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President Michael Sata is shocked that HH is worth K360 billion despite not having been in formal employment


President Michael Sata

President Michael Sata has said that he was surprised that some politicians earn more than people who have worked in formal employment for a long time.

This follows the alleged revelations by some United Party for National Development (UPND) members who leaked a document detailing the source of wealth of their party president Hakainde Hichilema who is worth over K360 billion.

The head of State said he was shocked that some politicians who have never been in formal employment are worth billions of Kwacha.

He said this at State House yesterday when the document about Mr Hichilema’s wealth was circulated to journalists.

“You have worked for a long time but you are not as rich as some politicians. Surprisingly in Zambia, some politicians are richer than workers in formal employment,” Mr Sata said.

And according to the documentation on Mr Hichilema’s wealth, the opposition leader has various business ventures, companies and properties, both locally and abroad, which is the main source of funding for the UPND.

The documentation alleges that ranches have helped Mr Hichilema to emerge as one of the leading suppliers of beef to Zambeef Plc.

Mr Hichilema has ranches holding over 90,000 cattle in Central and Southern provinces valued at over K360 billion.

The UPND leader has four ranches in Choma operating as HH farm and Blukes farm which has 20,000 animals and another three ranches in Kalola, Chibombo district, property numbers F/1604/A, F/2270/A and F/9184 with a total 35 animals among other ranches.

Mr Hichilema has shares in various private companies including Zambezi Sun International Hotels in Livingstone, Pick N Pay, Game Stores, ALS Capital, a bureau de change based in Lusaka, Manda Hill Centre, More Beef Limited, Anglo-American Corporation and Delloitte and Touche.
He has three in South Africa, two in England, three in Lusaka and an office block in Choma.

The UPND leader has four accounts with ZANACO with balances of US$ 820,411.58, K45 million, K9 million and K135 million.

Mr Hichilema is also believed to be associates with Costain Chilala, a prominent commercial farmer of Mkushi, and Boyd Hamusonde, proprietor of BH Diesel Motors.

The UPND is also believed to have received funding from the Liberal Party of Norway, which is under the leadership of Erick Ringes, a personal friend of Mr Hichilema.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


    • The man was involved in insider trading during the privatisation period. Just look at some of the companies in which he has interests. In some countries like the USA, this is a serious offfence. The companies could have been undervalued and the people involved in the privatisation took advantage and acquired shares at less than their fair values.

  1. So what mr President?Dont waste your time on hh.You have always talked about HHs wealth.If you have evidence he has stolen report him to your task force.Otherwise to me it sounds like sour grapes and envy.Sir you are runing out of time to deliver on your promises.Stop being petty.If Hh is giving you nightmares the best is stop sleeping!

  2. Mmmmm…this under 5 is rich kaaaa???But how did he aquire all this wealthy?Am sure there were some cards played at one point.If we are to calculate how old he is with wat he has,we will find that when he was a y oldr,he was a billionare!! How???

    • He profited from privatisation-he privitised the present sun hotel and later became its chairman-without declaring an interest -so whose intrests was he serving in valuing the company if he had an eye to be on board

    • don’t be dull,age has nothing to to do with how much money one can acquire.some people are 60 yrs old with nothing,the man is an economist.clear.

  3. Zambian formal employment will never and has never made anyone rich, poeple who have worked for mother zambia die without even getting their retirment benefits. So Sir what are you taking about??????

    • Very petty indeed. HH and the UPND may not be the best alternative to the Zambian electorate, but this just goez how the PF iz spending sleepless nights with only about a year in power.

  4. Who doesn’t know that people in formal employment are slaves of the owners of business or companies pliiiiiiiiiiiiz…this is common sense and now you know where you can make money that work for govt or company… entrepreneurship is where money is..let me break it down for you…in Zambia corporate tax is 3%, that’s the tax you pay to grz..the rest is net.but if you work for some dude, 35% is what you pay as an individual PAYE…where is the money????conclusion is clear.

  5. Mr President for one you can’t make such money if you are in formal employment- this is the 21st century.You will be shocked that in america people like Bill Gates ,Warren Buffet are wealthier than Obama or George Bush and its a non issue.Just buy stocks Mr President you will also be rich like HH- without even having to get the money from poor tax payers

  6. the man has simply worked hard and invested the president focus on creating employement and improving terms and conditions for pipo nt appointing and discharging his collegues mwe.

    • The Lord knows so fellow Zambians don’t fight the wealth of the wicked is worthless if HH has heart for the poor he would donate to charity build schools and hospitals like bill gates.It this money Laudering the law will  visit him one day.No wonder why he wants to go to plot one to cover his evil acts.Dont tell me that he had worked for that money people like former Zanaco Boss knows a lot about HH 

    • HH is a true business man down to earth politician who wants to work hard for his country. Zambia needs people like him to lead the nation. Dont bring ba Kaponya to state house in the hope of running the country. They will start stealing in order to get rich.

  7. this man is rich honestly.i dont see anythind petty abt this revelation anyway,coz this is real amazing.privatisation or wat ?

  8. give us the plans to develop the country and not personal wealth of HH. We will not eat HHs wealth. Prices are going up and things are getting tough. Please help us PF!

  9. “Sata was surprised that some politicians earn more than people who have worked in formal employment for a long time” How can such a statement come from a president of a country?

    And that is why Mr. Hakainde is the right person to lead Zambia, because he has demonstrated it in private life that he has the ability to create wealth.

  10. Bwana Sata don’t make me laugh.Mr HH is an astute businessman and he knows formal employment,especially in zambia,will never fetch as much as private enterprise.Its the fight in the dog that matters and not the dog in the fight.HH wealth is proof that you focus on the big picture rather than your small mindedness of reacting to every little jibe.

  11. Obviously a serious businessman is supposed to be richer than some1 in formal employment, especially in Zambia where companies and govt pay peanuts with govt being the worst culprit when it comes to wages. So bwana president, just forget it on this one, this is a very normal tread!

  12. Ba “Ukwa”, when the man was going though lower shcool and University you were busy sweeping the British rail platforms and trying to scheme off govt cash as a Governor. Get real, this is what we all hard working Zambians are aspiring for, “success”, as the Minister of Finance stated before. You are just “Jealous”, “envious” and “Bitter” that he is more smarter than you. Thats why we need him as President because we will have someone to look up an measure to in terms of attaining success and achievement in life. Who wants to be a poper, even the poor peop[le you claim to speak for want to be like HH. Ishi Shena Tendelama Shabanoko Ba Fi………………… shakwe. Bravo HH 2016 you have our vote as Zambians.

    • you have got to be kidding…
      you have just read that he is running a business and why the hell are you spooked about someone making a lot of money. the question should be ‘how have you remained poor’

    • leonardo,dear am not poor.check your facts before opening your mouth!everybody has a starting point in life,u nid to check wen hh started real business,look at his blowsome peroid and conclude for yoself whether its normal or not.Nobody is against the filthy rich,bt if theyr wealth is through dubious means,there is need to be woried.
      analytically speaking,its too early for mr president to release such a document unless his found something fishy about it.

    • Soory, this man has been in formal employment. He worked foe grantthornton and hey he rose to position of a partner. He never sweped he streets of London or indeed divorced wives and married new ones. He has been stead fast all through. No jealous please. I know 4 other guys who have over ZMK500 billion in assets and good liquidity! Let the PHD syndorme drop out please

    • Cleo just say you are just jealous of HH. Most pipo who are rich pa zed have never worked for anyone. But if you are so bitter that hh is rich despite not being someone’s worker, you might be less bitter to note that HH was once a partner for an international audit firm. Rather than showing yo bitterness on this site, go and invest your coins maybe in 50 years time you can also b rich. Stop PHD!!!

    • If indeed you have the wealth am sure it will soon disappear if you continue with such a brain. Please Cleo try a brain transplant before its too late.

    • ladies and gentlemen,am not bitter,just trying to be realistic!am a normal businessman,i know how tough it is to get through life in zambia.i dont envie hh but admire his business character! i believe in neither upbd nor pf,i simply dont believe in our politics!!hh is a good business character,hence it being important to kno were he started from,who knoz,maybe he can mortivate one or two pipo out there in the business world.pliz dont just attack pipo without understanding wat theyr tryna put across.i evy HG’s reasonong,thumb up for u dear!for ba bwalya,i have never heard of a brain transplant! docdirzzy,am sorry,but am no employee.

  13. So what if HH is worth K360Billion? Instead of trying to pull him down, Sata should encourage other Zambians to emulate HH in business. Imagine how much better off this country would be if we had a thousand HH’s!

  14. Mr. President indeed common sense is not common. Its only business that can make someone that rich not formal employment. I thought you knew he is a business man, not a government liability like some of you.

