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Barotseland Activists tear up draft constitutional booklets in Mongu

Rural News Barotseland Activists tear up draft constitutional booklets in Mongu

File picture: Youth Protesting in Mongu

Over 60 irate Barotseland Activist yesterday stormed Mongu District Administration Office and tore up over 500 copies of the Silozi draft constitutional booklets.

The angry mob that was lead by famous Barotseland activist Mulasiwkanda Chazele tore the booklets in front of the district commissioner’s office and were shouting and insulting the district commissioner stressing that Barotseland would not participate in any constitutional consultations of the Zambian constitution.

“We have told you to leave us alone, we are no longer a part of Zambia therefore this draft constitution consultative process is not part of us, Masipa ahao” (your faeces in English) one of them stressed whiles tearing a booklet.

Meanwhile, Mongu District Commissioner Morris Litula told Journalists at the scene that the draft constitution booklets torn in front of his office are suspected to be the ones that were distributed to the palace, the Kuta and area Chiefs in the district.

Mr Litula however said the constitutional consultative process will still go ahead because Mongu just like other districts in Western Province are still a part of Zambia.

“What I can only say for now is that the consultation process still goes ahead, because these are not the only copies we submitted in the district and we are still in Zambia” said the DC.

And when contacted for a comment veteran Barotseland activist Mulasikwanda Chazele refused to talk to the media in the presence of ZANIS saying he did not trust government media.

“I will not give any statement in front of these ZANIS people they are government and I don’t trust them, last time I gave them a story and I saw it on ZNBC they were showing my picture but the voice that was speaking was not mine” alleged Mulasikwanda.


  1. Freedom of speech and action, hey? Tell them and show them what you think of them … but also be brave in enough to even act alone not in groups of 60’s. 

    • Yeah, keep dreaming!
      It took Christianity over three hundred years to take off.  
      Scotland is revisiting its union with England after 300 years.  
      The Barotse are revisiting their union with Zambia after only 50 years.

  2. Are those lumpens in the picture the Barotse Activitists or it is just a picture of some hooligans? Interesting. Masipa ahao” (your faeces in English)

  3. They are dreamers, batrose issue is non starter who will agree to to be ruled by selfish Lozi never people in western province are not even ready to ruled by a king.

    • So why do you want them to be part of your country if you hold such bigoted views about Lozis? Are you a conflicted inbred imbecile? A normal person with such Stu.pid views like yours would have simply said: let them go! Unfortunately you’re an idi.iot devoid of logic!

  4. very sad indeed, these guys could have surrendered the documents to govt and not tear them, They have been printed at a huge cost. This money is from tax payers. Please show maturity.

  5. This is a crime, tearing a Government document as sacred as a constitution, albeit a draft is almost treason, it is tantamount to rejecting the State. They could have surrendered them back to the DC. So now when such people are arrested and incacerrated, everyone will blame the State. That is challenging the authority and legitimacy of the State and no democrat will allow that to happen. Lozis need to sober up, it is not good to be in trouble all the time!!

  6. But these Lozis, they are masipas maningi. And I always wonder why people say anything about advanced Tongas, and these Lozis who are 2nd uncivilized tribe after the Ungas, keep on messing around.

  7. Why are you peaple forcing the Lozis to be part of zambia, leave them alone they have had enough. let the transition be smooth and avoid blood sheed.

    • So why are you fighting so hard to have primitive people in your country? Me thinks you’re better off without them! Are you too much of a conflicted id.iot?

    • Indeed like Zambia with a primitive President who wants to turn into a nation of employees and not employers. Zambia is shit that’s why the Barotse want out. Besides your gov’t is a government of Bembas for the Bembas and by the Bembas. What difference will it make if you people are left on your own other than you living alone with your type to hire and loot? For me no probleme!

    • @17.1

      Problems become opportunities when right people join together. And it believed that wisdom is knowing what path to take next………… Integrity is taking it

  8. Most zambians are fools, its a deceitful, wishful,envy and jerousy for some one to deny Barotseland as a NATION. Deep down our hearts we all know wat Barotseland was wen signing the BA64, which is now dead thanks to the BNC march 27. Come wat ever Barotseland is destined for her independence wether we lyk it or not.

  9. Most zambians are fools, its a deceitful, wishful,envy and jerousy for some one to deny Barotseland as a NATION. Deep down our hearts we all know wat Barotseland was wen signing the BA64, which is now dead thanks to the BNC march 27. Come wat ever Barotseland is destined for her independence wether we lyk it or not…

    • If you want to know your past – look into present conditions.

      If you want to know your future – look into present actions.

  10. This is immaturity at its best. What a dull behaviour . Please arrest these creatures and let them be told a lesson. Why tearing the documents instead of handing them back to the state? Sure people have gone too far with democracy. Is this the meaning of free speech and democracy… I am confounded people. 

  11. @17.CK. Indeed places like Zambia with primitive president who thinks only those who have been in employment can be rich!

