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Kabimba to effect judicial reforms

General News Kabimba to effect judicial reforms

PATRIOTIC Front secretary-general Wynter Kabimba
PATRIOTIC Front secretary-general Wynter Kabimba

NEWLY-Appointed Minister of Justice Wynter Kabimba says he will not relent on Government’s decision to effect judicial reforms in a bid to enhance justice delivery in the country.

Mr Kabimba said the reforms are meant to make the delivery of justice more effective.

He said in an interview in Lusaka yesterday that an effective justice system is fundamental to the Patriotic Front government, which is aware of the need to effect such reforms.

“We will effect judicial reforms in accordance with the demands of the people. We know that the judiciary needs reforms and you will find that the issue of reforms is central and fundamental to the PF, as is enshrined in the party’s manifesto,” he said.

He said it is important that members of the public have an input into how they want justice to be delivered by participating in putting in place judicial reforms.

And Mr Kabimba said to come up with a people-driven constitution that will stand the test of time, the public needs an understanding of the contents of the draft constitution.

He said the technical committee has a task to explain what is contained in the draft and ensure that it meets the peoples’ demand.

Mr Kabimba said Government will not allow any section of society to import a Constitution that is influenced by foreign interests.

“We will not allow any section of society to import a Constitution influenced by foreigners and impose it on the people because such a document will not project the views and demands of the Zambian people,” Mr Kabimba said.

He said the constitution should reflect only the desires and culture of the people of Zambia.

Mr Kabimba said the PF like any other political party, has its own position on certain issues and these will be submitted to the technical committee on drafting the Zambian constitution.

[Zambia Daily Mail]


  1. The Kamimbya has spoken! And only PF and his words will be reflected in the constitution. What a sham it will be if this happens.


  3. Great Bag of Maize… ohh sorry its not him. This govt needs sober minded people. This crop is just a disaster right from head to tail. even the few that seemed reasonable have been sandwiched in between. Am sure Guy Scott should be one of them completely mesmerised as the turn of events. But what can he do… he was told by the Cobra that he shud consider himself lucky to be vice president in the presence of Nkomesha. Pity some of these guys, its rough for them.

  4. yes bring those changes now not tomprrow.make sure all jugdes must report to you first get instruction from you before starting their work.that is the only reform we want

  5. Kabimba you have indeed instilled confidence in us as a result of your wise leadership and impeccable legal expertise. Vote Kabimba SC for PF Presidency in 2013. Abash GBM and Mmembe!

  6. Good! Judicial Reforms by the Citizens, for the Citizens, not just the ruling party. Otherwise, we will have such reforms each time there is a new regime, which will render the judiciary unreliable. Go go go, if you know what you are talking about sir!

  7. SG ADS Hon Minister of Justice SC, please insitute the reforms so that we clean up the mess in the judiciary. I know that zambia will also has a true constitution under your very able inspirational leadership.

  8. Please what we want is a constitution that will stand the test of time. Let those who dont want to contribute be and we will slap them if they come back saying their views were not included. Go go  Man.

  9. Judicial reforms  vs Police reforms ?….. kikikikikiki.
    Police overrules your judiciary over the kanyama rally  ?… kekekekekeke

  10. Reforms must start with Zambia Institute of Advanced Legal Education (ZIALE) as it fails students at will as can be seen by the results which have just came out. The students who sat for the examinations for the first time were 174 and only 6 female students passed the exams. The repeaters were 44 only 14 passed the examinations. This institute is the most useless in this country but the government has allowed this to continue but students have been complaining but nothing has been done. The government needs lawyers to be District Attorneys but ZIALE is failing students. Ziale is not helping the government to implement its programs. Lecturers like Musonda, Chimuka, Patel, Simukoko must not be at Ziale in the first place. We appeal to HE Mr. M.C. Sata to intervene please we are tired.

  11. winter kabimba is somehow out of touch with emerging economies of the world ,cultural trends tend to be viewed seriously,the chinese,indians,brazilians,ghana,are some of the countries that have twalted from the cultural trend in the past 5 years and are experience real development.there is nothing wrong importing foreign policy in our constitution like ECONOMIC SABOTAGE clause for mishandling of the economy and those responsible should be jailed.lets look at it again from the domestic realities,the TONGA, & LOZI

  12. have a conservative mind becoz of their culture believes and their provinces are the least developed in zambia.so winter lala is dead wrong in thinking that the zambian culture way of doing things will foster development.our culture is one of the areas that the govt should tactle,eg lack of clear policy on child support,this has made our grandparents crashing stones inorder to feed their grandchildren,and some men continue mass production becoz the culture believe is that the mother is solely responsible for her kids.the other area is how can you jail a person for 6 months for insulting the presido,the courts should have a provision like compulsary community work for lets say 600 hours as a punishment for insulting the presido,our prisons are already full,MR KABIMBA IS DEAD WRONG ON THIS.

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