  15. We should not appologise for being rich. We should praise the rich and try to emulate them.

    HH is only worth US$72 million after so may years of toil. Now compare with Toure the Man City business man & soccer star who earns US$242,000 per week? That is US$11.62 per year and this chap has been with City for 3 years that brings him to US$35 Million. Now how do you not want a Chartered Accountant, MBA and deservedly so PhD young man such as HH not to aspire for wealth?

    If this was some Mathani mwenye there would be no problem but because its some fellow black Zambian we want to investigate him and plant evidence to jail him…This is not good for this nation.

  16. Regardless of where people think he got his money the is a clear element of hard work in fact I would rather vote for some who has investment on his mind than Mr SATA name calling  

  17. Yes sir this is the man who is supposed to rule this nation not these poor fimofimo who have been broke before being in government and their sons have been dog sellers and three months in power they are billionaires.This simply shows that HH is a hard worker and is not requesting for people’s votes to enrich himself and his family tree.
    If i was CNP I will be ashamed of commenting on such a matter.

  18. Well if Mr. HH is this wealthy & he claims he can lead this country, y not try a little charity work??? i mean amassing all this wealth but not helping out in anyway is really pointless. If indeed Mr. HH has a heart for his country, he needs to help where he can for instance the vulnerable coz i believe most of the wealthy people have planted back to society what they take jes like Bill Gates & many other wealthy men & women out there

    • He is already involved in many charity work and helping the needy. It is only that he is not Like CNP and his big mouth government who yaps anyhow.

    • HH sponsors more than 30 scholars, including about 11 university students in Zambia and abroad. The man has given to charity more than your clan. He is a man who doesn’t talk about what he does. That’s why we love him in SP.

    • pixxy wre do u stay that u dont kn how much hh has done for charity,,you are the same old bustards who talk without finding out, beta back off nd give valid advise to him the cobra to find beta isues to tel the nation not window watching hhz wealth,,,,,,,

    • @ Pixxy! Its his money, he does not owe it to anyone to give it as charity. that is a mentality why you are poor, you want to benefit by handouts from what someone has worked hard for, its a shame.

  19. Don’t forget that when cattle reach a critical mass, their growth in numbers become exponetial Mr. president. I for one forgive you on such major ignorance. Why are you searching HH’s wealth to start with?

  20. cléo: HH was in formal employment at a reputable accountancy firm. I am surprised that you can not understand that it is formal employment to work for such an organisation.

  21. Ba Sata, what about your wealth hidden in your trust including over 20 houses in Lusaka? And mind you, most of the wealth HH made was under MMD where you were a very senior Minister!

  22. Mr. Hakainde is a classic story of hardwork and being smart. Usually, when my colleagues in the Silicon Valley ask me to name the smartest guyin Zambia, the only name that i scream out is Mr. Hakainde. And my advice to my brothers and sisters in Zambia is that, if you want your lives to be transformed you should let this guy lead the country. Viva Mr. Hakainde

  23. Waah! That’s loots of cash…OR is it? But it’s all vanity! If the man doesn’t have JESUS CHTRIST, he absolutely has NOTHING! So…, don’t envy him!!!…Read Ecclesiastes and then you will have a proper perspective about material possessions. Let HH, enjoy his wealth, unmolested, PLEASE, people. Stay blessed; everybody.

    • Boondocks, I think you hardly know HH. He has never been SDA, he is Roman Catholic. Do not claim to know people who you really do not know.

    • @San Jose, HH is former SDA, he’s wife is a Dorcas Mother in the SDA upto date. Who told u he has Catholic all his life. Am not Tonga but i know this. Mwilabepa abantu, that aside why does the president spent mo tym analysing the wealth of HH? Mayb he thnks he the richest Zambian coz he has wealth as well

    • Mwale Richard,

      Thanks for your wisdom,worldly riches will be of no use if a man lacks spiritual riches which preserves a man alive.Worldly reaches will be of no use when the time for the rightful leader takes over earthly rule.



  24. Please this document was given to him by the office of the president special branch not upnd members..its sick politics that people should even be following up someone’s bank accounts. The president thinks people in formal employment should be wealthier than businessmen is he serious when saying that??? Maybe he needs to talk to GBM

  25. So what if he is worth K360 billion? He worked for it. Mr Sata there are important things to do and say. Stick to uplifting the living standards of Zambians. Thats what you were elected for. Not asking why somebody is rich. This is PHD syndrome. If its a foreigner having that kind of money, no questions are raised. Why do we Zambians hate each other. In fact you should be happy that a Zambian has such billions and has invested in his own country. I am worried about this government. So when I come back with my millions to invest in Zambia, you will be questioning us? I wont invest in Zambia.

  26. Now you can see that our president is not economically sound, simple qtn where do you make more money in capital investment or formal employment? The mind & caliber of HH is what this country needs as at now. Indeed with his vasity economic experince HH can move this country to greater heights.

  27. Mr Sata Sir, hardwork and using your Brains pays off. If UPND President used all his resources wisely why should you complain. Is that the reason why you have increased your Salary so that you could compete with Mr Hichilema. Shame on you Bwana PF president. Now we know that you are full of jelous. We want a president who used his head and not him mouth. VIVA HH, VIVA UPND!!!

  28. I cant stop laughing at this——-Sata says, “You have worked for a long time but you are not as rich as some politicians. Surprisingly in Zambia, some politicians are richer than workers in formal employment,” Is this a President of a country? Mr. Sata which country in the world has richer people in so-called formal employment than people in business? Its not even a laughing matter any more, if you can h ave a president expressing such low level, then, its unfortunate!

  29. Mr. President like every one has said, it’s not a crime to be RICH, HH is not my favorite but on this one am with him. HH has worked hard and demonstrated true spirit of entrepreneurship. He deserves some credit and all we Zambians especially young one’s should be encouraged to emulate HH. I am not a fun of formal employment as well because there is no money there. Money is in entrepreneurship. If any country is to succeed entrepreneurship must be supported not like Governments has been doing in Zambia. Our Governments has been a let down in this aspect, lets hope your government realizes this truth and support us.

  30. what is wrong with hard work? can one be reach in formal employment with 3 million salary? no wonder this country is not going anywhere. leaders should encourage entrepreneurship which is the driving engine of successful economies like the USA. you talk of creating employment when you have no idea how to create it. Mr president tell us also how many people are employed by HH with that wealth you have revealed. you now been petty and jealous sir.

  31. Mmm, strange surprise your Excellence! People in formal employment can never be that rich. Formal employment is more less like modern slavery. It is the owners of the means of production that get the profits while the masses get less in their pockets.

    Anyhow, wealth is incremental except that we always enjoy destroying the foundation and construct new ones which never finish. Imagine your Excellence the wealth had after independence! Good foundation indeed but we ate the wealth and let alone ate the independence! Now we are called HIPC. Lets ask him the secret so that we can copy as a country! We are better placed than him as a Nation. Lets not victimize him but consult him. We hv wallowed in poverty for so long mwe! We need a breather! I hope its honest surprise! 

  32. The guy used his mind wisely by putting the money he stole from Zambia railways and the privatization of Luanshya mine to good use.He is a genius.

    • You are mixing up HH and Mazoka in your accusations. Mazoka is the one who was at ZR. HH was adviser on the privatization process because of his business acumen. You must be a Bemba Tribalist to mix up the two like that.

  33. my vote goes to HH come rain or sun shine. I just love the man, so inspiring. he is indeed a hard work and enjoying his life. MAY OUR GOOD LORD GIVE YOU EVERLASTING LIFE. GUD LUCKY SIR.

  34. Hahaha now this just sounds bitter and jealous. the problem with a certain group of people (particularly north of Zambia) is that they believe so much in “uwikala mu mabala ewu lya bwino.” if you want to be rich like HH, even bieng president isn’t good enough. You need to work hard and work smart. Look at Forbes rich list. there is no obama or Clinton there. its Bill Gates and all, maybe you will find the answer to your wondering there. 

  35. He is worth more than that!

    LT please put sanity in your reporting, I quote ‘Mr Hichilema has ranches holding over 90,000 cattle in Central and Southern provinces valued at over K360 billion.’

    After this you explain other holding positions and share holding etc, meaning he is worth in excess of K500bn atleast

    In all honest I am happy for him, my fiance brings home £50,000 I bring in £45 000. Please dont take out calculators, let me conclude by saying we are bringing in K800m or 80% of a BILLION coupled with interest on our 2 properties we are worth close to K6Billion, and I am only 27 and Nick is only early 40’s

    What would i be worth at HH’s age? I think close to him!


    • oh please you again …..stop living in sin , fornicating with that old man and get married must have grown up very poor huh , if an annual income of only 45,000 pounds get you so excited ….shame…. it shocks you that people in zambia have more money than you will ever make …there are alot more HHs around !!! 

    • Mushota, Your mum dropped you really badly when you were young. My research on brain damage points to the fact that 80% of brain damage is unrepairable. Sorry but thats just how life is.


    • Your fiancée? the one who works in the council as an administrator? You foolish boy quit this rubbi$h and grow up 3 years of the same story. Only directors earn 50K in the council!! 