  12. we live with lozis in the copperbelt, lusaka, central and other provinces and these guy have demonstrated alot of maturity and do not behave like those guys back home in western province. i wish to appeal to the peacefull lozis in other provinces to help educate our brother back about the goodness of peace and freedom.

    • what is your point? They just want to be left alone! They have never killed anyone. They are equally peaceful people. They just don’t want to be part of a failed state!

  13. Bo ## 19. Just shut up man. What you are talking about is non starter in the first place coz of you yourself. First, where are you? I believe not in Western province. You guys have failed as owners of that province to settle there but you like Lusaka, Copperbelt and other provinces…why? Then you say Mongu is capital City? My foot if not my nose. Just continue Living in peace as we have always done. 

    • I thought there are Lozis in Western Province. Just like there are Bembas in Northern Province. Equally there are Lozis and Bembas in both Lusaka and Copperbelt provinces which are Lenje, Soli and Lamba areas. One is bound to ask why are you not pissed off the presence of Bembas in these two provinces? Has your logic succumbed to stupid inbreeding in your clan?

  14. And at the same time you hear the same people saying constitution making has excluded the Lozi people. What stupidity, we were supporting you but now we cant coz you have become so stupiidy guys. This behaviour is for animals and not a well meaning person. 

  15. ze problem is with CNP how do you promise something which you know you cant handle in 90 days.hyenas you expected this to happen

  16. They told you countless times that they didn’t want to be part of your failed state. Blame yourselves for not respecting agreements. Leave them alone. Zambia is a failed state. When Yugoslavia failed, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo etc all became independent states. The Soviet Union also broke into a number of independent states. So did Czechoslovakia!

  17. Luitumezi kwa lindwalume za bulozi sha!!!! Nyambangula ami etelele.

    All those who says they are from Western province or whatever they call it and yet don’t support the Barotse cause ki bana ba mwa buchwani?

    if you have nothing to say or you think associating with the muchinga thieves is modernity then you are a fool, without any ground to stand on, looking @ your relatives in barotseland suffering or being oppressed and doing nothing about it.

    you are all bastards!!

  18. Are these people really serious? Why not take a step and leave Zambia first? Let all the Lozi go to Weastern province and fight their battle from there.

    • Those 60 guys are in Mongu. Is your geography that bad? No wonder the Barotse want to break away , there’s just too much dullness in Zambia!

    • Translate that rubbish of yours into your mother tongue and ask yourself why sensible person like you would fight so hard to live in the same country with people you describe as senseless fools? What do you hope to gain from it? Aren’t you better off without senseless fools in your beloved country? Imagine the advantages of living in a country with sensible fools only! Bliss, my dear,only bliss!

  19. LT used to edit insults when they started now they are publishing…..I can only guess that they want to diversify to squeeze anything to make money….the moral obligation was artificial now that LT has some grounds….they even translate the insult….what happened to Journalist ethics….. Lozi people are upset unless its addressed quickly it will be used to drive most unlike things in these poverty stricken area…..never take people for a ride….Bembas watch out lol

  20. As long as we have mediocre and visionless leadership the root causes of these problems shall not be addressed. This is a time for true statemanship not games or politics. Peoples lives are at stake. If GRZ wants to legitimately govern Bulozi they have to prove themselves worthy. Remember that self determination is also a real human right. My advise to both sides is that LET US ELEVATE the debate and not debase a real and legitimate cause.

    Aluta continua, Tu kongote wa mwana nongolo!

  21. All of you who have insulted us are devoid of sense. The land you are calling Zambia cannot exist without Barotseland. You are ungrateful imbeciles and your true colours have emanated from generation to generation. Let Barotseland go. Let my people go. Luka bona a mu ka i fetuhela isali mina, kana kuna ni ze kona ku kondise likuba tuwe.

  22. #35 well said…… it gives hope they are men and women like you and me who think beyond themselves…..Selflessness leadership is the key to sorting this out leaving it will not…re-direction of thought in people is needed than imposing stiff laws and unattained to it will become a ticking boom of disobedience and anarchy

  23. Well done our Brothers and sisters! This is the way to go! No Zambian constitution in Buloziland…Bulozi naha yaluna
    “Everything that happens in this world happens at a time when God chooses” to quote from the Bible

    We The people of the Royal Barotseland are being hunted from left to right by the PF regime of Zambia but i am assuring you Litula whatever you are, you and your Foreign Police will not deter us from attaining our independence. We shall not rest until the decolonization of our motherland Barotseland.

    Kudos to the Watchdog for informing the whole world what is going on. God bless Barotseland and the Watchdog.

  24. 60 people cannot represent western province. Just do as Mujoma did to the Lozis in Capri strip. Bang their heads and they will shut up

  25. Even if barotseland is not developed it is not the only place in Zambia that is so bad but the lozis have themselves to blame because in the past when investors approached t he provinceto set up companies that they can benefit from, their chiefs got jittery simplybecause they think someone has come to take away their land. Selfish tribe. Stop blaming everybody for your shallow thinking

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