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Guy Scott expected in Addis-Ababa for burial of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister

General News Guy Scott expected in Addis-Ababa for burial of the late Ethiopian...

Dr Guy Scott
Dr Guy Scott

VICE-PRESIDENT Guy Scott is tomorrow expected in Addis-Ababa to attend the burial of the late Ethiopian Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi.

Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia Francis Simenda told ZANIS in Addis-Ababa yesterday that Dr Scott and his delegation would arrive in Ethiopia at 07:00hours local time for the burial on the same day.

Mr Simenda said Dr Scott would be received at Bole Airport by ministers Given Lubinda for Foreign Affairs, Sylvia Masebo for Tourism and Arts, and Christopher Yaluma for Transport, Works, Supply and Communications, among others.

He said while Dr Scott would be representing the Zambian Government at the funeral, Mr Lubinda would today sign the book of condolences on behalf of Zambia at the Grand Palace, the residence of the late Premier.

Mr Simenda confirmed that he received a message of condolences from Zambia’s President Michael Sata, which he subsequently delivered to the Government of Ethiopia.

Meanwhile, Mr Simenda said Ethiopia was deeply shocked by the death of Mr Zenawi, who passed away in Brussels on August 20, 2012.

He described Mr Zenawi as a great leader and Pan-Africanist who fought to resolve conflicts in many African countries including Eritrea and Sudan.

He recalled that Mr Zenawi led his country from conflict through democracy to economic boom in his 20 -year rule which all Ethiopians and Africans in general would remember him for.

And a mood of sobriety has enveloped Ethiopia ahead of the burial of Mr Zenawi.

In the capital Addis-Ababa, flags are flying at half mast while radio and television stations are playing solemn music and running programmes related to the success of the country during Mr Zenawi’s rule.



  1. Lubinda is enjoying sleeping with those Ethiopian beauties, I feel sorry for Masebo, maybe Mr. Yaluma will service her there.

  2. Guy L Scott is the only one I have time for in the current Zambian government – he did very well in his BBC interveiw with Stephen Seckur a few months ago and continue to go about his work professionally. The president is advised to use him more often in international assignments if the country is to attract any real investment, after the shambolic LAP GreenN and George W Bush fiasco (which have severely dented Zambia’s image. Further, Zambia’s economic fortunes were downgraded, meaning very few investors are coming. Whether anyone likes it or not – muzungu investors will only listen to a fellow muzungu!

  3. Sata has seen that sending Kabimba to Ghana for a funeral was a mistake…. for state funerals, it a country that is represented and not a party. 

    However, that is too many ministers going there, Scott alone was enough.

  4. Too many ministers!
    When are we going to get real? Its time to stop behaving like over excited children who enter shoprite and start grabbing in every thing in sight as if it is free! Stop wasting tax payers money on these bloated and exaggerated delegations!!

  5. Can Zambia only be represented at a funeral by sending 3 ministers and a VP? This, indeed, is waste of tax payers money! PF Govt, learn to cut on unnecessary costs.

  6. Yaluma and Masebo should not have gone. They have no business there except to rake in allowances and to spy on Scott and Lubinda.

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