  36. HH is indeed a true model of every young Zambian. Thats the result of getting educated and working hard. He is therefore the right person to become the president of Zambia. Someone who will not steal Zambia’s money like you Ukwa and your gang of thieves.

    HH well done. For once we have a rich Zambian…  in fact Ukwa the are alot of us in the diaspora who have not worked but have made alot of money by being educated and clever. Like one blogger said if you thought you would be rich by running away from school and sweeping floors at Victiria station in England, you must have been a F.O.O.L

    Tell us were GBM worked for him to be rich 

  37. Well, well for sure we are in trouble. Our president needs a calculate to help him understand that most of the people who are running tuntemba are making more money than workers in government. I remember that HH was worthy 30 billion kwacha first time he stood as presidential candidate. Traders who are buying and selling maize in Kalomo for instance are making over K100m in a year and stinking rich. In addition to what the article above has revealed HH built a modern abattoir in Kalomo. He has a milling company too in Kalomo. HH does not just supply beef to Zambeef, he exports beef to the Republic of Congo. Ask Katumbi, katanga governor he will tell you. In almost all his businesses HH works in partnership with others, he knows how to make money without working. 

  38. This is a non-issue, unless someone can show that he got his moeny through dubious means, like the talk which has been going on about privatisation, otherwise there is absolutely nothing wrong to have that kind of wealth and we should not demonise him for that. Probably he should just clarify the role he played in privatisation and how he found himself with shares in Livingstone Sun Hotel, which he was involved in privatisation. He is a good businessman, but not a good politician and I am not sure he can make a good President!!!

  39. Its hard to believe that this is what is discussed at State House…  Zambians i told you that you voted a gang of F.O.O.LS into power…

  40. @ Gule, your statement is misplaced. So this is what the PF call development? Am not surprised. Keep on talking and time will catch up with you soonest.

  41. This is a president of a country… without an knowledge of basic economics.

    We indeed have taken the country to the DOGS

  42. It has now become very clear that HH is the next Zambian president… no wonder the are so shit scared of him


  44. HH acquired his studing at UNZA (1981-85) and working for Coopers & Lybrand which transformed to Grant Thornton (1985 -2007) He was in formal employment for 22 years!! 1. HH has never been one who runs around with women or patronise bars. He has remained true to Mutinta Shepande and been a teatotelar. 2. HH began investing in cattle in early 80s and acquired ranches from Mayoba through Namwala to Chisamba. He is the greatest rancher in Zambia! 3. HH was fortunate to lead Grant Thornton after the demise of C&L. 4. Grant Thornton under HH like Deloitte under George Sokota, PWC under Mazombwe and KPMG under Mtine participated in privatising companies. The biggest beneficiary was George Sokota’s Deloitte. 5. The President MC Sata has given a big advertisement to HH!!!!!

  45. MR PRESIDENT WHY MA JELOUSY THAT ONE OF YOUR CITIZENS IS RICHER THAN YOU!!!! encourage other zambians to work hard like PF really scared of HH ?? WHY all this nonsense kanshi? leave HH alone please, you did not find seditoius meterials, you try to make one and still following him like … serious ba president pleaseeeeeeeee..

  46. So now we know that Sata and his goon’s bitterness, hatred, and anger against HH are a shameless result of their pathological envy of the legendary Tonga bull’s meteoric wealth levels. Sata’s delusional criticisms outburst above are just hallucinations and machinations to sabotage HH’s wealth but since most of it is offshore, it is well outside of CNP’s stinking rotten claws! Sata, GBM, Sakeni and Kabimba have for the time being a greater task of honouring their electoral promises, secondly, sanitize their stinking selves from the evil forces of bitterness, envy and tribalism which they have unleashed on the nation with wicked vengeance.

  47. That is the type of presidents we need in Zambia and Africa at large. An already rich president. our problem is voting in people without nothing into state house like Chiluba or people with only 7 rifles and expect them to protect the national treasury. they will be there to plunder by default and become rich and wont even do anything for the poor. You need someone who knows how to create wealth. HH is an accomplished farmer and business man who can show us how to make wealth. Thank you Mr Sata that you have exposed and boosted HH’s credentials although you personally thought that people will hate HH because he is rich. HH did not join politics to make himself rich because he is already rich. He is in politics to provide the leadership in this vacuum space with no leaders. Thank you again

  48. SATA UKWA please give us a break whats wrong for HH to have such number of animals and to be a friend to CHIALALA. Why are u not telling us how much money your new friend Maureen Mwanawasa is holding in ZANACO and other banks when she was just a wife to former President only for 7 years. Please stop to be petty we want development is this country

  49. Sata is so scared of HH you see you pock some in the noise then you start blaming others your PF guys started talking about HH a long time ago a lot of promises during campaigners now no jobs for youths I would love also to see what Chikwanda’s wealth and GBM thus two have been making a lot of noise

  50. Kikikikikikiki. People in formal employment work for people who have K360bn and more. Consider Bill Gates and all the engineers with masters and PhD’s that work for him. the engineers are in formal employment, Bill Gates is worth billions and he has never held a formal job in his life.

  51. This is a really stupid president we have in Sata. Formal employment has NEVER made people “rich”. Creating opportunities for other people to work for you is what creates WEALTH, and INVENTIONS can make you ‘rich’. Just ask real RICH people like Bill Gates. If you sit in an office thinking one day you become ‘rich’, forget. I see, that’s why this CNP increased HIS salary by 100%, thinking he will become ‘rich’ lol Where are we going as country with such ‘leaders’

    • Ka bbc1, ulikapuba? wantekunya, lol! But true what you have said, other than the words stupid & CNP (my faith forbids me to utter negatives), totally agreed agree with the rest!!!

  52. Sata has just exposed himself and his jealousness.You dont need formality to keep cows which is HH and even Chilala’s source of wealth.Its a tradition in Tonga to be be given animals when youre born and these can muiltiply as you grow.Its not always that you have to be in gvt and syphon gvt money for you to be rich.Sata Shame.that the whole head of state can sink so low as to go and get personal details of citizen’s wealth and distribute to the nation.HH is not the richest man in Zambia but why target him

  53. PF was made popular by the foolishness of MMD and now PF is making the same mistake making HH very popular. If I was given another chance to vote I would go for HH

  54. Mr President, you need to send your Ministers to HH for financial advice on how to make investments that will pay them back so that they dont steal from the public. Thats right. the problem with politics in Zambia is that poor prople become politicians so that they can amass wealth. HH doesnt need to be a politician for the wealth. he could be sunning himself in the Bahamas yet he chooses this path because he is genuine. You should be shocked because thats an alien concept to you. Leave the man alone. I dont support HH but if his wealth becomes the issue I will vote for him tomorrow.

  55. True, money has got a multiplier effect if well invested! In 2006, when he first stood as presidential candidate he was worth K23bn, and since then he has not been in formal employment or govt to steal, but look at the multiplication of wealth, mwebantu. Good that he has not served in any govt, otherwise, by now people would have been screeming. Yes he got a bit in remuneration from the privatisation services, not stealing, like amny other partners from Deloitte, PwC, and other competing firms, but he invested his wisely, with one wife, while others invested in multiple women to their graves! I remember as PwC liquidating Zambia Airways, billing USD 15 000 per week, weather or not any work was done, according to the terms of engagement, and the partners took the chank of it, like HH did.

  56. Tom Mtine is a rich man but without any long term formal employment except he has never involved himself in politics.He is the best business statesman Zambia has.Sta should be proud to have a citizen who is rich than be jealous.SHAME

  57. HH is working hard> Pliz ba govt don’t divert our attention from real issues. You sata you’ve given yourself hefty salary increments in order for you to reap where you did not sow. Civil servants ‘ll never be made rich by any of you politicians. Selfish selfish selfish you are especially your leadership

  58. This is the most stupid statement that has ever come from State House since independence. Instead of encouraging Zambians to work hard and make money, you are busy blaming those who should play as role models. I know of many foreigners who have more money than what HH has and they made this money right here in Zambia within less than 10 years. We have vikopo of Presidential advisors at State House.

  59. Those of us who are truly Zambian and have had to know HH personally, we’re born in another part of Zambia but are Tonga, those of us who look at quality and not tribe, have a reason to celebrate our inspirational brother, HH. I have always said all the PF goofs are nowhere HH. The man has never uttered a tribal word! He is simply amazing especially if you meet him face to face. Watch his YouTube speeches and you will understand. I supported Dean Mungomba over FTJ coz I saw great qualities with the then ZADECO president. Now I see in HH what I saw in Dean. Fred Mmemba has really made Bembas look like fools for believing in this bitterness, tribal talk. HH has said he will be president without pay! This is a humble, hardworking, intelligent, educated and highly inspirational Zambian.

