambian standards driving a fiat 124 when everyone is got mercedes Audis latest etc

    I am not knokcing him or anything I am happy for him just to be careful that he is playing for arguably the worst team in the ENglish premiership and I doubt Rangers or Celtic would want to buy him as they are the bigest teams here in Scotland.
    I hate when I see people being conned


    • Firstly, you don’t know much about football so your research about Southampton being favorites to be relegated doesn’t hold. With all your qualifications you should know better that you cant trust the research of one who doesn’t know. Rangers used to be a somewhat big team IN SCOTLAND but no longer are. They are 3 divisions lower than Celtic. Guess what? Mayuka wouldn’t want to play for Rangers. Think before you embarrassingly post things.

    • Previously you stated that you dont like and never understand soccer.

      This time around you are EPL analyst. What are you up to? …..TWAG!

    • Mushota waba itole l wonder if you follow the premier league, southampton nearly shocked Mancity a couple of weeks back.

  15. Fred Mwila and Emernt Kapengwe : Aston Villa in the 60s.
    Thought Mayuka was from Luwingu/Chilubi…above all from Zambia.

  16. Tumbana, that is Tribalism at its best. For your own information there is a village in the Mpika/ Samfya/ Chilubi area by the name of Mayuka. Mayuka is a very common Bemba name. What is importnat to us is the fact that he is Zambian, and a Chipolopolo.

  17. Mayuka, my advice is this.
    Be disciplined.
    Don’t follow the crowd, lead.
    You are young and talented and there will be no shortage of girls wanting you. It is not a victory to have a white girlfriend, just stay cool and grow to love someone regardless. Get to know a good stable family.
    Avoid excesses, because whatever wrong thing you do, will be in the world papers. There are no secrets now, you are an open book.
    All the best! God bless!

  18. Imwe, Is this Mushota a real person? Someone just didn’t steal her picture and continues to post nonsensical things? If so that is unfair to the young lady; and if its genuinely her, then wow just wow… entertaining as it might be, it is also quite sad. Though I will agree, Southhampton are not looking good right now, and yes she is right…they are one fo the teams that are being earmarked for relegation at this early stage. Things won’t get any better for a few weeks cause they play Man Utd on Saturday/Sunday and then Arsenal the folowing week. It still doesn’t change the fact that we have a talented Zambian in the EPL that we can look forward to watching every week coz I will be watching.

  19. Do your thing and it will be to your long term benefit. Stay healthy, fit, perform well and the blessings will continue to pour in. Chase that dream. 

  20. This guys says he is 21 and he moved to Isreal in 07′. So if my math is right he was a pro at 16 in Jeruselem !!!!!! Something in not right any . Anyway good luck and don’t be a bench warmer .

  21. Awe Ba TM Mayuka is not the second person ever to play in the EPL. The late Fred Mwila Sr and I think another Zambian player before Mayuka and Collins played in the EPL.

  22. Mayuka, congratulations to you for making it into the premier league, the toughest and best football league in the world. I will support you all the way except when you play against my team, Tottenham.

  23. Mayuka Mufana you are only 21. That means you have a great future. You will end up playing for Barca or Real. You will most likely become an African household name.

  24. What you talking about? You shouldn’t talk about things you don’t know!
    Played for Man United 1995 – 1998
    Played for Liverpool 2000 – 2005
    Played for Man City 2006 – 2008

  25. Imwe it has already been explained.

    The English Premier League, has been in existance since feb 1992. Before that there was an association known as the English 1st division which is from 1888. Fred Mwila and Emmit Kape..something played in the English 1st divsion mu ma 70’s. Collins Mbesuma is the only Zambian to have played in the English premier league and now Mayuka is only the second to play in this new ‘league’ as well.

  26. @ Tumbama

    Please stop misleading readers that you are Tonga just to portray them(Tongas) as tribal.Tribalism is as bad as racism,as bad as discrimination based on gender,disability,nepotism etc.

    Get a life

  27. #38 Chachine Fred Mwila and Emment Kapengwe played for Aston Villa. Samuel Zoom Ndhlovu played for Birmingham. At the time the EPL wasn’t born. These teams were in the then Division One

  28. Gooooooal boy go u made us proud in the AFCON …now isthe time to tear the EPL to pieces with yo goooaaals!!!!

  29. I dont agree with Mushota and others who think Southhampton is headed for relegation. It is too early. I didnt watch them play against Wigan but I watched them play agaist MAN City and they gave the EPL Chapions a good run for their money. They were a great side and Man City had to come from behind to win but for their experience. Therefore if they play the remaining games in the same manner they did against Man City I believe they are in the EPL for a long time.

    • @Mushota
      What do you know about EPL…’The Saints” were in the EPL for 27 years and after a 7 year absence they are back….Celtic or Rangers are no better than Wigan or Stoke City…The Saints have produced exciting players like Walcott and Oxlade Chamberlain (Arsenal) so they have pedigree…
      So Mayuka has not been conned he will still make his “dough”. That’s what matters!

  30. Mushota if you are not a soccer follower per say then were do you draw the assumption you are posting here, sounds like you are one of those who just blows wind from their as.s. Shut up for a second. Guyz that are making the Mbesuma comparisson I wish you would have heard what Ted Dimitru said about Mbesuma’s move as soon as he left for Pompey. he said Mbesuma had the skill but did not have the mental attitude yet for the EPL. He dvised that Isreal or France would have been better options and his prediction that Mbesuma would flop came true. Mayuka is a totally different story that is why the EPL teams have even been keeping an eye on him for a while cause they know he has the attitude after spending all this time in Europe. The lad will shine in the EPL

  31. Goodluck young man!Everything is possible in U.K.just be disciplined and speak English to undestand the coach.Off football study hard!Enjoy yr stay.GOD BLESS ZAMBIA.

  32. This iz good newz now, and not that hearsay about the Zambian star “being sought by a team in the EPL”! Wonder why, like in the Mbesuma case (highly tipped to go to Bolton but ended up at Pompey), Mayuka in split seconds signz for Southampton, yet only dayz ago there waz a lot of hype about him going to QPR. The issue of age remainz very contentious among many footballerz, especialy in this part of the World, but that iz not important for now and all the best Emmanuel…

  33. Ba Mbuzi (Goatano), Mayuka went to Israel at a very young age. If you really follow Zambian soccer you will remember that he needed his parents signature to be signed on. Remember the SAGA?

  34. This short, ugly, dark like charcoal,LOZI boy from the nonsense BRE is not going anywhere, he was better at young boys. May be he should come back home and play for BFC barotse football club. mnungu wahau

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  36. Why do African players, especially those from ‘anglophone’ countries, get bought at bargain basement prices when they go to Europe? even when they are obviously good enough players. For some reason, they come cheap. Why is this? They have to surmount bigger and higher barriers to get to play in European leagues, possess higher levels of footballing ability and the like; yet they get bought cheaply relative to similar players already in Europe. Why is this? It must be something to do with inherent economic disadvantage and structural weaknesses where our bargaining power is severely compromised. We still have a long way to go. Does anyone remember the late great Efford Chabala went to play in Argentina for Boca Juniors, where Diego Maradona cut his footballing teeth? Good luck Mayuka!

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