    • Hope when he has his rally in Kanyama on Saturday he will mention again that his promise was to work for mother Zambia for a year without pay

  60. This is a sure sign of moral and political leakage in this presidency. How low can this president sink? He told us that within 90 days, he will put money in our pockets, now that he has miserably failed to deliver on his campign promises, he is looking at what people labored hard for to put in their pockets without his help. Does he even have advisors? How could they let him embarss himself and the nation like that? Planting seditious materials to bring down a hard working Zambian amounts to a treasonable act. Infact, this govt must resign.

    • That’s where you are wrong- HH is rich by any definition. On the world stage he is not wealthy but he is rich. A person who is rich is anyone who is a millionaire. A person who is wealthy is a billionaire.
      That said, HH must be emulated and not castigated!

  61. small minds talk about poeple (ulwambo/boza/kubeja/wenye) back biting pull him down

    average minds talk about events

    BIG MINDS TALK ABOUT IDEAS………….where does Sata belong? can he develop Zambia?

  62. Zoona uyu muntu ni CNP. Whats wrong of being rich? The guy is rich. Brilliant young man. Let all young people in Zambia emulate HH. NOT CHI CHIMBWI

  63. President Michael Sata is shocked that HH is worth K360 billion despite not having been in formal employment…………………..Speechless!…..Meaning if you want to be rich join the formal employment? Gee! Am shocked beyond belief


  65. Wealth individuals generate employment opportunities in EVERY society on earth, what is wrong with that? Sata should start to think like a President and not a man on the street.

  66. Indeed its Chimbwi No Plan (CNP) I regreat casting my vote on. Get back to my friend I did not voted for you to attack HH. Just deliver what you promised me and us in general or you’ll go faster than you came!!!!! Am still waiting …


  68. VIVA HH,the guy is reach for his hard working,this is the president 2016.he cant look for tax payers to use he have his money,not ukwa, mr ukwa jst ask for job from HH he can give you and he pay you and your ministers,please sata need development not tolking about the reaches of your friend fight for yours.cnp very far to HH.

  69. Yebo, Mr. Presido for boosting and selling the CV of our next President. Honestly, I did not know that HH stinks so rich that he does not even need to make money at plot 1, but only to serve his countrymen and show them how to make money! Youths, and those markeeters and all unemployed, this article is an eye opener to all of us, our man is HH, donchi ku kaikila monga goal keeper. I now love HH more than ever b4. Go HH go go go goooooooo!!

  70. Awe sure,one might think the President is busy planning on how to improve the lives of Zambians kansi you guys put a voyeur in state house.Spying on people’s accounts sure!

  71. HH is the kind of political leader we need for Zambia because he won’t come in to steal like these poor ukwas, but his will be more on how to develop Zambia. Its strange that the whole president cpn would come out to demean a hard working man hoping Zambians will disdain him. GBM, Saken, Lungu, Chikwanda, Kabimba and ukwa are children of the devil whom he has asigned to destroy this nation. Leave HH alone and try your best to remove misrule in the land. We are tired of ancient politics of wicth hunting and vindictiveness.

  72. This is the dullest president the world has ever had! He doesn’t know that formal employment doesn’t pay! If you want to be rich you need to start working on your own! I thought that was basic knowledge but to our president its is rocket science! Stop evying HH you will only get as rich as him if you rob the country as your bululu FTJ did.

  73. This president why does he have such fear of HH. You can see that HH has been investing wisely looking at where he has been putting his money. This article is meant to make people rise against HH.

  74. I used to be PF, now i am UPND. I would rather have a rich President in HH, than a poor one who would still from the national treasury.

  75. Be your own Boss. Do not rely pali bu Governor or Minister of Health. No wonder you have your relatives in positions of government. Let HH be president so that he can let us create wealth not dependence for my uncle to give me a job in embassies and government ministries ba SATAn. Guys visit Costain Chilala, you will be surprised how Toingas can create wealth!!

    I have been to the Kafue Flats in Namwala. Thousands of Cattle belong to Ilas and Tongas. Let us learn from what Tongas can do.

  76. This is what l call CONSTIPATION OF THE BRAIN accompanied by DIARRHEA OF THE MOUTH. Or maybe it’s just a simple case of PULL HIM DOWN (PHD) syndrome which l can see is being perpetuated at plot 1? Pliz concentrate on doing things that wil make all Zambians reach HH’s level of wealth instead of kumu nvelella ma jelasi mufana under5


  78. And you can give yourself 100000% increase in your salary again, you will never beat this tonga bull. The thing, Mr President, he comes from producers not consumers like your lot. Look around have you seen a top ranch in luapula, northern etc, because your lot are consumers … umunani, thats wealth if you manage them well.

  79. congrats ‘calculator’ boy for using your calculator to know which investment will give you maximum profit at minimal cost. I have never seen an under 5 who is so ingenious! You inspire me to work hard and calculate also to increase my little kwachas.

  80. Why did they not circulate plans to create jobs, reduce cost of living, provide cheaper education, create markets, reduce queues at FRA depots etc. It shows we are not serious. Imagine the audience at state house discussing HH’s wealth! What a sight it should have been!

  81. i dont blame SATA, i blame the people who voted for him. We all knew that the man is empty head and what is the evidence, too much noise from him like an empty gong/tin.

    • no insults please . HE is the head of state.. but i feel sata should be more serious with national issues.LEAV HH alone….the man is next president..all the citizens will be rich just like him..

  82. this leader of pf is dull, who told him someone must be in formal employment to be wealthy? this could explain why he increased his salary

  83. HH is more than what is being reviewed here in this article. some othe companies are
    Greenbelt Fertilizer,
    Nyiyombo fertiliser
    Sedco Zambia
    Grand thorny
    Microfine finance
    Fleet of Trucks with Katumbi
    many more, The man is very rich.

  84. Congrats ‘calculator’ boy because you used the calculator effectively in knowing which investment yields maximum profit at a minimum cost. I have never seen an ‘under 5’ who is so ingenious. You have inspired me to also calculate to increase my few kwachas.

  85. Mr President dont be surprised that HH is worth K360Billion. The guy is brainy and has worked all his way using his education properly.There is no wealth in formal employment coz one is used just like toilet paper. Most of the people who are making Zambia tick are investors or businessmen. Its very disappointing for a head of state to discuss the wealth of an individual in public domain.If HH is given a chance to run this country then he grow wealth for every Zambian. There is no magic to becoming rich in Zambia banks are there its a question applyings oneself to full capacity or ability. Ranching and real estate are serious business ventures.

  86. i said it yesterday on ZWD that the seditions material,fake tonga letter all originate from SATA .How come that when the so called tonga letter backfires the first thing the President does is to dedounce HH .

  87. Nensoni tabakwete ba President, HH is hard working and I always tell my sons to work hard like him and not spend all their money on beer and high life. Most Zambian men like Sata could have been billionaires but alas all the women became his when he amassed the monies. We now want a good business man to create wealth and uplift the standard of living for poor people than a president who is forever comfrontational each time he opens his mouth. Poor Dr Kaseba am sure he does not even listen to her advice, if he did he would do better than this.

  88. So we know for sure who is bitter, no wonder the targetting of HH and the hard working Tongas, we should emulate these people. From now onwards I am UPND, I would rather be with the already rich than the poor whose only interest is to increase salaries for themselves. This is not an issue at all, actually the President should commend this young man and challenge the youths to work hard, HH is a role model businessman, jealous down.

  89. Why is President Sata creating a poisoned political environment around the riches and wealth of individuals? This will effectively affect the moral compass of youths growing up under the PF Regime to begin to think that being rich is a crime. Zambia’s intelligence service should be used to protect the country and not investigating bank accounts of innocent citizens. Could this be the reason why the PF regime is expropriating businesses without compensation? There is no reason to believe that HH is avoiding paying tax, so the government must respect businesses which are compliant with our tax authorities. Converting K360 Billion into dollars gives us US$72 million, is this what President Sata calls alot of money? Does Sata know how much Obama campaign needs to get re-elected?

  90. Degree + calculator + opportunities + hard work + good values= riches. HH we are proud of you man, we now know where the chifukushi for some people is coming from. Their buses and milling companies are no match. God continue blessing HH.

  91. On this one; twasebana ba PF!! Tails down. Ba president sure, you are in office, HH is opposition, why, why, why!! Have you ever read the book”Rich Dad Poor Dad”? HH is a Rich dad because he is a business man. Civil servants are “poor dads” because they are employees. Jesus, come back and help us. Twasebana!! Leave the guy alone; he is younger, wealthy and pompous; we all know that.

  92. This is the BEST free ADVERT that HH could ever have hoped for!! Imagine ther Republican President circulating HH’s CV’s of frugality, industry, ingenuity, integrity and riches. If and perhaps it is true that HH has more than 50 000 head of cattle and assuming that 40 000 are cows/heifers and take a conception rate of 85% then every year HH has an addtion 32 000 calfs which at a drop value of ZMK1 million are worth ZMK32 billion EACH and EVERY year!! And since the President can never earn ZMK32 billion in a FIVE year term, perhaps this HH means well in pursing his dreams of being leaders of Zambia. For sure HH is NOT after money!!! Well done President MC Sata for revealing the true motives of HH’s desire to ascend to President and that is service to the people.

  93. Please forgive Ba Sata, like someone said, he’s brain is constipated therefore he can’t think!!!!!! am ashamed that I voted for this man.

  94. Come on Mr Sata, who told you that formal employment is what makes people wealthy?

    Formal employment is restrictive. It only allows you to earn a salary that is set by someone who does not want to be out-earned. On the contrary, informal employment rewards the one who engages with it to the best of one’s input. Therefore, there is no limit to the income one has.

    Quit wasting time and embarrassing your supporters Mr Sata.

  95. Another thing, where are this man’s advisors?

    You have to fight your boss and stop him from embarrassing himself because you have a share in his shame too.

  96. By the way, I now urge Inspector General Stella Libongani to provide 24 hours State Security to HH as he may be a target of criminals. Please put permanent Paramilitary Police to guard his middleway house and weekend retreat home at the Chisamba Ranch. I dread to think what would happen if he is ambushed by robbers all because of what President MC Sata revealed. Madam IG, please be proactive and the same goes to my brother at the red brick. For instance, will you now allow HH’s personal security team to be armed?

  97. Hey, the guy is a farmer and farmers are the richest people in Zambia. My neigbhour grows tomatoes every Nov to May. He sells an average of 150 boxes of tomatoes a day for an average of K110, 000 OVER THE PERIOD. The money is tax free. He stinks richer than average these slaves stealing government money! Only a stupid kaponya selling on a street of twon would complain that informal sector workers get more than formal sector workers! Shame

  98. Privatisation at its best which left three quarters of copperbelt people drawned in absolutely povert and most of them dead

  99. Ubututu pa zed.Honestly how do you compare a businessman to an employee?Mwandi HH continue amassing wealth.Even my 8 years old daughter knows that there is power in profits than wages.

  100. But ba CNP muli fikopo! So what if HH is rich? you have just shown how mediocre you are! Umusebanya wekaweka ichalo chonse! Ati ba President! you need to go back to school, bu cadre bwalichilamo!

  101. that is why we want him to run zambia in 2016 after making a mistake of putting these PF tribalists. is Opra, Bill Gates, Ross pero or the queen of england in public sector. resign ba bemba president, so that we go forward as a nation.

  102. Sometimes I can’t help but laugh at the president’s reasoning and perception of things. Does he ever think before he publicly opens his mouth? Can those close to him help him by encouraging him to read, read and read in order to gain knowledge and wisdom and to keep abreast with world current affairs. The degree clause must be relaunched. I am sure that even his hard core supporters and admirers get embarrassed by his waffles but this one is more of petty jealousy than anything else.

  103. HH is smarter investor than GBM. GBM bus are grounded, HH shares are raising!!
    Sata is jealous, he wants civil servants to be richer than businessmen

  104. Im shocked at how President Sata is demeaning his office by attacking his political opponents for no reason. This revelation has no substance & if it was intended to nail HH, it’s a miss because it has given HH more notches. It’s a president’s duty to encourage citizens to engage in business, accumulate legitimate wealth & in turn create employment for other pipo. It’s a big surprise Sata thinks one cannot make money from informal employment. Im mauless!!

  105. We all know that this man is incapable of basic reasoning but surely even he is now outdoing himself. What sort of drivel is this? His jealousy is so undisguised, his vanity so plain, his thinking so shallow, even a child reasons better. I think 20th September should go down as a day of infamy in Zambia. What did we do to deserve this?

  106. We all know that this man is incapable of basic reasoning but surely even he is now outdoing himself. What sort of drivel is this? His jealousy is so undisguised, his vanity so plain, his thinking so shallow, even a child reasons better. I think 20th September should go down as a day of infamy in Zambia. What did we do to deserve this? Cry the beloved country.

  107. Patheric. Unlike some 1990s Minister of Local Government who put GRZ money in his private account just to cream off the interest, HH earned his money legitimately. It is called “Entrepreneurship” Mr. President. And what is wrong with having equally upright citizens like Chilala and Hamusonde for friends? So you would rather he fraternised with Kalumba, Chungu, Kabwe etc. Are you not associates with Scorpion Kadobi with whom you terrorised Chawama residents with machetes? And what about your association with the ilks of Judge Ngoma, George Goma, George Lemba and Ashwell Kampengele? On this one Pr. President, you have just given HH a free ride into Nkhwazi House to succed you.

  108. @PF…bouyi its too late. Only 1year down the line and such confusion. iyi for the first time in Zambia ikaba impeachment at this rate. 

  109. so all the energy to appoint summer kambimbi was to deal with one hard working rich if they fail to find him with a case to answer kambimbi will be reduced to a mere bat and will stop even flying want to reduce eveone to the level of a hyenor.

  110. Is some one over inflating hh coz just last year during presidential nominations he was worth just 40 billion. However, HEMCS this is not worth talkin about. U proping up hungry hyena, the best is to ignore him

  111. Oh, Pathetic, Chi Sata, so what! has he stolen from you? must be ashamed to be so petty…. and what happened to your mututilas? so your salary increment is meant to get reach quick…. give me a break and leave HH alone, eishhh..

  112. Sata is it HH’s fault that you only have 7 guns bcoz you have spent your whole life politicking? Leave HH alone, he means well for Zambia presidency.

  113. This HH is impressive.I’m voting for him.HH should thank Sata for circulating his impressive CV and providing free advertising for him nation wide.VIVA HH

  114. Yaba!!! Is it a crime to be rich? Envy and jealousy!!! The brother works hard for his tong and the best we can do is emulate his hard work!!! If we start having problems with nationals that work hard and earn the bucks then we can’t develop as a nation!!!

  115. Mr President what does the Zambian formal employment give other than misery? were pensioners dont get their dues whilst they r alive, let alone in death! Are his reaches the reason why u r fighting HH? remember u’v got a country 2 rule not HH to be shocked of.

  116. Mmm, after a second thought of the President’s comment, I think he was very unfair. He has exposed the poor citizen to a severe security risk. I hope he will be magnanimous enough to offer the necessary security to protect his poor citizen from any danger caused by the tatements he made.The President is too powerful to be this surprised publicly!

  117. WOW the man is loaded. Well Done HH, he is a hard worker that’s it Mr. President. Ranches? Of course he is Tonga, it’s part of the Tonga Culture to have animals. Hope our PF friends will not start stealing to compete with HH. Good to know there are such rich Zambians well Done HH.

  118. Yabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Strategy yaluka baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!!!!!!!!!! LOL. This is a classic truly…Kateka ukula landa pali tikki yakwa opposition leader????????

    • Poverty mentality, your friend is busy making money and you want to spend your time discrediting his hard work with “no”!; aren’t you even ashamed of yourself even if you are MCS’ blind follower. PHD muleke bane, it wont take you no where. While you are at it, you might want to ask your small god how come he owns half of chilenje and most of Avondale when he’s not in the construction industry 

  119. This is obviously wealth not obtained honestly..But having said that does the president really think the only way to earn an income is being in formal employment..If this is the case then his is grossly mistaken. The are more people in informal employment in Zambian today than the numbers in the formal sector. If handled properly this informal sector has the potential of being a large source of income for the government via some form of taxation method..A lot of small scale companies can evolve from the informal sector if properly natured resulting in employment creation…

    • hh is just a hard worker. if he stole, your Mwanawasa,RB or Sata would already have arrested him….stop kalijo..muli ndalama mungombe baaba!

  120. That’s nothing mwe bantu!
    I have 1,000,000 trillion dollars!
    1,000,000 x $1,000,000,000,000!
    $$$$$$$ I am very rich! $$$$$$$

    • You Chisenga thata cheap commenting. I never saw HH at state house talking about his money. Remember Sata talking yesterday.

  121. PF was in the front chanting more money in the pockek during election messages. What problems do they have now that someone has money? President should be the happy for the PF policies are coming into reality. Go on HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH teach us the young how to make money for our pockets PF has failed.

  122. Making money is simple. Start as early as early 20s. Business should be your interest. As early teens, dream of starting your own business. Instead of looking at how much is HH worth? Let us learn from him and also ask how many jobs has he created. Remember, unemployment is created by the private sector and not parastals where cadres are employment.

  123. Psychologists talks about Mental Laws (just like we talk about the Laws of Physics, e.g the Law of Gravity). One of such Laws is ‘The Law of Belief’. That whatever you believe with feeling becomes your reality, even if that belief is not based on reality. You are the sum total of your belief system up to this moment. Your belief pattern forms a screen of logic and prejudices through which you see the entire World. Some people have self-limiting beliefs. President Sata is a classic example of a person with self-limiting beliefs.  And its now too late in the day for him to change because he is now 75.      

  124. How much more explanation do u pipo want wen its plain clear about his investments? If u want 2 mek money be your own boss, if u dont wek for others. Otherwise, u can still mek yr money mek more for u by investing it well. Wen we say good economic managers for this country, this is wat is refered to.

  125. Hey, lets deeply investigate how many properties Sata owns, Half of Lusaka. His businesses are fronted by Children of our former colonial masters. A president, excellent or not as in this case, shouldn’t waste my ****ing time like this. 

  126. This is UNIP mentality that held the country back because people were made to fear being rich. People that are old enough will remember that people like Mr. Chiluwe had their property grabbed by UNIP because they did not want people to be rich. If government what to know how people got rich let it be every one including the president and GBM not selective. what the president should be doing is to inspire people to reach their potential. On this one I dedicate the Mwabwino’s PHD to the president & PF. I feel for the OP, to have such an important job reduced to finding anything to use against HH. I voted for PF & right now I feel like a fool to have made to believe that this man could bring positive change, what was i thinking

  127. Ukwa is surprised because he has been looting our coffers for 40 years but he still can match HH.Well Ukwa the reason is simple HH steals for investment and growth but u steal for women and ‘kulibonesha ta’.Wisen-up CHIMBWII!!!

  128. No one in the world has ever become a US $ millionaire while as a mere employee unless that is his salary.
    Sata should concentrate on putting this kind of money into people’s pockets not being envious. Kaduna Yayi a Pulezidenti.

  129. It is shameful to have a president that embraces poverty. How will the country develop if we do not embrace entrepreneurs and successful people? Is that why people say that this is a govt of thugs?

  130. Very sad coming from a president for that matter-SATA cant see tthe objective of bussiness and businessmen,shame intellect! Watching hunting suffocate opposition funding… With such mediocrity and low minds, how SATA develop or feed the country? He needs basic business skills& theories on WEALTHY CREATION……LIKE SATA’S WEALTHY ACCUMULATION, CREATE WEALTHY MAN!

  131. Why are people shocked that HH has K360 billion? In fact I should have said ONLY K360bn! I’m sure you are not implying that it is wrong to be wealthy. In other countries companies the size of Lafarge, Zambia Sugar and even KCM are owned by individuals. How much do you think these individuals are worth? Why doesn’t our president get surprised about Anil Agrawal of Vedanta or Aliko Dangote? Is he telling us that only foreigners can achieve this and their wealth or investment will be more protected in Zambia than that of Zambians? I think this is going backwards to a time where you had to explain your wealth. Remember owning property and wealth is a right! We need to encourage Zambian entrepreneurs to take participate in the economy albeit by legitimate means.

  132. WEALTHY CREATION HH -versus WEALTHY ACCUMULATION SATA…..WHO IS WHO FOR ZAMBIA?…Very sad coming from a president for that matter-SATA cant see tthe objective of bussiness and businessmen,shame intellect! Watching hunting suffocate opposition funding… With such mediocrity and low minds, how SATA develop or feed the country? He needs basic business skills& theories on WEALTHY CREATION……UNLIKE SATA’S WEALTHY ACCUMULATION, CREATE WEALTHY MAN!

  133. HE’S BANK BALANCES DO NOT EVEN CORRELATE TO THE ASSET BASE THEY SUPPOSEDLY COME FROM. K3.5billion in bank/cash against K360billion in base assets. less than 1% of assets.. not sure

  134. HH is a real patriot for investing in the national bank unlike others who take the money outside. This shows that the man is honest and has nothing to hide. My advise is HH must sue whoever published this information if he did not authorise it and he must also sue ZANACO for providing confidential information without his express permission. God bless HH man of the soil, we are with you my homie.

  135. Sata should seriously consider keeping quite from this day onwards before he brakes the record after George Bush of “president that yap nonsense”

  136. You guys who does not know that HH made money during sangwapo of MMD privatization. HH and Chiluba swindled Zambians. HH was busy getting comissions from the companies he sold while chiluba was getting flash fund. 

    • He was hired to do a job as a liquidator. Thats why people go to school to earn a living not to steal. Remember our president was number 3 in MMD that time. Short memories indeed or maybe just pure dullness. Maybe born in 1998.

  137. So HH is a big employer in Zambia and beyond.The President will do well to thank HH for creating employment instead of burying the money.

  138. Thanks bloggers for being objective for once, its good to call a spade a spade and not a big spoon. Now we need a purpose of unity in order to develop our country. Let us not allow politicians ruin our Zambia by lying and dividing the nation. I don’t mind the President keeping quite even for a year as long as he directs development in the country.

  139. Hope somebody is not trying to criminalize wealthy creation because am just about to that. Formal employment, it must be made clear, does not just mean being a civil servant/government employee. HH has worked in high paying international auditing firms in Ernst & Young, Grant Thornton before he became a managing partner in the later. All these were formal jobs.So, what is the problem? After all, even people running newspaper businesses are obviously rich than those in the so called formal employment.This defeats logical thinking.

  140. Too much ignorance in zed. You don’t keep money in cash to be rich but in property because while money loses purchasing power, property appreciates. I see ignorance from bloggers who say after all HH’s wealth is in property and not cash. Fools! No wonder we have high levels of unemoyment in our country. You can only create employment by having a fixed asset base that generate income as opposed to having cash which only work for the greed banks.

    • How can they know if they do not know what is an asset and what is a liability…to them a Range Rover Sport is an asset…

    • Property doesn’t always appreciate. Africans are made to believe so. Refer to the housing crash in the US. When supply of property is excessive, the consumer has got power of option causing a downward trend. Wealth is not in property but in diversification!

    • DARK LORD you are as ignorant as your empty comment, go back to economics class clearing you were absent on some days and missed some topics

  141. today I am announcing the election results: UPND 10000000000000000000000000 and PF 0000000000000. elections over. did i know HH would have the whole discussion board behind him. 199 comments in favour of HH and Cycle Mata 0. wow\:d/

  142. What chance has the private sector and entrepreneurship in Zambia if the president has a mindset like this; HH is a clear example of a successful businessman who has money working for him and not the other way round. No wonder these guys in government increased their salaries as that’s the only way to riches….too much old school mindset in government…all this in the year 2012.
    What a waste..
    Wake up Mr. President

  143. Sata was a policeman who it did he acquire a house in Rhodes Park and a shares in Standard Bank. It is a know factor that he used Merzaf funds for personal gains. The circular is the work of Mmembe and Sata. Anyway nothing can be done to HH riches. Why is GBM not being asked sources his richness is beacuse he is Bemba? Tribal CNP and is called President of Zambia very petty think


  145. And these are the people, Zambians are entrusting their SIM card details with… who publicise fellow citizen’s account details to the last cent!!LOL
    Wake up!

  146. Sata was a policeman how did he acquire a house in Rhodes Park and shares in Standard Bank. It is a known factor that he used Merzaf funds for personal gains. The circular is the work of Mmembe and Sata. Anyway nothing can be done to HH riches. Why is GBM not being asked for his sources of his richness, is it beacuse he is Bemba? Tribal CNP and is called President of Zambia very petty think

  147. Mr. President I would like to tell you that it is people in business rather than formal employment that earn the most money, the easiest and quickest example I can give you is the American tycoon Bill Gates. Do not be surprised! just turn to business if you want to earn that much as well rather than increasing your salary (which is primarily collected through poor people’s tax contributions) more than twice in 3 months to more than 100%


  149. Its all about the Rich Dad, Poor Dad situation here. Get more educated, work in formal employment and retire poor. When in formal employment, own a business and invest like HH, become rich and enjoy life…. 

  150. When we tell you that prof clive chirwa is useless compared to HH who has invested and employs zambians. you were putting HH down. Can anyone please tell me a katemba for clive chirwa in zambia please. clive chirwa is an economic refuge and cannot be compared to HH who has stayed in zambia nad assisted create employment.

  151. @Shiii 
    Sata is definitely poor Dad the same mindset and outdated principles….its a shame really and an own-goal on Sata’s part…. if anything Zambia needs a million more HH type of businessmen and entrepreneurs; who are not employees like him but employers running successful businesses and corporations. 
    In Sata’s eyes only a foreigner can amass such wealth….

  152. HH makes one hell of a good businessman, on the other hand, am very confident Clive Chirwa would make one hell of a statesman!!!

  153. Thanks for the HH cv voluntarily circulated by State House at least we have not got it as self praise by HH it has been done for him big time! I now know a bit more about HH and beginning to like him more. Listening to Bill Clinton at the Democratic Party Convention he alluded to Arithmetic in governance success, thus the same arithmetic (calculator) by HH has brought him success which he may use to better the country. Moreover it doesn’t look like he would be entering plot one for a salary and who knows maybe we could have a first in a president who could offer the plot one salary to charity.

    • Dear Fu Manchu#219. Now, that’s a very good thought. A future president who could offer the plot-one salary to charity. It would be a whole new ball game in our brand of politics in Zambia. Reminds me of the story of Lee Iacocca, an American better known as ‘The father of the Mustang Car’ who gave up his salary when he was hired as CEO of bankrupt Chrysler Corp, all in an effort to rekindle ‘hope’ among workers and encourage hard work once again. Lee Iacocca later wrote an Autobiography which became a best seller as a management tool. So, there is need to think outside the box in future to make citizen rebuild faith in Govt.  

  154. So Mr Sata, when it was raining and your friends were turning to the land to produce crops and cattle, were you thinking the thunder and lightening were Bombs? Well there you go now, they have made money!

  155. Is not this the “highest-hit” news item on LT?

    This might be where the opinion poll can be taken about the President and his advisors.

  156. Oh my God!!! Does Sata have any normal advisors?How much money did he make when he was in formal employment?Ask Mahtani,M’membe(his supporter),GBM (if he ever had a formal job), ask the rich people in the whole of Zambia how rich they got when they had formal jobs?Is our President serious?What on earth did we bring in to run our National affairs?God forgive us and help us.

  157. I am non-partisan but I think it is rather childish and unprincipled for the head of state to get this petty in my oppinion his preoccupation should be delivering as per election promise and not be dealing with non issues. Zambia needs maturity in politics and i think we should redefine politics in this country in order to realise the much needed change.

  158. While HH bought farms and cattle, Sata was busy buying guns.  Guns do not multiply but earning assets do.  You don’t get rich from employment.  You get rich from owning your own businesses and investing, which HH did, and Sata has not!

    • what legacy imwe naimwe. Sata what to create a legacy were making money is wrong unless to get you money from a “formal job”. That is why he was busy cheating so that he could get a formal job &steal from poor Zambians. After circulating the SI to Ministers about the 100% no one of them has come to explain that it was less as claimed by the president who it seems together with his economic adviser can not operate a calculate. the article mentions that HH has been funded by some party abroad and yet it an open secret that PF was being funded by Taiwan & has he forget that he had a bad experience in Malawi because of that. So can the president get busying creating employment & business opportunities. If he can not handle it he can say so after his met his goal of being president 

  159. Iwe chipresident chabula mano, yo expect HH who is in business to have the same income with you who worked as fake katolika priest, colonoial police , governor and ake ministe, sure? That is why you are trying to increase your salary 3 times i 9 months? Try something else agains this rich stinking man. No Bemba, even your chikwanda finance minister is worth this. Chiluba tried to steal but where? Kalumba stole but still God can not bless stolen wealth. Where do you think he got the money to by two planes? Hard worrking, common sense ba President, muletontonkanya, ala

  160. I find it very surprising that so many bloggers are uncritically praising HH for his entrepreneurship and industriousness in accumulating K360 billion. And many are even attacking Sata for making this revelation. Very few are bothering to ask how HH made so much money in a period of less than 20 years when there are a lot more senior people who have worked for longer periods of time in similar companies like Deloitte and Touche, Price Waterhouse Coopers etc but have not made this kind of money.. We need to know if this money was honestly earned. If it was, then we have a lot to learn from him; if not, we are justified in being concerned.

    • Hahahahaha, for your information, i have three guys working for such companies worthy much more than this. There are other investors such as the owners of Madison Insurance etc who have invested in such companies and not farming and are doing fine. Its your head that matters. I personally work in Zambia. In six years, i have built two houses, without a loan! With this set up, i can actually be a billionair in less than 15 years. I am only 33 years now!

  161. I was hoping to see comments from eminent pf personalities like Maxwell and Yambayamba concerning this issue. I have gone through the whole thread to no avail.

  162. HH is simply inspirational that’s the kind of heroes we need in Zambia.I am gunning to amass this kind of wealth with simple hard work touched-up and topped-up with brilliance.If HH can make it in Zambia why cant we all do it.

  163. HH is an investor/Businessman  there is no problem with that and why should one even be surprised. Someone could have wondered if HH was an employee and is worth that much. He knows how to grow his money. So in Zambia his worth K360 Billion (as this is what has been shown from the things he owns in Zambia) Plus what he has overseas he is likely worthy Trillions. Its normal. Should we be surprsied that Bill Gates was a $ Billionaire and the richest man in the world at only 31.

  164. Am just suprised why someone would be suprised about HH’s riches. Neither Mr President Sata nor HH are my fevourite leaders but let HH be. The man has worked hard and all politicians to emmulate from HH. The slogan ”MORE MONEY IN OUR POCKETS” is what HH has done. Let him be and just work harder so that you can be like him (HH). Congratulations HH for all your efforts. Am sure this publication has made you more popular. You are the man. CHAPWA……………

  165. Sata is just an ***** of all *****s. Is this not being bitter against an innocent citizen? What kind of dirty stinking shit is this?

  166. Brains boys and not being clever for nothing. The highest earners in the world are not in formal employment mr. president. Its only in Africa where people become presidents by cheating. HH doesnt need formal employment and never will. If you ask him, he would rule this country for no pay, unlike the thieves who secretely increase their salaries by 100% thinking they will cut their loses. Shame on you! Besides its too late for you old guys.

  167. HH should tell us how he accured his billions since he is aspring for a higher office.Dont mention Bill Gates he is not adpring for’s not hard work but wait you don’t know where this is leading to, he is about to be exposed.He reaped off Luanshya and other state companies the launder the money.Sata worked as a Politician HH has been exposed Zambians know how some selfish leaders have stolen from them.HH did not inherit the wealth not did he.borrow the question is where has he gotten the money from 

  168. @231. Merit. Grant Thornton of which HH was the Managing Partner were engaged as consultants to determine the worthiness of the Luanshya Mine assets. After the evaluation HH gave the evaluation report to his client. The client was the government . The government paid him consultancy fees. The govt then proceeded to sale the mine the then Zambia Privatization Agency. The Agency advertised for bids through a public tender and proceeded to sale the mine to the appropriate bidder. So please you and your ignorant uncle in State House should just zip it. You’re boring us to death with your annoying ignorance and illiteracy!

  169. your excellency mr hakainde hichilema us we are stuck at ridge way campus the goverment has failed to sponsor us kindly let mr h.h know about this we are stuck at ridge way campus as students under( unza )


  171. Dear Esteemed colleagues, Investment in Cattle has such an exponential growth factor that you better drop your insinuations that HH stole from wherever. Open your eyes, Consulting companies who handle privatisation or investment deals bill millions of Dollars. Whether you accept it or not HH went to school, was in the right place at thevright time and invested his money in the right businesses. There are other Zambian such as George Sokota who also made alot of money from privatisation bu HH stands out because of his Re-investment skills. You will say all manner of negatives but HE is rich and really rich. Actually the message in the article is misleading. 360 Billion Kwacha is only his investment in CATTLE Ranching. He has buildings in Zambia and Abroad as well as investments in other

  172. companies. Now you understand why we always tell you that the comment that HH is bitter is misplaced. If you knew his actual worth, you would not sleep at all because for your own information, cattle ranching that is worth 360 Billion Kwacha is only a HOBBY for HH, real money is in assets and shares in whlite collar companies. You have been misled by an independent Newspaper in Zambia to demonise a man that could build Zambia for all tribes.

  173. This whole incident should not be solely blamed on President Sata but the on the civil servants who lack strategy. The strategists in current government structures should be advising the President Sata on how to locate and fund growth opportunities within Zambia. Africa is the new frontier for investors, and our strategists (if we have any) should literally be drawing a map and showing the President which sectors are thick with opportunity. Again our Zambia Intelligence services are wasting time investigating HH just because he is a billionaire in Kwacha terms. These are the same people confusing Sata and frankly speaking wasting his time. My advice to Mr Sata is that successes require on-going vigilance, and please stop assuming that the mission is accomplished. Remember 2016.

  174. Dear Fu Manchu#219. Now, that’s a very good thought. A future president who could offer the plot-one salary to charity. It would be a whole new ball game in our brand of politics in Zambia. Reminds me of the story of Lee Iacocca, an American better known as ‘The father of the Mustang Car’ who gave up his salary when he was hired as CEO of bankrupt Chrysler Corp, all in an effort to rekindle ‘hope’ among workers and encourage hard work once again. Lee Iacocca later wrote an Autobiography which became a best seller as a management tool. So, there is need to think outside the box in future to make citizen rebuild faith in Govt. 

  175. There is no way those who work in formal sector as employees can get rich even if they work for 1 million years (if one could live that long). Money is in the private sector where strategic investment bears fruits. Mr. President please tell us how you government will help create more HHs

  176. I’m now convinced that our pesident is indeed a frickin’ retard! The Zambians who voted for this fool are even bigger retards. Mongrels, all of you.

  177. @Merit what tosh!! HH worked for his money. He does not have to explain anything to anybody. If you are jealous of his wealth please spare us reading your nonsense. He did not steal like your fellow kaponyas.

  178. sata cant be serious.can u earn this kid of money if formal employement?????
    I retired at 40 from formal employement hoping to make$$$$

  179. This is the problem, this man think you can only make wealth through sycophancy. I am sure this motivates a lot of people in government to steal so they can become more wealthy than HH.

  180. Being in formal employment is not a reason why people should be richer. Infact people in informal employmeny have more money because thats their lifeline. The question to ask is HH is rich so what? Ni majealosy or ni kaduka. I end here!

  181. This shows why president sata justified public service workers stealing in livingstone. He has is a pure retard in his thinking. I am sure HH gives him sleepless nights. Shame on the lunatics who despite stealing in government as local government minister in 1990s has remained poor and directionless


  183. I really wonder how we came up with such a person as a president. This now explains the search the UPND Offices and this so-called Tonga Group. The whole idea is to fix HH. Sata, Mumembe and Winter are having sleepless nights over HH’s hard earned riches. Just expand the distribution of your ka Post newspaper although I doubt it wl make you that kind of money HH has.

  184. HH deserves credit for not being broke. It is his money so let’s leave it there and move on to ther important matters. Any one of us can duplicate what HH has been able to do especially in beef farming. It is not difficult, all that is required is good management, time, and patience.

  185. This is the kind of money making we need in Zambia. not supplying stuff to the government and reaping the poor country. im sure the president is having sleepless night with his minions, and probably contemplating increasing his pay again.This guy HH love him or hate him, he knows how to make money.  



  187. Big up for HH .its funny that in this country people only think that you can only make money by being a politician.Some people now thinking of changing careers and owning a ranch

  188. Yaaba elyo lwanya, HE talking about someones riches!!! well we already know that HH is worthy more than K360M, so what. We already know that MCS is worthy more than 10 guns which is even more dangerous to us because kuti mwa buke inkondo muno then abena Sirtar na bana ninshi bali ne mfuti bonse. Iyee just work boss you can make it. Now stop the nonsense and get back to work, Zambians are interested in your rhetorics because they also want money in their pockets as you promised. Ine nganaisa uko nkesa mipasa bonse mwe ba bufi, just wait and see mu 2016.


  190. It’s sad to have someone with such reasoning presiding on our behalves on national issues that requirement an extra-ordinary mind. Shame on you Zambians. Posterity will judge us harshly.:(

  191. It’s sad to have someone with such reasoning presiding on our behalves on national issues that require an extra-ordinary mind. Shame on you Zambians. Posterity will judge us harshly.:(

  192. Jealousy is a CURSE!

    Go H.H for declaring you own more than 7 guns.
    Everyone knows sata owns a house in rhodespark but why did he not declare it?

  193. Does any of the president’s advisers read these comments. If any one does, it would be good to summarise these comments and find a way of letting the president know how people feel. the downfall of both UNIP and MMD was shielding the president from the truth which ,made them think people were happy with the direction they were taking. 

  194. The law should not allow people aspiring for public office WHO hide their wealth and only declare GUNS like CNP. People let us ask such politicians to account for what they have otherwise they will always hide what they have. Be on the look out of of such politicians, they are most CORRUPT individuals on earth.

  195. PF look at your fiscus policy, it helps not to comment at lengthy, however, its prudent to throw a moral comment. Bravo big brother HH for your almost a billion randy empire, keep it up and reach the level of Dangote empire a Nigerian guru. You can reach that level, you can further invest in a chain of supermarkets, create competitive chain of supermarkets which can challenge the likes of Shoprite, Spar, Pick & Pay. Brother HH, you can also enter the cash & carry option. You will never regret such an option. Wish you the best of luck big brother HH. Viva UNPD. Education, development and peace to all Zambians irrespective of their social positions or political persuations.

  196. Mr. President
    with all due respect for the head of state, now that you are seemingly emitting a culture of responsibility in positioning yourself. It can be argued that you have identified the implications which follows from irresponsible utterances from a state itself, or may be you are simply rubber stamping the hegemonic influence of brother HH in politics and splendid management of his fortune (empire). Which ever choice fits your reflection of reality, we all must admit that we can disagree or reach a seemingly fitting option to attain sanity in our daily encounters. Hence you have decided to feed the world that Mr. HH is a person to be reckoned with, however insignificant the PF mighty assume a prescribed identity for him. Viva HH and long live people’s struggle.Progress to all

  197. I will continue saluting & respecting HH for leaving the pack of fools. Time will indeed vindict chief HH & lets just watch the space.

  198. :((:o[-(:(8-|:-?:-\”:-w OMG So whats the big idea?????? Some advice please and I mean Please Take care of the country. Stop worrying about what meal the neighbors are having for lunch today. Grow up.

  199. That is How toAcquire Money Riches and Wealth. Its good. He will buy anything he wants. No feeling for himself for lacking cash. He has it all The Time. HH just Make sure you Pay taxedRad to The state. If Not that would be a bruisesome area. Use your monies Riches and wealth wisely You can spend it,donate it, save it, invest it, The way you want. You Have it. I hope it brings you republican presidency. But think of BY and Kavindele, they never got it. At some point money cannot be everything. Enjoy your short human life when you still can.

    • no 277: Oh ya, taxes in other sectors. However, Agriculture, the sector that he has invested in does not attract taxes, not even VAT. He is safe in that regard

  200. We told you that this half literate buffoon was not Presidential material. Impeach and put an end to this circus! We will form an appropriate travelling circus that is commensurate with this clown’s qualifications and his two digit IQ!

  201. this is so childish..whats wrong with that!! he is surprised because no matter how many times he increases his salary ba chepa ba mudala

  202. Brother HH stay put where you are and my advice is that guard the Gwembe valley in the southern part of Zambia. Gwembe valley is the future jewel of Zambia and it can also turn out be an area of deadly competition between competing greedy investors. The Gwembe[a] valley is known in scientific cycles to hold high grade Uranium ores. Uranium ores in that part of the world readily emit dangerous radio-active isotopes, even though there are a health risk to humans around that area when exposed to the general environment, Uranium ores are very valuable on the international markets. Zambian Uranium ores do not need to mixed with many other ingredients in the production of either weapons or thermal energy because they are of high grade. Viva comrade HH, education, development and peace to all.

  203. I didn’t know the young man was that rich. He should be the next president because with him in state house the country will be assured that he will be there to serve and not to steal.


  205. Sata is getting conflicting advice. His Shushushus at the Red Brick advised him that he can have HH locked for having amassed wealth corruptly or from as a proceed of crime , since that how Mtembo Nchito wants to blindly persecute political opponents of the PF. Ukwa is really a dull President. he publicly discloses private information in an open disregard of an individual’s privacy. But Zambians are sharp, they know PFs failures and this was a Sata tactic to distract from him being on voicemail and failing to address the problems he told us he could solve once elected.

  206. I am a Sata supporter and strongly against HH but i dont see what is wrong with a man being filthy rich!! mulekeni we support economic freedom and most of us should aspire to be like HH economically…..dont demonize success!!

  207. To me that is very good. What is R360billion in Dollars?  (USD72million). We have very rich people in the World who are not even Ministers in government. What is wrong with being Wealthy? Oh why is he not amongst the list of dollar millionaires at least Zambia would be on the World map as well.

  208. Wealth creation is the way. HH and Costain Chilala have shown the way. I wonder what surprised the president here. What about GBM, Mulubwa, Bates Namuyamba and the rest? I thought this is the way to go? Anyway wealth creation is a crime under PF so all of you working hard to raise your standards will be prosecuted under PF. HH you are my model!

  209. hello there and thank you for your info ? I’ve definitely picked up anything new from proper here. I did alternatively expertise a few technical issues the use of this site, since I skilled to reload the site many occasions prior to I may get it to load correctly. I were brooding about if your hosting is OK? Not that I’m complaining, however slow loading circumstances instances will sometimes affect your placement in google and can injury your quality ranking if ads and marketing with Adwords. Anyway I am including this RSS to my e-mail and can glance out for a lot extra of your respective interesting content. Make sure you replace this again soon..

  210. God revealed to me that if you want to get rich invest your money and time in livestock because they reproduce. Crop farming is good but can’t march the reproduction in livestock!! HH is wise at this. Let our dear President stop harassing his own citizens and fulfill his promises. We dont want another Zim. in Zed. Let Father Frank start talking or advising!! Bishop.

  211. Ba kamba, just think were in zambia can a person become that rich as hh. Am telling you the truth, hh has no heart for zambia his heart heart is just to make money because we would have seen his contribution for poor people, vulnerable and etc. His intention is for the lozis and the so called tongas to give them power i mean barotse agreement. Think before you comment please.

  212. The Only people who are commenting u can see? In support of their tribal man, that Tongo man is closer to the Lozis dnt allow that zambians.This people. He has no dream for Zambia only to separate the country?

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